Yurara no Tsuki

Yurara no Tuki
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Chika Shiomi
Years on Air 2003-2005
Episodes 20 (5 Volumes)

Japanese Title: ゆららの月

Chinese Title: 朦朧的月


The series follows Yurara Tsukinowa, a teenage girl who has been able to see
spirits and sense what they feel since she was a child. Yurara is protected from
evil spirits by a guardian spirit, the ghost of an ancestress after whom she was named; when she is in the presence of a dangerous spirit, Yurara transforms in appearance and personality to that of her guardian, though she considers herself the same person in both forms. In her guardian spirit form, Yurara has the knowledge of how to use her spiritual powers to dispel spirits and send them on to their afterlife. Her personality also becomes bolder and serious, albeit a little bit violent sometimes.

At the start of the series, when Yurara enters high school, she meets two boys in her new class, Mei Tendo and Yako Hoshino. The popular Mei can use "demon fire", which is able to burn spirits, while taciturn Yako has the power to place protective barriers with water. In their presence and with the increased number of spirits attracted to the trio, Yurara finds herself transforming into her guardian form more and more often. Her guardian spirit tells the ghost of Yurara's grandfather that she can only stay with Yurara until she learns to user her powers on her own.

As the series progresses, Yurara in her normal form finds herself attracted to Mei despite being irritated by his habit of flirting with any girl he can. When Mei and Yurara begin going out, however, Yurara realizes that in her guardian form she likes Yako more—and he in turn is attracted to her guardian spirit form. Seeing that the conflict between her two selves is tearing her apart with guilt, Mei asks Yako to give up Yurara, and when Yako refuses, Mei breaks up with her. Yurara's guardian spirit realizes this only saddens Yurara more and separates herself from Yurara, then engineers a situation where Yurara must use her powers on her own to rescue a depressed Mei. Her task complete, the guardian spirit says farewell to Yurara.

Rasetsu no Hana

Rasetsu no Hana
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Chika Shiomi
Years on Air 2006-2010
Episodes 36 (9 Volumes)

Japanese Title: らせつの花

Chinese Title: 羅剎斯之花


Yakou Hoshino has the ability to create barriers made of water. He then lends his powers to a ‘ghost buster’ company where he meets the agency's only 'real exorcist', a woman named Rasetsu. Though Rasetsu has mysteries of her own including the fact that she’s cursed by an evil spirit, and that she’s the spitting image of Yurara’s guardian ghost.

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