Yume Note
Yume Note Yume Dream transformation pose.jpg
General Information
Type: Magical Girl Parody
Appear On
Tittle Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
Type Anime
Created by Hamao Kō
Years on Air 2008
Episodes 13

Concept / Plot

Yume Note Shinra using her Valkyrie Boots attack.jpg

Yume Note is a notebook that Yume Kuonji, a character of "Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de",

Yume Note Yume Dream after rhe battle.jpg

write in the sixth episode of this anime. The written story is about her and her two sisters Shinra and Miyu as magical girls (specially Yume). Shinra, the big sister, has the power to transform her boots with the power of Ambrosia and can launch an attack called "Valkyrie Boots". Miyu, the middle sister with Yandere powers, has the ability to multiply a cutter doing a cutter rain. Yume is the most powerful having the ability to transform like Sailor Moon (literally, in her "Moon Crystal Power" transformation) into a magical girl called Yume Dream. She can perform a destructive attack called "Dream Eternal Beam" thanks to her "Dreamy Stick" weapon. The three sisters fights against a bear monster calles "Kumaan", but Yume is the only able to defeat him. Everyone admires Yume, including her sisters.

Appearance in Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de anime

Episode 06: "Yume Kaizō Keikaku" ("Dream Remodeling Plan")

Japanese Title: 夢改造計画)

Airdate: February 10, 2008


Yume Note Story Scenes


Yume Note Yume in her transformation.jpg

en takes Yume's notebook titled "Yume Note" and starts to read the written story, we can see the scenes: A bear monster called Kumaan apear at Nanahama Station and is terrorizing all the people. When Venis is attacked by Kuuman,

Yume Note Yume Dream transforming.jpg

Shinra appear sav

Yume Note Yume Dream preparing her attack.jpg

ing her using an Iron Clow to the monster. Yume and Miyu appear at this moment. Venis admire Yume and Yume say Venis to flee. The monster rise, Venis run away and the three sisters face Kumaan. Shinra user her "Valkyrie Boots" attack, but it doesn't work. Miyu distract the enemy and launch a cutter rain causing da

Yume Note Yume Dream using her Dream Eternal Beam attack.jpg

mage to him. Kuuman launch a Miracle Beam to Miyu causing her to fly away. It's Yume's turn. She transform in Sailor Moon style into a magical girl called Yume Dream. The story takes a break showing a commercial of the Dreamy Stick toy. Back to the story, Yume is charging her Dreamy Stick to launch her destructive finisher. Kumman try bribe Yume Dream, but she launch her Dream Eternal Beam and defeat the monster. All the people admire Yume, and her sisters congratule her. Yume laughs vainly and the story ends.

Episode 12: "One Dirty Butler"

Japanese Title: 泥まみれ執

Yume Note Little Yume Dream quick appearance.jpg


Airdate: March 22, 2008

A little version of Yume Dream do a quick appearance when Shinra change her clothes to go outside.

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