Yugenjikko Sisters Chouchoutrian
81U-keMOJfL. SL1500
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Shotaro Ishinomori
Years on Air 1993
Episodes 42

Japanese Title: 有言実行三姉妹シュシュトリアン


Yōkai-buster sisters are come. Three sisters, Yukiko (雪子) ,a high school student, Tsukiko (月子) , a junior in high school , and Hanako (花子), an elementary school student are ordered to maintain peace one Year of the Rooster by the god of the Rooster, "Otori-sama" one-sidedly. From that day, they become the Year of the Rooster-only heroines, Chouchoutrian. The three sisters receive commissions from the Fried chicken man (ja フライドチキン男) who is a messenger of "Otori-sama", and also fight against screwy Yōkai again today. In addition to regular (and semi-regular) players — Akaji Maro (磨 赤兒 Maro Akaji), Mitsuru Fukikoshi (吹越 満 Fukikoshi Mitsuru), Rie Shibata (柴田 理恵 Shibata Rie), and others — whom suitable roles for on "Unnatural Comedy", it invite Suzuki Matsuo (松尾 スズキ Matsuo Suzuki) and Chiaki (千秋) as guest players. Be absorbed in most actively world, "Chouchoutrian"!