Youkai Navi Runa
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Miyoko Ikeda

Michiyo Kikuta

Years on Air 2008-2010
Episodes 25 (7 Volumes)

Japanese Title: 妖界ナビ・ルナ

English Title: Fairy Navigator Runa

Chinese Title: 妖界領航員★露娜


The story is about a girl name Rindou Runa, she's quite lame in real life. She loves to day dream most of the time and lives in a boarding school. Runa tends to be a klutz which ends up with Runa having to get help from her best friend to overcome the parodies. However, one day, a girl and a boy appear and snatch her bracelet. The bracelet once belonged to her mother and was passed down to her. The bracelet acts as an amulet, making it valuable. Thus, Runa decides to run away with the amulet. In the end, the girl and boy transform into a cat and an owl, what is happening in Runa's life and why did the girl-boy pair transform into animals..?

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