Youenna Akujo Majola
Pac lmajola
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Sosuke Higashimura
Years on Air 2016
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 妖艶な悪女 マジョーラ

English Title: Glamorous Bad Lady Majola

Airdate: September 09, 2016


The comical three, Majola, Narcie the Third, and Borton are ordered by a mysterious creature Devira to look for Devil Stone and Angel Stone which enable people to dominate the world when gathering all those stones. They are often confused by false information but they exceptionally find Angel Stone and Devil Stone that day. However they are robbed stones by their enemy girl fighter Swan Girl while they are cheering and dancing. Majola is severely accused by Devira when they return to the base. Besides Devira deprives gentleness mind of Majola thoroughly. Majola is totally changed her personality and becomes cruel. Nnrcie and Borton are confused but they follow Majola and lead Swan Girl into a trap. They torture Swan Girl. Is Majola able to recapture the stones from Swan Girl?

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