Winx Club

Winx Club
General Information
Type Italian-American Cartoon
Created by Iginio Straffi
Years on Air 2004-ongoing
Seasons 8
Episodes 208
Movies 3
Others 4 Specials

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Winx Club is an Italian-American animated television series created by Iginio Straffi.

First Season


The Girls of the Winx Club

Bloom was an ordinary girl living on Earth until she encountered a girl fighting a yellow ogre, Knut. The girl, Stella, turned out to be the princess of the planet Solaria and a fairy. Stella believed that Bloom had magical powers within her, because during the fight with the ogre, Bloom uncontrollably unleashed a blast of light. Stella took Bloom with her to Magix, in the Magical Dimension, where they enrolled in Alfea, a school for fairies. At first, Bloom was enrolled as a princess who was not coming to Alfea because Bloom was not on the admittance list. After Stella accidentally tells their friends that Bloom is actually from Earth, Alfea's Headmistress, Ms. Faragonda, allow her to stay because she is still a fairy and wishes to learn about magic.

Bloom and Stella are joined by new friends: Flora, who is a shy girl who loves nature, having nature-related powers, an intelligent girl Tecna who has a love for technology, having technologically-based powers and Musa, a tomboyish girl who loves music, having musical powers. They, along with Bloom and Stella, form the Winx Club, the word "winx" being a pun on the word "wings." Eventually, Bloom discovers her powers and the Winx girls are confronted by the Trix, a trio of witches. The witches, Icy, Darcy and Stormy, are students at Cloudtower, an all-female school for witches. Icy sought to find the Dragon's Flame, Magix's most powerful magic, coming from a deity in the series. The girls also become friends with four students from Redfountain, an all-boys school that trains them to become Specialists, warriors who can use a differing range of weapons along with other abilities. They are Sky, Brandon, Timmy and Riven.

The Winx in their Magic Winx form

During the season, the Trix unleash constant traps to defeat the Winx girls and get the Dragon's Flame. The turning point came in episode 17, when Bloom discovered that Brandon and Sky had switched identities in order to protect the other. Upset, Bloom returns to Earth, with the Trix secretly following. There, Bloom discovers her true identity - she is the princess of the planet Domino, and when it was destroyed by the three Ancestral Witches, baby Bloom was sent to Earth by her older sister, Daphne, and was adopted by her Earth parents. Alas, the Trix attacked Bloom on Earth and took the Dragon's Flame, leaving Bloom completely powerless. With the Flame in their possession, the Trix used it to summon the Army of Darkness, an endless militia of insect monsters who regenerate when destroyed. At Alfea, the students struggled to fight them, but to no avail. Figuring the only way to defeat the Trix is with a power equal to the Flame, the Winx Club travel to Domino to claim any remnants of the Dragon's Flame.

On Domino, the Winx girls are immediately attacked by vicious monsters, but manage to hold up in the ruined palace that once belonged to Bloom's family. Guided by the ethereal appearance of her sister Daphne, Bloom is told about final moments of her planet. After the destructive conquest by three ancient witches to seize the Dragon's Flame, Bloom's parents, Oritel and Marion, endowed the infant Bloom with a small portion of it. She was handed off to her sister for safekeeping, while their parents used desperate measures to eliminate the witches. Oritel and Marion seemingly sacrificed themselves by using the full power of the Dragon's Flame, rendering their planet inhospitable. Daphne supposedly used the last of her magical endowments to send Bloom to Earth. The bestiary of Domino eventually overran the palace forcing the Winx Club to retreat without any information on how to re-acquire the Flame.

The Winx Club proceed with a secondary plan to take it from the Trix, who have now conquered Cloudtower and turned it into their base of operations. The Army of Darkness quickly overpower the Winx Club and their specialist support, and they are once again are forced to retreat. While falling

Winx season 1.jpg

back to campus of Alfea, Daphne guides Bloom to a nearby lake where she appears and explains to her that the Dragon's Flame can never be taken from her. By sheer willpower, Bloom regenerates her powers.

The final battle begins at Alfea, and with the Dragon's Flame, Bloom squares off in a duel against Icy, while the others take on Darcy and Stormy. The Trix each have a share of the Dragon's Flame, so when Darcy and Stormy are defeated, most of the monsters disappear, leaving only Icy to be defeated by Bloom. After the battle, the Trix are sent to the Fortress of Light, a temple, as punishment, while a celebration is held back at Alfea. The Winx girls, Mirta, Knut and the Specialists toast to the new year.

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Winx Club - Diaspro transformation

Second Season


Aisha joins to the Winx Club

The season begins with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna returning from their summer vacation to begin their second year at Alfea. Shortly after the beginning-of-year party, a fairy girl named Aisha walks into the school and faints.

After she is brought to the school nurse, Aisha tells the Winx that several Pixies, small flying fairy-like creatures, are being held hostage by Lord Darkar. They do a test as some powers don't work in the Underrealm, where Lord Darkar lives. Three of the girls and two Specialists travel to Lord Darkar's stronghold and rescue the Pixies, then return to Alfea. During their trip to rescue the Pixies, Brandon gets dragged into a marriage with the Princess of Downland, Amentia, but gets rescued.

Winx Club Season 2.jpg

Meanwhile, the Trix have been locked in the Fortress of Light Haven. However, Lord Darkar breaks them out and gives them the Gloomix and enlists their service. Lord Darkar and the Trix begin looking for the four pieces of the Codex, the key to the Realm of Realix, where the Absolute powers of darkness, the enlarged Barclays, complete the rest of the dark forces of Lord Darkar. But, as Lord Darkar discovers, he doesn't only need the codex. He needs the shadow fire and the dragon flame, which Bloom has.

The Winx meet the Pixies

Throughout the season, the Winx and Specialists attempt to stop the Trix from stealing each piece of the Codex. Though they fail, one was in Pixie Village, another was in Red Fountain, the third was in Cloud Tower, and the final one was in Alfea, which Bloom stole while under a dark spell. Near the end of the season, Bloom is turned into Dark Bloom by a minion of Darkar who pretended to be Avalon (a professor who Ms Faragonda enlisted to work at Alfea) as the real Avalon who Darkar imprisoned escapes to Alfea and tell Ms Faragonda. Also near the end of the season, the Charmix is introduced. The Charmix is a power-up to the Magic Winx

The Winx gets the Charmix

transformation, and consists of a chest pin and shoulder/waist bag. The fairy earns her Charmix by facing her fears. Bloom earns her charmix by using her quick thinking to save the Winx and Specialists from a broken ski lift. Stella gave up her beach fashion show to help Aisha therefore, she earns her charmix. Tecna reconciles with Timmy and earns her charmix. Musa earns her charmix by expressing her feelings to Riven, Aisha earns her charmix by facing her fears and caring for others, and Flora earns her charmix by saving the flower of Life and confessing her love to Helia. At the end of the season, the Winx and the Specialists are able to free Bloom from Darkar's control. The Winx defeat him with a final Charmix convergence and Aisha joins the Winx Club.

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Third Season: Enchantix


Previously banished to the Omega Dimension, the Trix are able to escape with Valtor, an evil sorcerer partially responsible for the destruction of Bloom's home planet,Domino. They choose to cooperate and plan to invade several areas in the realm of Magix and seek vengeance on those who imprisoned them by stealing their exceptionally strong, powerful, magical and mystical treasures and immeasurable power sources of each realm. With their newly strong and powerful Enchantix powers, Flora, Stella, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa are able to use strong, incredible power and can miniaturize themselves. Bloom, however, cannot miniaturize herself due to the fact that her Enchantix is not complete. The Winx begin their third and final year at Alfea, learning about their unique Enchantix transformations, acquired by selflessly sacrificing themselves for someone from their home world (or even everyone from every world, in what ends up being Tecna's case) and showing

The Winx in their Enchantix forms

great courage in doing so. With no one from her home planet to save, Bloom must acquire her Enchantix form and tremendous power on Pyros, the island of dragons. She also learns more about her home world of Domino, as well as the truth about where her birth parents, Oritel and Marion, are.

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Transformations and Spells

Movie: "Il segreto del regno perduto"

("The Secret of the lost Kingdom")

Airdate: November 30, 2007


32505 vinks-klub-tajna-zateryannogo-korolevstva.jpg

The story begins sometime after the third season with Valtor defeated and the magical dimension safe for the time being.

An unseen narrator begins to speak about a girl who discovered that she was a fairy and a princess: Bloom. Though her story is a magical one, it is one without an ending. The story will only have one when the girl writes the ending—i.e., creates the ending.

The scene changes to show six cloaked figures: the Winx. Bloom and her friends are on a search for Bloom's parents, King Oritel and Queen Miriam which could change Bloom's life forever. The girls are on their way to find Hagen, a blacksmith who once forged the Sword of King Oritel. The girls successfully sneak into the castle but due to Stella's mistake, are forced to battle Hagen's robot guards. Fortunately, Bloom ends the battle by using her Dragon Flame to destroy their power source. Hagen then holds Bloom at sword-point in anger for the Winx girls trespassing his castle but Faragonda arrives in time to stop him.

At Alfea, Bloom, Hagen and Faragonda talk in her office. On Hagen's comment on the decoration of the school, Faragonda explains that some fairies are leaving the school to end their journey and become Guardian Fairies: All of the Winx except Bloom, as her Enchantix is still dangerously incomplete. Bloom then asks Hagen if he can sense the sword that he forged for her father, a mystical sword that can never be separated from its rightful master. Hagen states that he has been searching for the sword for years to find her parents, but has not sensed it at all. Hagen tells her that she must face reality; her birth parents are not coming back.

Bloom, faced with the revelation that her dreams are over, runs off in tears and avoids her friends. She goes to the top of the castle where she watches the graduation ceremony. There, she befriends a small cat after she appears, whom she names Purr. Talking to her and Kiko, she explains that she feels that "the world has lost all its colors, there is no more hope". Sadly, she sees her five best friends become Guardian Fairies (a fairy form where they become strong and powerful enough to protect their home worlds and all of its inhabitants) and graduate. Whispering that she loves them, she turns away in grief. Sky appears and comforts her.

32504 vinks-klub-tajna-zateryannogo-korolevstva.jpg

Bloom is upset that all she and the Winx have done won't matter anymore. Sky however tells her, "School might be over but life goes on." Riven also speaks to Hagen, asking him why he left the Company of Light. Hagen explains that they all have darkness and light inside them, the key is keeping the darkness in check. That night, there is a party and Bloom dances with Sky on the grounds. He encourages her to keep looking for her parents despite Hagen's words. Unfortunately, a ship arrives and Sky is forced to leave with a mysterious girl. As he goes, he promises Bloom that he will explain everything and never leave her.

Back in the dorm, the girls decide to remember the good times by partying together one last time. The next morning, Bloom leaves for Earth to stay with her adoptive parents for the time-being. Though she seems happy, Mike feels that Bloom is uncomfortable living on Earth. Vanessa agrees, stating, "This is not her world anymore." One night, Bloom sees in a dream what happened to her parents. Her father was pulled into another dimension by the Ancestral witches while her mother absorbed herself into the sword in order to be with him. Daphne then appears and tells Bloom that there is still hope; their parents are still alive. She gives Bloom her mask, telling her it will help her to see Domino before it was destroyed. She also tells her about the Book of Fate, a book their father, Oritel, kept that tells the whole entire history of Domino. Daphne gives Bloom its location before she vanishes, telling Bloom that she is not really alone.

The restoration of Bloom's hope triggers the mystical sword of King Oritel, deep within the dark Obsidian Circle. Its glow troubles the spectral, spiritual forms of the three Ancestral Witches, since they believed they had destroyed all of Domino inhabitants. Obsidian's Keeper, Mandragora, appears before them asking for the ability to escape Obsidian so she can search for the cause of the sword's reactivation. The Ancient Witches agree and lend Mandragora a fraction of their tremendously powerful dark abilities.

In the morning, Bloom is surprised to see all of her six best friends, plus Sky, there to celebrate her birthday. Bloom tells them her plan and they all agree to help her. They head to Domino where Bloom wears the mask and finds that Domino was actually a beautiful place before it was destroyed and covered with ice and snow. The group head towards the mountains where the book is hidden but Tecna tells them that a legendary bird named the Roc is guarding the library. The boys climb the mountain but thanks to Sky and Riven's arguing, the Roc awakens and flies off with the guys hanging on for dear life.

Winx Club El Secreto Del Reino Perdido-Cartel.jpg

The girls run to the ship and manage to calm the bird with Musa's music and let it land. Inside the library, they meet Bartelby, Oritel's scribe in spiritual form, who shows them the Book of Fate. In it, they discover that Oritel as well as all the people of Domino are trapped in a horrible dimension called Obsidian. Bloom learns that she must travel there to free them. Wanting to learn more, Bartelby lets her turn the page but discovers jumbled words; the future has not yet been written.

Meanwhile, Riven is bitten by Mandragora's spy bug and becomes her puppet. Soon after, Alfea is attacked by Mandragora but the Winx, Mirta, the teachers and Faragonda are able to stop her. Bloom asks Faragonda to tell her more about Obsidian and learns about its cruel nature, how all the nightmares of the universe are within it. Just before they leave, Bloom looks at the Book of Fate and is shocked to see her parents wedding photo turn into a picture of her and Sky at the altar. Throwing the book aside in surprise, the picture changes into everyone fixing the school, which soon comes true.

The group head to Pixie Village where they enter the Tree of Portals. Only Bloom stays behind as she is not yet a guardian fairy and cannot miniaturize. Unfortunately, Jolly triggers an explosion inside the tree which causes the keys to become jumbled. Thankfully, Lockette finds the correct key and they all head to the gateway to the Obsidian dimension. As the girls enter, Mandragora appears and Riven begins to battle Sky. As he is about to stab him, Musa jumps in front of him and is injured. Riven sees what he has done and recalls all that they have been through together. He lifts her up and tells her that he now knows what he must fight for-her and they kiss.

In Obsidian, the girls battle their greatest fears but survive. Next, Bloom sees a figure of stone that looks like her father. To her horror, the Ancestral Witches tell her that the figure is her father frozen in stone, the same fate as all inhabitants of her planet. The witches force her to make a choice between destroying the sword and saving her Earth parents or taking the sword and letting Mandragora kill them. Luckily, Bloom sees that in the image, her father is not sneezing as he pets Purr-her father is allergic to cats- and realizes that it is a trick. Sky arrives moments later and takes the sword, but supposedly dies, as he is not a king and only a king can take the sword.

Feeling all alone, Bloom is ready to give up when Daphne appears and reminds her that she is never really alone. Bloom wears the mask, and Daphne joins with her to destroy the three Ancient Witches. However, Mandragora returns and, using her body as a host, the Ancestral Witches begin to strangle and choke Bloom to death. Sky stabs Mandragora with Oritel's sword, destroying both her and the entire Obsidian Circle, freeing everyone and placing Miriam back in humanoid fairy form. Sky explains that he is now King of Eraklyon and that his coronation was the night he left Bloom at Alfea. Domino is restored and Bloom is finally reunited with her birth parents. There is a party afterwards where Oritel and Miriam promise Bloom that they will be around for the rest of her life. Mike and Vanessa are there too and Bloom hugs them affectionately.

Oritel begins the traditional father-daughter dance but lets Bloom dance with Sky. As the whole group dances,

The Winx Club Movie 3d Enchantix

Sky swings by Brandon and Stella and takes a beautiful blue and silver box from Brandon. Moving away, Sky shows her a diamond ring. Leaning down, he whispers quietly to Bloom, asking her if she will marry him. Happier than ever, Bloom accepts and kisses him. He proposes again in the second movie.

In the final scene before the credits, Bartelby then appears by the Book of Fate, telling the audience that the prophecy has been fulfilled,Bloom is now a guardian fairyand there is a new Company of Light-the Winx Club. However, the three Ancestral Witches have not been destroyed. Instead, they were freed and are finding new bodies to take over and destroy the Winx. They are shown with their direct descendants, the Trix, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, cackling madly, which could imply that they have taken over their bodies.

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Fourth Season: The Power of Believix


The Winx Club and Roxy with their Believix forms

The Winx Club are back at Alfea as teachers. Faragonda also teaches them that there are endless infinite stages of fairy evolution and transformation, of which they learn about a new evolved fairy transformation and power called "Believix", which can only be accessed when people in a non-magical world start to truly believe in magic. To try to help the people on Earth believe in magic, the Winx open a magical pet store called 'Love & Pet'. During their time on Earth, they also bump into four wizards known as the Wizards of The Black Circle, a group who have trapped all of the fairies of Earth and are back to get one they unknowingly left behind. The Winx and Specialists have to track the wizards back to Gardenia and save the last terrestrial fairy, Roxy, while also trying to get people on

Sophix form

Earth to believe in magic once again. Roxy is then captured, but soon thereafter believes in fairies and helps the Winx Club to earn their Believix form and powers. On a trip to discover Roxy's past, the Winx Club also discover Nebula's White Circle, something which helps to defeat the Black Circle but also controls Roxy. Soon after the Winx must earn the three gifts of destiny; two of which are Sophix and Lovix. The first is Sophix a gift given by the ethereal fairies used to revive nature from deforestation and calm Diana. The second gift is the give of heart Lovix made from pure ice and snow it will allow the Winx to fight Aurora. After succe

Lovix form

ssfully freeing the Earth fairies who turn out to want nothing but revenge, Morgana and her friends will stop at nothing to wage war against all of humans. Bloom also challenges Nebula to a fight, in which if Bloom wins the fairies will stop attacking and go home but if she loses all is lost. After the fight, the black gift is given and can be used to revive someone from death. Nebula and the wizards determination to fight left Nabu for dead, which causes Layla to seek revenge. In the final battle, it is revealed that Roxy's mother is Morgana. After the Winx freeze the wizards in ice, Nebula is crowned as their new queen. Layla mourns Nabu but later returns to the Winx Club who fly off into the sunset, heading back to Alfea.

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Movie: "Winx Club 3D - Magica Avventura"

("Magical Adventure")

Airdate: October 29, 2010



The movie begins with a party at Alfea to celebrate the new school year. All of the witches from Cloud Tower are also there. The Trix are there as well, and use this as a means of cover while they try to steal the mystically powerful Compass of Revealed Secrets. However, the Winx Club catch them and the two groups begin battling. While fighting, Darcy sneaks away to steal the Compass of Revealed Secrets from Alfea.

Meanwhile, at her home world of Domino, Bloom is soon overwhelmed by her three maids. After the maids attempt to feed her a living goldfish, she sets it free in an indoor pool. Daphne, Bloom's ghostly and spiritual elder sister, appears and attempts to cheer her up. Afterward, Bloom's parents give her a flying horse named Peg as a present. While out riding, she finds Sky, so the two go for a ride. Upon returning to the palace, Sky ask Bloom to marry him. Bloom, feeling surprised, happily accept by kissing sky. When Sky ask her when the wedding will be, Bloom stated at the first day of spring.

The Trix report their success in stealing the Compass of Revealed Secrets to the Ancestral Witches. The younger witches then receive their next mission, to use the compass to find Pixie Village, and destroy the Tree of Life's positive magic in the universe.

On planet Eraklyon, Sky tells his father, King Erendor, that Bloom had accepted his proposal. Erendor forbids him. He offers no further explanation, giving Sky a sealed scroll instead.

Later that night, Sky calls Bloom, telling her that they can't get married. Oritel hatches a plan to have Bloom married to someone else which does not sit well with Bloom.


The rest of the Winx find out, through a news show, that Bloom is engaged. Meanwhile, Sky attempts to get into the palace to explain. The Winx arrive and force their way into the palace, and, finding Bloom upset at her maids, ask her about the wedding. Bloom denies knowing anything when Oritel arrives.

Sky, dressed as someone else, arrives. He acted as the Prince of Acron, Prince Alios. Bloom, noticed Sky, then Sky, try to explain everything by giving Bloom the Crystal Box. Bloom happily kissed Sky after he promise he will find a way top get back together with Bloom. Oritel sees through his disguise before Sky can do any explaining, and bans him from Domino. At this point shoot a fire arrow at Oritel. Sky takes Bloom's horse and leaves. Upset, the Winx leave to Gardenia.

The Winx Club girls' pixies attempt to stop the Trix, but fail and are attacked. The Winx, now on Gardenia, feel this through their bond and pass out. The Trix succeed in destroying the positive half of the Tree's magic strength and energy.

On Earth, the Winx discover the loss of their magical abilities and are able to briefly speak with Faragonda. The pixies have taken refugee at Alfea, and the Winx are told to stay on Earth for the time being.

On Domino, Oritel is furious, until Marion shows him Erendor's confession. While out at a park, Oritel and Marion visit Bloom's adoptive parents, Mike and Vanessa. Mike shows them a few home videos to give them a taste of what her childhood was like, and Oritel decides to talk to Bloom. Meanwhile, Sky calls Bloom and tells her to meet him on Eraklyon. Bloom returns home, but loses her temper at Oritel instead of talking, before the Winx leave again.

At the Tree of Life, the Ancestral Witches discover some positive energy still remains, and remember giving Erendor an hourglass with pollen from the tree inside, so they send the Trix to go get it back.


On Eraklyon, the Winx meet up with the Specialists. The twelve of them board a flying ship that will take them to Avram. During the flight, Sky explains what his father did that caused so much tension. While the Company Of Light was away, in exchange for Eraklyon's safety, Erendor allowed the witches to attack Domino without a fight. The witches then gave him the hourglass, which would serve as protection from the world-shattering dark energy blast should they destroy Domino. After visiting the ruined Avram, Erendor broke the hourglass in remorse and released the Tree's pollen, which took form as a sapling that the Winx now seek.

After a failed physical training session, the Winx and Specialists are attacked by evil hologram versions of themselves, created by the dark magic residue on Avram. Eventually the holograms disappear as a storm tears the ship apart. They manage to land safely on Avram and continue on foot. Back at Eraklyon's palace, the Trix force Erendor to reveal the location of the Tree's magical flower.

The Winx make it to the heart of Avram, but Sky and Bloom are separated from the others. While trying to find their friends, the buildings around them begin to close in. The two fall into the sky, but land safely on another level. The two are reunited each other and Peg as the city begins to fall apart. They manage to ride to safety, finding the Tree's flower.

Meanwhile, the others are attacked by Darcy and Stormy. Oritel arrives and a fight begins. Icy arrives with an unconscious Erendor, but is quickly called away by Belladona, the leader of the Ancestral Witches. Icy takes Erendor to the flower and tosses him into a pit, but he is saved by Oritel. However, Icy blasts the two right back in, but they grab a ledge. While trying to destroy Bloom, Icy accidentally destroys the flower, releasing all of the positive magic at once, causing the Winx to regain all of their magical powers and transform into their Believix forms. Oritel and Erendor are also saved. Peg eats some of the leaves from the tree and sprouts feathered angel wings and a horn, becoming a horned Pegasus.

After attempting to fight, the Trix are punished by having their bodies taken over by the Ancestral Witches, creating the self-titled Super Trix. During an intense duel between Super Icy and Bloom, Bloom is knocked down and Erendor takes the blow, saving Bloom but killing himself. Prompted by this loss, the Winx use a convergence attack on their enemies (after Oritel, riding Peg, used his sword to weaken and distract the Witches), destroying the Ancestral Witches and severely weakening the Trix. This final attack uses the last of the positive magic released in the area, aside from a small amount stored in Oritel's sword. He uses this magic to revive Erendor, which also brings the

The Winx Club Movie 3d Believix

Tree back to life and returns Avram to its previous state. The Winx, Specialists, Oritel and Erendor return home. On the way back the Winx who once again captured the Trix, tie them up on the ship's mast and tease them all the way back.

In the end, the Winx are seen waving to the audience; as they go away, Stella returns waving, and the Winx take her and fly away, as the credits roll.

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Fifth Season: Beyond Believix


The Winx with their Harmonix form

The Winx Club embark on a mission to achieve Sirenix, an ancient transformation, that can be used in the water, on land or in the air, unlike Believix which can only be used on land or in the air. It is strong enough to defeat the evil, power-mad merman Tritannus and the Trix. The Trix's main leader, Icy falls deeply in love with Tritannus and he with her, while the two other Trix members-Darcy and Stormy- are frustrated and angry with their strong romantic relationship. There are two new evolutionary fairy transformations in this season: Harmonix and Sirenix. The ancient Book of Sirenix gave them six Sirenix Boxes that holds guardians inside them to help them gain Sirenix and much, much stronger Harmonix abilities and spells. Before they achieve Sirenix, however, they must find the Gem of Self-Confidence, the Gem of Empathy, and the Gem of Courage; otherwise they would lose all of their magical powers forever.

The Winx in their Sirenix forms

There is a dark and evil curse upon Sirenix that had left Bloom's older sister, Daphne, a yellow-colored disembodied spirit/ghost without a physical body of solid flesh and blood. There is the ancient Book of Sirenix that helps them gain full access to Sirenix, but there is a problem when they open the book. For instance, Tecna opens it and it transforms her into a terrifying robotic version of her self, making a mess in the Magic Archive the library in Alfea when she uses its tremendous power to defend herself. Daphne is the last fairy to achieve Sirenix's ocean/sea-based transformation and enormous power until the Winx Club gain full access to Sirenix and cross the gate into the infinite ocean itself. Finally, the Winx gain Sirenix after activating the source of the power in Lake Roccaluce where Daphne lives due to her connection to Sirenix. Daphne gets locked up in a prison

Winx underwater Sirenix hair color

cell under the mighty Emperor's throne after Tritannus has taken away her Sirenix powers and given them to the Trix-Icy, Darcy and Stormy-as a witch-themed version. The Trix gain dark Sirenix with the help of Tritannus (because he had absorbed Daphne's Sirenix energy and abilities with his trident) and plan to defeat the Winx Club. Tritannus is also second son of king Neptune turned into evil from his merman form. His tail also has purple pollution track but doesn't stay. He refuels by taking in toxic pollution (oil, gas, trash, acid, and garbage) with his trident from the help of Icy and her two hesitant sisters.

Roxy was not a main character in this season, but did appear as a minor recurring character, as she just began her first year at Alfea; she will appear more often in future seasons and episodes. Upset that he cannot activate the tremendous, boundless and limitless power of the Emperor's Throne, Tritannus must take the mystical seals of the pillars of light, balance and control. Tritannus steals the seal of the Pillar of Light, and Stella restores the pillar by concentrating and thinking of the ones wh

The Winx become 3d in the Infinite Ocean

o makes her strong-her father and mother- and she unleashes her special Sirenix spell,Light of Sirenix. Tritannus then steals the seal of the Pillar of Balance. He almost fails when the Winx try to ambush both him and Icy, but thanks to Stormy and Darcy controlling the Singing Whales to attack the Winx, they are able to escape. However, they do not thank the other two Trix, much to Darcy and Stormy's dismay. Musa saves the whales by singing to them with her spell Voice of Sirenix. With two seals gone from two pillars, the next is the pillar of control to finally activate the emperor's throne. To prevent Tritannus from activating the throne, the Winx Club decide to destroy the seal of the pillar of control. After finding out that the seal is destroyed, Tritannus plans to steal Politea's (an old and best friend of Daphne's) enormous Sirenix energy and abilities to activate the throne.

However, he is not the only one who is looking for her: Darcy and Stormy are done with Tritannus and want her tremendously powerful Sirenix energy and abilities for themselves, but Bloom is also looking for her to find a way to break the Sirenix curse on both her and Daphne. Darcy and Stormy succeed and leave Icy. Tritannus plans a big attack on the Winx at the Pillar of light. Luckily the Winx are not alone; they are helped by Tressa, Nereus and the selkies. Tritannus kills Nereus with his trident but is resurrected thanks to Aisha's wish. While distracted, Tritannus kidnaps Aisha and brings her to the throne but is followed by Bloom. Tritannus promises Icy that she will soon be empress, and he than steals Aisha's Sirenix abilities to activate the throne. He becomes completely corrupted and overwhelmed by the limitless power of the Emperor's throne and attacks Icy,

Underwater Sirenix hair color in the Infinite Ocean

but she is protected by her sisters and breaks up with Tritannus. Bloom finds out that the key to defeating Tritannus is destroying his trident; she does this by using her special Fire of Sirenix ability. Defeated, Tritannus is banished from the entire magical universe and sent to the Gate of Oblivion as punishment for his actions. Bloom then used her Sirenix wish for the Sirenix curse to broken for all eternity; thus restoring Daphne to her living, physical body of solid flesh and blood at long last. The season ends with a concert from the Winx Club on Andros and with Bloom happily dancing with Daphne. Their parents join in their celebrations in a loving hug at the end.

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Movie: "Winx Club - Il Mistero degli Abissi"

("Winx Club - The The Mystery of the Abyss")

Winx Club Il Mistero degli Abissi.jpg

Airdate: September 04, 2014


Taking place before the sixth season, the Trix try to activate the might of the Emperor's Throne and inadvertently free the evil nymph and Sirenix fairy, Politea. They kidnap Sky to free Tritannus from Oblivion and acquire a magical pearl from the Coral Wreath that will allow them to obtain the vast and unequaled power of the Emperor's Throne. The Winx will have to go on a Sirenix mission in the endless depths of the Infinite Ocean to stop them and save Sky.

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Sixth Season


The Winx in their Bloomix form

A new freshman witch named Selina, who is from Earth, enrolls at Cloud Tower. She owns an extremely powerful and dangerous magical book called the Legendarium and through it she is able to make mythical and and legendary creatures come alive simply by reading their respective myths aloud. The Trix take over Cloud Tower and make it actually fly in the air, turning Griffin into a crow, then order Selina to summon legendary, mythical creatures out of the Legendarium and unleash them against all of the magic colleges in the magical universe. As always, Bloom leads the Winx Club against the witches, but then they all lose all of their Sirenix powers, except for Bloom as her magical abilities are derived from the almighty and inextinguishable Dragon Flame, which is the very source of the magical universe itself.

Winx as Mythix

The Winx Club eventually manage to earn even much stronger magical abilities and spells from the mighty Dragon Flame energies that Bloom had generously given them. The evolved fairy transformation and vast magical power is called Bloomix, due to their newly acquired magical powers and spells coming from the almighty, limitless Dragon Flame itself. The Winx Club must stop the Trix from conquering all of the schools of magic and sorcery, and also stop Selina from constantly using the Legendarium's immense magical energies for evil purposes.

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Winx Club - Bloomix Convergence

Seventh Season


Winx Seventh Season.jpg

Each fairy animal has a special talent, necessary for the balance of the Magic Universe. The Winx will discover this, while facing two new dreadful villains and getting new amazing transformations along their journey! The Winx discover the real importance of the rare Fairy Animals, which they must save from Kalshara, an evil shape-shifter and her clumsy brother, Brafilius. The theme of endangered animals recurs throughout the series as the Winx establish an Animal Rescue Park on Earth, where they look after vulnerable animals such as pandas and tigers. The girls also undertake missions in the Magic Dimension and Earth to raise public awareness about the animal cause. This builds to their final mission – to discover the ultimate power of the Fairy Animals, which can give control over all the animals of the Magic Universe.

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Eighth Season



It's the night of the shooting stars on Magix and the Winx are ready for a magic party at Alfea. But a little creature called Twinkly reaches them after a long journey, bringing an urgent message: they are the only ones who can save the stars!

Following their little new friend, the Winx will set off on a cosmic adventure guided by the Lumens, creatures that generate magic stardust. Thanks to them, the six fairies will get a new amazing light-based transformation to fight against unpredictably mysterious threats that are endangering the Magic Universe.

Will they beat the shadows that loom over the stars? And who is hiding behind all this?

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Nickelodeon One-Hour Specials

Winx Club Bloom in the Specials.jpg

The Winx Club One-Hour Specials were produced when Nickelodeon acquired the airing rights for Winx Club for the English audience from Rainbow S.r.l. in 2011 after 4KidsTV lost them in 2007.

Nickelodeon premiered four specials to summarize the first 2 seasons and introduce Winx Club to its viewers, then bring them up to speed for Season 3. Three of those specials revolved around Season 1 and Bloom coming to realize her identity and powers. Only one special briefly explained Season 2 in order to introduce Aisha and the pixies to the series.

First Special: "The Fate of Bloom"

("Il destino di Bloom") ("The Destiny of Bloom")

Airdate: November 21, 2011

Bloom, an ordinary girl, is excited that summer vacation has begun and her parents promise her a surprise.Bloom thinks it's the scooter she wanted, but instead, she gets a bicycle. After a ride to the park, she gets caught up in a battle between a fairy named Stella and an ogre named Knut. She discovers that she has magical powers and tries to convince her parents to let her go to Alfea, a school for fairies. Bloom's parents let her go study at Alfea and there, she and Stella meet their dormmates, Musa, Tecna and Flora. During a night out on the town, she meets the Trix, a trio of witches made up of Icy, Darcy and Stormy. After the battle between the fairies and the Trix, they return to Alfea and form their group, the Winx Club. The next day, the Winx Club's manual labor is put to the test when Griselda appoints them to clean the enter school while the faculty and the other students are away. Seeing that cleaning the enter school is too hard, they enlist the help of the Specialists from Red Fountain. After the Winx Club and the specialists clean the school, the have a party to celebrate their accomplishment. The Trix suddenly appear at Alfea in an attempt to search for the Dragon's Flame and conjure up

Winx Club Flora in the Specials.jpg

an evil monster to distract the Winx Club and specialists. The Winx Club and the specialists then defeat the monster and catch the Trix in the act. The monster is then taken away by the specialists and the Trix are sent back to Cloudtower after being lectured by Headmistress Faragonda. The next day, the Trix infiltrate the simulator in an attempt to expose and harness the power of the Dragon Flame during Bloom's test. Bloom transforms into a fairy and is revealed to be the keeper of the Dragon's Flame, but before the Trix can harness the power, Bloom blasts them with fire and sends them back where they came from. In the end, Bloom passes her test and the rest of the students praise her for her big accomplishment.

Second Special: "Revenge of the Trix"

("La vendetta delle Trix") ("The Revenge of the Trix")

Airdate: November 28, 2011

Bloom dreams about a mysterious figure named Daphne. Bloom recognizes her from a display board in Magix City. Stella suggests to look her up in the library. Bloom does so, and learns that Daphne is not a fairy, but a nymph, the Nymph of Magix. Meanwhile Darcy hypnotizes Riven into being her spy. The girls then leave Alfea and return home for Spring Break. Bloom returns home to Earth and bonds with her parents. While at Earth, Bloom dreams about her father rescuing a baby - unharmed in a fire. The next morning, Mike tells Bloom that baby she saw was her. Bloom then realizes this means that she is not Mike and Vanessa's daughter. Back at Alfea, Faragonda decides to show Bloom a vivid place, the lake where Daphne resides in. While in Magix City, Bloom tells Sky she wants go to the library in Cloudtower. Sky agrees to help her get in. While at Cloudtower, Bloom learns that she is actually a witch. Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Musa are worried about Bloom how she never came back last night. Bloom wakes up in the forest. While, in the forest Bloom meets Mirta, one of the witches from Cloudtower. Mirta tells Bloom that the Trix tricked her into believing she was a witch, so she is still a fairy. The other Winx girls transform into fairies to search for Bloom. When the Trix find Bloom and Mirta they begin to attack, the Winx girls arrive and free Bloom and Mirta in Icy's frozen ice prison. Bloom transforms into a fairy, but Bloom is knocked down. Mirta gets angry and creates a huge monster that breaks Stormy's trap. This causes Icy to get mad at Mirta and Icy transforms her into a pumpkin.

Winx Club Stella in the Specials.jpg

Bloom calls Sky and tells him it was all a trick from the Trix. Bloom arrives at Red Fountain to find Sky with another girl, Princess Diaspro, but Bloom thinks it's another trick from the Trix. Bloom transforms into a fairy and fights Diaspro, Bloom finds out it wasn't a trick from the Trix, and that Diaspro is Sky's fiancée. Bloom feels like she's made a complete fool of herself and leaves Alfea and returns home to Earth. Stormy finds Bloom and follows her and sees her leave. They cease this opportunity to attack her in Gardenia. While at home, Bloom finds the Trix threatening the lives of Mike and Vanessa, Bloom saves them. The Trix tell Bloom why they are after her saying that Daphne is her sister, and she brought her to Earth to protect her. The Trix summon the vacuums and steal Bloom's power of the Dragon Flame.

Third Special: "The Battle for Magix"

("Battaglia per Magix") ("Battle for Magix")

Airdate: December 5, 2011

Winx Club Musa in the Specials.jpg

Bloom returns to Alfea following the events on Earth. She tells Faragonda, who already knew, about Bloom's origins. The Trix take over Cloudtower and summon the Creatures of the Dark to take control of Magix. Knut switches sides and helps the specialists fight against the army of the dark. It wasn't enough to stop them and the Trix as they destroy Red Fountain. All the students there arrive at Alfea.

Riven makes a daring escape and jumps out of the window, when Sky notices something happened to Riven. Bloom leads a small team into Cloudtower to try and get the Dragon Flame back, assisted by Stella, Sky and Brandon, and aided by Knut, who knew the way. After some mishaps they arrive at the Cloudtower garbage dump and encounter grub roaches and their queen. But they are saved by none other than Riven, who decided to help them to right the wrongs he had done.

While in the tower Bloom finds what appeared to be the Dragon Flame, only to be confronted by the Trix, who were stopped by Griffin, who not only got out of her cell thanks to Riven and Brandon, but managed to put the Trix in one of their own: a barrier followed by a granite cage. Icy was extremely cheesed off and her temper, combined with the release of her powers was enough to break Griffin's barrier.

Outside, Griffin creates a portal in the sky to Alfea. Sky decides to create a diversion to stop the Creatures of the Dark so Griffin gives him a Wind Rider.Bloom volunteers to go with Sky while the witches, Stella, Brandon, Riven, and Knut went inside the portal. Bloom and Sky were able to get rid the monsters but some monsters shoot at the bike. Suddenly the Wind Rider crashes in the forest.

At Alfea, Griffin, Knut, Brandon, Stella, Riven, and the witches appear. Musa, Flora, and Tecna wanna know where Bloom was but Stella told them that she and Sky should be at Alfea now. But in the forest, Bloom look at the busted bike and decided that she and Sky should walk back. Suddenly, she heard Daphne calling her and told Sky to go to Magix City while she goes to Lake Roccaluce.

Back at Alfea, Musa, Tecna, and Stella encourages Flora to change Mirta back from a pumpkin. Flora tried and successfully turn Mirta back. The Trix decide to take matters in their own hands and head to Alfea. At Lake Roccaluce, Bloom met with Daphne, who told her about how her adoptive parents raised her and loved her, as she does, shows her a crown, telling that she's a princess, and how she didn't lost the Dragon's Flame, that she has to find it. With that, Bloom summons to regain her powers, with a huge, glowing dragon around her.

When Sky got to Magix city, it was empty, except with three monsters. He tried to fight them, but all of a sudden, Bloom shows up and takes out all three monsters. After that, Bloom and Sky head to Alfea.

Winx Club Tecna in the Specials.jpg

During the final battle, the Trix were successfully attacking, when a huge wall of fire stood in front of Alfea, and it was Bloom. While Bloom took on Icy, the rest of the Winx took on Darcy and Stormy, who were defeated. Bloom attack Icy with a powerful blast and the Creatures of the Dark were destroyed. Sky and Bloom happily kiss. Griffin decides to send the Trix to the Fortress of Light.

After the battle, Prom started with Alfea and Red Fountain together. Bloom was thinking about how everything was and wonder what will happen next. Sky think that they'll find out.

Fourth Special: "The Shadow Phoenix"

("La fenice d'ombra") ("The Phoenix of Shadow")

Airdate: December 12, 2011

Winx Club Aisha in the Specials.jpg

The Shadow Phoenix is trying to take over the Magic Dimension. He kidnaps Bloom and casts a spell on her to make her become evil so that he could use her powers to help him with his conquest. A new fairy friend, Aisha, is here to help fight the darkness. It's up to Aisha, the Winx Club and the Specialists to help save Bloom and the rest of the Magic Dimension.

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Winx Club - Diaspro Nick transformation

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World of Winx

World of Winx
General Information
Type Italian Cartoon
Created by Iginio Straffi
Years on Air 2016-2017
Seasons 2
Episodes 26


In this spinoff series, the Winx Club girls return to Gardenia, Bloom's hometown on Earth, where they work as a group of talent scouts on a reality television program to find children and teenagers of various talents. Behind the scenes, they try to save them from being kidnapped by a Talent Thief while hiding their own identities as fairies as well as their unique magical abilities. In the first season, the Winx Club girls achieve the magical transformation, which is called "Dreamix" by Stella.

In the second season, the Winx Club girls receive new missions from the spirit of the dream world. They learn of the Queen's troubled past and hope to return her to the good fairy she was once by reuniting her with her lost love, Peter Pan. Their transformations and powers are upgraded to "Onyrix". Jim and Smee at first ally with the Winx Club girls in facing the Queen and her shadow creatures. The Winx must also deal with special shadow creatures called Nemesis which are drawn from the essence of each of the Winx girls' deepest fears.

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