General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

Years on Air 1986
Episodes 13


As a baby, Princess Sara of Thurinia was saved from the clutches of the evil Lady Diabolyn by a mystic talking horse named Wildfire following the death of Sara's mother Queen Sarana. Wildfire took her away from the planet Dar-Shan and deposited her in Montana where she is taken in by a farmer named John Cavanaugh (voiced by David Ackroyd). Lady Diabolyn was a stepsister to Queen Sarana whom she always considered weak and unfit to rule; to gain her "rightful" throne, she learned dark magic and allied herself with the demonic Spectre.

Twelve years later, when Sara was ready to fight evil, Wildfire brought her back to Dar-Shan to regain her kingdom. Wildfire summons Sara through her magic amulet and transports her across dimensions to her real home in Dar-Shan. Sara joins with her friends consisting of a sorcerer named Alvinar, a young boy named Dorin, and his cowardly colt Brutus in order to thwart her wicked step-aunt. John and Sara's Indian friend Ellen provide moral support on Earth. Lady Diabolyn is helped by the Goons, mischievous creatures led by Dweedle. They were formerly Diabolyn's guards until they gained their monstrous appearances by the Spectres upon opening the urn containing them when Diabolyn told them not to.

Each episode revealed more and more of the mythical world of Dar-Shan and gave its audience a new puzzle piece to help reason out the past events that led up to the current state of affairs. It was later revealed that Sara's adopted father John was actually Prince Cavan, her biological father sent to Earth to protect him from the curse which Lady Diabolyn and the Spectres had placed on Dar-Shan. Sara and Wildfire are the only ones who know John's true identity which has been kept secret even from him.

Episode List

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