1- "Shuku! Aitenshi Tanjou" ("Celebration! Birth of the Love Angel")

(祝! 愛天使 誕生)
Wedding Peach - Episode 01

Wedding Peach - Episode 01

Airdate: April 5, 1995

Momoko was wearing a wedding dress, and looking at old pictures of her mother's wedding. She was dreaming that she will have a wonderful wedding like her mother. Momoko's mother had died, so Momoko was wearing her mother's ruby ring.

Then Momoko's friends, Yuri and Hinagiku, came to her house. Momoko was very embarrassed to be caught wearing the wedding dress. Her friends told her to hurry, as they had to go to the soccer game so they can report on it. They were all in the school's newspaper club.

Meanwhile, Pluie sensed the wave of love.

Momoko and her friends went to the soccer game, and Momoko took a lot of pictures. Momoko's father was a photographer, so Momoko was in charge of taking the pictures. The three girls all fell in love with Yanagiba Kazuya, the star of the soccer team.

Pluie came to the soccer field and saw Momoko's ring. He thought that it was the saint something four.

After the soccer game, the three girls went to the soccer field. They wanted to interview Yanagiba. But, when they got to the field, Fuuma Yousuke, a first year goal keeper, stopped them. He said that they had practice, so he didn't allow the girls inside.

The three girls gave up and went to the park. Momoko spotted a crepe shop and they all went to eat. But the girls could not decide which one to eat. So they all got a different flavor (strawberry, banana, and chocolate), and took turns eating each other's crepes.

As the three girls were heading home, Pluie came and captured Momoko. He said that he wanted Momoko's ruby ring. Momoko said that it was her mother's and struggled to get away. Yuri and Hinagiku started yelling for help, so Pluie blasted them.

Momoko kept refusing, and tried to get away from Pluie. Pluie tried to pull the ring from Momoko's finger. But then there was a light in the sky, and the angel Limone appeared. Then Limone and Pluie fought.

Momoko went to her friends to see if they were all right. But Pluie called his evil devil Jamapi, and sent Jamapi into Yuri and Hinagiku's hearts. Yuri and Hinagiku got up and started to go after Momoko.

When Momoko got cornered, Limone used his magic to stop Yuri and Hinagiku. Limone said, "You're the only one who can drive Jamapi away from their bodies, the legendary love angel Wedding Peach."

Then Limone gave Momoko a compact (called saint miroir). Momoko opened the compact, and an image of Aphrodite appeared. Aphrodite was the queen of the world of angels. She told Momoko to transform by saying, "Wedding beautiful flower."

Yuri and Hinagiku attacked Momoko. Then Momoko transformed into Wedding Peach. [The BGM is "21 Seiki no Juliet".] Wedding Peach was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress with lots of frills, and she was carrying a bouquet.

Aphrodite told Momoko to fight the devils, but Momoko didn't want to fight. Yuri and Hinagiku kept attacking Momoko, so Momoko had no choice. The bouquet turned into a magical stick, and she yelled out, "Lovely operation tempete!" Then the "wave of love" chased Jamapi away from the hearts of Yuri and Hinagiku.

[tempete is storm in French]

Pluie saw Wedding Peach, and gave up. He disappeared with Jamapi.

After the battle, Momoko fainted. When she got up, Yuri and Hinagiku had already recovered, and were looking after her. But Yuri and Hinagiku didn't remember anything about the devils.

2- "Appare! Oironaoshi" ("Splendid! Bridal Dress Change")

(あっぱれ! お色直し)
Wedding Peach - Episode 02

Wedding Peach - Episode 02

Airdate: April 12, 1995

Rain Devilla, the queen of the devils, wanted to get rid of the saint something four, so that love will disappear. Pluie told Rain Devilla that Limone and Wedding Peach had appeared. But Pluie said that he would get the ruby anyway.

Momoko was having nightmares and weird dreams. When her father called her to wake her up, it was already past 8 o'clock. Momoko ran to school and she stopped at a convenience store to buy her lunch.

At school, Yuri and Hinagiku were waiting outside with some lunches. They had made lunch for Yanagiba, and were waiting for him to come. Then Momoko arrived, and they started fighting.

When Yanagiba came to school, Yuri and Hinagiku stuck out their lunches at him. Momoko then stuck out the onigiri that she had bought at the convenience store. But Fuuma Yousuke came and said that they couldn't have Yanagiba eat strange food. So Yousuke grabbed all of the food and they went off with Yanagiba.

During lunch, Momoko and her friends went to see the soccer team practice. Momoko then saw Yousuke eating her onigiri. Momoko got very mad and stormed towards him. But as Momoko stepped onto the soccer field, a soccer ball came flying and hit Momoko on the face, knocking her out.

When Momoko regained consciousness, she was in the arms of Yousuke. Yousuke was carrying Momoko to the nurses office. When they got to the office, they found that the nurse wasn't there. Yousuke put Momoko in the bed, and Yuri and Hinagiku went out to find the nurse.

While they were all alone, Momoko told Yuusuke to go. But Yuusuke said that he had to make sure that Momoko was fine, and stayed. While they were arguing, Yuusuke fell onto Momoko, and their faces got very close.

Then the nurse came back, and looked over Momoko. As Yousuke was leaving, he called Momoko, Momopi. Momoko got very upset at Yousuke for calling her that.

After lunch break, Momoko and her friends returned to the classroom. They discovered that all of the students were sleeping. Then Jamapi came and asked for Momoko's ruby ring. Jamapi attacked Momoko and got the ring. Then Pluie came, took the ring, and disappeared after telling Jamapi to get rid of the girls.

After Jamapi knocked out Yuri and Hinagiku, Momoko transformed into Wedding Peach (in her wedding dress outfit).

Meanwhile, Pluie was outside and he found out that the ring wasn't the saint something four. So he just crushed it. Then Wedding Peach appeared. Pluie made a sword and attacked Wedding Peach. Wedding Peach couldn't fight well in her wedding dress, and just as Pluie was about to finish her off, Limone appeared.

Limone told Wedding Peach to change clothes. So Wedding Peach yelled out, "Oironaoshi (change of clothes), angel amour peach!" and transformed again into her fighter angel form.

Limone fought against Pluie, and Wedding Peach fought against Jamapi. But Jamapi was too fast for Wedding Peach. Then Wedding Peach used her "Saint miroir bridal flash" attack which gave out the "beam of love", and blasted Jamapi.

Then Pluie and Jamapi gave up and disappeared.

Later when Limone commended Wedding Peach on her fighting, Wedding Peach said that the ring that Pluie had destroyed was a fake.

Momoko wondered what the ring was supposed to be. She wondered what the saint something four was supposed to be.

3- "Nerawareta Hanayome" ("The Targeted Bride")

Wedding Peach - Episode 03

Wedding Peach - Episode 03

Airdate: April 19, 1995

Shidou Susumu (a former soccer star for Sei Hanazono Junior High) was getting married. The current soccer team members, including Yanagiba and Yousuke, were going to put on a performance at the wedding. Also Momoko's father was going to work as the photographer at the wedding.

Momoko was going to help her father, and she was feeling very happy. When Momoko told her friends about it, Yuri and Hinagiku quickly called Momoko's father and told him that they were also free that day, and that they wanted to help out too.

On the day of the wedding, Momoko and her father went to the wedding hall. Momoko was dressed in her school uniform. When Momoko saw Yuri and Hinagiku, she was very surprised. They were wearing very nice and fancy dresses. Momoko started crying because she was the only one in a school uniform, and she felt very childish.

Pluie came to the wedding hall and repeated the words that Rain Devilla had said earlier. "If someone is in love, kill them. If someone was going to get married, kill them. As long as there is love, our hatred will not prevail."

The wedding party was progressing normally, and it was the soccer team's turn to put on the performance. The soccer team members came out and started bouncing the ball with their feet. Everyone gathered around them, and Momoko couldn't get close enough to see Yanagiba. Then the emcee urged Shidou to do it too.

Pluie sent Jamapi into the bride's heart.

When the emcee turned to Mimiko (the bride), Mimiko said that she hated Shidou. Shidou was shocked, and when he went to her, she pounded him away.

Momoko used her magic compact and saw Jamapi inside Mimiko. Then Mimiko blasted everyone in the room, and released some poisonous gas. Everyone started collapsing.

Yousuke quickly grabbed Momoko and tried to save her, as he dove to the ground. He told Momoko not the breathe, and run away. But Yousuke got caught by the gas and lost consciousness.

Mimiko then left the room and went to spread hatred among the other couples who were having their wedding that day.

Momoko was very saddened to see Yousuke collapse, and she transformed into Wedding Peach.

Pluie sensed the saint something four nearby.

Wedding Peach went out to look for Mimiko and Pluie. Mimiko had spread hatred all over, and the other wedding couples started to argue and fight among each other.

When Wedding Peach faced Mimiko, Jamapi blasted Wedding Peach. Wedding Peach tried to use the "lovely operation tempete" to chase Jamapi away from Mimiko's heart. But it didn't completely work. Wedding Peach talked to Mimiko, and tried to make her remember the love that she had for Shidou. But Jamapi was resisting it.

Then Wedding Peach transformed into her fighter angel outfit. She used her "saint miroir bridal flash" attack, and Jamapi escaped from Mimiko's heart.

Later Momoko went to thank Yousuke for what he had done, but Yousuke and the others had no memory of what had just happened.

4- "Angel Lily tanjou" ("Angel Lily is Born")

(あんげl ぃly 誕生)
Wedding Peach - Episode 04

Wedding Peach - Episode 04

Airdate: April 26, 1995

Momoko and Hinagiku went to Yuri's house, and saw a lot of wedding dresses, as Yuri's mother was a wedding dress designer. Yuri said that Momoko and Hinagiku can trying wearing some. Momoko and Hinagiku were very happy.

Yuri's mother showed off the dress that she was going to let Yuri wear in the fashion show. Momoko and Hinagiku wanted to wear some of the dresses. Yuri asked her mother, but Yuri's mother scolded her, saying it was work and not play.

Then Momoko accidently knocked down all of the mannequins with the dresses. Yuri's mother yelled at them.

Pluie sensed the saint something four. Jamapi said that he didn't feel anything. But Pluie told Jamapi to go check out the building, Yuri's house.

The three girls were talking as they were walking outside. Momoko asked Yuri if she can be a model in the show. Hinagiku asked what Momoko was plotting, but Momoko said that she just wanted to wear a wedding dress.

Later that night, Yuri asked her mother if Momoko can be a model in the show. But mother said that the dresses were made especially for the models, and it was too late to change it for Momoko. Then Yuri said that Momoko can wear hers. Then Yuri's mother got upset and asked if Yuri didn't want to wear her mother's dress. Yuri then ran out.

Jamapi said that he found the saint something four and called Pluie. Pluie knocked out Yuri's mother. Jamapi said that he felt the saint something four from the wedding dresses. Pluie said that the wedding dresses reminded him of Wedding Peach. Then Pluie ripped all of the wedding dresses to find the saint something four.

Yuri heard some noises at night. She went to her mother's room and saw that the wedding dresses her all torn apart. As Yuri was waking up her mother, Jamapi went into mother's body. When Yuri's mother saw the torn dresses, she asked if Yuri had done it. Yuri said that she didn't, but Yuri's mother slapped Yuri (this was because of Jamapi). Yuri said she didn't do anything. Then she cried and ran off.

The next day at school, Momoko went to Yanagiba after the soccer practice. She asked him if he would be a model in the fashion show. But Yousuke came and told her to leave Yanagiba alone. While Momoko was arguing with Yousuke, Yanagiba left. Yousuke said that he would do it. Momoko imagined Yousuke and herself together in wedding outfits, and said, "No!" But Hinagiku and Yuri came. Yuri said that her mother's show was canceled.

Momoko and Hinagiku got upset at Yuri's mother. They yelled at her, saying that she should believed in her own daughter. Momoko started crying. Then Yuri's mother apologized to Yuri.

Yuri's mother brought out some old wedding dresses and said that she would use those for the show. The oldest dress was one that Yuri's mother made for her own wedding. She said that she realized that the most important thing was trust and love.

Then Pluie appeared and thought that the old wedding dress was the saint something four. Pluie blasted the three girls. Yuri and Hinagiku got knocked out. Momoko transformed into Wedding Peach. Yuri then recovered and faced Pluie. Wedding Peach arrived and started fighting against Pluie. Pluie left out the window, and Wedding Peach went out after him.

Meanwhile Yuri's mother got taken over by Jamapi, and started going after Yuri, who was holding her mother's wedding dress. When Yuri got cornered, the lip liner appeared in Yuri's hand. Aphrodite appeared and told Yuri that she was a fighter angel. She told her to say, "Wedding graceful flower." Yuri then transformed into Angel Lily.

Meanwhile Pluie stopped running. He told Wedding Peach that she was foolish for just following him. He said that Jamapi probably had the saint something four already. Wedding Peach was shocked. But then Yuri's mother (Jamapi) came to Pluie and said that another love angel had appeared. Then Angel Lily appeared. Lily and Peach changed clothes together into their fighter angel outfits.

Jamapi attacked Wedding Peach and Angel Lily. "Saint lip liner, lily rainbow!" Angel Lily used her attack to stop Jamapi. Then Wedding Peach used her "Saint miroir, bridal flash!" to chase Jamapi away from Yuri's mother.

Later Yuri was a model in the wedding dress show. Yuri said to herself, "Mother, for my own wedding, I'll make my own wedding dress."

5- "3 Nin me no Aitenshi" ("The Third Love Angel")

(3 人 目 の 大天使)
Wedding Peach - Episode 05

Wedding Peach - Episode 05

Airdate: May 3, 1995

Momoko rushed to school because there was a practice game, and she wanted to get good pictures of Yanagiba-senpai. But when Momoko got to school, she saw Hinagiku talking to Yanagiba alone. Momoko and Yuri both snuck up on them (in the bushes). Yuri was determined not to let Hinagiku take a lead on her.

Later on Momoko and Yuri asked Hinagiku what she had given to Yanagiba. Hinagiku said that it was just a stamina drink, saying that he needed energy because soccer was a martial art. Hinagiku made her own drink with turtle and snake powder. Momoko and Yuri both said that she shouldn't have given him such weird stuff. Then Hinagiku's younger brother Akira came to school. He had some syrup that Hinagiku had forgotten to put into the stamina drink. Hinagiku was shocked, saying that the drink would be awful without the syrup.

Meanwhile Yousuke was drinking the stamina drink.. and he spit it out right away. The girls arrived and were relieved that it was Yousuke instead of Yanagiba who had drank the drink. Then Momoko and Yousuke immediately started arguing.

Akira was still with the girls, and he told Hinagiku that their parents had gotten into a fight, and that their mother had run away from home. So Hinagiku went home. Hinagiku's home was a flower shop, called Flower Tamano.

When Hinagiku got home, her father was very busy. Hinagiku said that he should worry about mother, but father said that he was busy and had to deliver flowers to a wedding. So he told Hinagiku to help out.

Hinagiku told Akira to go look for their mother, while the girls helped deliver the flowers.

Hinagiku said that her parents fought all the time, but this was the first time that her mother had actually run away.

After they had finished their deliveries, Hinagiku asked her father why they had fought. But her father said that he didn't know. Then mother came back.. and the parents started fighting again. Mother said that she had come back to pick up her things so she can leave permanently.

The girls asked why they had fought, and mother said that it was her wedding anniversary that day, and father had forgotten about it. The girls all told Hinagiku's father that he was at fault because a wedding anniversary was very important to girls. Then mother said that she was really going to leave.

Just then Akira found a little wrapped box in the flowers. It was a little heart pendant, and there was a note with it. Hinagiku read the little note that said, "Happy 15th anniversary."

Father said that he had lost the present, so he was just pretending to forget the anniversary.

Meanwhile Pluie and Jamapi were floating above the city, and Pluie said that he felt the energy of the saint something four.

Just as father was going to give the present to mother, a customer came to the store asking for some roses. Then the guy grabbed the pendant that father was holding, and took off. Father and the girls all ran after the man.

Pluie came and blasted father and Yuri. They collapsed to the ground. Momoko and Hinagiku stopped, but ran after the man. Hinagiku caught the guy and threw him withe a fierce judo throw. She thought that she had taken the man out, but the guy got up. Momoko used her compact and found out that Jamapi had taken over the man.

When the man ran away, Momoko transformed, "Wedding beautiful flower!"

Wedding Peach (in her wedding dress outfit) appeared in front of the guy and told him to stop. But he just attacked Wedding Peach.

"Angel amour peach!" Wedding Peach transformed into her fighter angel outfit. Hinagiku was watching all of this, and had no idea what was going on.

Then Wedding Peach used her bridal kick attack at the man. But Pluie blasted Wedding Peach. He said he had to have the pendant. Then Limone came, and he fought against Pluie in a sword fight in mid air.

Hinagiku was still watching and had no idea what was going on.

Then the man recovered and was attacking Wedding Peach.

Limone told Hinagiku to transform. Hinagiku didn't know what to do, but a wrist watch appeared on her wrist. The wrist watch was the saint pendule. An image of Aphrodite appeared and told Hinagiku to transform.

Hinagiku said to herself, "Momoko's fighting for my father and mother. Momoko's fighting for me."

"Wedding attractive flower!" Hinagiku transformed into her wedding dress outfit. She was going to fight, but she said that it was hard to fight in the wedding dress. Then Aphrodite told her to change clothes.

"Oironaoshi, angel courage daisy!" Angel Daisy transformed into her fighter angel outfit.

Then Angel Lily came.

Angel Daisy used her saint pendule daisy blizzard attack and blasted the guy. Then Wedding Peach used her saint miroir bridal flash attack and blasted the guy. Jamapi left the heart of the man, and the man dropped the pendant.

Pluie saw that there were three aitenshi, and left.

6- "Jamapi no Gyakushuu" ("Jama-P's Counterattack")

(ヤマピ の 逆襲)
Wedding Peach - Episode 06

Wedding Peach - Episode 06

Airdate: May 10, 1995

Shizuka, a training friend of Momoko, is fallen in love immortal in Yousuke and asks calculated Momoko to deliver it a dear letter. Both run lived how in dispute, and Jamapi that Amen wants to prove its malignancy, uses this opportunity in order to occupy Yousuke. There Momoko's waves the power dear however larger have than a Jamapis hate, is rescued it weak and Yousuke therefore. Amen, except itself before fury over Jamapi's failure to kill tried this. Momoko throws itself it into the way, almost will be however in spite of the transformation in Wedding Peach victim. First the intervention of Lily and Daisy strikes amen first of all into the flight.

7- "Tabesugi ni Goyoujin" ("Take Care Against Eating Too Much")

(食べ過ぎ ni Goyoujin)
Wedding Peach - Episode 07

Wedding Peach - Episode 07

Airdate: May 17, 1995

Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku make would inquire for its student newspaper one, which feature boys find at girl most attractively. The three are shaking of the result: the boys find a quite slim body most importantly and explain Yukiko Kaiwa to its dream woman. Yukiko pays a high price for its super figure. It trains every day several hours with its friend Takashi that it idolizes. Already Momoko, Yuri begin and Hinagiku to drive to fast and sport. They encounter one morning to its fright on Yugiko that became within a couple of hours a fat ton. It can stop no longer feeding, and Takashi left it wutentbrannt. Also other girls meet become themselves, that visibly thicker and thicker. Jamapi betrays Momoko, that Omanma that is angry rice demon, on that guilt. On behalf of amen it scattered in the rice store of the Kaiwas powders that makes fat and fresssüchtig. Amen believes that the persons can themselves no longer dear, if all are fat. That calls Wedding Peach, Lily and Daisy on the plan that pulls the sting of the squall through its dear out of Omanmas heart. In the same moment, all girls are again slim like before. For Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku, the question stands to be sure whether formalities play a role in order to be loved.

8- "Pajama to Nemuri-hime" ("Pajama and the Sleeping Princess")

(パジャマ と 眠り-姫)
Wedding Peach - Episode 08

Wedding Peach - Episode 08

Airdate: May 24, 1995

Amen is torn up before hate because it does not want to succeed it to extinguish the dear under the person. It sends Pajama, the sleep spirit loosely. This possesses the capacity to hypnotize the persons and to transfer in depth sleep. They follow it voluntarily into the country of the pretty dream and notice not that they always more weakly become, because the dear is withdrawn from them, and they must die then. Also Momoko becomes the victim of Pajama. It finds its mother Sakura in the dream again and follows it’s always more deeply into the dangerous country the dream. Jamapi betrays Yuri and Hinagiku that the single possibilities to rescue, Momoko, a kiss of the boys is, that it earnestly loves. While Yuri and Hinagiku zähneknirschend Kazuya search for, because it believes would be would love, this Momokos large, comes Yousuke accidentally in the sick, sleeping Momoko past. Jamapi uses the opportunity and brings Yosuke in addition to kiss Momoko. It awakes plaster lively, and as Wedding Peach, it strikes with its friends Lily and Daisy Pajama into the flight. To be sure she is surprised very that she has Yosukes face instead of Kazuya's always before eyes.

9- "Ubawareta Something Four" ("The Stolen Something Four")

(奪われた そめてぃんg ふぉうr)
Wedding Peach - Episode 09

Wedding Peach - Episode 09

Airdate: May 31, 1995

The girls think about its task as a dear angel. But much time does not remain for that. While they fight itself just about that, who is loved by Kazuja mean, and Yuri and Hinagiku, better would fit to Momoko Yousuke anyway, is abducted its idol Erika during the press conference before the wedding of the demons, think are because it, its wedding jewelry the "enchanting fours". The newest trick of the demons is, to make everyone tiredly and rotten, and that succeeds them in all, also at the three angels. Interfere first as Aphrodite and Kiiro, reflect itself it on its task and create is the incorrect "enchanting fours" again back and Erika happy and can marry finally its dearest. Aphrodite reveals in between the story of the "enchanting four".

10- "Omigoto! Yuujou Oironaoshi" ("Good Work! Friendship Renewal")

(お見事! 友情 お色直し)
Wedding Peach - Episode 10

Wedding Peach - Episode 10

Airdate: June 7, 1995

The waves of the friendship between the girls begin to become weaker. Momoko is the only that remembers yet its duties. Hinagiku entered into a judo club and finds that much crazier to write than to the student newspaper, Yuri finds the Beauty-club more exciting. The opportunity for amen to approach itself at the angels the dear. It begins with Hinagiku, demands is it to the judo battle out, and naturally stronger than a Hinagiku. Because the friendship diminished, have also the magic pencils that lost mirror and the pendulum its power. Also as Yuri and Momoko finally decide itself to help Hinagiku, cannot change itself it. First as the angel Kiiro it over the "enchanting fours" and its whereabouts further informs, reflect itself it on its task and its friendship. The transformation succeeds again and too third overcome it amen.

11- "Toki wo Kakeru Hinagiku" ("Time Traveling Hinagiku")

Wedding Peach - Episode 11

Wedding Peach - Episode 11

Airdate: June 14, 1995

The day of the foundation of the school is supposed to be celebrated. The three friends may plant a flowers clock to the celebration of the day. Hinagikus clock turns suddenly through and it notices not at all that also it runs into the future. So it sees the misfortune that becomes the angeschwärmten Kazuja zustoßen, already before it happens. But naturally again one of the enemies has the fingers in the game: amen wants to disappear let seems the dear of the earth, and for that the celebration appropriate because then a powerful wave of that will be dear available, that he destroy can to it. So that the klappt, should steal Tanma already in the forefield the person the time, what lets fall it into total stiffness. To the good fortune, the three friends in its mission can prevent the worst as an angel. Verjagt become both Bösewichte after also the attempt to pull, Daisy and Lilly on its side, in that them shown becomes, how crazy it would be, so to its like it, failed is. The celebration undisturbed can take place.

12- "Bijin Akuma no Koi Uranai" ("The Beautiful Devil's Love Fortune Telling")

Wedding Peach - Episode 12

Wedding Peach - Episode 12

Airdate: June 21, 1995

Aquelda receives the permission of Satania to travel to the earth, in order to destroy the wave the dear. Naturally it uses the opportunity in order to earn money with dirty businesses. It issues herself as a fortune teller and collects. When Rayko of it wants to learn its future with Yamagutschi, and does not react so how Aquelda would have that gladly, it makes Rayko to its servant and sends Namma into its body. So equipped, makes itself it up, around with the battle scream "Nammai there" the love on the earth auszurotten. To the good fortune, Wedding Peach are and both with angel there. Also if that not so simply is and they run self at the same time into large danger, they create it to free Rayko of the curse and to send that badly in person of Aquelda and Namma to the hell. But Aquelda praised revenge. It becomes wiederkommen..

13- "Shoubu! Akuma no PK-sen" ("Challenge! The Devil's Penalty Kick Battle")

Wedding Peach - Episode 13

Wedding Peach - Episode 13

Airdate: June 28, 1995

Momoko laughed its father two tickets for the soccer game off and passes Kazuya one. Your hope is disappointed, comes instead of Kazuya Yousuke. Aquelda uses the opportunity to earn money and sells überteuerte ticket. At the same time it notes "the waves the dear", that Kaji, that starlings of "Vardi" strike. It tries to change all in demons, but that can prevent Momoko. Kaji has a follower, whom Talisman, that its mother gave it fuller dear. Aquelda holds it for one of the "enchanting four" and wants to have it. It sends Darma that seizes of Kaji possession and makes it to the racing demon. Our three angels step in action and destroy Darma, free can go on Kaji of the curse and the soccer training. As a Yousuke one of Kaji hard played form into a ball gets at the head, gets Momoko a giant fright. Develops itself there somewhat?

14- "Ubawareta Ai no Yubiwa" ("The Stolen Ring Of Love")

(奪われた 愛 の 指輪)
Wedding Peach - Episode 14

Wedding Peach - Episode 14

Airdate: July 5, 1995

Momoko dreams, it gets a ring of Kazuya and marry it. Just in the prettiest moment, Yousuke disturbs like always, and the ring disappears before its eyes. Satania is furiously on Aquelda, it wants to kill it, but amen rescues it. Both want to work together against the angels. Partially it succeeds also: Aquelda creates it to steal Momoko's ring, it is actual one of the "enchanting four". Because Momoko is so unfortunate, told its father it's the true story of its mother Sakura as far as he knows it. It stood it that it yet lives. Also Yousuke happily would like to make it and asks would be Kazuya to give a ring to it and to do so, as it of it. Kazuya delivers the ring, says it's however that it is of Yousuke. As a Momoko with it thank polish" helps itself it in the aufgebrummten punishment working "Schwimmbad [both are too late to the school come, because Momoko once again against Yousuke ausgerastet is and it verhauen has, so that it against the wall cracked and unconscious become is, what opportunity renewed approach for both gives], appear amen and Aquelda with an assistant, the water dragon in order to destroy Momoko. Yousuke throws forms itself before Momoko and it itself a protection sign around both. That gives amen to think. What was that? Angel or devil? Both not, but what otherwise? Momoko fights come first of all alone against the three Bösewichte, but on time both friends or with angel and jointly destroy it Aquelda. Amen can escape and will contrive itself certainly a new cunning.

15- "Sennyuu! Akuma no Mori" ("Infiltration! The Devil's Forest")

Wedding Peach - Episode 15

Wedding Peach - Episode 15

Airdate: July 12, 1995

Amen lets it no quiet that Yousuke radiates remarkable waves. With permission of Satania, he attends to the thing: he abducts Yousuke and brings it into the dimension of the demons. There it tries it auszuhorchen. The three friends worry about Yousuke; they do not know where it is and can help like it. Jamapi makes itself on the way and find finally the ambush. So they open it in order to free Yousuke. But Nocturne stands them in the way. With the sounds of the harp, she makes out of the friends enemies in whom she inputs them hallucination. But Momoko's belief at the friendship is stronger. It defends the evil oscillations and Yuri and Hinagiku awake out of its evil phase. Nocturne is destroyed.

16- "Akumazoku no Hokori" ("The Devil's Pride")

(悪魔族 の 誇り)
Wedding Peach - Episode 16

Wedding Peach - Episode 16

Airdate: July 19, 1995

The dear angels want to free Yousuke; therefore they penetrate into the world of the demons on. At the same time Jamapi is them a large aid. Amen is especially strong. It succeeds it to take Lily and Daisy the dear. Only Momoko's dear to Yousuke gives it's the power to resist the demon and to free all out of the captures of amen. But self device it with amen before the eyes of the evil Satania, that wants to fall both into the darkness. But Peach's waves the dear are stronger. Amen will convert, gives it's the ring back and is pulled loving into the darkness. The large worry of Momoko: how does much Yousuke know of it's as a dear angel? Does he remember the events? And naturally it does not admit that it loves Yousuke.

17- "Sei-Hanazono Gakuen no Himitsu" ("The Secret of Saint Hanazano Campus")

(性-花園 学園 の 秘密)
Wedding Peach - Episode 17

Wedding Peach - Episode 17

Airdate: July 26, 1995

Satania concludes, in the battle against the dear angels, and in order to get finally the "enchanting fours" into the hands, Sandor, a very strong fire demon, to use. Because Sandor is not created however obviously for the work, it uses its three helpers flash, Cloud and Noise. They should find the "enchanting fours". There it however not jointly, but rather against each other work, are it not strong enough. To be sure they cause much disaster, but to the end, they abandon after also its auxiliary demon Thunder was changed by the dear angels to the "dear demon". Therefore they return unverrichteter things into the empire of the demons. Momoko did not make once again the homework and must the library saubermachen to the punishment. Suddenly it flashes strongly and in the library, the books fall out of the shelves. At the same time fells its, Yuri and Hinagiku the chronicle of the place into the hands: there was already once a light rain, and that must have been when the "enchanting fours" were distributed among the person.

18- "Aitenshi, Natuuyasumi mo Tatakau wa!" ("Love Angels, We'll Fight, Even During Summer Vacation")

(愛天使, 夏う休み も 戦う 和!)
Wedding Peach - Episode 18

Wedding Peach - Episode 18

Airdate: August 2, 1995

On behalf Sandors, the demon Noise is on the search for the enchanting four. You verguckt itself in Yosuke and steals it the Glöckchen, that its father has leave behind it as a Glücksbringer, because it believes, that it belongs to the enchanting fours. Sandor has no understanding for its error and punishes it with contempt. Except itself before fury, it blows its krankmachende energy in Yosuke so that it fells into deep unconsciousness. Momoko hurries it to aid, and while it fights with NOISE, its ruby ring fuse and Yosuke’s Glöckchen. Aphrodite appears and explained wrestle emerged is Momoko, that through the fusion the with the Glöckchen one of the true enchanting four: that "old like the world". Therewith Momoko can call the magic crystal that can defend the most powerful demons, in that it includes that badly energy in itself, changes and reflects as a good energy.

19- "Manatsu no Yoru no Shinpi" ("Midsummer Night's Mystery")

(真夏 の よる の 神秘)
Wedding Peach - Episode 19

Wedding Peach - Episode 19

Airdate: August 9, 1995

Blitz is defeated in this episode.

20- "Umibe no Pendant" ("Seaside Pendant")

(海辺 の ぺんだんt)
Wedding Peach - Episode 20

Wedding Peach - Episode 20

Airdate: August 16, 1995

Elena, Yuris mother, asks Hinagiku and Momoko to help it’s in the preparations to its next fashions show. They become acquainted with the Model Saorie, with which Hinagiku will connect soon a deep friendship. Saorie lends Hinagiku its Talisman, a follower. Through the fusion it’s with Hinagiku clock the magic candle emerges senses the demon Cloud Saories Warmherzigkeit and confuses its waves the dear with the Zaubrhaften fours. It takes caught it. It succeeds the three dear angels only by means of the new magic candle, to free Saorie and to convert Cloud to the dear.

21- "Piano yo Hibike Hoshizora ni" ("Resound, Piano, to the Starry Sky")

(ピアノ よ 響け 星空 に)
Wedding Peach - Episode 21

Wedding Peach - Episode 21

Aitdate: August 23, 1995

The dear angels want to free Yosuke; therefore they penetrate into the world of the demons on. At the same time Jamapie is them a large aid. Amen is especially strong. It succeeds it to take Lily and Daisy the dear. Only Momokos dear to Yosuke gives it’s the power to resist the demon and to free all out of the captures of amen. But self device it with amen before the eyes of the evil Satania, that wants to fall both into the darkness. But Peach’s waves the dear are stronger. Amen will convert, gives it’s the ring back and is pulled loving into the darkness. The large worry of Momoko: how does much Yosuke know of it’s as a dear angel? Does he remember the events? And naturally it does not admit that it loves Yosuke.

22- "Nerawareta Jamapi" ("Jama-P Targeted")

(狙われた じゃマピ)
Wedding Peach - Episode 22

Wedding Peach - Episode 22

Airdate: August 30, 1995

While Yuri and Momoko go into the library, Hinagiku created it with a little trick to arrange itself with Kazuya. In the library, Sonoko, a little girl, Jamapi discovers, holds takes it for a cute material animal, and it with. Momoko and Yuri make doubts themselves after it on the search. In the last moment, they see yet, like Jamapi with Sonoko in the car therefrom load. Fortunately Yosuke come and a member out of its soccer team on the bicycle driven past, and they so take too fourth on the bicycles the pursuit of the car up. The hunt ends in a shopping center where they encounter in the dense turmoil suddenly on Hinagiku, that the secret appointment with Kazuya is evidently embarrassing. For explanations, no time remains to be sure, for they found the girl, who abducted Jamapi. Sonoko beichtet crying that a man Jamapi brought: Sandor! It uses Jamapi in order to attract the dear angels to itself. The three friends change themselves in battle angel, and through the Bündelung of its dear waves, it succeeds them to banish Sandor and to rescue Jamapi.

23- "First kiss ga Ubawareru" ("My First Kiss is Going to be Stolen")

(ファーストキス が 奪われる)
Wedding Peach - Episode 23

Wedding Peach - Episode 23

Airdate: September 06, 1995

Takuro, that classes climber, cut off in the comparison working once again as best. Presumptuously, how it is, it is with its result naturally not satisfied, because it in specialties as well as z. B. sport unfortunately a rivet remains. Ignis, that should make itself on behalf of Satania again on the search for the dear angels, makes itself this sporting weakness of Takuro zunutze, seizes possession of its body and makes it through it to the super athlete. Strengthened of its new capacities, this adjusts falls in love now Momoko. Hinagiku knows Takuro already out of children day. You do not go its changed behavior out of the head. It worries about it. Of these charming thoughts startled and in the firm belief that it concerns in Hinagiku one of the three dear angels, sends Ignis its assistant Lampo from in order to remove this dear angel. Momoko comes its friend however to aid, and it jointly succeeds both to convert Lampo. Ignis is delighted and wants to try about that not very further with the help of Takuros body to remove the dear angels aufzuspüren and.

24- "Dokidoki Gakuensai" ("Exciting School Festival")

(ドキドキ 学園祭)
Wedding Peach - Episode 24

Wedding Peach - Episode 24

Airdate: September 13, 1995 The large training festival of the Hanasonoschule is forthcoming. Momoko and both friends help in the preparations. Each of them would like to dance in the large finale naturally with Kazuya. But also Natsumi, the chairperson of the festival committee, threw an eye on it. Ignis closes meanwhile a pact with Takuro. It promises it that Takuro becomes the superstar, if this helps it to make the last dear angel Found. Takuro willigt on. Of this moment at it lets nothing untried to win Momoko as a dance partner. Evidently seeks irritated it aid in Yosuke, that this takes however not at all seriously. This time Ignis Blacky chose as assistants to destroy the dear angels. But also against this demon, Wedding Peach are and its friends armed. After Blacky became converts the dear, the finale of the training festival can climb. Natsumi anticipates all and selects Kazuya to the dance partner. Yosuke gives itself apparently reluctant with Momoko content, and Yuri and Hinagiku does not remain other, when a dance under girl.

25- "Akuma no Kiss ha Amaku nai" ("A Devil's Kiss Isn't Sweet")

(悪魔 の きっs 和 甘く ない)
Wedding Peach - Episode 25

Wedding Peach - Episode 25

Airdate: September 20, 1995

Takuros would love are awake to Momoko. Ignis makes itself this further zunutze, around the dear angels aufzuspüren. To the support, he sends change himself Casanovi into the racing, a further of its demons, that see into the souls of the girls, into its love and drain can them then its waves the dear. After a futile battle of Momoko with Casanovi, it has would have ventilated the appearance, as Takuro Momokos secret. Momoko does not like to live with this uncertainty and is to be arranged to get itself ready - very to the annoyance of Yosuke - with Takuro to a rendezvous around, what it knows actually of its secret. Yuri and Hinagiku are the assistant of Ignis further on the heels. Yuri stands to the decree in order to attract Casanovi out of the reserve. Actually they knock stand in the park on Casanovi, that already several girls has attack, and it to the battle. Jamapi informs Momoko, that can defend just another kiss of Takuro, before it hurries its friends to aid. Casanovi must be proclaim entire ability in order to fight the dear angels. Its deceit maneuver to change itself in Kazuya, is almost of success gekrönt when Momoko appears. It sees through Casanovis trick. Its last weapon, that "Burning Kiss", helps it now also no longer and finally succeeds it the three dear angels to convert the demon. Takuro is always yet unsteady whether it concerns in Wedding Peach really Momoko. First of all it can calm it. But Ignis does not give on..

26- "Ituwari no Kekkonshiki" ("The False Wedding Ceremony")

(偽り の 結婚式)
Wedding Peach - Episode 26

Wedding Peach - Episode 26

Airdate: September 27, 1995

Takuro is possessed of Ignis, that uses it in order to approach at the dear angels. Over Momoko and its soft heart, it should succeed. Takuro plays Momoko somewhat before so that they to marry itself ready declared, it. Yosuke notes something, but entirely sly it becomes not out of the sayings of the friends. When Ignis uses also yet its little auxiliary demon cheek pack, the girls come into bad oppression. First as Kiiro emerges and sends Yosuke waves the dear, is broken the ban of cheek pack. And that "like the day so newly" sets all on that to help the three dear angels. After that is arrive, it disappears again. Is it in search of the fourth dear angel? Momoko realizes is, that the marriage with Takuro nonsense, and because Takuro in the moment is freed also by Ignis, also it is very happy that Momoko says it to it.

27- "Uso! Yanagiba-sama ni Koibito?" ("No Way! Captain Yanagiba Has a Lover?")

Wedding Peach - Episode 27

Wedding Peach - Episode 27

Airdate: October 4, 1995

The three friends assist at a Saturday in the kindergarten. They stand that crazy before, but so simple it is not yet. The children do not want so like it. To all misfortune, also yet Kazuya with a box chocolate passes by for the children gardener Reiko. Does there question stand yet immediately you: it has what with it’s? Satania sends Igunis again into the person world in order to find that \\\"like the day so newly\\\" finally. Takura denies the aid when Igunis wants to penetrate into the kindergarten. So it gets its auxiliary demon Ukima here that a little chaos should arrange. When it swipes a baby and lets in an air bubble entschweben, that three change them and fight the little Ukima. That goes is overcome relatively easily and so Ukima that fells baby on the earth but Yuri catches it just yet up. The question of all questions whether Kazuya also yet cleared becomes what has with Reiko. It is only a chance acquaintance because Reiko lent it its umbrella. And to the good fortune, Reiko in firm hands is. The girls can aufatmen.

28- "Koi suru Shoujo ha Saikyo yo" ("Girls in Love is the Strongest")

(恋 する 少女 は 裁許 よ)
Wedding Peach - Episode 28

Wedding Peach - Episode 28

Airdate: October 11, 1995

Yuzuru, a fellow pupil of Yosuke and Kasuja, plays suddenly badly soccer. And Akiko, a class’s comrade of Momoko and friends, is unkonzentriert. Yosuke does not find out that both in each other fallen in love are, however trust itself to confess itself it. There the dear angels must help. You stiffener Akiko that does not be found prettily, out with new hair-style and new Outfit and Yosuke arranges a movie theater visit with Yuzuru. "Accidentally" also Momoko get and Akiko there, and Yuzuru and Akiko finally find together. Radiate the waves however strong it the dear, thinks Ignis that Akiko is a dear angel. When both in the giant wheel sit, it tries to destroy it. Only through the courageous use of Momoko and its friends, it, that auxiliary demon of Ignis, Urufen to convert, to the goods and Akiko and Yuzuru to rescue, succeeds. Takuro that Ignis haunts again and again observes Momoko and finds it’s secret out. It knows now that it is a dear angel. Its large worry: how it holds that of Ignis secretly.

29- "Halloween na Majo" ("A Halloween-esque Witch")

(はっぉウェ園 の 魔女)
Wedding Peach - Episode 29

Wedding Peach - Episode 29

Airdate: October 18, 1995

Ignis delegates to study Potamia, a water demon, the behavior of the persons and to fight then at the side of Takuro against the dear angels. Momoko, Hinagiku and Yuri of ready for Halloween a children party before, on which also Potamia drives its nuisance. When the children are frightened too deaths, the three dear angels interfere and strike Potamia into the flight. Because also Takuro endlessly irritated in the mean time by Potamia, it implores it to disappear into the empire of the demons. It returns with Ignis, swears however revenge at the dear angels.

30- "Good bye Akuma-sama" ("Good-Bye Dear Devil")

(ごおd ビェ 悪魔-様)
Wedding Peach - Episode 30

Wedding Peach - Episode 30

Airdate: October 25, 1995

Takuro becomes through the power of Ignis the top athlete of the entire school. Hinagiku that is grown up with Takuro together and white how unsportsmanlike and weakly it is normally, becomes distrustful. Yuri, Momoko and it fasten itself it at the heel. Soon will become clear to them that it is possessed by Ignis. Potamia makes had lost Ignis the reproach, it its notorious cruelty and had become a weakling. Actually the living together with Takuro changed much in Ignis. It sees the things no longer through the glasses of the hate. When it is encountered also yet by the waves the dear, Potamia pricks it a dagger in the back. Shortly before it dies, it solves yet the pact with Takuro and frees it of the arm frost.

31- "Rannyuu! Koi no Rival" ("Trespassing! Rival for His Love")

(欄ゆう! 恋 の りゔぁl)
Wedding Peach - Episode 31

Wedding Peach - Episode 31

Airdate: November 1, 1995

Potamia receives the order of Satania to destroy the dear angels and to bring it’s the enchanting fours. Potamia slinks itself as a new student into the class of Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku on. The three friends verabscheuen it of the first moment on because Potamia refined understands it to wake the boys to umgarnen and its protector instincts. To its characteristic astonishment, Potamia falls in love immortal with Yosuke. It yields no longer of the side to it and forgets at the same time perfectly its task. It cannot reciprocate its feelings and says it’s that its interest would count only the soccer game. Potamia feels knocked before the head and swears revenge. It calls the demons servants Shimoshimo to aid that person to ice let harden. Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku change it into the dear angels and overcome the Shimoshimo with the waves the dear. Potamia notices, not diminished has and swears itself that its affections to Yosuke never to abandon. It wants to win it around each price for itself.

32- "Muffler ni Ai wo Komete" ("Putting Your Love in a Muffler")

(むっfぇr に 愛 を 込めて)
Wedding Peach - Episode 32

Wedding Peach - Episode 32

Airdate: November 8, 1995

Momoko, Hinagiku, Yuri and the other girls out of its class cords a scarf for Kazuya. Because each single entangles its heart blood in this scarf, it, it hopes would select that it’s as prettiest. Potamia that feels excluded reflects again on revenge and calls Wandi, the Weltenverwandler, to aid. Wandi sets up sliding doors, which lead maze good into always new worlds, out of which it gives no way back. Manimi, Hinagiku and two further friends go out of curiosity through these sliding doors and are pulled inevitable always more deeply into the terrible maze of the worlds. Jamapi enlightens Momoko and Yuri over Wandi and its maze. They come on the idea to enter a long thread at the first sliding door firm bandage and at this the strange worlds, therewith it again zurückfinden. In search of a so long thread, only its scarf occur them. To rescue its friends in the wish, ribbon it this depth sad up. Potamia and Wandi, except itself before fury, try to cut through the thread. Because it is however with the waves the dear durchtränkt, it does not succeed them. When in the battle also Wanid of the waves the dear encountered, and changed becomes, swears Potamia on the new reward.

33- "Senjou ni Saita Koi" ("The Love That Blossomed on the Battlefield")

(洗浄 に 咲いた 恋)
Wedding Peach - Episode 33

Wedding Peach - Episode 33

Airdate: November 15, 1995

Yosuke injures itself in the soccer. Hiromi would like to accompany it gladly in the Sanitätsraum, but Yosuke pulls Momoko before. Hinagiku schürt with impudent sayings Hiromis jealousies and encourages its imagination. It sees the "prettiest scenes" between Momoko and Yuri. Before jealousy and fury, she changes herself in Potamos, anesthetizes Yosuke and grasps with its likenesses, the Potamosen, Momoko on. When Yuri hurries and Hinagiku Momoko to aid, an evil butterfly comes and pricks demonic poison in Lilys arm. Kiiro hurries to Lily, sucks the poison out of its arm and becomes also - almost - the servant of the demons. Only Lilys waves the dear free it. Kiiro sees the same scene in the review when Lily was yet the pretty, nameless angel and discovered both its delicate dear to each other. Also Kiiro and Lily fall in love themselves in each other. The Potamose overcome the united power of the dear angels and free its souls of the demons. Also Yosuke comes again to itself and is surprised. Does Kasuja be found on the ground lying again and marvels, lies made why it there, and what it the entire time - or dreamed? - Has. Only Hiromi remains, is and will drive how it its nuisance certainly further.

34- "Koi no Ayatsuri Ningyou" ("The Marionette of Love")

(恋 の 操り 人形)
Wedding Peach - Episode 34

Wedding Peach - Episode 34

Airdate: November 22, 1995

Hiromi begins to interfere itself in Momokos life with the intention, to approach itself at Yosuke. Your doubtful cook arts that also Momokos father may become acquainted with should bring Yosuke in addition to fall in love with it. Momoko says to help Hiromi about what this so gratefully is, that it betrays Momoko a magic trick, that brings an any boy in addition to do all, what one says to it. Yuri and Hinagiku hold it for no good idea that Hiromi with Yosuke is alone. They conclude to rescue together with Momoko Yosuke. Momoko remembers at the magic saying and brings Kazuya in addition to free Yosuke out of its situation. When Hiromi notices, that Yosuke figns an appointment in order to escape before its, she changes herself into the demon Potamos and calls its assistant Rioma here. This steals secretly a hair of Yosuke and makes it so to its puppet that turns itself irresolute against Momoko and does not yield of Hiromis side. Yuri and Hinagiku suspect evil and try to fight Rioma with the waves the dear. This steals also them a hair and hopes that the dear angels mutually fight themselves now. Momokos confidence into the friends is imperturbable. It stands its attacks. The waves of that would love; that come from the friends, Momoko can raise nothing. Finally it does not overcome causes Rioma, and the magic that lies on the friends, more long. It stands the meal that prepares Momoko finally for Yosuke originally skeptically vis-à-vis, must admit then however that it tastes priced it.

35- "Yonin me no Aitenshi" ("The Fourth Love Angel")

(四人 目 の 大天使)
Wedding Peach - Episode 35

Wedding Peach - Episode 35

Airdate: November 29, 1995

Yuri, Hinagiku and Momoko travel secretly with into the training camp, nominally in order to protect Yosuke against Hiromi. But Hiromi does not let itself barren. When Yosuke rejects it to the X-ten time, it a kiss denies becomes it very furiously and changes itself in Potamos. Immediately Momoko is first and then also the other both dear angel in combat-ready and want to take Potamos the demonic power. That does not succeed, but Salvia immerses up and fights with them. It would like to destroy the demons everyone. Kiiro appears and explains that Salvia is the fourth in the alliance and that it now together against the demons, for which waves will fight the dear and the empire of the angels, to the three dear angels. Potamos reports Satania after the battle that it is now four dear angels. Satania hopes now to get the "enchanting fours" finally into its force. The dear angels themselves realize that the time, in which they lead itself as a Rivalinnen in the "battle" around Kazuya, must be, past or perhaps yet not entirely?

36- "Hitoribochi no Aitenshi" ("The Lone Wolf Love Angel")

(一人墓地 の 大天使)
Wedding Peach - Episode 36

Wedding Peach - Episode 36

Airdate: December 6, 1995

Because the attack of the demons becomes on the empire of the angels always stronger, the fourth dear angel - Scarlet Ohara or Salvia - appears on the plan. But it is a problem: it does not want to fight with the other three together against the demons. And it wants to destroy it; wants to clean not like the Peach and its friends, its souls. But the angel Kiiro appears and says to them that they can rescue only jointly the empire of the angels. Salvia wants to know there from nothing. Hiromi - or also Potamos - is Satania no longer strong enough. It is caught in its dear to Yooske and forgets its order. But Satania wants to get unconditionally the "enchanting fours" into the hands. So it sends the demon Vladia into the combat against the dear angels. But against the four, dear angel is also it impotent. Your soul is cleaned. Momoko makes itself thought. Is if Hiromi fallen in love so very in Yooske, she may interfere herself then and may win Yooske for itself?

37- "Salvia no Namida" ("Salvia's Tears")

(さlゔぃあ の 涙)
Wedding Peach - Episode 37

Wedding Peach - Episode 37

Airdate: December 13, 1995

Momoko and both friends’ thoughts make itself how you get Salvia in addition to fight with them together in its sense against the demons and for the empire of the angels. Soon will stand out that Salvia was the girl Scarlett and goes into a school "for empires". When Hiromi learns gets turns, the Yooske dear letter of other girls - and this also yet if possible answers - it through and becomes Potamos. Your auxiliary demon, the Schneemon, freezes all persons on the soccer place; only Yooske does magic Hiromi an igloo. Salvia, which hates yes the demons and wants to destroy, fights against the Schneemon, cuts becomes it with its magic sword through, but the Schneemon always larger and stronger. First as Peach it creates to advance to it, succeeds it’s to elicit Scarlett its secret. Your friend best in the angel empire was killed of a demon when she tried to prevent Freesia on that, to kill the demon. Salvia realizes acted has, that it actually out of revenge and now it is finite to the collaboration ready. So they create it that soul of the Schneemons to clean and to convert it. But a friendship with the girls rejects Scarlett yet always.

38- "Owakare no Atsui Kiss" ("Passionate Farewell kiss")

(お別れ の 暑い きっs)
Wedding Peach - Episode 38

Wedding Peach - Episode 38

Airdate: December 20, 1995

The water demon Potamos, when girls Hiromi camouflaged underway, where fell in love with Yosuke which its dear does not reciprocate to be sure, because it loves another girl. About that Hiromi so is annoyed that it wants to abduct Yosuke and with it the total school into the world of the demons. Momoko and its three friends the kidnappings want to prevent, are delayed however king Satanias in the battle of three subjects. Kiiro comes are the dear angels to be sure to aid, the demons however everywhere. Potamos wants to bring Yosuke into its world in order to marry it, but the demons cannot allow that. A demon that falls in love with a person counts as a traitor and should banish become on direction Satanias into the world of the darkness. In the last moment, the dear angels can prevent that. Potamos notices that the feeling prevents truer dear it to be angry further as demon underway, and concludes when the girl "Hiromi Kawane" to live on. It learned also, does not force can that one dear, and Yosuke leaves after a departure kiss. It is even a wonderful feeling to love someone, also if that remains dear unfulfilled.

39- "Sensei wa Akuma?" ("The Teacher is a Devil?")

(先生 和 悪魔?)
Wedding Peach - Episode 39

Wedding Peach - Episode 39

Airdate: December 27, 1995

In the winter vacations, Momoko make and its friends a survey over the training order. At the same time they become acquainted with Iwamoto alias Pettler, a very brutal assistant of Satania, which comes as a new teacher at the Santa-Flora-secondary school, in order to destroy the dear angels. Its helper is hammer, with whose support Pettler influences and concludes the director, to abolish the winter vacations. Momoko and its friends are annoyed about that very. Scarlett gives the advice to them to protest in the student newspaper against this decision. Yooske guarantees Momoko the support of the soccer team. Hammer succeeds it meanwhile to control Yuri and Hinagiku through a magic. There Wedding Peach appears and takes the battle against hammer up in order to rescue its friends. Almost it seems to lose the battle when Salvia comes by it’s to aid and it succeeds both to overcome hammer. With all means, they will fight now further for its freedom at the school against Iwamoto.

40- "Ai ga Suwarechau!" ("My Love Is Being Sucked Away")

(愛 が 座れちゃう!)
Wedding Peach - Episode 40

Wedding Peach - Episode 40

Airdate: January 10, 1996

Demon Pettler is always yet as a teacher Iwamoto active at the Santa-Flora-secondary school. This time it does not arrange speak May, that boy and girl no longer together, also in the leisure time. Momoto and its friends want to protest. They subsist closes support on Yooske and Kazuya, even Takuro them on. Pettler is not yet always in the full possession of its physical powers. In the battle against the dear angels, he gets transform himself Sojima to aid that dear waves draw, into demonic energy and transmit can then at Pettler. Yuri and Hinagiku come would slink Pettler and Sojima on that and stand the servant of the demon to the battle. Against whose technology to be sure they are comes impotent, the aid of Momoko and Scarlett too late. Even Kiiro, otherwise often rescuer in the need, can align against Sojima nothing. So the dear angels become and Kiiro into the world of the Sojima abducted, that with all power its dear waves draws, in order to make Pettler therewith more strongly. Kiiro stands manage as a protection sign before the dear angels and him to rescue the four through use of its life. Through this victim, the dear angels control now the "enchanting fours" and can overcome Sojima and banish Pettler. The dead believed Kiiro changes itself for the astonishment of all in Kazuya, which is happy now on that to be able to lead a normal life at the side of Yuri.

41- "Ren'ai Gokko Dai Ski" ("Pretend Love - Great Skiing")

(恋愛 ごっこ大スキー)
Wedding Peach - Episode 41

Wedding Peach - Episode 41

Airdate: January 17, 1996

Momoko and its friends get an invitation to the ski vacation of Yuri. Everyone is happy and make itself on the trip. To Yuris grief, Kazuya cannot with load because Aphrodite wants to speak it. Iwamoto observed everyone and follows them full Missgunst. He gets himself the demon Henkama to aid that it understands to sow between persons quarrel and to steal the then emerging energy of the fury. This badly energy Iwamoto needs develop, around more Yosukezu. Henkama brings Momoko and Yosuke in addition to fight itself. When it wants to steal Yosuke thereupon the hate energy, this changes itself suddenly to a member of the most powerful demons family. Henkama wants to report full horror this occurrence Iwamoto when the dear angels emerge and it comes to the battle. Henkama succeeds it that dear angels to include into an ice block. Takuro, that observed out of worry around Hinagiku of all from a distance, sends out of the arm frost, that it got of the geläuterten Ignis, waves of the love. Henkama is overcome, has approach let however the energy stolen previously already Iwamoto, permanently increases whose badly power.

42- "Yuri no Kuchibiru" ("Yuri's Lips")

(ゆり の 唇)
Wedding Peach - Episode 42

Wedding Peach - Episode 42

Airdate: January 24, 1996

Iwamoto steals in a fight under motorcycle hoodlum so much hate energy that it is again in the full possession of its powers. Yuri is not avoids unfortunately, because Kazuya so quite anbeißt, it each situation in which it could be alone with its. Momoko and Hinagiku have stern a planned from how they can help it. They encounter an appointment with Yosuke, Kazuya and Takuro to make an excursion too sixth. They rent boats in a leisure time park three. When Yuri with its beloved Yanagiba is alone in a boat, these stood it’s finally its dear. It is overjoyed until Iwamoto emerges, that the waves smelled the dear. When it comes to the battle, the dear angels notice that they did not grow Iwamotos of powerful evil energy. And yet Satania emerges, that brings along the large demons turbulence, everything seems lost. Even Salvias aid, can cause nothing more. Kiiro that is held by Iwamoto senses, hopelessly is and sacrifices itself that the battle. It pulls however the evil demon with into the death.

43- "Rain Devila no Shinjitsu" ("The Truth About Reine Devila")

(らいny でゔぃl の 真実)
Wedding Peach - Episode 43

Wedding Peach - Episode 43

Airdate: January 31, 1996

Lily must release Kiiro so that it can fight as a dear angel further against the demons. It fears, Kiiro is lost for always, but Aphrodite can calm it. Kazuya - or also Kiiro - survived. It lost only its consciousness as a Kiiro. In order to arrive finally into the possession of the "enchanting four", Satania tries, by means of one of its strongest demons Kachuusha, Yosuke again into its earlier identities than a warrior Raphaels - Vento zurückzuversetzen. In part, that succeeds also. As a Vento, it hates the dear angels and the "enchanting fours" and tries to destroy the dear angels. Thanks to the strength of its friendship, it that to turn away evil rays, and Vento create becomes the four again Yosuke. None of the dear angels noted that Yosuke fighted against it and Momoko is happy that Yosuke happened to nothing. Only Yuri has a premonition and prophesies that Momoko and Yosuke yet heavy must endure.

44- "Jamapi no Hatsukoi" ("Jama-P's First Love")

(ヤマピ の 初恋)
Wedding Peach - Episode 44

Wedding Peach - Episode 44

Airdate: February 7, 1996

Momoko told its friends and Yosuke that Satania was fallen in love into an angel, but Pistil came in between and it again into the empire of the demons zurückgejagt became. Let the "enchanting fours" be guilt on that. For this time it has fighted against the empire of the angels. The friends consider whether one could not speak with Satania in order to clear the "misunderstanding", and peace between the angels and the demons establish can. Yosuke is haunted again and again of the demons, around it into its old identity Vento zurückzuversetzen. Jamacho and Jamapon, two friends of Jamapie become this time out of old time so that delegates. Almost it succeeds them, but the dear of Momoko preserved are it before that, for the waves the dear stronger, than the demonic. Even as Jamacho and Jamapon change itself in Momoko, notices Yosuke that it is not its Momoko. Its heart senses it. Kazuya can remember yet always not again its identity as a Kiiro and designates Yuri as a fleeting acquaintance. Yuri is unfortunately about that. The dear angels fight again jointly against the demons and can "convert" Jamacho and Jamapon. They remain in the person world, and Jamapie is very sadly that its friends would not like to live - and especially Jamacho, a lady, jointly with it. It would be so gladly how Momoko been in love correctly.

45- "Kaettekita Mama" ("Mama's Come Home")

(帰ってきた ママ)
Wedding Peach - Episode 45

Wedding Peach - Episode 45

Airdate: February 14, 1996

Momoko is happily with Yosuke and looks forward to the appointment with it. Your papa gets slowly with that it has a friend. At night Sakura, the mama appears, in Momoko. It tells its why it had to leave papa and it. It is fighted an angel, the sister of Aphrodite, and already earlier against the demons. In a last battle, it fell on the earth and lost its consciousness as an angel. So it became acquainted with Ichiro and dear and Momoko came into the world. But one day Kiiro appeared and asked it back into the empire of the angels. So it left at that time its human family. Actually it must also now back, but Aphrodite allows it a day with its family that they spend very cheerfully together. Kachuusha does not abandon. This time succeeds it its to change Yosuke to the demon. Yosuke fights with all power against the dear angels. It does not spare also Momoko. Momoko recognizes, is and can fight that Vento Yosuke not against it. Sakura - alias Celeste - interferes in the last moment and overcomes Vento. It becomes again Yosuke. Before it returns again into the empire of the angels, it swears to Momoko to trust on the dear.

46- "Watashi no Koibito ha Akuma" ("My Boyfriend is a Devil")

(私 の 恋人 は 悪魔)
Wedding Peach - Episode 46

Wedding Peach - Episode 46

Airdate: February 21, 1996

Momoko cannot believe it. Yosuke should be actual a demon. That it won the first price for the best snapshot in a student newspaper, interests it there few. Yuri and Hinagiku are provided and ask Scarlett whether it knows something over the demon Vento of the sex Raphaels. The single chance in Scarletts eyes is, to kill all demons - therefore also Vento. Yosuke is not aware that it is a demon. Satania delegates now Katyusha to animate the demon Vento in Yosuke again. In this attempt, Yuri and Hinagiku stand the demons into the way. Scarlett tries to prevent the transformation Yosukes in Vento. Now Wedding Peach can help only. Although she is not in the full possession of its powers, she sits down for Yosuke a - and also always will do it. Scarletts objection not yet are cleared therewith to be sure.

47- "Yomigaere! Ai no Kioku" ("Revive, Memories of Love")

(甦れ! ゆびきりの記憶の愛の)
Wedding Peach - Episode 47

Wedding Peach - Episode 47

Airdate: February 28, 1996

Momoko always not yet can believe that Yosuke should be a demon. Yosuke notices to be sure that something does not agree with it, assumes however that angel blood flows in its veins. Scarlett is there other opinion. It persuades Hinagiku and Yuri to pull against Yosuke and/or the demon Vento into the battle. Only Momoko believes in that of goods in Yosuke and brings it in addition to remember the pretty moments with its. Satania tries to move always yet with all means, Yosuke in addition, to appropriate itself the "enchanting fours" and to destroy the dear angels. At the end, Yosuke was subject however in the battle, knows runs however around its "second identity" as a Vento, and before the despairing Momoko therefore.

48- "Ai Suredo Setsunaku" ("Loving is Painful")

(Ai スレッド Setsunaku)
Wedding Peach - Episode 48

Wedding Peach - Episode 48

Airdate: March 6, 1996

Yosuke knows, that it Vento that demon is, that makes it very unfortunately and locked. Even Momoko finds no access to it. Even the won soccer tournament prepares it no joy. Satania sends four strong demons into the world of the persons in order to get Vento so that he destroys that with them together the empire of the angels. The four dear angels fight against it, and they involve into a conversation. So they learn that the demons Yosukes father (that also a demon was in love, itself however into a human being has and then in the world of the persons lived has) abducted and killed. When Vento hears that, it becomes furiously on the demons and fights against it how it also its father did. Only Momokos intervention prevents that that destroys the demons. It sends would love waves of that so that the four demons abandon first of all and withdraw.

49- "Futari Dake no Yoru" ("The Night for Just the Two of Us")

(二人 だけ の よる)
Wedding Peach - Episode 49

Wedding Peach - Episode 49

Airdate: March 13, 1996

Momoko sat down it into the head, Yousuke, demon or not demon, to protect against Satania and before that, that it into the empire of the demons zurückholt. On that almost the friendship of the four dear angels breaks, for Scarlet does not want to fight with a dear angel, who protects a demon. In order to protect Yousuke, Momoko takes it with to itself home, but also there the demons Haterid find; Odis and Sayros it. Vento/Yousuke fights helps come against the demons and Momoko it, but also that three other dear angel in addition. But the demons are stronger. First as Uragano, that large fighters appears out of the sex Raphael’s and simultaneously human and demonic father, its son to Yousuke's and tells it the truth over the empire of the demons, that it closed namely earlier very normally and nicely, first than a Satania the power at itself torn became are angry, also the demons commonly and, because Satania everyone that contradict it, in which darkness banishes, Yosuke becomes really bad And fights with all power against the demons. The four dear angels fight with and jointly create it once again. Kazuya seems to remember itself to begin that it is not only Kazuya.

50- "Hanarenai Kokoro" ("Inseparable Hearts")

(離れない 心)
Wedding Peach - Episode 50

Wedding Peach - Episode 50

Airdate: March 20, 1996

Yosuke wants to restore the honor of the Raphael’s and wants to strike Satania. So it concludes to penetrate into the empire of the demons and to fight against Satania. Jamapie shows it - unwillingly - the way. But Momoko does not let Yosuke alone. It accompanies it against its will, for that is its battle. Satania sends all demons into the empire of the persons in order to spread jealousy and hate, but the courageous intervention of the dear angels prevented the worst also Kiiro its identity wiedergefunden has and fights with the dear angels for the waves the dear. To convince Yosuke tried Satania, that the "enchanting fours" guilt at its misery are not wants, but it its characteristic story expanse belief. It must be fighter therefore. Once again the dear of Momoko and Yosuke wins. Satania cannot grasp it that the dear between a demon and an angel can be so deep, that it survives and overcomes everything.

51- "Last Wedding" ("Last Wedding")

Wedding Peach - Episode 51

Wedding Peach - Episode 51

Airdate: March 27, 1996

The friends consider that it is best if Yosuke and Momoko marry. Yosuke is persuaded and Momoko is surprised. Kazuya plays is steps piano, Takuro the "standing official" or "minister" and Momoko dressed in the wedding dress of her mother, stands with the "enchanting fours" before the altar. But Satania sends forth again her demons in order to spread hate and jealousy. For the dear angels, Yosuke/Vento and Kazuya/Kiiro, it looks bad. Satania is not easily convinced. She wants to hate and spread it. With last power, that deaths near, swear would love itself Momoko and Yosuke eternal, also if they come from other worlds. This strong dear flows Satania the waves the dear. She forgets her hate and becomes the pretty demon she once was. Aphrodite speaks the summaries, praises the love and the courage to bear sorrows for the love. The walls between angels and demons are collapsed, that rescues the empire of the angels and the human world.

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