Web Woman
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Lou Scheimer

Norm Prescott

Years on Air 1978-1980
Episodes 10

Portuguese Title: Mulher Aranha


The redheaded Kelly is a NASA scientist turned farmer who saves the life of a tall, thin insectoid alien when he is swept into a raging river during a thunderstorm. In gratitude, the alien presents her with a special ring with a black widow "hourglass" design which grants her the powers of the entire insect kingdom. The alien proves to be an agent of the mysterious entity named Scarab, the guardian of the space station Citadel 7 who communicates with her via a huge crystal orb in the secret lair hidden in a cavern beneath her barn. Exactly how she comes into contact with Scarab after she receives the ring is unknown, but she becomes Web Woman soon afterward. Her transformation from Kelly Webster into Web Woman is brought on by a vocal command, combined with the power of the ring, that is spoken like this:

"Insects of the world... small creatures of the cosmos... lend me your powers--NOW!"

The outfit Kelly wears as Web Woman consists of a purple leotard with matching belt, boots and skullcap with an attached antennae-like "W"-shaped black mask. She has a variety of weapons, such as a rope-like web-line that unspools from her utility belt and obeys her commands, and the ring can produce sleeping gas, an energy beam that solidifies into a spider web for ensnaring enemies and an force field of energized webbing.

Web Woman is aided in her missions for Scarab by a cute plump and furry alien with bat-like ears, big buck teeth and large black eyes named Spinner, and while the shrilly-gibbering little space creature is often used for comic relief, he is also an expert mechanic and has the ability to curl up into a ball and roll at high speed so that he can bowl over bad guys. Together they travel in a spider-shaped, eight-legged flying saucer which she calls the Web-Trac which can burrow through the ground as easily as it flies trough space.

Web Woman heeds the Web Call from Scarab to fight such villains as Dr. Abyss, Madame Macabre, Dr. Jack Frankenstein, Rax, Dr. Despair, Mr. Perfect and Tsetse.

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