Varga TV Series-108564755-large.jpg
General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by ABS-CBN
Years on Air 2008
Episodes 13


Princess Vara is from Planet Vargon, home to a race of powerful beings from outer space. Due to the destruction of her home planet, Vara is saved and lands on Earth, however, she only exists in ghost form. On Earth, she meets a young human girl name Olga, who is the only one who can see her, due to her kind heart. Under Olga's influence, Vara falls in love with the people of Earth.

These two women's destiny are meant to be merged - literally. Upon a shout and a touch, the violet-colored ghost Vara unites with the human child Olga, fused into one person in a single body: the superheroine Varga. Together, Vara and Olga begin their journey to become a real hero, and to defeat earth's enemy, Xandra - an evil woman who preys on the youth and beauty of others to stay young and beautiful.


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