Utau! Dai Ryuuguujou
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Shotaro Ishinomori
Years on Air 1992
Episodes 51

Japanese Title: うたう!大龍宮城


Otohime, who is from Ryūgū-jō, which was devastated by pollution of the global environment comes the world of humans and causes a variety of disturbances. One time, Tarō Urashima (浦島タロー Urashima Tarō), who hates studying and had a dream that he was taken to the Ryūgū-jō after he saved the taxi driver Kame While he helped Kame, the young princess in Ryūgū-jō requested Tarō to help her as well, because there was no place to live. Ryūgū-jō, which floats deep in the beautiful sea, collapsed because of the development of a high-quality resort that polluted the sea and produced deadly poison gas. In addition, the people who live at Ryūgū-jō have a rule that they must not study because they will not be able to play obediently if they study. So, Tarō who hates studying thought that if Otohime will come to his house, he don't have to study. In this way, Otohime who is from Ryūgū-jō and Tarō Urashima who are very different from each other mysteriously started living together. It presents an absurd and bizarre comedy.

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