Urahara poster
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Amika Kubo
Years on Air 2017
Episodes 12

Japanese Title: Urahara

Urahara is a webmanga series that got an anime adaptation.


Three ordinary girls in the city of Harukaju that works in a Store named "Park" are enjoying their Spring Break. But, aliens named Scoopers arrive in the city and tries to steal the culture of the humans. The girls accepts to become heroines to fight against the Scoopers and accidentally creates a dome that cover the city; but that is a Ebifuruya scheme to turn the heroines into Scoopers too.

Episode List


  • Rito Sudō: Is a designer that create various drawings just for fun, because she has no fans.
  • Mari Shirako: Is an idol that have a lot of fans and works in Park with her friends.
  • Kotoko Watatsumugi: Is a very smart girl that had no friends before meet Rito and Mari.
  • Misa Maruno: Is a little Scooper that give the gears to the 3 girls make the transformation. She always uses Ebifuruya as a scarf.
  • Ebifuruya: Is a shrimp-like scooper that tells to the protagonists about the scoopers.
  • Sayumin: Is a mysterious girls that works in food stall and helps the protagonists with moral support.

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