Tokimeki Tonight
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Koi Ikeno
Years on Air 1982-1983
Episodes 34

Japanese Title: ときめきトゥナイト

English Title: Heart-Thumping Tonight

Italian Title: Ransie la strega

Arabic Title: رانزي المدهشة


Ranze Eto lives in an isolated castle in Japan with her werewolf mother, vampire father, and younger brother, Rinze. Despite her lineage, she has yet to demonstrate any special powers of her own, and her parents are worried she might be a normal girl. One day, Ranze's innate power finally manifests itself when she, quite by accident, discovers that she can change herself into a carbon copy of any object she bites, whether it be a person or an inanimate object like a piece of bread, and can return to her normal self only by sneezing. Her parents are overjoyed, but Ranze's new powers make it difficult to continue living life as a normal teenage girl.

On Ranze's first day at her new school, she meets and falls in love with the brash yet handsome young athlete, Shun Makabe. The chief problem with this is that Ranze's parents will not allow her to date a human - although there may be much more to Shun than meets the eye. On top of this, she also has a bitter rival in the pretty but spiteful Yoko Kamiya (the daughter of a yakuza boss) who also likes Shun and doesn't take kindly to Ranze's intruding on her turf.

In the last episode, it had Shun being discovered of a star birthmark, proving that he is actually the long lost prince of the Demon World. Ranze is thrilled by the news, meaning she'll be able to marry him. However when confronted by the King, Shun denies being the long-lost-prince and claiming the star as a bruise. The King bans the Eto Family from the Demon World, until they can bring back his long-lost-son. When Shun returns home, his mother reveals that the star is actually a birthmark. The following morning, Shun tries to talk to Ranze on the way to school, but Yoko ends up interrupting the conversation. The series closed with a special ending, with not only Ranze but the main cast dancing (in cloaks) to the ending, "Super Love Lotion".

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