The Qpiz
The Qpiz
General Information
Type Italian Cartoon / Spanish Cartoon / Korean Cartoon
Created by Zodiak Active Srl / RaiSat Spa / DQ Entertainment International
Years on Air 2010
Episodes 52

The Qpiz is an Italian-Spanish-South Korean Cartoon animated series.


Three wild and passionate super heroines who fight against the lack of love! They come from Sweetus, a far heart-shaped planet that has broken and they have landed on Earth, in Sweetus, to give love to everyone they meet. They have magical powers and instruments as secret agents and work in a "chocolaterie".

Hearty, the leader, self confident and ready to do anything because love triumphs, she is the champion of broken hearts. Liebe, eccentric, independent and full of life, the inexhaustible source of crazy ideas and unlikely solutions. Lovelyn, clumsy and an incurable romantic dreamer.

Episode List

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