The Fairies
General Information
Type English Live
Created by Jen Whatts
Years on Air 1998-2012
Seasons 3
Episodes 131
Movies 11


Group web2
The Fairies is an enchanting, magical fantasy, come to life in pretty shades of pink.This live-action, musical series for preschoolers introduces two beautiful fairies, Harmony and Rhapsody. The Fairies explore Fairyland through play and adventure with their days full of magic, friends, giggles, singing and dancing and of course, fan-fairy-tastic fun!Fairyland is just brimming full of fan-fairy-tastic friends, so dust off your wings, wave your wand, and start getting to know them a little better!There’s the pretty purple fairy Harmony and her best friend, Rhapsody (who is always in pink)! Then we meet the yellow and black striped bee, Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee; their all-dancing, cake cooking friend, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, and of course the ever perplexed Wizzy the Wizard (who never gets his spells right).Friends drop in from time to time – we meet Bubbles the Beach Fairy and Twinkle the Tooth Fairy, and of course the Tots (young fairies and elves in training); Melody, Jingles, Treble, Acorn and Buttercup.So many friends and so much fun in Fairyland!

Episode List (First Season)

Episode List (Seasons 2 and 3)


1- "Fairy Hello!"

Airdate: 1998

2- "Fairy Merry Christmas"

Airdate: 1998

3- "The Fairies & The Fairies Farmyard Magic"

Airdate: 2004

4- "Fairy Magic"

Airdate: 2005

5- "Fairy Dancing"

Airdate: 2005

6- "Fairy Beach"

Airdate: 2007

7- "Fairy Fun, Fun, Fun"

Airdate: 2007

8- "Fairy Dancing Girl"

Airdate: 2007

9- "Nursery Rhymes"

Airdate: 2009

10- "Christmas Carols in Fairyland"

Airdate: 2009)

11- "Christmas Ballet: Stage Show"

Airdate: 2012

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