That's So Raven
General Information
Type English Live Action
Created by Michael Poryes

Susan Sherman

Years on Air 2003-2007
Seasons 4
Episodes 100

German Title: Raven blickt durch

Spanish Title: Es Tan Raven (Latin America) / Raven (Spain)

French Title: Phénomène Raven

Portuguese Title: As Visões da Raven

Chinese Title: 天才魔女


Raven Lydia Baxter, a teenage girl who can see the future, periodically receives brief psychic visions of the near future. A lot of time her visions cause problems, because she doesnt see everything that will happen, only about 5 seconds of the future. Trying to make these visions come true results in trouble, and hilarious situations, for the girl and her friends Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels. Her family life is also wacky with her parents Tonya and Victor and her younger brother named Cory. Raven's got a lot on her hands!

Episode List (Seasons 1 and 2)

Episode List (Seasons 3 and 4)

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