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Tenko and the

Guardians of the Magic

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General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Haim Saban
Years on Air 1995-1996
Episodes 13

Italian Title: Trucchi, magie e illusioni per una dolce principessa


The story of Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic' begins when a female magician, already an experienced performer, is chosen by an old man named Tenko to come to his school for magicians and learn real magic. There are already several magicians there learning from Tenko. He introduces the young magician to the Tenko Box, which looks like a magic wardrobe and holds many magic gems called Starfire gems. Each one has its own magic properties. It is Tenko's job to protect the Starfire gems.

The new magician begins her training and quickly becomes the best magician at the school. Two of the most senior students, the twins Jana and Jason, become jealous of the newcomer when she is chosen to become the new Tenko just before the original dies. Jana and Jason then try to steal the Starfire gems. Jana steals the Amber Starfire gem and Jason gets the Ruby Starfire gem.

When they hold them up and say, "Starfire!" they are given flashy costumes and powers. Jana, very dominant over Jason, can control fire, while Jason has a magic shield with hypnotic powers. Once the twins's treachery is discovered, each of the other students receives a Starfire gem to fight. The three males at the school each receive a Starfire gem that gives them a weapon: one gets a sword, another a shield, and the third gets a set of magic rings to throw at enemies. Finally, the newest magician of all, the new Tenko, receives her own Starfire gem, the Topaz.

When she says, "Starfire!" she, like the others, is given a flashy costume and new powers. She uses a magic wand with a crystal at the top. The crystal holds the spirit of a lion that she can summon to help her fight. During the battle at the school, Jana and Jason demonstrate their ultimate power: by combining their Starfire gems, they transform into a large, two-headed dragon. In the scuffle, the Tenko Box is damaged, and the remaining Starfire gems are scattered all over the world and some through time. Jana and Jason make a quick escape. It is now up to Tenko and the "Guardians of the Magic," as they come to be called, to retrieve all of the Starfire gems before Jana and Jason get them and use them for evil. All this happens in the first episode of the series.

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