Sweet Valerian
General Information
Type Anime
Created by CLAMP
Years on Air 2004
Episodes 26

Sweet Valerian logo

Japanese Title: スウィート・ヴァレリアン



The Relaxation Sentai Valerian Team

The series features three girls, Kanoko, Kate, and Pop, who live in the city of Asialand. Asialand looks like a normal city, but it is always under attack from evil monsters. The girls are on their way to take the test to get their moped licenses, but accidentally catch the attention of the living enigma, Ear Hermit. Instead of receiving moped licenses, they acquire a "Valerian License" which, to their shock and horror, transforms them into bunny-like creatures, the Relaxation Combat Team Valerian. In these forms, they are known as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Valerian. The heroines are aided by a unique panda-esque companion, Panda-bu and nifty card-swiping/magic-transformation gadgets. Together as Sweet Valerian, they defend justice when the evil Stress Team takes advantage of people's stress and turns them into monsters. The series is targeted at a very young audience.

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Sweet Valerian - Opening

Sweet Valerian - Opening

Sweet Valerian - Transformations

Sweet Valerian - Transformations

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