Sekai Meisaku Douwa: Hakuchou no Mizuumi

Sekai Meisaku Douwa: Hakuchou no Mizuumi
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Kimio Yabuki
Years on Air 1981
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 世界名作童話 白鳥の湖

English Title: World Masterpiece Fairy Tale: Swan Lake

Italian Title: Il lago dei cigni

Airdate: March 14, 1981


The hero, Prince Siegfried, is out riding one day with his friends when he sees a swan with a crown on its head swimming on a lake. One of his friends, Adolf, tries to shoot the swan, but just before his arrow flies, Adolf is turned to stone. Siegfried's other friend accuses the swan of practicing witchcraft, neither of them pondering the presence of a owl just behind them. Siegfried is unable to stop thinking about the swan, and decides to follow it as it swims away from its spot on the lake. Siegfried soon finds himself at a castle.

Siegfried watches in surprise as the swan transforms into a beautiful girl. He approaches her - at first she is frightened for him and tries to get him to leave, but at his persistence she starts to tell him her story. Her name is Princess Odette, and three years prior she was kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Rothbart (the owl) who wanted her hand in marriage. He keeps her a swan by day so that no one will fall in love with her, as the only way Rothbart's power can be defeated is when a man loves her with all his heart and soul. Siegfried explains that he already felt something for her the moment he saw her eyes, and asks her to go to his birthday ball the next night, where he will choose her as his bride.

Although at first she refuses, Siegfried is intent and won't take no for an answer, convinces her and when she returns to her room she daydreams of him. The entire story is being seen through the eyes of Hans and Margarita, two squirrels who are watching them.

Enter Rothbart. His daughter Odile tells him about Siegfried, and Rothbart goes to Odette to tell her to forget about the prince and consider marrying him. She rejects. Turns out she's been in love with Siegfried for the past three years.

Rothbart is not going to let Odette go to the ball, so he bars the door and lifts the drawbridge. He and his daughter Odile then plot to get Odette to forget Siegfried by getting him to fall in love with someone else—Odile.

Odile, transformed in the guise of Odette, goes to the ball and wows Siegfried with her dancing. Siegfried does feel that there's something wrong but can't quite put his finger on what it is. Meanwhile, Odette manages to escape from Rothbart's castle with the help of Hans and Margarita, the squirrels, and runs to Siegfried's castle.

But just as Odette is about to storm into the ballroom, Rothbart (who was there originally to watch Odile, transformed in the guise of Odette, dance with Siegfried) grabs her, holds her mouth shut and brings her closer where she is able to watch but not make a sound. Thus she watches in horror as Siegfried pledges his love to Odile and announces her as his wife-to-be. Overcome with sorrow, Odette faints into Rothbart's arms.

Rothbart's laughter gets Siegfried's attention and the prince quickly realises his mistake. Odile reveals her true form and the three of them transform into their winged shapes and fly back to the castle. Siegfried follows on horseback, where the final showdown between the two men takes place.

After a long fight with Rothbart the evil sorcerer and Siegfried is cornered and held at sword-point. To save his life, Odette promises to Rothbart that she will love and marry him, but Siegfried, unable to bear the thought of Odette being a prisoner to Rothbart her entire life, pushes the sword into his own heart and causes a flash of light which destroys both Rothbart and Odile.

Odette and Siegfried, who ended up completely unscathed due to his sacrifice of true love, reunite and run into each other's arms as the sun rises on the ruins of Rothbart's castle.

The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Richard Rich
Years on Air 1994-2017
Movies 7

Spanish Title: La Princesa Cisne (Spain) / La Princesa Encantada (Latin America)

Italian Title: L'incantesimo del lago

French Title: Le Cygne et la Princesse

German Title: Die Schwanenprinzessin

First Movie: "The Swan Princess"

Airdate: November 18, 1994

King William (Dakin Matthews), widowed father of newborn Princess Odette, and Queen Uberta (Sandy Duncan), widowed mother of young Prince Derek, decide to betroth their children in the hopes of uniting their kingdoms. Rothbart (Jack Palance) is an evil enchanter who wishes to take William's kingdom for himself, but before he can make his move, he is attacked by William's men. Although banished from the kingdom, Rothbart vows to return.

William and Uberta have Odette and Derek meet every summer in the hopes that they'll fall in love. As children this fails miserably, but when the years pass and the two reach adulthood, they do fall in love. Derek (Howard McGillin) declares that the wedding preparations begins, but when he expresses his wish to marry Odette (Michelle Nicastro) solely for her beauty, she rejects him for good. Odette and William leave Uberta's castle, and they are intercepted by Rothbart, who transforms into a "Great Animal" (a mythological creature with the head of a wolf, the body of a bat, the feet of an eagle, and the tail of a lizard), kidnaps Odette and fatally injures William. Derek arrives on the scene, where William tells him with his dying breath that they were attacked by a "Great Animal", and that Odette is "gone". Believing that Odette is dead, Uberta encourages Derek to find another princess, but he is determined to find Odette. He and his best friend Bromley (Joel McKinnon Miller) practice hunting every day in preparation for facing the Great Animal.

Elsewhere, Rothbart is keeping Odette at his castle lair at Swan Lake. He has cast a spell that turns Odette into a swan during the day, and she is able to temporarily turn human at night if she is on the lake under moonlight. Every night Rothbart asks Odette to marry him so he can rule William's kingdom legally, but she always refuses. During her captivity, she befriends a turtle named Speed (Steven Wright), a frog named Jean-Bob (John Cleese), and Puffin (Steve Vinovich), a puffin bird.

Puffin and Odette, in her swan form, fly together to find Derek. By chance they stumble upon Derek in the woods, for he is searching for the Great Animal with Bromley. Derek mistakes Odette for the Great Animal and tries to kill her. The ensuing chase leads Derek to Swan Lake, where he witnesses Odette's change from swan to human when the moon rises. The two share a loving reunion, and Odette explains that the spell can only be broken by a "vow of everlasting love" that's "proven to the world". Derek invites Odette to his mother's ball the following night, in the hopes of declaring to the world of his love for her. Derek leaves just as Rothbart arrives. The enchanter has heard the whole conversation and imprisons Odette as a swan in the castle dungeon, along with Bromley whom he had found in the woods.

Rothbart, worried about Derek's vow, sends his hag sidekick to the ball disguised as Odette. Odette's friends free her from the dungeon and she flies to Uberta's castle, but she is unable to warn Derek in time. Derek makes the vow to the wrong woman, which causes the spell to start killing Odette. Derek realizes his error and races after Odette back to Swan Lake. Odette transforms back into a human just before she dies in Derek's arms. A furious Derek confronts Rothbart, saying he should not let Odette die and is the only one with the power. Rothbart transforms into the Great Animal. A battle ensues with Rothbart overpowering Derek and nearly killing him. Odette's animal friends return Derek's longbow to him, and Bromley, who has escaped the dungeon, provides Derek with a single arrow. Derek catches and fires the arrow into Rothbart's heart, killing him. Derek confesses to Odette that he loves her for her kindness and courage, he always had. Odette returns to life, the spell on her broken. The two are married and live happily ever after.

Second Movie: "The Swan Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain"

Airdate: July 18, 1997

It has been one year since the events of The Swan Princess, but Derek and Odette's anniversary is interrupted by the vandalism of Knuckles, minion of the wizard Clavius. Clavius was the partner of Rothbart, villain of the previous film; the pair conquered the Forbidden Arts together until Rothbart drove Clavius underground after betraying their partnership. Clavius now wants to claim the magical orb of the Forbidden Arts that is located somewhere in Swan Lake castle, which has become the new home of Derek and Odette. Clavius has Knuckles to perform acts of vandalism in the kingdom that keep Derek busy and makes him neglect both Odette and Uberta.

On Uberta's birthday, she is abducted by Clavius, who wants to use her as leverage. When Derek sets out to rescue his mother, Clavius sneaks into Swan Lake castle where he locks Odette in a tower and then goes after the orb himself. Bridget, who was once Rothbart's accomplice but has joined the side of good, recognizes Clavius and knows that he is after the Forbidden Arts. She takes Speed, Puffin, and Jean-Bob into the catacombs under the castle where they find the orb first. After claiming the orb, they race back upstairs and free Odette. Odette knows now that Derek is heading into a trap, but Puffin cannot fly because of his tail is injured, so she convinces Bridget to use the orb to change her into a swan. Once transformed, Odette flies off to warn Derek. Clavius stumbles upon the remaining group and a chase ensues throughout the castle. Clavius eventually obtains the orb, and locks Bridget and the animals in the watery dungeon, although they later escape.

Elsewhere, Odette reaches Derek in time to save him from a pit of quicksand. Racing back to the castle, they see Clavius escaping in his hot-air balloon, from which Speed, Puffin and Jean-Bob are secretly clinging to in the hopes of being able to regain the orb. Derek and Odette follow the balloon to Clavius' volcano lair. Knuckles tries to stop them, and after a fight, Knuckles falls into the lava pool beneath the volcano.

Clavius celebrates his regaining the Forbidden Arts again, but Derek arrives and the animals free Uberta from her prison. During the fight, Jean-Bob jumps on Clavius' head to stop him from delivering a killing blow to Derek, and Jean-Bob is killed when he is thrown off. Derek gets his hands on the orb, and the group rushes to escape in Clavius' balloon. Clavius tries to stop them, and during the struggle the orb is dropped, which causes a massive explosion and volcanic eruption which kills Clavius while the others escape.

Later, everyone is at Swan Lake, waiting for the moon to rise on Odette, who is waiting on the surface with Jean-Bob on her wing. When the moonlight touches Odette, she is transformed back to her human form and Jean-Bob is revived. The gang celebrate their victory and Uberta's fiftieth birthday. The next day, a royal guest arrives at the castle, but Derek asks Rogers to take care of it, as he wishes to spend the day with Odette. The two kiss, enjoying their time together alone at last.

Third Movie: "The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom"

Airdate: August 4, 1998

Derek's and Odette's kingdom is preparing a celebratory Festival Days. Unknown to them, the wicked sorceress Zelda, who was once a partner of the evil sorcerer Rothbart, plans to wreak havoc to their kingdom by stealing Rothbart's notes on the Forbidden Arts. As part of her plan, she captures a yakey-bird named Whizzer who has the ability to imitate any voice after hearing it only once. Zelda's magical abilities are limited, but she can create a "seeker," a magical fireball that can home in on anyone she commands it to. Threatening his life with this ability, she sends Whizzer to the Swan Lake castle as a spy. Whizzer overhears that Derek secretly kept Rothbart's notes on the Forbidden Arts, despite him telling Odette before that they have been destroyed.

After Whizzer informs Zelda, she goes to the castle pretending to be a slave from the country of "Chuten-Chuten-Doodang". She flirts and charms over Lord Rogers with a story about how she has escaped her master who wished to marry her. Rogers falls for Zelda and invites her to stay at the castle, despite the reservations of Queen Uberta, Derek's mother. That night Zelda steals the treasure chest with Rothbart's notes and escapes. To her dismay the notes are incomplete, preventing her from gaining the full powers. Zelda questions Whizzer and learns that Derek kept the remaining portion somewhere else.

Zelda casts a seeker to find Odette, while Whizzer is sent to Derek with a ransom note. The seeker successfully brings Odette, along with Jean-Bob as stowaway, to Zelda's lair. Zelda transforms Odette into a swan, and imprisons her and Jean-Bob in a circle of green fire. Elsewhere, Derek receives the ransom note and retrieves the final Forbidden Arts note from where he'd hidden it in the library. Whizzer is captured by Speed and Puffin, who convince him to help them stop Zelda. Whizzer eventually agrees and the group heads out to help Derek to rescue Odette.

When Derek arrives at Zelda's lair, he is forced to hand over the final note to her and Zelda gains the full power of the Forbidden Arts. In the fight that ensues, she conjures up a killing seeker and casts it at Odette. Odette, with Puffin following her, flies away from the lair in an attempt to escape. Whizzer distracts Zelda by imitating Rothbart's voice, allowing Derek to snap her wand in two. Zelda falls onto her own spell and is destroyed. Puffin arrives to inform Derek that Odette was killed. Derek is heartbroken, regretting that he had not destroyed the Forbidden Arts notes earlier. He burns the notes, and the flames take on the shape of a swan, from which Odette materializes, having returned to life.

The kingdom is at peace and harmony once again, the Festival takes place as planned. Derek and Odette watch the proceedings and kiss.

Fourth Movie: The Swan Princess Christmas

Airdate: November 6, 2012

35326064 700x700min 1
Princess Odette and Prince Derek are on their way to Queen Uberta's castle to celebrate their very first Christmas together as beloved husband and wife. Unbeknownst to them, however, the exceedingly strong and dangerous enchanter Rothbart has put in a motion a plan to return from the dead, enlisting a black cat named Number 9 to help by promising him nine extra lives. Number 9 succeeds in luring Derek to the cellar of Uberta's castle where he opens a chest with the initial R on it. At first there is nothing inside, but once Derek leaves, Rothbart emerges from the chest as a ghost. From here, Rothbart moves to the next portion his plan, which is to destroy the Christmas spirit of the kingdom (the only thing more powerful than the Forbidden Arts) which will give him the power to be fully revived in bodily form of solid flesh and blood. Rothbart is able to cast minor spells of dark magic that cause people to fight and abhor the Christmas spirit. He does this to Queen Uberta and Lord Rogers, and later to the villagers until almost the entire village is in disharmony.

Derek and Odette learn of Rothbart's return as a ghostly spirit when wind chimes playing "Far Longer than Forever" make him visible and hold him immobile. They set up chimes all around the castle, but Rothbart eventually re-enlists the help of Bridget (his hag henchwoman from the first film who had turned good) and she helps remove the wind chimes for him.

As part of the Christmas festivities, Uberta and Rogers are staging musical performances, but because of Rothbart's spell have become aggressive and competitive with each other. Odette, who has been invited to stage her own song, invites orphans to perform "Christmas is the Reason" which momentarily weakens Rothbart's power over Uberta and Rogers. Odette follows up on this by inviting Uberta and Rogers to give gifts and food to the poor. This time the good will breaks the spell on the whole kingdom, and Rothbart is rendered severely weakened nearly powerless.

Rothbart's last chance to ruin Christmas' magical and mystical spirit is to sabotage the royal Christmas tree. He sends Number 9 to steal one of the Christmas lights, and Rothbart casts a dark spell on it that will destroy the tree. Derek learns of this plan thanks to Bridget, who has double-crossed Rothbart and traps him inside a giant chime.

Derek rushes back to the Christmas Eve party to stop the tree from being lit, but they are too late. The enchanted light bulb bursts the tree and its ornaments into flames. Rothbart becomes fully restored to his physical body, takes Uberta's crown, and kidnaps Odette where he takes her back to Swan Lake.

At Swan Lake, Rothbart once again turns Odette into a white swan and traps her inside a cage made of roots. He then casts a spell on the moonlight, so that when it touches Odette's wings, she will turn into a golden swan-shaped Christmas ornament forever. Derek arrives to rescue Odette and Rothbart has assumed the form of the Great Animal again to fight Derek. At first Derek is overpowered, but then Odette starts singing "The Season of Love," which slowly weakens Rothbart until he eventually bursts into flames. With Rothbart defeated for a second time, Odette changes back into a human. Derek dies in her arms due to his injuries, but when a tearful and deeply distraught Odette sings again, the great spirit of Christmas magically returns him to life and restores the royal Christmas Tree. At the Christmas Eve party, the kingdom puts up a new Christmas ornament on the tree, honoring Derek and Odette.

Fifth Movie: The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale

Airdate: February 25, 2014

The Swan Princess a royal family tale dvd cover.
Centuries ago, a sentient and autonomous evil force known as the Forbidden Arts entered Earth from the underworld, intent on destroying all of its rivals for vast magical power. It learned of a legend that the Swan Princess will bring in an age of goodness and pure evil will not survive in her presence. The sentient and autonomous evil force learns that she can be defeated by a bright green-colored magical stone. The Forbidden Arts cunningly corrupted the myth, making it appear that the Swan Princess will bring despair and destruction to all instead. A group of flying squirrels called the scullions, found the legend and over the years formed a community dedicated to finding and destroying the Swan Princess. When Odette, the Swan Princess, was finally born to King William, the Forbidden Arts tried to use the power-mad sorcerer Rothbart to defeat her but failed.

In the present, Odette and Derek are being pressured by Uberta to have a child, and are unaware that they're being tracked by the scullions. The Forbidden Arts has joined forces with Mangler, the scullion leader, but is angered at their most recent failure. The Forbidden Arts leaves its cave to burn Odette alive, but it is blocked by Odette's power and has to return to the crystal in its cave to recover. A nearby house catches fire instead, killing the father of a young girl, Alise. Odette and Derek bring Alise to the castle, and Odette feels a kinship with her because they both had lost their dear fathers tragically. Alise refuses to speak, despite everyone in the castle working together to cheer her up. As Alise slowly becomes closer with Odette and Derek, they decide to adopt her as she has no living relatives.

The scullions attack Uberta's castle, kidnapping Alise to lure Odette and Derek away, and locking everyone else in the cellar. Odette and Derek avoid the scullions' traps but Derek is poisoned by Mangler's blow dart. A friendly scullion, whom Odette names Scully, cures Derek and explains about the fake Swan Princess legend and the Forbidden Arts, and reveals that he has been keeping the magical stone safe. The group go to rescue Alise.

While Derek acts as a distraction, Scully sneaks into the scullion village and finds Alise in the Forbidden Arts' cave, but he is unable to rescue her. When the scullions are about to execute Derek, Odette intervenes and explains that all she wants is for her loved ones to be safe. Scully tells the scullions that the legend is a lie and the true evil is the Forbidden Arts. Mangler shoots a poison dart at Odette, which is blocked by Jojo, one of the scullions. Odette cures him with an antidote prepared by Scully, and the tablet with the corrupted prophecy reveals the true prophecy about the Swan Princess.

At the castle, Uberta and Rogers are about to be punished by the scullions for protecting the Swan Princess, and declare their feelings for each other. Jojo and the other scullions arrive with the real prophecy tablet, proving Odette to be good, and they release Uberta and the captives. The scullion army works together with Derek, Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed to protect the magical stone, but the Forbidden Arts manages to obtain it, gaining its power.

Odette and Scully enter the Forbidden Arts' cave to rescue Alise. Mangler attacks them, and in the resulting fight, Mangler and Scully fall over a cliff, though Scully survives. Odette is unable to break the prison, but Alise finally speaks, telling Odette to destroy the Forbidden Arts' crystal. Odette tries to, but is stopped by the Forbidden Arts, who is ready to destroy her. Scully jumps onto the crystal, sacrificing himself to destroy the Forbidden Arts. In the ensuing explosion Alise is freed from her prison unharmed, and she calls out to Odette: "Mommy". The film ends with everyone celebrating the presentation of Princess Alise to the kingdom who finally warms up her caring and loving adoptive parents.

Sixth Movie: The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today

Airdate: September 6, 2016

Swan VI cover
Somewhere on a mysterious Island strange creatures called Boggs are living there along with a shipwrecked boy named Lucas. Although the Boggs don't know that he's there. He tries to get some food, by distracted them with animal noises. Far away from the Island, Odette and Derek are on their way to help the people by building a bridge leaving Alise in the care of Queen Uberta and Lord Rodgers and their animals Friends: Speed, Jean-Bob, Puffin and the Scullions. Queen Uberta begins to prepare Alise to learn how to be and act like a princess. But Alise doesn't want to be a Princess in this way, but what she really wants, is be a modern Princess. Lord Rogers says that Alise needs adventure but Queen Uberta disagree.

While fighting once again, Alise uses her chance to swim in the lake with her friends but Quickly she's sent back to the palace to learn to be proper. Queen Uberta seemed to be strict with her and teaches Alise everything but she falls asleep, and she is getting to bed. The same night Lord Rogers, Jean-Bob and Speed are trying to get Alise out of her room and go for adventure.

The next morning, before Queen Uberta enters Alise's room with Yoga lessons, she notices that she's gone with Lord Rogers to the Port to take a Ship. Queen Uberta is angry. Alise dresses in pirate style making Lord Rogers realize that Uberta was right, he turned Alise into a Pirate just when Alise was about to have fun. On the first night they see the polar Star and Lord Rogers says that Sailor always used this star to guide the way back home. Queen Uberta was nervous and sends Puffin and the scullions to find Alise and bring her back home safe and sound.

In the middle of the open sea, a typhoon was coming forcing Alise, Lord Rogers Speed and Jean-Bob to fight against the big wave, and they are also forced to leave their Ship because it was in flames and all are trying to swim for their lives. when the sea seems to be calm Lord Rogers regain consciousness in a mysterious island but he can't find Alise. Then Suddenly the Boggs appear and they try to eat him but Lord Rogers uses his brilliant mind by saying that he is a chef and they began to split in two groups: One is the Starfish Group and the other is the Coconut group, by wearing kitchen clothes.

Lucky Alise was safe, then suddenly Scully in his ghost form helps Alise to get out of the place, and then she meets a boy named Lucas and they become friends. Lucas helps Alise to build a ship with wood by not making any sounds because the Boggs have good ears. So while they're mute they make hand signals and Alise understands everything. She discovers that Lucas had run away from home because his parents are poor and his father was too weak to continue his work and he was about to send him to an orphanage. Alise wanted him to go with her but he refuses by saying that he belongs in this Island.

Alise tries to free Lord Rogers and Jean-Bob and get back home but before they are on they way, Puffin and the Scullions finally find Alise and Lord Rogers and together they defeat the Boggs and they sail Home with Lucas. But once they are on the Port Uberta is happy to have Alise back but she runs after Lucas by trying to tell him that running away is not getting him anywhere. While Odette and Derek are on their way back to the Palace after they finish their work when Chamberlain explains that Alise is not at the Palace.

Worried, they go to find her. But Scully tells them that she's fine and guides them to the Parents of Lucas who are also on their way to find their son. As the 4 meet and explain what happened, Lucas and Alise are reunited with their parents and the 4 parents are so happy their children are now home safe and sound and look towards the Polar Star in a sign of gratitude.

Seventh Movie: The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover

Airdate: March 28, 2017

In the middle of the night a strange masked man goes to the kingdom of Trumbeau. There, he makes a huge hole underneath a bridge near the village where everybody is fast asleep and he disappears. The next morning Derek, Odette and Chef Ferdinand are going to the village to have a meeting and Ferdinand are trying to get some new plants but they are sold to a man named Count Antonio. Ferdinand was very angry with him. Another king with his wife, were friends of King William, Odette's late father. The King told everybody and to Odette that her father once saved his life.

Odette mentioned that her father often had told her about that. Ferdinand runs to Derek explaining what happened and he sees that the water from the bridge is coming to them and all the water goes out like a tsunami and he yells to everybody to run for their lives. Even Count Antonio saves a boy. The water had destroyed all the houses and the people don't know where to go and Odette and Derek are trying to help by telling the people to give money so they can build new houses and Count Antonio might help.

On his way Ferdinand tries to stop him by forcing him to give him all the plants he had bought, but he tells Ferdinand to have them all leaving him happy now. In the afternoon Queen Uberta, Lord Rodgers, Alise, Odette and Derek and all the people reunite together to help and Lucas and his parents were also there and all are giving money.

Next Morning Lucas's parents now working as tulip farmers and delivering flowers. His father told him to go the palace to give Alise some flowers again. Lucas's mother still remembers how Alise took their son back home and she's happy to have a new life. When Lucas arrives at the palace he gives the flowers to Alise and she was happy but he runs away. Lord Rodgers and Alise hoped that Lucas could stay to play with her.

In the middle of the night Lord Rodgers seems to exploring a new star and names it after Uberta (his first love). He suddenly notices a light on a tree. At first he did not know who it was but then he finds out that it is Lucas. Lord Rodgers was surprised where Lucas had learned it and he responds that he had learned it by himself. Rodgers tries to convince him to come at the castle to show him more but than Lucas goes away.

Count Antonio arrives at the Palace with a Man named Bruno with his hunting dogs Kookoo and Cocoa and he gives Alise some Chocolate. Uberta sees Count Antonio, and she falls stupidly in love with him which makes Lord Rodgers jealous. Soon he has to keep an eye on him to see what he's up to. He makes a team with Alise, Lucas, Jean-Bob, Speed and Puffin to see what is going to happen next.

As the three go to Lord Rodgers' secret lair where no one is supposed to go he gives them some bow ties and a necklace. So the plan is that he sends the children to the neighboring kingdom to see what is up. At first Alise had to ask for permission to go there and her parents say yes. So they go to the Kingdom with Puffin while Jean-Bob, Lord Rodgers and Speed are keeping an eye on Count Antonio.

Uberta still in love prepares a wedding cake but Count Antonio has other Plans what he really did is stealing all the money from the people. While the children had arrived at the kingdom Alise knows how to enter and Lucas had to disguise himself as a prince and the elder King Sebastian meet the children while Puffin is after a cat named Jasper (the same Cat Number 9 from The Swan Princess Christmas). The King would appreciate it if the children can find his cat.

Niccolo another mean man also other plans. When the children are reunited with Puffin and Jasper they go near the Port and they discover all the money from the people and they are discovered by the men and they are locked in the dungeon. Puffin and Number 9 finally find them and gives them ties to escape. As they escape they gave back Jasper but they are not leaving without the sword that once belonged to King William.

As they are going to escape again they go another way. Later at night Lucas sends Puffin high to contact Lord Rodgers. He asks the children if they are perfect and yes they are. Still Lord Rodgers wants to help Uberta see the truth by making a head shape of Queen Uberta. But Uberta discovers the fake. Then Rodgers informs Odette and Derek about where Lucas and Alise are and Derek goes after them while Odette stays in case they return. Now Uberta realizes that Count Antonio had no feelings for her, and she wants to have revenge.

Alise and Lucas are trying to get away but they get caught by Bruno but are free thanks to Jasper and with a submarine they escape to the ship to get all the money and get back to the kingdom. But they are discovered by Count Antonio himself and tries to kill them, but Lucas risks his life by getting hurt on his right foot and Alise is sent alone. When Derek and Queen Uberta, who wants revenge on him, defeat him and Alise helps her father and grandmother and Lucas is still hurt but fine enough to go back to the castle and Count Antonio gets away and Niccolo was arrested by King Sebastian. Rodgers and Queen Uberta forgive each other and Lucas and Alise are light-communicating each other and Lucas loves to come to the castle tomorrow.

The next morning Lucas goes to the castle with flowers again; his leg seemed to be better. There is a big celebration honoring Lucas for risking his life to bring Alise back and saving the whole Kingdom and he was now called Prince Lucas. The end of the movie shows Count Antonio ending up on the same Island where Lucas had lived once and the Boggs calling out once again: Meat.

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