Super Twins
General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Years on Air 2007
Episodes 78



The story revolves around twin girls named Sha-Sha and Tin-Tin who transform into teenage superheroines Super S and Super T, respectively. They transform by kissing their special rings. Using their powers, they commit themselves into saving people's lives, defending humanity from the evil Eliazar. According to the story, the rings are made of a certain metallic stone which once formed the core of a ball of fire called santelmo (St. Elmo's fire). The metallic stone contains the power of the sun. Whoever possesses the santelmo gains extraordinary powers. But one time a santelmo crashed on earth and broke up in two: the metallic core and the ball of fire. The ball of fire was caught by Eliazar, who could not take in the fullness of the santelmo but gained significant powers from it. The metallic core, which contains most of the santelmo's power, came into the possession of a woman named Ester, who happened to be pregnant with the twins. Later on her husband Manuel wrought the metallic ...

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