Super Metal Beaut
Pac lsuper metal beaut
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Toru Kikkawa
Years on Air 2010
Movies 2

Japanese Title: スーパーメタルビュート

First Movie: Super Metal Beaut Vol.1

Airdate: April 23, 2010

A queen of the Wicked-Evil-Based-Nation has revived, and she takes out the gigantic-grudge-riding beast and plots world domination! Although a girl named Himiko Godwarrior fights against it, she gets seriously injured. But now she is brought to life as a cyborg ”HIMIKO(it’s a same name as an ancient queen HIMOKO in Japan)”! Her lovely younger sister, Yayoi(means an ancient period when a queen HIMIKO lived) also controls a mechanical vehicle called the Skyral-Ship, and helps HIMIKO. HIMIKO unites her fists to transform herself into a cyborg and succeed in beating the army crops, however, simultaneously she is in pain and gets damaged with the leser beams emitted by the gigantic-grudge-riding beast and she is driven into a crucial situation...But suddenly, from the Skyral-Ship controlled by her younger sister, Yayoi, a gigantic robot named ”The Metal-Viewuirt”, its hands-and-feet and body jump out and unite with HIMIKO. Now she transforms herself into the head of the gigantic robot, controlling it, and she succeeds in beating the gigantic-grudge-riding beast! But Himiko Godwarrior loses the happiness as a woman personally and feels suffering for living as a cyborg...

Second Movie: Super Metal Beaut Vol.2

Airdate: May 14, 2010

Pac lsuper metal beaut2
With a help of her sister Yayoi, Himiko Godwarrior could transform into Super Metal Beaut and defeat the gigantic beast of Amareros, but she discovers her body is no longer that of a normal human being. When Himiko tells the doctor what is happening to her body, he reveals the truths to her. She receives the shocking news bravely in front of everyone, but when left alone with Yayoi, she bursts into tears in her bosom and sadly says, “Let me cry for now.” In the meanwhile, Amateros’ vice-commander Suganoo has been hatching a sinister plot. She wants to kill Himiko, but not before inflicting unbearable pain on her. When the gigantic beast appears again, Yayoi sets out to attack riding the Skyral. Himiko also tries to fight, but when transforming into Super Metal Beaut, she is interrupted by Suganoo. Yayoi, fighting the enemy alone in the Skyral, waits for Himiko’s transformation, but Yayoi is caught and knocked out by the gigantic beast, and is taken to the enemy hideout. Suganoo also leaves after beating up Himiko, who is unable to fight back as her sister is taken hostage. When Himiko returns to the base, she receives a message from Amateros, showing her captured sister in a capsule. Himiko sets out to rescue Yayoi no matter what it takes, but a nasty trap awaits the courageous heroine. [HAPPY END]

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