Suki! Suki! ! Majou Sensei
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Shotaro Ishinomo
Years on Air 1971-1972
Episodes 26

Japanese Title: 好き!好き!!魔女先生

English Title: We Love You! We Love You!! Witch Teacher

Potuguese Title: Nós Te Amamos! Nós Te Amamos!! Professora Bruxa!


Professor Hikaru Tsuki is an alien who came from a distant universe with incredible powers and the ability to fly and shrink objects. Maintaining the secret identity was crucial for the protagonist. The protagonist uses her powers to fight crime, but as a good teacher, she assists her students with problems at school where he taught.

From episode 14, Hikaru become a "Super Heroine", gaining a secret identity, as the heroine Andro Mask who fights her archenemy, Phantom. From there, the episodes have won more tokusatsu in the face of itself, having a weekly monster with the goal of Hikaru fighting them, taking the main focus of the series of children.

Films based on Suki! Suki!! Majou Sensei

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