Stray Little Devil
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Kotaro Mori
Years on Air 2004-2007
Episodes 32 (5 Volumes)

Japanese Title: ストレイ リトル デビル

Chinese Title: 迷途小惡魔


Stray Little Devil starts when a very young Pam "Akuma" Akumachi hears her grandmother tell a story of the time when she met a "kind devil". Years later, Pam attempts to perform a spell taught to her by her grandmother in order to summon such an entity. Much to the surprise of her classmates Masao Kusaka and Rinka Amamiya, the spell works and opens a portal in their classroom - at which point Pam's heirloom necklace pulls her through the portal and into the Spirit World. This is a realm inhabited by Spirits, Angels and Devils, where humans are apparently nothing more than a fairytale.

One of the first people Pam meets in the spirit world is angel Linfa, who is the splitting image of her classmate Rinka, but quickly attacks Pam with a magical sword. Pam is saved in the nick of time by Remy, who reveals a shocking fact: Pam discovers she herself has been transformed into a devil! Remi informs her that there is only one way she can return home, which is to become a full-fledged devil.

After Remy leaves her, Pam is soon picked up by Lizyerra, a female devil who teaches interns at the Pandemonium, the devils' HQ. Since Pam has not passed the spirits' entry exam to become a devil, she is first classified as a "stray" devil. Because she has no familiar, which is considered a prerequisite for being a devil, she is at first classified as a probationary intern. Lizyerra matches Pam with two other students of hers, Raim and Vine, so they can help her catch her familiar in the neutral territory between devil and angel land. Pam eventually claims the tempestuous storm djinn En Zu, who was waging a brutal fight with none other than Linfa. With her internship confirmed, Pam has to start the devilish education program and learn to survive in the Spirit World.

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