Star College
General Information
Type Chinese Cartoon
Created by Sun Ji Jian
Years on Air 2015-2016
Seasons 2
Episodes 52

Chinese Title: 星学院


Standing in the middle of the Magic Kingdom Rella,is the Star College,which is the place of all the children's dreams.And also where our story happens.

After MěiXīng,The daughter of Grand Master SēnChuān,entered the Academy.She met XiǎoYuè, FēiLuò, Běilín and Zhī Jiāng,who she became friend with.

Suddenly one day, The Stones of Heart,which were bestowed by The twelve constellations of ancient fairy magic treasure,and preserved by the college, and the Grand Master SēnChuān disappeared.

In order to revover The Stones of Heart, but also to prof her father's innocent, MěiXīng and her friends embarked on the journey to search for The Stones of Heart.

Episode List

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