Spoon Oba-san
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Tatsuo Hayakawa
Years on Air 1983-1984
Episodes 130

Japanese Title: スプーンおばさん

English Title: Mrs. Pepperpot


Mrs. Pepper Pot lives in a small little village with her husband. She wears a small magical teaspoon around her neck which every now and then shrinks her to the size of her teaspoon which does not shrink as well, and she must drag it along with her on her back when she gets shrunk. She always changes back to her original size after a certain amount of time. This special condition had its advantages — she can communicate with animals and enjoy wonderful adventures in the woods. This way she wins new and interesting friends on a regular basis. She is a good friend of Lily, a mysterious little girl who lives in the forest alone, she is also friends with a mouse family. She can not reveal her secret or show herself in the shrunk condition, which sometimes gets quite difficult. Her husband Mr. Pepperpot eventually finds out his wife's secret later on in the series.

Episode List

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