Space Chaser
Pac lspace chaser1
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Eiji Kamikura
Years on Air 2006-2007
Movies 2

Japanese Title: スペースチェイサー

First Movie: Space Chaser - Red Earth

Airdate: December 08, 2006

Miyuki Tenchi, the investigator who follows after her former co-worker and criminal, Iburai, and Spear, the Space Council investigator who follows after the suspected criminal Ganz, whose search has been conducted all over the space, met by chance and failed to catch the targets with each other. Spear, who has no data of the earth other than the language, asked Miyuki for cooperation to catch Ganz. Miyuki accepted with bad grace. After the ivestigation they found Iburai at last. Spear stopped the interferance of the henchmen. Miyuki followed after the running Iburai, but failed again due to the intercept of Ganz. Ganz, who wanted a hostage to kill Spear, beat Miyuki with his overwhelming power and took her to a deserted warehouse. Ganz, who could produce narcotic drug from the female body fluids, deprived the life energy of Miyuki before inserting a needle to abstract her body fluids. Miyuki got into a desperate situation, when Spear came to save her...

Second Movie: Space Chaser - Blue Cosmos

Airdate: January 12, 2007

Pac lspace chaser
Star played by Hiromi Nishiuchi and Nana Kasai. Given the power by Spear to transform, Miyuki with Spear finally beat Ganz. But, Ganz’ tribe has two lives. So, Ganz was not finished off yet. Ganz, on the other hand, bestows the power to transform to Ibuse, the criminal from Earth Miyuki is chasing after, to make him a gang member. Ambushed by Ganz and Ibuse, Miyuki suffers a deadly wound. Spear in her revenge confronts Ganz and Ibuse alone. An astounding secret is revealed that is hidden in the fate of Spear and Ganz. Miyuki and Ibuse faces the showdown. Two pursuits follow, to the end of the chapter.

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