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General Information
Type Anime
Created by Hajime Kanzaka
Years on Air 1995-2009
Episodes 104
Movies 5
Others 6 OVAS

Japanese Title: スレイヤーズ

Italian Title: Un incantesimo dischiuso tra i petali del tempo per Rina

Spanish Title: Los Justicieros (Latin America) / Reena y Gaudi (Spain)

Russian Title: Рубаки / Слеерс

Korean Title: 마법소녀 리나

Polish Title: Magiczni Wojownicy

Chinese Title: 秀逗魔導士

Anime TV Seasons

First Season: Slayers

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On a highway in the remote countryside, a young girl named Lina is surrounded by bandits. She chuckles to herself, knowing that they are no match for her sorcery and skills with the sword. But before she can even draw her weapon, a brash young swordsman, Gourry, appears and scatters the bandits with his remarkable swordsmanship, causing them to drop their trove of stolen goods. Gourry is disappointed upon realizing that Lina is just merely a girl and not a beautiful maiden, nertheless, the two set off together.

Reaching the nearest town, Lina attempts to sell the bandits' loot at an inflated price and incurs the wrath of a local dealer, Saltandis, who vows to take the treasure by force. His chance to steal the treasure arises when Lina becomes ill and loses her powers of sorcery. Gourry and Lina are cornered by Saltandis' evil soldiers. They are rescued at the last minute by Rezo, the Red Monk. Rezo is one of the legendary "Five Sages."

From Rezo, Gourry and Lina learn that Saltandis is much more than what he seems. He is attempting to revive an ancient evil power known as Satan Shabrani-Goodoo! The power of his ancient necromancer is enormous.

Can Lina and Gourry stop the reign of evil an protect the people of their realm?

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Slayers - Ending

Second Season: Slayers Next

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Let the forces of evil tremble in fear (Along with wealthy merchants and innocent bystanders)... THE SLAYERS ARE BACK! Join the not-so-heroic adventures of Lina Inverse - the super-cute sorceress who steals from the rich and keeps it for herself! Along with her sword-swinging sidekick, Gourry, her hyper-enthusiastic protégé, Amelia, and the tormented and overly-serious golem, Zelgadis, there's nothing Lina can't do!!!

Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia coincidently meet up again and begin to search for the Clair Bible. During their search they run into a mysterious priest named Xelloss who seems to know a thing or two about the passages they're looking for, but he tends to get them into more trouble instead of out of it. Furthermore, they discover that the Monster race has plans of their own, and as it turns out, Lina and Company just might be a big part of their evil intentions.

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Third Season: Slayers Try

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Several months have passed (after the end of Slayers Next). The barrier put in place by the mazoku sublords has been broken, and as a result, Lina Inverse and her friends are allowed access to the outside world. There they become wrapped up in a prophecy stating that a dark lord from another dimension, Dark Star Dugradigdo, will enter their world and spread chaos.

In search of fame, fortune and foreign food, Lina Inverse sets sail on a collision course for the new world! What she finds there are vengeful enemies, a bunch of high-and-mighty dragon loads, and a new question to save the world from destruction. What's a girl gotta do or a little vacation?

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Fourth Season: Slayers Revolution

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Having lost the Sword of Light in the previous battle, Lina and Gourry continue their journey in search of a replacement weapon. On the way, the two of them meet up with Amelia and Zelgadis in the kingdom of Luvinagard while taunting some pirates. Lina is happy to reunite with her old friends, but appearing before her is Luvinagard's Inspector of the Special Investigative Unit; a man called Wizer. However, Lina is amazed at his unusual behavior...

Lina's on the run from a government inspector who's ready to put her away for good. Her crime? Just being herself! The guy's hot on her tail, but a tiny creature that actually has a tail might be Lina's biggest problem. Pokota's a powerful little furball, and his path of destruction is getting pinned on Lina. With so much explosive magic between them, you know things will go boom when they face off. But there's more to Pokota than anyone knows, and if Lina's gang can get to the bottom of his habit of blowing stuff up, they could end up with an awesome new ally.

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Fifth Season: Slayers Evolution-R

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To find a way in rescuing Pokota's country Taforashia which was sealed by Rezo, Lina and her group are in search for the Hellmaster's jar in what the Red Priest placed his soul after death. Zelgadis is willing to do anything to get the jar for changing back into a human while Zuuma is plotting on revenge and accomplishing assignment in killing Lina Inverse. Still a big mystery for her and the others is what Xellos is aiming for in this battle.

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Episode List


1- Slayers: The Motion Picture


Slayers - The Motion Picture

Airdate: August 5, 1995

The powerful teen sorceress Lina Inverse and her traveling companion and self-styled archrival Naga the Serpent, having reunited after Naga was (once again) hired against Lina, obtain two discounted tickets for a tour to the fabled hot springs of Mipross Island. However, they discover almost immediately that those hot springs are fake and the island is controlled by a group of bandits. The two heroines clean up the island from them but learn they have been sent by someone called "the Great Master".


Meanwhile, Lina is repeatedly visited during sleep by an old insistent man that narrates about the love between a heroic boy Rowdy and a young elf girl Meliroon, tragically interrupted by the appearance of a mazoku (demon) named Joyrock that destroyed the city of elves and killed Meliroon. In another dream, between an event and another, Lina discovers that the old storyteller is the young hero himself and he gained the power of elves, with the ability of seeing the future, and that he was the owner of the legendary Sword of Light.

Lina and Naga deliver the most dangerous bandits to the king, who asks Lina to take action against Joyrock. He and the queen were contacted by the old sage Rowdy in dream and he told them the demon came back again to Mipross and is wreaking havoc in the northern part of the island, blocking the natural flux of hot spring's water, so the girl named Lina Inverse is the only able to beat him. Lina is initially reluctant, but in exchange of a reward (and Rowdy's promise to reveal the secret location of a hot spring that make things growing up) she and Naga decide to take action against the demon.

Joyrock shows himself in the form of a frog, then turns into a reptile-like creature and reveals to be the Great Master who pulled the strings of the events that took place on the island. Lina attempts to slay him with her destructive Dragon Slave spell, but he disappears and reappears from the astral plane and injures the sorceress, who luckily is rescued by Naga and Rowdy. The old sage heals Lina and tells them he could use use his magic to get back in time and change history, but the two sorceress must help him defeating the Joyrock from the past. At the same time he casts the spell, the demon appears and kills Rowdy. Luckily, Lina manages to travel in the void of time (Naga is missing at this moment), she meets the young Rowdy and, with the help of the Sword of Light combined with Dragon Slave, they finally destroy the demon. Along with coincidentally rescued Naga, they return to present time.

Before going back to the mainland, Lina remembers she has to visit the hidden hot spring promised by Rowdy, but there she discovers it is a magical water that makes things like vegetables growing older, and not growing bigger as she hoped for her breasts. Shouting angrily to the ghost of Rowdy, Lina runs away in shame, followed by Naga, and they keep on running until late night. During the end credits, it is shown that the inhabitants of Mipross have erected a statue in honor of the two heroes of the island: the young Rowdy and Lina Inverse.

2- Slayers Return


Slayers Return Movie

Airdate: August 3, 1996

Young sorceresses Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent travel across the world in search of adventure and money, brickering along the way. They meet a girl named Saleena, who seems to be a random victim of the result of their petty food fight that ended with a powerful spell explosion. Truth is she has been already injured since when she escaped from her village of Biaz, where the evil organization Zein enslaved the population. The usually selfish Lina inexplicably agrees to help them: she has heard about an ancient elven treasure made of the nearly indestructible magical metal of orihalcon and she would like to put her hands on it. Because of Lina's suspicious behavior, the equally greedy Naga decides to follow them.

Slayers Return.png

Once in Biaz, the two ask for a reward for saving it but the village chief and Saleena's father is not able to give them a reward high enough, so Naga takes and puts on a orihalcon bracelet she finds there. Lina and Naga embark to defeat the Zein megalomaniac leader Galev and discover is a fluke as his wizard powers are mostly a bluff, and his organization currently consists of just himself and his sole underling Zahhard. The girls and Saleena confront Galev's arriving collection of henchmen but they want to get Galev themselves because he did not pay their promised salary. Turns out that Galev planned to take hold of a long-lost legendary superweapon that find out about in a old magic book and, if he was able to take possession of it, conquer and rule to world.

When the weapon is unearthed, what Lina thought would immense treasure turns out to be a massive golem made whole of orihalcon. Naga's bracelet is its control device but she can not either control it properly or take it off. The golem attacks them all and a chase and running battle begins, in which everyone join the forces to defeat the golem and the mini-golems it spawns. To solve destroy the crazed golem, Lina asks Naga to create one of her golems and surround it with a barrier, so Lina can cast a destructive Dragon Slave spell and send the second golem right against the first, finally defeating it but ruining all the orihalcon. The film ends with the girls and Biaz's people running after Galev, because he did not only take money from them and spent for useless fancy costumes for his organization, but now it was also impossible for the chief to pay Lina and Naga.

3- Slayers Great

Airdate: August 2, 1997

Slayers great.jpg

Two companion sorceresses and on-and-off adversaries, the overpowered Lina Inverse and the underdressed Naga the Serpent, wander into the town of Stoner, famous of its entertainment golem makers. There, they rescue a young girl named Laia Einberg from an out-of-control golem. Lina and Naga expect to be rewarded for their not-so selfless deed, so Laia takes them to her workplace and introduces them to her father, Galia, and her brother, Huey. Galia is a renowned crafter of classic toy golems but lately he is struggling for money. He is also in conflict with Huey, his son and student, over their very opposing ideas as to how their golems should look and act like. Huey becomes infatuated with Naga's looks, while Galia takes a liking to Lina, and so they choose both sorceresses as models for their respective new golems.

There is an upcoming event in Stoner in which huge, remote-controlled golems will fight each other in a competition. The same contest will also decide which of two feuding lords sponsoring the festival, Haizen and Granion, will take control over the town. Secretly, both of the lords also scheme to have their golems mass-produced as unstoppable weapons of war. Haizen succeeds in hiring Huey and Naga, while Galia and Lina get employed by Granion. Lina and Naga can easily become antagonistic, and, following an unconclusive magical duel, they end up battling it out again — but this time they are going to fight through the golems made in their appearance.

Due to Galia lacking magical clay due to Huey's sabotage, his golem is built with the sleeping Lina trapped inside so she would use her own magic to power it at the tournament. Huey has lured Naga into his golem and so now there is a powerful sorceress in each. To Lina's dismay, and Granion's disappointment, the golem that was made in her image is a super deformed giant kawaii toy with funny squeaky shoes, dubbed "Piko-Piko Lina-chan" — instead of finding her beautiful as she believed, Galia thought she was "a girl with no hips or breasts, with a face just screaming to be characterized." She is irked even more to see Huey's towering "Grand Goddess" golem that resembles Naga to the point of also having bouncing breasts (with the well-endowed Naga's breasts being an object of burning envy for Lina).

Their battle begins, but Piko-Piko Lina-chan's short limbs can not even hit the Grand Goddess while Naga just plays with her. Further enraged, Lina attemots to attack with magic, but the golem's magical properties absorb magic, making Lina's spells useless. During that completely one-sided fight, one physical attack by the Grand Goddess makes a large hole in the back of Lina's golem. The furious Lina gets free and unleashes her most powerful spell, Dragu Slave, to defeat the Grand Goddess. Lina wins, but her spell has also destroyed the castles of both Haizen and Granion. Lina flees the suddenly outraged Naga and both of them get pursued by the angry lords manning the Piko-Piko Lina-chan, which soon stops when it runs out of power.

During the film's closing credits, the ex-lords Haizen and Granion find themselves reduced to the guards for the king of the land. Galia and Huey resolve their differences, deciding to start making toys that are to be both cute and sexy at the same time, while the now derelict Piko-Piko Lina-chan becomes the new symbol and mascot of the entire town. Elsewhere, Lina and Naga continue their travels together, as prone to failing-out with each other as ever.

4- Slayers Gorgeus


Slayers Gorgeous Movie

Slayers gorgeous cover.jpg

Airdate: August 1, 1998

Sorceresses Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent are enjoying a meal in a villiage when the residents suddenly retreat indoors and two armies - one of men and one of a young girl and a tribe of dragons. Although the ruler of the town originally tries to convince Lina that this is because of a dark legacy, in truth the dragon army is led by his daughter and their battles are over her allowance. Lina agrees to help the ruler while Naga joins his daughter, Marlene.

5- Slayers Premium


Slayers Premium Movie

Airdate: December 22, 2001

Lina and Gourry travel to the town of Acassi, known for its tasty octopus. However, the octopus meat is cursed, causing the person who eats it to only be able to speak takogo (タコ語, octopus language). Sorcerers and sorceresses cursed by this also cannot cast spells, since the spells have to be spoken in a common language in order for them to work.

Slayers premium cdcovers cc front.jpg

Gourry just happens to eat one of the cursed octopi (after fighting for it with Lina), which causes him to speak in takogo. This often creates awkward situations during the film (the phrase "how horrible" being spoken as "flat chested", which offends Lina greatly). But soon, everyone in town starts to speak takogo (including Amelia and Zelgadis, who had just arrived in town), despite the fact that they have not eaten any octopus. Xellos is also there, seeming to know some details about what is going on but is not divulging anything.

It soon becomes evident that the octopi plan to use the accumulated anger from the villagers of Acassi to release a demon that was sealed many years before. Lina and her friends have to stop these plans before they come to fruition. However, it becomes complicated when Lina is infected with the takogo affliction, which negates much of her magic, including the Dragon Slave, her signature move.


Slayers Special: The Book of Spells
Index-book of spells.jpg

1- "Kyōfu no rimera keikaku" ("The Scary Chimera Plan")


Slayers Special - OVA 1


Airdate: July 25, 1996

Sorceress Lina Inverse is contacted by an alchemist Diol, who had requested her help in one of his experiments. She then finds out that Diol plans to use her in creating a super chimera which would combine her with a lesser demon and a sea serpent. Lina turns him down, and after Lina's on-and-off companion and rival Naga the Serpent arrives and agrees to the plan, destroys Diol's lab in anger.

A month later, Lina and Naga are attacked and Lina accidentally knocks out Naga with a spell. However, when she corners the last enemy, she finds that it is Diol, who has ten cloaked figures with him and says he created them from a single strand of hair found in his wrecked lab. Lina thinks that the copies are of her and challenges Diol, knowing that the copies will be unable to use her magic. However, when Diol unveils the copies, they are all copies of Naga, whose sight and sound (ten Nagas laughing together) frightens Lina so much that she faints.

Diol then spirits Lina away and is met by Vista, a brigand with a grudge against Lina, who sponsored Diol's experiments. They find out that Naga was looking for Lina and Diol sends his Naga clones to confront the sorceress. However, instead of defeating Naga, the clones bond with her. Realizing the mistake he made, Diol ran back to Vista, where the both of them find that Naga and her clones (all laughing maniacally) are on their way. In a panic, they abandon the lab, leaving beyond Lina under the influence of a sleep spell. Naga finds and revives Lina and accuses her of leaving her behind to make an alliance with Diol. Lina claims that Diol had broken their agreement and took the money all to themselves. Together, the two then catch up to Diol and Vista and capture them. Lina, with Naga, then collects the reward money for their capture... and wonders how to deal with ten more Nagas in the world.

2- "Jefurī-kun no kishidō" ("Jeffrey's Knighthood")


Slayers Special - OVA 2


Lina and Naga are contracted by Josephine, a woman who is seeking to have the girls tutor her son Jeffrey in a quest of be a member of the royal guard. To accomplish this, Josephine told them that she has hired actors to pose as brigands so that the boy could easily defeat them and gain confidence in his abilities. They meet Jeffrey and are disappointed to find the boy was a sorry excuse for a soldier - he is skinny, clumsy, not to mention his bad habit of blundering headstrong into any battle to show off. However, whenever Naga tries to point out his deficiencies, she is met with an angry masked Josephine who clobbers her with a huge mallet. Apparently this sort of thing happens quite often, but Jeffrey is completely oblivious to her actions, despite them being obvious to everyone else. When the three arrived at the brigands' hideout, Lina and Naga are shocked to find that the real bandits had captured the actors, but they are able to defeat them using their magic.

Later, Lina and Naga are asked by Jeffrey to aid him in defeating a warlord's army of beast men. He informs them that Josephine had contracted an army for her son, for which he named "the Flaming Knights". It turns out that the men Josephine hired were as weak, if not weaker, that Jeffrey is, and prone to panic. Lina and Naga defeat the monsters but are stymied by the warlord Galda, wearing a magical armor. But when Galda insults Jeffrey, he is quickly defeated by Josephine, who comes out of nowhere and mallets him into submission.

Galda then leads Lina and Naga to his patron, the evil baron Goldias. While Galda and Goldias fight each other, Lina and Naga are forced to fight an army of living armor. Knowing that Galda would need her help, Lina then kicks Naga into the armor army and is surprised to find that she dispelled the magic animating the armor. It is at that point that Jeffrey stupidly charges Goldias, tripping and falling over the fallen armor. Then a surprising thing happens - Goldias backpedals away from Jeffrey, calling him by name. It turns out that Goldias is Jeffrey's father, after which Josephine shows up and mallets her errand husband. Lina, Naga and Galda leave Goldias' castle, abandoning Goldias, Jeffrey and Josephine to their reunion.

3- "Kagami yo, kagami" ("Mirror, Mirror")


Slayers Special - OVA 3

(鏡よ鏡) Kagami yo, kagami?)

Airdate: May 25, 1997

Over 400 years ago, there lived a famous magician named Shizaal Rigandi, whose greatest talent was in the creation of magical items. One of these was the Shadow Reflector, a mirror capable of making an exact copy of whomever's image is captured on its surface. The copy that would be created would have the same knowledge and skills as the original, but would be opposite in personality and loyal to the holder of the mirror. However, just as the mirror was created, Rigandi had mysteriously hid it and it had become an object of legend. The Professional Magic-users Society discovers maps and papers related to the Shadow Reflector, but the society's vice president Lagan steals these documents, hoping to find the mirror for himself and use it to create an army of sorcerers that would be loyal only to him - and with that, take over the entire world.

Lina and Naga are in pursuit of Lagan, mainly for the reward the Society promised for his capture. The girls have a difficult time tracking him down and are forced to fight off Lagan's werewolf army. In time, however, they are able find Lagan, but it is too late. Lagan has found the Shadow Reflector and as a test, uses it to create "shadow" copies of Lina and Naga. Bracing for a fight, Lina is horrified to discover that her copy, while still having her magical abilities, has a complete opposite personality to hers - a simpering, peaceful, charitable person who does not want to fight. The Shadow Naga is about the same as the original Naga, only overly modest and also peaceful.

Recovering from her adverse reaction to her copy, Lina then surmises that Rigandi, while brilliant in creating the Reflector, was embarrassed to discover that it worked too well and hid the defective mirror rather than having his blunder revealed to the world. Lagan, not caring about the obvious defects in the mirror, flees with the remainder of his army. Lina takes off after him, even as her copy pleads with her not to harm Lagan. Lagan's flight from justice is interrupted by other magicians looking for the bounty, but Lagan soundly defeats them. He is then met by Lina and Naga—and is horrified to find that his shadow copies (especially Shadow Lina) are pleading with him to turn himself in. Thinking that the doubles would disappear when the Shadow Reflector is destroyed, Lina and Naga attack Lagan, and the mirror is destroyed. However, the copies of Lina and Naga do not disappear and later wander off, later seen at a "Save the Dragons" concert.

Slayers Excellent
Slayers excellent-poster.jpg

1- "Rabirinsu" ("Labyrinth")


Slayers Excellent - OVA 1


Airdate: October 25, 1998

In these earlier adventures of Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent, learn how the two rivals first met. In their first adventure, the two rivals meet andare forced to travel together battling zombies, ghosts, a vampire, and Naga's own tomfoolery during a rescue mission.

2- "Osorubeki Mirai" ("A Frightening Future"")


Slayers Excellent - OVA 2


Lina is hired to be the bodyguard and escort a bratty and spoiled merchant rich man's daughter to a summer villa, Sirene. Lina is at first very enthusiastic about it at first, as she is being paid very well, but Sirene keeps spending all of Lina's first half of pay. (She gets the other half later) She puts together a fake kidnapping to teach Sirene a lesson, but when she really gets kidnapped, she must team up with Naga to save her.

3- "Rina-chan oshare dai-sakusen" ("Lina-chan's Lovely Makeover Operation")


Slayers Excellent - OVA 3


Airdate: March 25, 1999

Lina and Naga find themselves on seperate sides in a fashion war and become involved in a dispute with each of them taking opposite sides in an argument between conservative and risque fashion designers.

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