Shkola Volshebnits
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General Information
Type Russian Comic
Years on Air 2011
Others 35 Comics

English Title: School of the Sorceresses


In 2011 get started the magazine "школа волшебниц : волшебство без смысла - это фокусы" (school of magical girl: miracle without meaning is the focuses) - I`ts a the third commercial product about magical girl in russia. The first project .

Shkola Volshebnits has 35 comic nomber, but story get started even long before the comic books, in thematic magazines.

Together with first number magazines been the card set about 6 magical girl.

Fortunately, the authors managed to escape from the concept of  "plagiarism Winx club" in the first issues of the magazine there was obvious parasitism on the franchise. Besides the three witches, there were other enemies, the universe of magic beasts expanded, from which the project acquired its charm and independence.

List of published comics and links to free reading


6 girls study at the School of Sorceresses in the Magic Dimension with another name Magix. In addition to the Sorceress School in Magica, there are schools: Fortress of Light, Witches Castle. Other places: Little Fairies Village, Magic Forest, Wildlands (in which for some reason the donkeys live ...) Directress Shklya sorceress Lady Fita (about her she is known to be very guarded and loves to shout into the mouthpiece ..) Also at school there is Professor Pix-teacher of metamorphology-she is of short stature and wears a long dress. Secret library, the passage into it is behind the curtain with the knight ..


Ариэль (Ariel)

faculty: Water Fairy

Birthday: December 16

Star Sign: Triton

Native planet: Aqua

Favorite subject in the School of Magic: Metamorphosi

Милли (Milli)

faculty: Beauty Fairy

Birthday: August 11

Star Sign: Siren

Native planet: Zephyria

Favorite subject in the School of Magic: Stoneworking

Эйра (Aira)

faculty: Fairy of Air

Birthday: January 9

Star Sign: Pegasus

Native planet: Ether

Favorite subject in the School of Magic: Magic aeronautics.

Флёр (Fleur)

faculty: Fairy of Flowers

Birthday: May 19

Star Sign: Elf

Native planet: Azalea

Favorite subject in School of Magic: Herbalism

Селена (Selena)

faculty: Fairy Star

Birthday: September 21

Star Sign: Nereid Native planet: Moon

Favorite subject in School of Magic: Astromagia

Майя (Maya)

faculty: Travel Fairy

Birthday: March 13

Star Sign: Phoenix

Native planet: Odyssey

Favorite subject in School of Magic: Magogeography

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