Shinrei Sousa-kan Mikoto Kuonji
Pac lpsychic investigator
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Sosuke Higashimura
Years on Air 2014
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 心霊捜査官 久遠寺命

English Title: Psychic Investigator Mikoto Kuonji

Airdate: March 14, 2014


Mikoto Kuonji is a psychic investigator. Ozu is possessed by an evil spirit but Mikoto saves him and succeeds in making him surrender himself. But he dies a mysterious death inside the prison. After the investigation, Mikoto finds out that a man named Kai was the one who killed Ozu. Although she feels the existence of Kai nearby, she cannot find him. Then Mikoto finds a girl, Shiori Himekawa, getting attacked by her boyfriend, Matsuzaki, after a talk about breaking up. Shiori wants to break up with him, but Matsuzaki tries to commit a double suicide. After getting chased away by Mikoto, Matsuzaki asks Kai for a way to kill her. Kai finds out about her and tries to curse her to death. Mikoto endures the pain and fights against Kai.

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