Shin Kankaku Iyashikei

Mahou Shoujo Behoimi-chan

General Information
Type Manga
Created by Hekiru Hikawa
Years on Air 2007-2008
Episodes 3 Volumes

Japanese Title: 新感覚癒し系魔法少女ベホイミちゃん

English Title: The Alternative Cure Magical Girl Behoimi-chan

Chinese Title: 新感覺治癒系魔法少女貝荷伊米


Average high school student Behoimi is one day approached by a highly suspicious individual claiming to be an alien, who wants to grant her the power to protect the Earth from dangerous space criminals. When Behoimi presses him for details, he explains to her that she will be transforming into a magical girl with the power of ... Science!?

A healing-type mahou shoujo action comedy of a brand new flavor, spinning off from the acclaimed "Pani Poni" gag manga.

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