1- "Kokuhaku" ("Confession")


Airdate: January 6, 2008

Shōta Machiya, a high school student with an interest in building rockets, is friends with Asuna Ayase whose father was recently killed. Fumika, along with her talking staff, Kanaka, comes to deliver a letter to Shōta which was written by Asuna's father after he died. The letter is addressed to "Ayase's lover", so for the time being Shōta cannot accept the letter until he starts going out with Asuna; in the mean time, Fumika waits for him to confess his love to Asuna. One day close to the launch of his new rocket, Kanaka accidentally leaves the letter behind where Shōta reads it to discover that Asuna killed her own father. Shōta does not believe what he reads and instead seeks out Asuna, only for her to stab him after Fumika appears.

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