Shezow she scene by princesscakenikki-d6mgp1f
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Obie Scott Wade
Years on Air 2007-2013
Episodes 26
Others 1 Pilot Episode


SheZow is about 12-year-old Guy Hamdon and his adventures after finding and putting on his deceased Aunt Agnes's super powered ring, inheriting her Super Hero alter ego, SheZow. Unable to take the ring off, he must now fight crime whether he wants or not, with help from his best friend, Maz, who acts as his sidekick (with differing alter egos for each episode) while Guy's sister Kelly helps from the "She-lair" with Sheila the Supercomputer. Guy must also keep his identity secret from his policeman father, who has always thought SheZow was an arrogant show-off (due in part to SheZow's popularity; she has comic books and fan clubs!).

Episode List

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