Seishoujo Senshi Saint Valkyrie
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Kazuya Hatakesawa
Years on Air 2006
Movies 1

Saint Valkyrie logo

Japanese Title: 聖少女戦士 St.ヴァルキリー

Airdate: December 22, 2006


One morning, the mother of Yūki Saegusa, a first year middle school boy, entrusts her son with a transformation item and the mission "to keep a girl's secret". Yuuki, who transforms himself to help a girl who is attacked before his eyes, ends up becoming... a woman, "Saint Girl Guardian". Even after he reverts the transformation, his body remains a girl's! This can't be...! Yūki enters the top prestige Misaki Girls' Middle School as "Yuuki Saegusa". In the secret girls' school flower garden, there are a lot of stimuli for a middle school boy! Oh no, if he gets excited too much, he is turned back into a boy.

※Yuki(Yuuki) is a gender-neutral name in Japan. But "祐樹(Yuki)" is a kanji (Chinese character) to use for the name of the man.

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