Seisen Hime Taisen
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General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Naoki Otsuka
Years on Air 2007
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 聖戦姫大戦

English Title: Crusade Princess War

First Movie: Seisen Hime Taisen Ken

Airdate: January 12, 2007

Azusa is quite alone schoolgirl. She makes her ends meet by working as a chukerout using her swword skills. Today, she went to the small gang, Suzume-gumi for interview tests. And she beated its punks easily, so she got a job as Suzumi-gumi’s chukerout. What they said was they had been harassed with land trades by unscrupulous company Caribea Co-op...On the other hand, Carribea also hired an assassin Mitsuki. Mitsuki appeared in front of battle...According to Mitsuki’s story, she was actually an agent pretending to be an assassin, and she was spying in Caribea for evil evidence...But it came out to Maki, and Mitsuki got tortured...Azusa went to rescue her into Carebia...But by contraries, Azusa...What will happen to Azusa and Mitsuki...Can they transform into Ken-hime and Mai-hime!?...And Maki...!?

Second Movie: Seisen Hime Taisen Mai

Airdate: January 26, 2007

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Maki was killed by Kenhime. Peace seemed to be sure to Suzume Gumi...however, she came to life by the voice of the dark as Yamihime. Then the fighters appeared before Mitsuki, while Yamihime before Azusa. ”Next time you are the ones to go to hell!” Azusa was forced to suffer the hard battle caused by the various attacks of Yamihime. Though she changed herself into Kenhime, she got damages. Ymamihime also made an appearance in front of Maihime and broke the heart of Maihime by electrical shock with a whip and wrestling techniques. Though Kenhime tried to save Maihime,...

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