Secret Jouju
General Information
Type Korean Cartoon
Created by Young Toys
Years on Air 2012-Ongoing
Seasons 12(S.Korea)


Episodes 180 + Ongoing

English Title: Secret Jouju

Korean Title: 치링치링 시크릿 쥬쥬

Chinese Title: 珠珠的秘密!

Japanese Title: チリンチリン シークレットジュジュ

Arabic Title: فلة أميرة الأمنيات (Fulla Princess, crossover with UAE toy company NEW BOY fashion doll line called Fulla)

Secret Jouju is a Korean Cartoon animated series.


In the mysterious and beautiful land called Fleroma, Jouju was a fairy who used her magic spells to turn into normal girls into princesses. One day, she breaks the rule and decide to become a princess herself. Because of this foul, all the magical power in Fleroma has been sealed. To gain back her magical power, Jouju must accomplish the Secret Diary’s mission in the human world and make the Secret Flower bloom. Watch Jouju become true friends with Lili and Rosa while she completes the challenging mission to become a fairy again.

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