Sea Princesses
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General Information
Type English, Spanish and Brazilian Cartoon
Created by Fábio Yabu
Years on Air 2007-2010
Seasons 2
Episodes 104

Spanish Title: Princesas del Mar

Portuguese Title: Princesas do Mar

Italian Title: Le principesse del mare

French Title: Princesses des Mers


The stories are in the world of Salacia, a hidden kingdom under the sea, full of princes and princesses from different animal species. Fearing an inevitable conflict with the people of Terra Firma, the kings and queens of the sea forbid their daughters and sons to have any contact with the surface people who are completely unaware of the existence of Salacia. Three princesses, the show's protagonists, live, go to school and play together as friends: Polvina, the Octopus Kingdom princess; Tubarina, the Shark Kingdom princess and Ester, the Starfish Kingdom princess living unraveling the mysteries of Salacia.

Episode List (First Season)

Episode List (Second Season)

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