Saras 008
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General Information
Type Live Action
Created by Rapi Films
Years on Air 1998-2000
Seasons 3
Episodes 60


Long time ago, there is a girl named Saraswati. Saraswati have a mother named Larasati and father named Kasimin, with her older brother that likes to play computer. One day, Mrs.Larasati, Saras mom bought a cat that very cute! Saras love that cat and give a name Ketty to her cat. She play everytime with her cat, she bring her when she is eating, playing, sleeping, and going to school! But, unfortunately, one day Ketty has been dead. Saras very sad because Ketty is very precious to her. Saras doesnt want to eat something, sleeping, or playing because everyday she remember her cat. Time goes, Saras become a teenager but she still remember about her cat and doing something same everytime. She just take a small bowl of rice, silent and just a little bit talking. Some day, she watch Batman and Catwoman. Suddenly, the soul of Ketty is go into Saras body and she become Saras 008! Now, Saras have to protect the city, defeat thief and robber to save everyone. Saras must defeat Mister Blek too. The most evil man in the city!

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