Saiyuu Senki
Pac lsaiyuu senki
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Kanzo Matsuura
Years on Air 2007
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 西遊戦記

English Title: Chronicle of the Journey to West

Airdate: June 08, 2007


Mikura Genshou is a beautiful priestess who is ordered to retrieve the Holy Scripture stolen by evil spirits. To seek for the lost treasure, she travels with three disciples: Jo-Sahgo, super-cool master of sword fighting; Kai-Chohatsu, who has Herculean strength and Kuu-Songo, who looks like a cute little girl, but actually is the most rebellious and fiercest martial arts fighter in the world. When the group arrive at a town, its mayor Touson comes to them and asks for a favor from Mikura. He says malevolent ”Fiend of Frog” has been attacking women of the town, and the mayor pleads for their help, asking Mikura to beat the monster as Mikura and her disciples is the only hope left for the townspeople. Mikura accepts, not knowing that this is a trap set for her. Kuu alone detects the truths and fights Fiend of Frog, but during the battle her energy is sucked away and she is beaten up. Though Kuu somehow manages to escape from the enemies with her master and other disciples, Mikura refuses to listen to Kuu’s words, and goes back to the mayor after quarreling with Kuu. Kuu thinks of leaving the group to their fate, but she couldn’t do it and decides to go back to save their lives. But....

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