Saint October
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Kiira
Years on Air 2007
Episodes 26

Japanese Title: セイントオクトーバー


Saint October concerns a group of three girls and the detective agency they work for called the Kuroki Detective Agency (黒木探偵社 Kuroki Tanteisha) in Alkana City (アルカナシティ Arukana Shiti). The story begins during a case to catch a mysterious masked kidnapper who has been kidnapping young boys for a strange man he answers to as his boss and leader. Kotono is a young girl and a member of the agency, who, due to her young age, is working harder during this case. One night after returning home late alone, Kotono runs into a young boy who's crying alone. With nowhere else to take him, Kotono brings him back to her home at Joshua's church where it is discovered that he has amnesia and cannot remember even his own name. While there, Natsuki Shirafuji, Kotono's friend and fellow detective, arrives to add further information to the kidnapping case. Suddenly, the masked kidnapper appears and successfully kidnaps the boy, but Kotono chases after him and gets the boy back after a short scuffle. Just when all looks lost, the boy uses a magical power to bestow unto Kotono a similar power in order to defeat the kidnapper. After she won, he reveals that he has remembered what his name is: Ewan. Now the focus has turned to who is the kidnapper's boss who has been pursuing Ewan. 

Episode List

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