Kiyoshi Saint Dragon Girl
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Natsumi Matsumoto
Years on Air 1999-2006
Seasons 2
Episodes 59 (13 Volumes)

Japanese Title: 聖[セイント] ♡ ドラゴンガール

Chinese Title: 聖龍小公主


First Season: Kiyoshi Saint Dragon Girl

Momoka Sendou is girl who is really good at Kenpou. She is dubbed the Dragon girl. one day, Momoka's childhood friend, Ryuuga Kou, summons a great dragon which goes into Momoko. Now only Ryuuga can summon and seal the dragon within Momoko. With Ryuuga by her side, Momoka faces troubles with demons, supernatural beings and love.

Second Season: Kiyoshi Saint Dragon Girl Miracle

Anjuu Sendou is a nice girl who just started her first year in the Seiryuu Academy Middle School. She is currently living away from home as a boarding student with her pet named Lime. Her father is a sorcerer and her mother is an expert in Chinese kenpo. They are both famous, especially her mother who is called Dragon Momoka. Because of her mother's fame the executive committee wants Anjuu to join the student council. But the council's president thinks that she is a weak girl, so to prove him wrong she decides to catch the school thief. But when things get harder, she wishes to become stronger. So her pet suddenly transforms into a small child with wings (it can't transform into a dragon yet, because it's only a child) and tells her about her power. During a second assault from the thief, Anjuu, with the help of Lime, transforms into a new Saint Dragon Girl, defeating the enemies and becoming the school's protector. Will the student council's members find out the true identity of the "warrior" girl? Will Anjuu be able to keep her secret?

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