Sailorfuku Senshi Akko-chan
Sailorfuku Senshi Akko-chan
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Toshiyuki Sakurai
Years on Air 1991
Episodes 1

HENTAI WARNING: This Magical Girl Show contain lots of nude and explicit sex scenes, be careful and be sure that you have 18 years old to watch it.

English Title: Sailor Warrior Akko

Airdate: 25 August, 1991


Sailorfuku Senshi Akko-chan Sweet Mint appearance

Sweet Mint appearance

This one of the short stories in the episode 2 of Kounai Shasei anime series.

A giant perverted salaryman is terrorizing the city, flipping up women’s skirts and shooting highly acidic jizz all over the place. Luckily, level-headed schoolgirl Akko is there to save the day, using her magical headband and compact. She transforms into a giant woman and takes down the salaryman.

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