1- "Kandō-sarete Shimanagashi" ("Disowned and Exiled")


Airdate: April 10, 2014

After being exiled and disowned by his father, Juugo arrives in Nanaejima, an artificial island which also known as the Special Student Zone, and is glad to be free. He arrives in his apartment he rented only to be greeted by Nanana, a ghost who resides in Juugo's new room. After playing some games with Nanana to determine who's the master of Juugo's room (and breaking his arm in the process), Juugo did some research about Nanana and even asks her landlady, Shiki Maboro, about her time with Nanana before her death. She reveals that Nanana was once an adventurer and part of the Great 7 group and even learns about Nanana's treasure that has been scattered around the island. At night there's been a report that the phantom thieves by the name Matsuri have stolen an item in one of the buildings. Meanwhile, while Juugo is on the way back from a convenience store, he notices a small parachute holding a small box.

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