Rose Petal Place
General Information
Type English cartoon
Created by Kenner
Years on Air 1984-1985
Movies 2

First Movie: Rose Petal Place

Airdate: December 1984

While you may have heard the old wives tale that if you talk to flowers they will grow, you might not have heard about a place where the flowers themselves talk while they grow (and sing)!

There is such a place, Rose-Petal Place to be exact, where flowers roam free and cultivate their own magical garden.

Rose-Petal Place is located in the garden of a deserted mansion. A little girl (Nicole Eggert), whose clothes suggest the early 1900's, used to live in the mansion and take care of the garden, but unfortunately she had to move. The girl kisses her flowers goodbye and as she does so, a tear falls on each of her favorite flowers, magically bringing them to life.

There's the big brown-eyed Sunny Sunflower (Sue Blu), the African-American Iris (Candy Ann Brown), the blue-haired Lily Fair ( Renae Jacobs), and the leader of the garden pretty-in-pink Rose-Petal (Marie Osmond), who lives in her own watering pot home and drives a rosebud -shaped car.

Rose-Petal's beautiful voice is what keeps the garden alive, so everyone depends on her, including the wise Seymour the snail (Frank Welker), Pitter-Pat the violet colored cat, P.D. the caterpiller (Frank Welker), and Tumbles the hedgehog.

Rose Petal Place - Movie

Rose Petal Place - Movie

Not all of Rose-Petal Place, however, is inhabited by flowers. In an unkempt corner of the garden is a briar patch where Nastina (Marilyn Schreffler) the blue-skinned dress-wearing widow spider and her friend Horace the fly (Frank Welker) live. The duo are saboteurs to the flower girls, and plan to rob Rose-Petal of her lovely voice.

The two insects sinisterly lock Rose-Petal up in a room with no light where (being a flower) if she gets no light she will die. Of course like most childrens films, all's well that end's well and Rose-Petal's friends come to the rescue, making the garden once again home to Rose-Petal and her menagerie of plant-like and animal friends.

Second Movie: Rose Petal Place: Real Friends

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Airdate: September 10, 1985
Rose Petal Place Real Friends - Movie

Rose Petal Place Real Friends - Movie

Violet prepares for her singing debut at Carnation Hall. Nastina is up to her old tricks and tries to ruin Violet's stage debut. Nastina and Horace plot to ruin her performance. Opening night they create a line of laughter and Violet, thinking everyone is laughing at her, runs away. It takes Rose Petal and all their friends to find Violet and convince her to stay in Rose Petal Place. This is the second Rose Petal Place special.

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