Radical Revy-chan
Radical revy1
General Information
Type: Magical Girl Parody
Appear On
Tittle Black Lagoon
Type Anime
Created by Rei Hiroe
Years on Air 2006-2011
Seasons 2
Episodes 24
Others 5 OVAS

Concept / Plot

Radical Revy-chan pose
This is a Magical Girl Parody shown in the second Omake of the anime Black Lagoon called "Mahou Shoujo-hen" ("Magical Girl Episode"). Is dedicated to the main character Revy if she became a Magical Girl, she is Radical Revy, she can transform but she uses guns instead of magic. The story of this episode hasn't much sense.

Appearance in Black Lagoon

Omake 2: "Mahou Shoujo-hen" ("Magical Girl Episode")

Radical Revy-chan

Radical Revi-chan

The episode starts with Radical Revy doing a cute introduction while Rock is in shock seeing this. Revy explains that she come from Hestonworld to save Rock from his sad lack of social skills and to solve all his problems. Revy ask him for his desire and he asks her to go away. Revy insists and Rock ask her to defeat the Russian school gang leader. Revy does enrage the gang and transform with the magical words "Tokarev! Makarov! Krinkov! Heckler
Radical Revy Magical Maid Roberta-chan

Magical Maid Roberta-chan

and Koch, all together now". Radical Revy show her guns and starts to shoot without limit. Rock is shocked because she doesn't use magic. Revy thinks that she doen't need magic if she can solve the problems like this. Rock asks Revy if all people of Hestonworld are like her. Revy answer that her master explains that all people kill people. Rock wants to go, but Revy give him lots of a bank stolen money to him. The police come and arrests him. Revy return satisfied to Hestonworld. At the police station Roberta appear as a the Magical Maid Roberta-chan and see the situation. The episode ends with a not to be continued.

Video Gallery

Radical Revy Episode

Radical Revy Episode

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