Princess Kenny
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General Information
Type: Magical Girl Parody
Appear On
Tittle South Park
Type English Cartoon
Created by Trey Parker

Matt Stone

Years on Air 1997-2014
Seasons 18
Episodes 251
Movies 1
Others 19 Specials

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Concept / Plot

Princess Kenny using her rainbow powers

Princess Kenny is a magical parody that appear on the final part of episode eight and the first half of episode nine from seventeenth season of the South Park cartoon. In the parody, Kenny McCormick transform into a magical princess thanks to the brooch that the Sony president gives him. She has rainbow powers and he is unable to dead when he is in this form. She is very cute and she's loved by all the Sony office workers.

Appearance in South Park episodes

Season 17, episode 08: A Song of Ass and Fire


Princess Kenny Opening

Airdate: November 20, 2013

At the final part of the episode, the Sony president appear and give Kenny a magical brooch that can transform him into the magical princess with rainbow powers "Princess Kenny". He transform into the princess and a short opening with the Princess Kenny's theme is shown.

Season 17, episode 09: Titties and Dragons

Airdate: December 04, 2013


Princess Kenny Scene

Princess Kenny goes to the Sony office to report her mission. All the office workers love her. She has managed to prevent Microsoft to block PS4 shipments for the shopping center. In another scene, she receives a wedding invitation at Red Robin to be recognized as a real princess. All the Sony officers say goodbye to Princess Kenny and she jumps out the window. She die when she reaches the ground, but she miraculously resurrect without any injury. All the officers thinks she is very cute. At the Red Robin, he returned to his normal appearance.

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