Princess Debut
General Information
Type Nintendo DS Video Game
Created by Cave
Years on Air 2008

Japanese Title: お姫さまデビュー


Princess Debut opens with the player character speaking to a friend of hers. The former laments her boredom and wishes to be whisked away by a prince.

After the two finish their dialogue and the player character arrives home, a strange girl and an even stranger creature burst forth from her closet. When asked about her identity, this girl responds that she is the same person as the player character, but from another world, known as the Flower Kingdom. Further, she explains that she is a princess there and that she will soon be required to dance at the prestigious


Ball of Saint-Lyon. However, because the Princess lacks both talent and taste for dancing, she wants the player character to go in her stead.

The player character accepts, and from that point forth the player has 30 days to practice dancing and find a prince to be their partner for the ball.

Depending on where you go in the day and what you say to people, many different things can happen up until the ultimate ball at Saint-Lyons. Depending on which partner you have and how much in love you are (the 'love is rated on a percentage meter), there are lots of different endings.

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