1 (154)- "Aidoru Hajime Chaimashita!" ("I Became an Idol!")

PriPara - Episode 01

PriPara - Episode 01


Airdate: July 5, 2014

One morning Laala happens to spot a performance by her favorite idol group known as "Saints", a group that gave their final performance three years ago. She is excited until her mother scolds her and tells her to sit down for breakfast. They soon get into an argument before she leaves to meet with her friend, who she struggles to keep up with since she left early.

They resume heading to school while discussing the Saints special that was on PriPara TV that morning and reveal how at that one special moment, a girl will find her own PriPara Ticket and is invited to join the PriPara world, a paradise for all aspiring idols. Nao reveals that she has received her own PriPara ticket just recently, much to Laala's surprise. She is happy for her, but rather depressed that she has yet to get one for herself.

Upon arrival the headmistress reveals that they will be checking for any and all possible PriPara tickets the students may have. Laala is highly concerned for Nao, but she assures her that she hid it in the secret pocket in the back of her collar, and due to her long hair it will be hard for them to find it. Gloria takes out Rina, her PriTicket sucking device and confiscates every single PriPara ticket; including Nao's before demanding that anyone who left them at home should bring them in to her desk the next day.

Further depressed the girls head to Music class while trying to determine what Gloria has against young students going into PriPara but they are unable to come up with any good ideas. Nao brings up that she wasn't able to debut before attending the school, unlike Sophie- the only student allowed to go into PriPara who can't have her items taken from her. For a moment Laala is surprised to see that Nao truly wanted to become an idol before she admits that she prefers to just watch them when she realizes she forgot her recorder back in class. She tells Nao to go ahead and runs back, only to be stopped by the Head Disciplinarian, Minami. She is scolded for running in the hallways but Laala points out that because they're outside it shouldn't be a problem. This fails to get past Minami and she gives her the ninety-sixth transgression paper.

Eventually Laala arrives home and is very worn out. She helps a customer with their order before asking if she may have gotten a PriPara Ticket while away, but her mom is unable to recall anything. She asks Laala to run out and grab some tomato since their supply is running low, and while initially too tired, Laala is forced to go anyway. She runs into town and spots a PriTicket Bag lying on the ground and looks inside to find a bunch of tickets. Despite calling for "Mirei", she gets no responses. While she remembers the tomato she needs to get, she feels that finding Mirei is more important and runs to the nearby Prism Stone, where the entrance to PriPara is located.

Inside, Meganee greets Laala who briefs her on the situation. Meganee mentions that Mirei has already gone inside and pulls Laala towards the gate, although Laala attempts to tell her that she doesn't have her own Ticket. However, by dumb-luck one suddenly appears out of nowhere and floats down to the top of her head. She is very happy, but recalls how she isn't allowed to go into PriPara until Meganee convinces her to go inside to deliver Mirei's bag. She has an auition that day and needs it to perform.

With that she observes the curious Laala before deciding that she would fit the brand Twinkle Ribbon, and sets it for her stage outfit. She suggests that Laala try to perform while there for some experience and leads her to the scanner. Laala does as told and transforms into the Cutie Ribbon Coord, appearing in PriPara before growing surprised to see her aged up appearance. Excitedly she listens as a Meganee explains why this is, along with why she happens to look like the woman from Prism Stone shop. She wishes Laala to have a nice visit and takes off.

Laala observes everything surrounding her and finds herself amazed by all of the sights, then she starts to run through the streets while calling for Mirei again. But once more nobody responds to her.

Elsewhere, Mirei is yelling at Kuma for signing her up for a unit audition. She is very angry and threatens to break contract with him if he doesn't fix it by finding her a partner; which he doesn't take seriously until realizing she meant it. He flies off to try to find someone willing to pay him attention until he gets smacked by Laala when she accidentally swings the bag. She is surprised to see him and he reveals that he is a Mascot Manager for idols, causing her to apologize. She explains that she is new to PriPara and doesn't know what to do, and in all of the commotion Mirei approaches.

Happy to have found the bags owner, Laala hands it over and recalls how she found it in town. Mirei goes on to reveal that having it doesn't matter though, as she needs a partner for her pair audition and asks Laala to be that partner. Laala tries to tell her that she hasn't performed or even danced before, but Mirei thinks it might be okay since she likes PriPara. While hesitant, Laala is unable to refuse and they exchange names before heading to PriPara TV.

When it is announced the registration for the Fresh Idol Live will be closing the girls hurry inside as entry number six, Pretty App sarts to perform. While they wait an anxious Laala watches the many screens of various performances when Mirei asks if she knows any songs by Saints. She asks Laala to sing for her, only to scold her for being too quiet. She pulls on her cheeks to encourage her to sing as boldly and loudly as she wants and this seems to reside with Laala, only to be told it was their turn to go on stage.

At first Laala is shocked as she appears on stage but she decides to give it her best effort and sings with Mirei. Everyone is quickly captivated by Laala and she goes on to perform in a Making Drama and Cyalume change with Mirei.

After the performance the girls return outside to find some Idols cheering for them as they gain their PriTickets. The performance was recorded on them and they exchange their friend tickets as Mirei tells Laala that they should perform together again. As Laala is given a PriTicket Bag and some other items she suddenly remembers that she never got the tomato her mother asked for and quickly runs for the exit. It is then revealed that Mirei set this up to find a partner, having dropped her bag intentionally knowing whoever picked it up and returned it to be a good person. Kuma expresses surprise after finding this out and compliments her, only to mention she slipped out of her cute and childish character. He voices a desire to make Laala a top idol, believing she possesses the lgendary Prism Voice.

2 (155)- "Yakusoku Yabuccha Dame Puri-" ("You Can't Break a Promise, Pri")

PriPara - Episode 02

PriPara - Episode 02


Airdate: July 12, 2014

Laala awakens from a dream involving a PriPara performance. She is disappointed but feels the need to check her drawer to make sure she really had gone to PriPara when she realizes it was entirely possible she only dreamed it. But to her relief she sees the PriTicket inside, only to worry over Headmistress Gloria finding out. She is interrupted by Non, her little sister, who hear her from the hallway and came to inform her that she was leaving for school. Before going, she also warns Laala that it's already eight am so she should probably hurry up.

Laala manages to make it to school just as the gate is being shut, earning another scolding from Minami for being late anyway. Laala tries to ask her to be more understanding but this only earns her two papers for making excuses. Laala sneaks into class and is called next to begin singing, but she grows quiet while thinking about how she performed in PriPara. Unable to focus on her task, she is warned to put more spirit into it and heads outside when class ends to try to determine why she can't be as loud as she would like, when she needs to be.

Before she can think of a possible answer she hears Gloria, who has sensed PriTickets and realized it came from Laala. She panics and tries to determine how this is when she was sure she left them at home; only to realize she was in such a hurry she accidentally put them on her person. But to her surprise, the headmistress was targeting another girl and she easily escapes.

In PriPara, Kuma is enjoying a snack when Usagi, his rival, approaches. He had nothing better to do than come by and insult Kuma while passing by, only to stop when Kuma reveals he just happened to stumble upon a very talented idol. Usagi isn't at all worried though, because he has the god-tiered Sophie.

In class, Laala thinks about the fun she had the other day, but this causes her further worry as she wonders if she is being bad for going against the school rules. She attempts to reveal what happened to Nao, but stops after Nao begins to talk about a third year who got her cards taken away and how she may get punished for stashing so many. Once again Laala tries, but when her PriPass goes off she has no choice but to flee the room.

Once outside in safety, Laala answers the call from Kuma. She tries to explain that phones are banned at school, although she accidentally brought it anyway. He explains his plans and asks if she will be returning for that day's performance and Laala claims she can't, asking him to apologize to Mirei. As soon as she hangs up she is shocked to find Minami, who gives her yet another ticket for being noisy.

Elsewhere, Sophie is leaving with her fan club in tow. They tell her how much support they are giving her, but she doesn't really respond to them, causing the girls to simply fawn over her coolness.

In PriPara, Mirei is informed of the news by Kuma and begins to panic. Laala promised they would sing together and she becomes very saddened by this, with Kuma reminding her the performance can't happen without a partner, asking her what she plans to do after. She decides to wait, recalling the promise she and Laala and made and she trusts her. She runs off before Kuma can convince her to consider alternate options.

Kuma once again calls Laala, who scolds him for calling her again. He asks her if she really meant not coming and she attempts to hang up on him. But before she can, he begins to act as though he is in a lot of pain and pretends to pass out to gain sympathy from her- which works until he accidentally causes her to realize it was nothing more than a rouse. However, he reminds her of Mirei and brings up how hard she has been working, and how she remains trusting Laala. This appears to be enough to make her regret her decision not to show up again, and after class ends Laala quickly leaves. As this goes on Nao tries to find out what her problem is and follows behind her, but Laala has no idea what to do to tell her until the Headmistress confronts them suddenly. They trick her by handing over the slips of paper she got for causing problems earlier and then run for the hills.

At the entry hall, Mirei continues to wait for Laala despite Kuma's words. She is sure that because they promised, she would be coming.

Laala gets home before running off for Prism Stone right after. She inserts her ticket and transforms, quickly making her way to the location as it is announced that the entry time will be closing shortly. Laala just makes it and they run inside as Kuma signs them up at the desk. They change coords and appear on stage, ready to perform.

After the performance the girls earn their PriTicket's for it and are asked by some girls to swap their tickets with them. Laala also gains her first number one fan, causing her to become very excited.

As they leave Laala expresses the desire to become a real, true idol. Mirei says they should do that, but Laala reveals that at her school PriPara isn't allowed. Mirei is surprised since she assumed it to just be her school. They are further surprised as they leave together, with shock overwhelming them when they realize they already know each other: Mirei is really the head disciplinary Minami.

3 (156)- "Chimu Kaisan? Komaru-kumā!" ("Team Break-up? No way, kuma!")

PriPara - Episode 03

PriPara - Episode 03


Airdate: July 19, 2014

Staring at each others true forms, Mirei comments on how different Laala looks within PriPara. She expects to be in big trouble, but Mirei informs her that it actually isn't against the rules, surprising her as they head outside of Prism Stone shop to discuss. Mirei confesses that she has always adored idols and it has been a long-time dream, but she is able to display such a different personality within PriPara because according to her calculations it is a popular Idol personality. She was hoping that someone would realize it was the true her, but then grows flustered after wondering if maybe it's too soon, although she wants to be noticed right away. Realizing she's sending mixed signals she quickly changes the subject by claiming sometimes staying in character is difficult; but one day she will make the big reveal.

Laala brings up PriPara again and is relieved when Mirei reveals Gloria only made up this rule upon joining. She also suggests that if Laala becomes a big enough idol then their Headmistress can't do anything about it. So she's going to have to focus on this for not only her fans, but her poor friends who have lost their PriTickets. Laala is very inspired by this and Mirei promises to help protect her until then, if she nees it, before bringing up their special training the following day.

Come then, the girls transform and head into PriPara. They head to an area to practice with some basic idol skills. They start with smiling, then move onto walking. Laala is unable to do well in either and is scolded, so they move onto handshakes, then autographs.

Later on at school Laala hides to practice her autograph during free time. She really wants to make Mirei proud and and not angry with her anymore, but she struggles to concentrate and hears Gloria in the distance. Laala runs away in a panic and the Headmistress is able to get something related to PriPara from her, but Laala quickly swipes it and begins to eat the paper while pretending to be a goat. Gloria stops her to show her a "real" goat imitation and Laala uses this to run away until she finds Mirei- who punishes her for running in the hall despite their newly found friendship. She is then forced to polish the statue of the schools founder.

Later in PriPara, Laala is scolded for not improving at all. Neither Mirei or Kuma are that happy and insult her for such lousy skills, unaware of how terrible it makes Laala feel until she tries to explain herself. Mirei doesn't want to hear it though, bringing up their Making Drama, the thing they were able to perform twice now in hopes of encouraging Laala. Thinking it might help she puts her in charge of thinking up a brand new one.

At home, Laala watches PriPara with her little sister. She remains depressed while they watch Sophie perform, causing her to realize that she has to keep trying to avoid letting Mirei down. It's then her mother calls her to deliver a pizza to Pride Tower Hills, located on Parajuku fifth street. She looks at the paper before spotting pickled plums on the pizza, surprised until her mother explains that they never met the customer requesting them.

Laala heads to the location, remaining quiet and in awe while observing everything. She stops by the desk when a strange, run-down girl approaches her to pick up the pizza. She crawls back to the elevator after Laala hands it over, seemingly happy by the turn of events.

The next day, Laala reveals to Kuma that she was unable to think of any good ideas for Making Flash. He tries to make her focus more by trying to gain sympathy, but she is confronted again by the Headmistress and runs off as she gives chase. Mirei approaches and spots an item she dropped, stunned to see just how many times Laala has been practicing her autograph. She goes to speak to Gloria in private after Laala manages to escape her, and sets up a chart to point out that 99.9% of the girl students are interested in PriPara, and 97.9% have even gone on to increase their grades while skipping work or forgetting anything have only been 1.8%. She was hoping to change Gloria's mind with this, but it doesn't work, even as she brings up that 85.7% of the PriPara-goers have even made new friends, and this percentage rises as they speak, but this only angers Gloria. She tells that she never wants to hear anything related to friends or friendships ever again, causing Mirei to storm off. Unknowingly this has also made the Headmistress suspicious since she has seen Laala and Mirei together as of late.

Outside Laala decides that she wants to show Mirei her true thoughts and feelings to express gratitude. Once again she shows up late and when asked if she has a Making Drama yet, she just tells Mirei that they should try their best. So they change into their chosen coords for the performance and they head out on stage.

After the performance the girls leave and receive their brand new tickets. Mirei compliments Laala for a job well done and returns the item she dropped earlier. Laala thanks Mirei for her help at school earlier, and Mirei attempts to act as though she totally expected it, but it's clear she didn't. The girls express the desire to become even closer to each other soon afterwards.

4 (157)- "Kashikoma! Genki Fō Yū" ("Capice! Cheer For You")

PriPara - Episode 04

PriPara - Episode 04

(かしこま!元気 For You)

Airdate: July 26, 2014

Gloria recalls how wonderful summer is while in her office. The next day is the final day of school before break and she is rather unhappy with this, appalled by the idea of friendship and as such plans to really put Rina to work stealing PriTickets. She heads outside to tell everyone on the disciplinary students and tells them to keep a tight watch over any suspicious PriPara activity. They all agree, though Mirei is rather unhappy.

In class Laala packs her items when Nao scolds her for not taking some of them home earlier to avoid this trouble and once again Laala decides to reveal her secret. But just then Gloria spots another girls Ticket nearby and confiscates it- causing Laala to chicken out and run away.

As students are leaving, the disciplinary students watch them closely and ask that they hand over any PriTickets they have. None seem to possess any and after another of the members confesses his concern to Mirei, she tells him that PriTickets aren't against rules and she asks to speak to Laala. As the headmistress stands aside, Mirei lets Laala go after asking if she has any tickets on her and she claims not to have any. Gloria is unconvinced though, and heads off of the school property with Rina in hand, following Laala on an electric scooter.

Laala runs from Gloria and turns down a road, only to run into an older girl. She apologizes and they happen to spot each others friend tickets, causing them to realize that they already know each other from PriPara. Eiko is a little surprised to find that the idol she fawns over is a young elementary child, but they already swapped tickets so it's fine. Before anymore can be said though, Laala hides behind Eiko and reveals that she is being chased by her Heamistress. Eiko leads Laala to an alleyway and puts up her tennis bag, revealing to Laala that because they are by the PriPara entrance there is a force field keeping Gloria away from them. Her body is unable to handle being so close to PriPara due to her negative feelings so she is unable to approach the bag and see them hiding behind it.

Once Gloria walks away the girls find a spot to relax. Eiko goes on to bring up how well the older students know Gloria, so they can only imagine how hard it is for the elementary students. Eiko then goes on to express concern over her upcoming tennis match because of a hard opponent, but after watching Laala performed the other day Eiko watched before her match and beat the other player. Since then she has begin to admire Laala and was hoping today she could do it again. Laala, touched and flattered by this is quick to agree and she promises to head over to PriPara after she drops off her school items.

This task appears easier than said when she arrives home to find Gloria inside, having stopped by for a visit. She asks to visit Laala's room and sniffs around for any sign of the cards or tickets, only to find the crumbled autograph Laala was practicing with. She claims it had nothing to do with being an Idol though, instead she wants to be a professional sumo. This seems convincing, so Gloria moves on- only to spot the bag on the shelf. As Laala panics she opens it to find it empty. Laala is surprised and she takes off when she gets called for the pizza she ordered.

After she takes off Laala checks, surprised to find the bag empty as Non goes to reveal she hid them for her. Laala apologizes for keeping the secret from her and Non tells her that she would like Pink Actress' autograph in return. Laala attempts to get her to change her mind but Non threatens to tell on her, so when Laala agrees she takes off. It's then Laala remembers the time and is relieved to find out Gloria will be leaving. She is a little upset after hearing her parents tell Gloria to return whenever she feels like it, but she has little time to linger on it and leaves for PriPara.

Meanwhile, Eiko anxiously watches the display going on in the many monitors. She worries Laala will end up late when she realizes she isn't there yet and fears she won't make it in time.

Laala runs while being scolded by Kuma and she attempts to explain while arriving. She manages to get there but Meganee reveals the entry to PriPara is closing at the time and Laala begs for her to make an exception. Meganee claims she can't do anything about it and Laala arrives fifteen minutes late. She tries to think of something and is surprised as she watches Eiko head towards the exit. She tries to reach out to her but Eiko doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Laala remains stubborn, following behind Eiko and trying to convince her that she will make things better, which only works when she promises to get in a performance before the tennis match.

The next morning, Laala tries to sleep in until Non wakes her by sitting on top of her and bouncing the bed. When Laala remembers her promise she attempts to run off, but is stopped during breakfast to be reminded of her morning chores first. After finishing she rushes off for morning calisthenics and happens to bump into Cosmo, a well-known Idol and designer for a second. She has no idea who she is though and returns to work at home for a bit. She plans to leave around ten, but is greeted by the Headmistress again. Gloria compliments Laala for being awake so early when she could have slept in, but she remains suspicious.

At the tennis arena, Eiko worriedly awaits her turn with her friends once again.

Eventually Laala notices she has to get going or else she won't make it. She has no idea how she'll manage though, until Non approaches to reveal she thought of a plan already. She will dress up like Laala so nobody knows she's missing. They make the switch and Laala runs to PriPara after thanking her.

Eiko continues to wait for Laala, using her phone to watch and see if she shows up. Her friends are trying to hurry her, due to her opponent being ready and on the field and sadly Eiko puts her phone away. The match then begins.

Laala quickly changes into her idol getup in Prism Stone and runs for the performance area. Where a frustrated Kuma and annoyed Mirei are awaiting. Kuma scolds her and they run for the changing area to put on their coords, where they put on their Wonderland themed dresses. They perform and swap cards, and in the end Eiko was able to win against her opponent.

It is revealed that Laala and Mirei watched the game as it went on. They are both happy for Eiko, and Mirei mentions that with enough work they will soon catch up to Sophie. Laala agrees to this and heads home, where Non scolds her for taking so long. Laala apologizes and changes again to ask Gloria if she needs anything. In this time it's also revealed that Non has got the autograph she wished for.

5 (158)- "Atashi, Sofi-san to Utaitai Wa Ni!" ("I Wanna Sing With Sophy!")

PriPara - Episode 05

PriPara - Episode 05

(あたし, そふぃさんと歌いたいワニ!)

Airdate: August 2, 2014

Mirei interrupts the excited Laala to inform her that even if school is on break, their idol training will not be. She has calculated their tasks in order to determine the fastest way to becoming the next idol rank and has come up with a "oneninefour" jump plan.

Heading to PriPara the girls look over their possible audition choices when they notice how popular the Sunshine Watermelon Live is. A lot of people have been waiting for Sophie to make a guest appearance on it, and Laala asks Mirei if she wants to see it with her. Kuma remains unimpressed as they watch Sophie speak to the audience and put on a performance. While this happens Mirei remains serious but finds herself drawn to it while Laala appears very taken with it.

Afterwards the girls leave for home and continue discussing their PriPara activities. For her plan Mirei decides they will be entering the Shining Future Idol Grand Prix, which was the very same one Saints joined up and won, beginning their climb to th top. They will need to find another member though, and Laala suggests they ask Sophie. Mirei quickly shoots it down since they're not even near her Idol rank and she is too different than them, but Laala remains persistent, much to her confusion.

The next day Laala makes an attempt to reach her and calls out to her. But she is interrupted by Sophie's fan club and they refuse to let her speak or get any closer to Sophie. Laala doesn't really understand though, and Sadako, the leader of the group, tells Laala that if she wants to get any closer to Sophie she must write at least one-hundred fan letters first. Then she tells an oblivious Sophie everything is fine and they take off.

While Mirei attempts to convince Laala to quit, she refuses and trails after them into the city. At the flower shop, the store worker offers Sophie some roses for free, having been taken by her charm, but the others refuse to let him any closer. When Laala tries, Sadako makes Chanko attack her to keep her away. By now, Mirei tells Laala to just give up, but she continues on, taking to wearing a crocodile disguise next. At first the girls believe it to be real and while Sophie doesn't mind, the club think this is exactly why they need to be so protective. But they are all too frightened to do anything until Sadako reveals it to only be Laala. They walk off again and Mirei questions if Laala may be an idiot before taking off, only to stop and reveal where Sophie lives.

To her surprise Laala returns to the place she delivered the pizza the other day. She walks inside to try to find some help but gets distracted by the large fish tank nearby; only to find the pickled plum girl in it. Seeing as she fell into the tank, Laala piles many objects to reach her and attempts to take her back to her room. They head up to floor three, but then Laala wonders if the girl really meant floor nine and head up- but this isn't right either. Laala finds herself flustered and eventually they come to the very last floor when Cosmo, the girl Laala met the other day approaches. To her surprise, the two girls are sisters. There Laala also finds out that the room is number 3333.

As Laala makes an attempt to remember what she came to do, she is called by Kuma to be told that the audition entry will be closing soon, so she has to hurry up to PriPara. With no time left, Laala takes off.

Inside room 3333, Cosmo apologizes to the girl for bumping her into the room so roughly. Going on to reveal the pickled plum pizza girl is actually Sophie.

Laala transforms and quickly sits down with Mirei, revealing she was unable to get to Sophie, but she plans to keep trying. Mirei is unimpressed, then goes on to reveal their special dance practice for September the next day. She claims that with her calculations she wont have the time to go after Sophie anymore, but Laala remains stubborn. It is then Mirei recalls how the scout working with Sophie happens to be Usagi, someone Kuma knows but doesn't like. So she is sure that Sophie will be a bad choice in partner. It is practically destiny for the two of them to be apart, but still Laala refuses to give up, believing Kuma and Usagi could work out their differents. Kuma remains ignorant, claiming it's for the best and wishes the girls luck before leaving.

Afterwards, Laala is surprised to learn that Sophie hasn't showed up yet. She is disappointed, but when it is announced she is there, Laala and Mirei stand by to watch her perform. Laala sternly tells Mirei how she really wants Sophie to join them, and while Mirei is still displeased she expresses joy that Laala was able to actually convince her of reconsidering. However, she does believe they should rank up first.

6 (159)- "Igiari? Raara ga Uchi ni Yattekitappuri!" ("Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!")

PriPara - Episode 06

PriPara - Episode 06

(異議あり? らぁらがウチ二やってきたっぷり!)

Airdate: August 9, 2014

In PriPara, Laala and Mirei are busy listening to a song Kuma has brought to them. While Laala likes it, Mirei isn't too impressed over it, causing Kuma to begin to yell at her for her lack of consideration. He explains how important it is for an idol to have a personal song wrote just for her and he plans on having them show it off in two days.

Elsewhere, Sophie has just finished her performance and is greeted by her fan club. They compliment her work for the day and she thanks them, only to suddenly go limp and fall asleep. They give her a pickled plum to return her to "normal".

Mirei explains their current idol standings and mentions that she and Laala will need to increase their ranking before they can even try to partake in the auditions that Sophie does. However, she has an idea for the announcement of their new song, and they will unveil a brand new Making Drama specifically for it. With those plans, the girls transform and head into PriPara to get to training. To their surprise however, the training rooms are all used up and plenty of girls are waiting for their own turn.

Defeated by this, Mirei suggests they head to Laala's to practice there.

At Papa's Pasta, Gloria is in the middle of a meal when she brings up Laala not being there. She gets frustrated after her mother brings up that Laala went to hang out with a friend, claiming that friendship is worthless, but she quickly changes the subject by asking them for more food.

Outside, Laala and Mirei watch from the window and complain over this. With no other option, Mirei decides to bring Laala to her home for training instead, and while excited, Laala is worried over Mirei's parents. But her fears are quickly put to rest when she meets Mirei's mother, who mentions how rare it is for Mirei to bring over a friend. They head up to Mirei's bedroom to see what looks to be Kuma in pillow form, and a huge Pop-style painting. These both fluster Mirei so she changes the subject by bringing focus to their plans until Laala gets distracted by a photo album and starts looking through it.

Mirei scolds Laala before they sit down and asks her how she was able to think of the Making Drama they performed last time. Laala explains her thought process to her, saying that a Making Drama is a feeling they convey in a message to their fans. Their first step would be to determine what they wish to convey, but they are unable to think long over it after Mirei's father interrupts to invite the girls to have tea with him and her mother.

As the four enjoy the snack, Laala thinks about how refined and nice Mirei's parents are and momentarily compares them to the hectic household she lives in. They start to discuss how much they enjoy the food of Papa's Pasta, causing her to snap out of it and ask what her parents careers are. Her dad is a prosecutor, while her mother is an Attorney, but Laala is unable to understand so they try to show her an example. Suddenly, Mirei's parents begin to argue, using their profession knowledge to decide if pudding or cookies would be better with the tea. They make Mirei act as a judge soon after, while Laala only watches with surprise until she is called as a witness. They ask which one she would prefer but she is unable to decide.

Eventually, Mirei decides that they will have both the cookies and pudding, and with that the meal returns to normal. Mirei's parents apologize for how random that was, but this happens quite often and they refuse to quit until someone acts as a judge for them. But they claim this strengthens their love for each other.

Later on the girls return to Mirei's room. They resume trying to think of a brand new Making Drama, but feel stuck. Laala goes on to explain how much fun she's been having lately after, and in that she realizes what she wants to convey to the fans. Before she thought she was happy, but now as an idol she's as happy as every separate happy time put together.

Satisfied by this, Mirei adds happiness to her calculations when they are interrupted by Mirei's feuding parents once more. They go to see that they are fussing over Mirei's future career and Laala grabs Mirei's judge items until Mirei warns her its senseless- because this is the only arguement she can't control. All they can do is wait for it to die down, something Laala isn't very happy to hear while wondering if her parents even know she is an Idol. It's then she gets an idea and runs back to Mirei's room to grab the photo album she wanted to look at. She yells at Mirei's parents and discusses how well they normally get along, showing them various pictures.

This plan seems to work and they quit their arguing and recall how entranced Mirei was by the PriPara Program with Saints on. Ever since then Mirei has dreamed of becoming an idol, which surprises Laala since she had no idea they knew. It turns out they want her to be an idol for law, by becoming a prosecutor idol or an attorney idol. This earns annoyance from Mirei, who wants to strictly be a Pop idol. She thanks Laala for the help and is inspired for the brand new Making Drama, asking Laala to leave it to her.

In PriPara the girls transform and head straight to the performance area. They change outfits and perform on stage. After, the results are soon announced and the girls stand on a platform. It is shown that Mirei and Laala have passed the audition, and not only that, but Mirei's parents watched the performance. They comment on how wonderful it was, but they both refuse to give up on what sort of idol they want Mirei to become.

Elsewhere, Sophie happened to notice the girls for a moment until Sadako reminds her that her turn is coming up. She follows her into the performance area and takes off, just as Laala and Mirei come into the room and celebrate their rank up.

7 (160)- "Reddo Furasshu o Sagashite..." ("Search for the Red Flash...")

PriPara - Episode 07

PriPara - Episode 07


Airdate: August 16, 2014

Mirei and Laala celebrate their dressing room upgrade while Kuma explains how they have gone up in ranking. He goes along to show them the recent PriPara Magazine they were included in, but Mirei is disappointed since they are only mentioned in a listing for upcoming idol units. Kuma isn't surprised and he tells them to keep working, but their attention remains on the cover of the magazine, where Sophie happens to be located. To the annoyance of Kuma and Mirei, Laala still wants Sophie to join them. Seeing as she wont change her mind though, Kuma suggests signing the girls up in an event Sophie will be participating in too, in hopes of getting Laala to drop her childish delusions.

Laala and Mirei go to leave the dressing room when they are suddenly confronted by a small crowd of girls. Eiko and her friends even come by to see Laala and they express excitement in seeing her next event. As Laala and Mirei head down the hallway to see a huge amount of people outside, Mirei informs her that they are waiting for Sophie because her concert has just ended.

In another hallway Sophie walks down with her fan club and Usagi. He is very pleased by the turn of events but his mood grows to annoyance when she gives out and has to be rushed to the dressing room. Usagi and her fan club voice their concerns for Sophie's real behavior, but Usagi pushes it further, fearing he will be mocked if everyone saw the real her, which is why they need to keep "fancy mode" a secret. Her fan club promises to help out when someone knocks on the door. Usagi yells at them to go away but it doesn't work, which angers him and her fan club.

He sneaks out of the room to point out the "Keep Out" note he wrote, which Laala is unable to understand since he wrote it in English. Usagi explains what it means, and despite the girls' attempt to get into the room, he denies access and storms back inside upon recalling they work for Kuma.

Later on, Laala is busy at work at Papa's Pasta. She is surprised to find the Headmistress there again, and she claims it is because she enjoys the food. However, she also smells PriPara Cards. Laala distracts her with a garlic pizza she ordered, then runs off to express disappointment in how wonderful their cooking is, since it attracts her evil Headmistress.

It is then Laala notices it is around two pm and she has to hurry for PriPara. Headmistress Gloria happens to overhear her, but Laala is able to cover it by claiming that it is the name for a new pizza, one that has pudding and jalapeño on it while claiming it to be a play on words.

Eventually she makes it to PriPara and quickly runs to the location of the audition. She's excited since it's their first time competing in an event with Sophie, but she happens to trip over someone on the ground. She recognizes the girl from room 3333 and helps the girl, who doesn't recognize Laala until she sees the image of her from the PriTicket she has. Seeing how down the strange girl has become, Laala offers to grab her some pickled plum and rushes around PriPara in search for some. Nobody wants to help her though, causing much grief for Laala.

At the audition location, a frustrated Kuma and Mirei await for Laala. On the other side of the room, unknown to them happens to be Usagi and Sophie's fan club. Sophie has also gone missing and she is to perform first, and upon realizing she left behind her PriBag they realize she's outside in Fancy Mode. The fan club reverse their outfits and run out to find Sophie before someone important does.

Laala and the pickled plum girl sit down, with Laala disappointed that she was unable to help. The girl is growing worse but Laala remains perky as she spots a little yellow butterfly. The girl attempts to look but with her hair covering her eyes, she can't see. Laala makes an attempt to move her bangs, but the girl immediately moves back and refuses, stating that everyone would hate her if they saw her face. Laala is unable to understand what she means though, assuming she is quoting a line from some movie and is able to reach the girls hair. To her surprise, she has very beautiful eyes. She explains to the girl that she is still the same to her, face visible or not, and in this time she also gets an idea to check the stores to see if any of them have a pickled plum. She then runs off, but not before comparing the girl to Sophie.

At the nearby shops Laala approaches a crepe building, but they have never heard of a pickled plum crepe before. This ends up repeating at the other shops, including the ice cream stand, and even fellow idols. She is surprised by how hard pickled plums are to come by, but before she can think of anything else, Kuma rushes by and ropes Laala to drag her off. She fights until the girl slowly stands up, claiming this is fine. Seeing how much Laala ran around really encouraged her to try her best too, so she wishes Laala luck with her performance.

Mirei yells at Laala, who apologizes and spots the boxed lunches prepared for them; a typical present for debut Idols. She opens one to find a single, pickled plum on a pile of rice and quickly runs off back to the park where the girl was. She feeds it to her, finding her in a bush full of animals- but before anything can happen, Sophie's fan club appears.

Sophie slowly rises from behind them and they shove a bunch of candy in Laala's mouth to keep her quiet and run off while the Sophie tries to thank Laala for her help. Laala waves them off and runs back to the performance hall, making it just as Sophie is about to go on. Mirei and Kuma scold Laala once more, but because of Sophie's performance being delayed, Laala made it just in time so they are not too upset. However Mirei does promise to become very angry should Laala keep her waiting again. With that they decide to watch Sophie perform.

Once it ends, Laala and Mirei run to the area where they will go to perform. They are greeted by Meganii Akai, who is introduced as working with Debut class idols, including their schedules, song-writing and other what not. He greets both girls and introduces the song he wrote for them, wishing them good luck in performing. They put in their cards to change into the wonderland-themed coords to perform in.

After the performance, Kuma congratulates the girls for how wonderful they did. He shows them that he has never gotten as many likes before either, but as they leave his mood is ruined by Usagi.

Out in the main hallway, Laala and Mirei are shocked to find Sophie there. She explains to them how much she enjoyed their performance, then snaps off her friend ticket to give to Laala. Laala trades her own and Sophie takes off, leaving a clueless Mirei and a joyful Laala.

8 (161)- "Dokidoki! Natsu da! Mizugi da! Pūru de Kashikoma♪" ("Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Capische at the Pool!")

PriPara - Episode 08

PriPara - Episode 08


Airdate: August 23, 2014

Laala complains over the heat one day in her bedroom. She doesn't want to do anything and attempts to imagine what she would feel like had it been winter. At first it works, but she is then interrupted by thoughts of warm udon, a warm table to sit under, and a very big, fluffy kuma to keep her warm. After angrily venting, she happens to hear Nao from the window and curiously looks out her window. Nao invites her to come with her to the pool today and Laala quickly accepts, which makes Nao realy happy since they haven't hung out in a while. Before taking off, Nao tells Laala to meet up with her at the Parajuku Pool in thirty minutes.

Laala turns to pack for her exciting trip to the pool. She is sure they will be fine since her dad is there selling gelato for the day, but she is interrupted by Non, who reminds her of the performance she has later. In a panic Laala overlooks her schedule to see that Non is telling her the truth when Kuma suddenly calls her. He reminds Laala that it will be for the Exciting Summer Swimsuit Coord Live. She makes an attempt to ask if he can reschedule, but Kuma hangs up on Laala by threatening to pour Miso soup into every single glass of orange juice she will ever try to drink if she shows up too late.

Non tells Laala that she will just need to cancel the pool trip, but Laala refuses because she promised Nao they could go. She recalls how saddened Nao was when her PriTicket was taken by the Headmistress and since that day she has been very secretive with her, so she has to be honest and confess what she has been doing. After grabbing her final item, Laala quickly heads off to meet up with Nao.

After meeting they get changed and greet Laala's father before going to play. Eventually they stop for lunch and Laala runs off, only to be stopped by the head disciplinary, Mirei, who scolds her for breaking three rules already. Laala is annoyed, but she is happy to see Mirei there, and Mirei explains that she wanted to check out the latest swim fashions since she was sure they would help her decide which of the swimsuit coords to wear later. She warns Laala to keep her eyes open before the show, so Laala decides that she needs to make sure she tells Nao the truth before they split up later.

Laala returns with a mountain full of food in an attempt to butter Nao up. She also keeps her nice and relaxed, massages her shoulders, gets her a drink, and plays music for her. Nao thinks it is a little weird and assumes Laala just wants to copy her summer homework, but she admits that she didn't do all that much yet. Hearing this, Laala makes an attempt to tell Nao the truth, but when Nao suddenly says "PriPara", Laala is shocked to find a nearby television with Pripara on it. Meganee is in the middle of giving an interview with Sophie, and she asks Sophie what she thinks about the beach. Sophie can only discuss jellyfish, and as this is going on, Sophie (currently in Fancy Form) is floating by in the water, unnoticed by everyone. Her fan club is on the search for her as a performance airs on the television.

It is then Nao mentions that while she likes Sophie, she has found another idol that she likes even better. An idol whose name is also Laala. In that time, an interview of Laala and Mirei from the other day comes on and Nao mentions how happy she feels whenever she sees that idol. This causes Laala to calm down, and she considers voicing the truth now that she knows how Nao feels, but when Nao expresses sadness over her PriTicket being stolen she is quickly silenced. Nao admits that she would love to meet the idol she admires so much, and hearing this Laala begins to think it is okay now. But once again she stops when Nao tries to make her promise to watch a performance of Laala together some day.

Laala gets up to return their empty dishes and resumes panicking. She really wants to tell Nao the truth, but after hearing what she's said, she isn't sure that she should now. But it would be too hard to lie anymore knowing what she said. Mirei comes by to remind her that it's time to leave for the audition a bit later, and in this time Laala decides that it is now or never. She tells Mirei to go ahead and runs back to Nao, who is waiting in a nearby line. She practices how to apologize while approaching her, but Nao meets up with her first. Suddenly she spits it right out and admits the truth.

At first Nao doesn't believe her, until Laala proves it by showing her the PriTicket she has. Nao, shocked by this drops the ice cream and Laala promises that she had a good reason for not being honest right away, but after she mentions that she has to leave for a performance a distraught Nao tells Laala off for being a big liar. She claims to hate her and runs off to join some other school friends as Laala attempts to get her to listen. Her attempts go ignored, and she starts to cry and tries distracting herself by going for a swim- only to bump into Mirei, who stayed behind to make sure she actually showed up. She is quick to chastise Laala for breaking an Idol rule (Idols must never cry in public), and tells Laala that as an idol, one of her duties is to make Nao smile, but now they need to go so it has to wait.

As she is leaves, Laala suddenly is hit by inspiration to perform. She decides to Nao smile from the stage and apologize to her there.

At Prism Stone the girls change and head right to the performance area. They use their tickets to change into their desired swimsuit coords and prepare to perform. As this is going on, Nao witnesses this from the pool with her friends. They notice how sad she looks, and she attempts to leave until Laala suddenly calls out to her from the television. Laala explains how important this is to her, and she begins to tell Nao how sorry she is for what she's done. She cares a lot for Nao and it is because of her that she was even to get onto the stage and perform to begin with. After she says that, she tells Nao to smile again with some help from Mirei before they perform.

It is during this time that Nao is able to realize how Laala was never really to blame. She wasn't the one who stole her ticket, and she tried to tell her plenty of times before but Nao never gave her a chance. She was only jealous that Laala was being able to live out her dream, instead of herself. Feeling much better now, Nao runs off.

Kuma congratulates the girls for their summer outfits they chose for the performance. They return to normal and Laala heads straight out to the pool. She is surprised to find Nao heading in her direction and the girls stop. The girls reconcile and Nao compliments Laala's performance before talking about how lovely her Idol voice is, and how much she enjoys seeing her smile on the stage, among other things.

Touched by this, Laala takes out her Friend Ticket and gives it to Nao. Nao refuses at first since she doesn't have any tickets in return to swap, but Laala still wants her to have it. She promises that one day she will become so powerful that the headmistress wont be able to stop her, and then she will get back Nao's PriTicket and they can go to PriPara together.

Late in the day, now that most of the people have left, Sophie's fan club is still out searching for her. Unable to notice that she is floating by in the water yet again.

9 (162)- "Tokimeki Aidoru Daishūgō!" ("Exciting Idol Meeting!")

PriPara - Episode 09

PriPara - Episode 09


Airdate: August 30, 2014

One lovely morning, Cosmo awakens her little sister to prepare her for the day ahead. She brushes her hair, changes her clothing, applies her makeup, then last but not least, feeds her a pickled plum to see to it that she is able to get throug hthe day.

In PriPara, Mirei and Laala happily cheer over the news that they will be participating on the same program that Sophie will be attending the next day. Kuma was able to arrange it, so he tells the girls that they better not mess up.

In Sophie's room, Usagi expresses concern over Sophie by asking her if she will really be alright to partake of this program. She has been slipping into fancy mode a lot more then usual and since she will be closer to the fans, it may be too hard to keep it under control. Sophie doesn't agree though, and points out that someone recently saw her true self and didn't hate her at all. Her words are ignored by Usagi, who tries changing the subject by complimenting her. Although Sophie is only focused on the time she spent with Laala a few days prior.

The next day, Kuma informs Laala and Mirei that the winners will get to perform. The girls begin to feel overwhelmed for a moment but they are encouraged. Sophie comes by to formally greet the girls and Laala takes this moment to introduce Mirei. Meganee then announces that the pairs will be decided by using the raffle, which surprises Laala and Mirei- as they weren't informed of this. Mirei is frustrated with Kuma since he didn't bother to even ask and starts choking him until the raffle starts. In the end, Laala and Sophie are reunited, while Mirei finds her partner is the leader of Pink Actress, Nanami. While Kuma is frustrated now, Mirei points out that their team has a greater chance of at least one of them performing.

With that, the "Goodbye to the Summer Live!! Exciting Idol meeting!!" begins. First the game show starts with a riddle section. Laala is nervous since she isn't good with riddles, but Sophie looks calm and cool, so she feels more relaxed. The first question is "An eagle is not eager to seek out the company of others, but finches don't flinch from large groups. What bird, then, has no luck waking up before noon?"

Laala ends up hitting the button despite not knowing the answer, but unfortunately Sophie doesn't know it either. But she wins over everyone in the audience for how cool she acts, which Usagi had planned on utilizing. Mirei is able to figure out the answer, "a duck", and she gains a point for herself and Nanami.

The next question is then asked, "7+7 divided 7+7x7-7='", and Mirei instantly guesses that it is 50 and is right again. Then they come to question three, "What species of frog has the largest tadpole on Earth?", and once again Mirei guesses "shrinking frog". By now Laala is frustrated over her inhability to answer, while Sophie admits she'd rather be off singing than answering questions. Laala tries to encourage her teammate though, insisting they at least try as they move to the Silhouette Quiz portion. At first Mirei struggles, and Nanami uses her catchphrase "Kyupikon", which is wrong. Sophie is somehow able to guess that it is a Kishu Honey-pickled plum, and goes on to identify more pickled plums, including the Kishu Bonito, and Kishu's 3-year specialty extra rich plum pickle.

With that, they move onto the athletic part. The teams change into their training clothing and are instructed to compete on a bread eating running course, then upon completing that they will need to play a game of whack-a-frog before reaching the goal. Laala is eager and believes she is capable of doing something physical, while Usagi and Sophie's Fan Club worry due to Sophie's fancy mode appearing should she eat anything sweet. Which proceeds to happen right then. The fan club members reverse their jackets and donned in black, they quickly head to a nearby room to pull a switch and cause a blackout. Everyone from the audience to the particpating Idols are shocked, along with the hosts. In this time, Laala gets a good look at Sophie and realizes she is none other than the pickled plum girl.

As they get up, Sophie expects the worse from Laala, but to her surprise Laala claims she always found the pickled plum girl to be cute, and that Sophie is still really cool. Both forms of her are great in her eyes. As they wait for the games to resume, Sophie admits that she is physically weak and she loves to dance, but her sister usually reminds her not to waste all of her energy so early, so she has become very dependant on the pickled plum in all the years she had to use it. When she was little a special competition approached, and she was given the pickled plum because it's sour taste encourages her and gives her the energy she needed. Everyone loved her right away, due to her cute looks and young age, as well as her talent. After the debut performance Usagi approached and requested becoming her manager. At first Cosmo was against it and tried to explain how it was only because of the pickled plum, but he still wanted her despite that and he promised to always provide her with the pickled plums.

Hearing this, Laala feels sad and she tells Sophie that she doesn't need to hide her true self from others. It's then they are interrupted by Mirei and Nanami, who stare at Sophie momentarily before moving ahead. Sophie and Laala crawl out from the net and Laala asks if they should quit. Sophie isn't very sure how the others will respond though, and once again Mire interrupts. She decides to ask about it later and brushes Sophie's hair for her as the lights soon return.

The show resumes, and all four teams managed to finish and head to the whack-a-frog run. Laala goes all out and is scoring really high, but Nanami and Mirei are able to keep a lead on her because Sophie isn't really doing much. After Laala accidentally hits her hand, Sophie thinks about it and realizes that she really needs to focus. She makes an attempt to hit and with the last few seconds manages to hit one of the frogs and just in time for Laala to receive one point over Mirei and Nanami.

Delighted by the results, Laala happily thanks Sophie. But before they can do anything else, Sophie is taken away by Usagi and her Fan Club. Mirei rejoins her and wishes Laala luck on her performance, and Laala goes out to meet up with Sophie in the performance hall again. They scan their desired cards and friend tickets and change, then they appear on stage and perform.

Outside of Prism Stone, Sophie thanks Laala for her help. Laala asks Sophie if she would like to sing with them from now on, but Mirei scolds her. Rather than answer, Sophie reaches into her pocket and hands Laala her friend card and tells her that she would like to perform with her again; but curiously asks who the girl is next to Laala, since she doesn't know of Mirei's true appearance. She is surprised by what she is told, then comments on how much fun she had before taking off.

10 (163)- "Aki-iro Raburī Raibu" ("Autumn-colored Lovely Live")

PriPara - Episode 10

PriPara - Episode 10


Airdate: September 6, 2014

Laala has just finished filling Mirei and Kuma in on the secrets of Sophie in one of the rooms. They are surprised by the information when Mirei realizes how valuable Sophie would be on their side, while Kuma claims she would be too difficult to handle. Annoyed by his remark, Laala insists that the real Sophie isn't useless and they bicker until Mirei yells at them.

Elsewhere, Sophie recalls Laala's offer to join her unit. That evening she observes Laala's friend ticket and thinks about her small accomplishment of doing something on her own. In her desire to try harder, she decides to try to become more independant.

The following day Gloria is collecting a new set of PriTickets with the second term of the school year starting. She is quite happy, but she finds herself distracted when Laala reminds her of the delicious food from Papa's Pasta. Only for a moment though; when she is suddely convinced she smells PriTickets on Laala and tries to get them. Nao is able to distract her quickly after, claiming she spotted some nearby only to state it was actually a cloud and run off for cleaning duty. Laala hands over her bag but no PriTickets are found inside, as she hid them elsewhere, and Gloria gives her permission to leave.

At Prism Stone Laala quickly changes and heads into PriPara, where, to her surprise she is informed that Sophie wants to team up with them. Kuma is equally surprised- but he isn't looking forward to seeing Usagi, as he would be part of the package, so he comes up with a condition and announces that if they can't work together well, they will disband. But before then the girls need to prove themselves to him, and eager to get to work, Kuma enters Mirei and Laala in the upcoming Autumn Color Girls Live, which is being sponsored by ParaBou, a big cosmetics company. The winners will be the image girls of ParaBou's new Autumn-themed lipsticks. It would be great publicity if they win, and it will prove to him that they can handle it. But if they fail then he will be choosing whoever he sees fit as their partner.

With that, Kuma suggests they get some new outfits while he prepares for his upcoming hibernation. The girls do not understand at first, but they decide to go and study the season of Autumn to get some ideas.

Back at home, the girls head to the library and try to steady up on it with some reading. But after Laala falls asleep they try to take some inspiration from art, until Laala eats the display. They move onto their third idea and head out to try playing some sports, but they are under stress with their performance being that night and they have no ideas as of yet. Mirei claims that she needs to finish processing all of her ideas while Laala panics, but they are distracted when Eiko approaches to greet them. She is joined by Love, her previous rival and now good friend, and together the four sit down. Eiko explains how she befriended Love after their last match, and now they train together. Love explains how important a good rival can be, and Eiko admits that she used to think Love was scary until she got to know her. As it turns out she's actually very shy, and pretty cute. Love is flustered by Eiko's words and gets up to rapidly practice her tennis swings; which Eiko claims to be normal after seeing the startled Mirei and Laala.

With that, Eiko goes on to bring up that Love has never been to PriPara before. Love admits that it mainly has to do with her body image, and how she would feel like an outsider there if she tried to go in. Eiko is sure that Laala would be the right person to help give Love the push she needs to join them, and Laala, delighted by the vote of confidence tries to explain how she used to feel regarding her loud voice and how it made her never want to sing. But after going to PriPara, she grew to love her voice and she's become a well-loved Idol, so now she has more confidence. In Pripara everyone feels happier, and she suggests they head over at that moment.

At Prism Stone, they push the hesitant Love inside and approach Meganee to explain that it's her first time. Meganee is happy with this and agrees to pick out a nice outfit for her after complimenting Love's body proportions after scanning the PriTicket. She decides on the brand and registers Love's default outfit, then sends the four girls to the Shop Gate.

Love is stunned by her suddenly different appearance. Mirei, Laala, and Eiko compliment her lovely new appearance, and soon Love begins to feel a little more confident. They head into the town, where her tall and stylish appearance is quick to draw attention her way. She introduces herself as Cool Lovely, which makes the girls continue to fawn over her, only to be joined by the infatuated Kuma. His flirtatious behavior causes Laala, Mirei, and Eiko annoyance, though Love is very flattered by the attention and accidentally sends him flying when she hits him in her flustered state. This impresses all of the other girls, and suddenly Mirei and Laala appear to have become inspired for their Live. They thank a clueless Love for her help and leave for the performance area, where they explain their ideas and change into their brand new Autumn Coords and perform on stage.

As their performance goes on, a hesitant Sophie slowly exits from her home and takes off. She wants to head to PriPara on her own, but during the trip she gets distracted. She takes a nap, helps an elderly woman cross the street, gets followed by a cat, walks on a line, runs into a structure, and eventually realizes she has gotten lost. A couple passes by while remarking that she resembles the Idol Sophie, but she thinks nothing of it. Soon she finds herself too tired to continue and lays down for a rest when her Fan Club quickly locate her and try to determine why she left on her own.

In PriPara the four friends exchange their Friend Tickets. It is then revealed that Mirei and Laala have won the Live, and for promotional pictures they put on their lipsticks and begin to pose.

Cosmo and Usagi confront Sophie and she explains her desire to come to PriPara on her own. Usagi tells her not to bother since she only has to do whatever they tell her, and Cosmo, seeing her reaction suggests they left Sophie rest for a while. They start to leave, only for Usagi to stop and bring up that he picked out her teammates for the Sparkling Future Idol Live. Sophie is stunned, but they take off before she can say anything.

Laala and Mirei head over to Sophie's room with a present in hand, a box of a fresh vareities of Pickled Plum. They knock on the door and hand her the present. She is surprised even further, but she has them take it back, along with Laala's friend ticket before shutting the door on them. Laala and Mirei are shocked and confused and they wonder what made her suddenly change her mind as the episode ends.

11 (164)- "Dōsuru? Dōnaru!? Sanninme!!!" ("What To Do? What'll Happen!? The Third Member!!!")

PriPara - Episode 11

PriPara - Episode 11

(どうする? どうなる!? 三人目!!!)

Airdate: September 13, 2014

An upset Laala and Mirei think over the events that took place earlier. Laala had noticed how upset Sophie looked when she returned the Friend Ticket but they have no idea what could have happened in such a short amount of time. They spot Kuma hitting on a bunch of random girls, who after being called out on it, claims he was trying to scout a final member. With the event approaching he has to find a third member so that he can enjoy his hibernation peacefully. Laala still wants Sophie as their teammate but Kuma reminds her that she declined when Usagi interrupts the conversation to rub the rejection in the groups face. He explains that Sophie is way above them and takes off when Mirei points out the flaw in the phrase he chose to use when speaking.

Laala requests more time and Kuma gives them until noon the following day. They run off in search of Sophie, but by the time they reach her, she is unable to hear them while leaving. Laala is stopped by Sadako and Chanko and asks them about the Friends Ticket, but they refuse to say anything. When they attempt to leave Mirei challenges them by asking if they care about the real Sophie. They remain stubborn and claim to know what is best for her as they head off.

Laala is disappointed by how things have worked up until this point. But she refuses to stop now because Sophie needs them. It is then she gets an idea and she asks Mirei to stop by Papa's Pasta the next day.

After meeting up the girls head over to the apartment building Sophie lives at, dressed in uniforms from Papa's Pasta. They have brought some food gifts and because they couldn't get to her in PriPara, they are sure it will be fine here since Sophie is normally by herself. They ring the bell to the room and Mirei is instantly surprised when she sees Cosmo answer the door. Cosmo questions the price of the food but Laala offers it for free, since she was hoping to actually speak to Sophie. But unfortunately Sophie isn't home at the time. Mirei goes on to reveal how much she knows about Cosmo, apparently being a fan. She explains how important Cosmo is to the PriPara fashion as well, and brings up the Cyalume coords they use while performing. Flattered by Mirei's words, Cosmo invites the girls in for tea.

Having been seated, Laala and Mirei explain what happened the other day and Cosmo recalls Sophie mentioning that she would be in a unit for the first time, which pleasantly surprised her. But after Laala brings up the sudden decline, she continues on by explaining Sophie's miserable attempt to get to PriPara on her own. She had failed and she believes it shook her confidence, she also mentions that while outside of Pripara she usually looks after Sophie, but inside she has both Usagi and her fan club members. But lately, Cosmo finds herself concerned it might not be a good thing. The girls thank Cosmo for what she told them and soon leave, but Mirei asks if she can deliver a message to Sophie first. She tells her that if she plans to give up after a single failure then she isn't fit for their team. If she really wants to learn to fly they will help in anyway they can, but she has to make the first step on her own.

Once outside, Mirei goes over the calculations of being teamed with Sophie now. She announces that the chances have gone down by 98%, so they may as well give up. They have done what they could for her and should be focusing on themselves and this upcoming event. Kuma then calls the girls and after Laala reveals how poorly it went, he decides on holding interviews to pick their third member.

In PriPara, the interviews begin. The first girl, Keiko, comes in and is very nervous about the interview. She asks to perform a song for them and when it's agreed, she suddenly reveals her true form, a wild rap idol. The girls are very unprepared for this and they comment that while there is nothing wrong with rap, it wont mesh well with their Traditional Idol style. They move onto the next girl, who puts on an enka performance which also goes poorly. The next three also do bad, being Idols who love metal, act like a samurai, and a Parakappa.

Eventually they give up and the girls challenge Kuma's qualifications for selecting unit members. Laala still wants Sophie and she realizes that she could never be with anyone else and recalls what Kuma said earlier. She asks that he books her a bunch of solo events, but Kuma doesn't understand until Laala explains that focusing on ranking is the only thing left to try. He agrees to this and warns her not to slack off.

With that in mind, Laala spends the next few days working hard with training, practice, dealing with fans, performing, and small relaxation sessions in between. Mirei is impressed by her dedication and how she continues to push herself to keep going, but it feels quiet without her. It is then Kuma announces that he managed to find the perfect candidate for them and Mirei is introduced to a girl named Dorothy. The girls exchange greetings before he explains that Dorothy wants to watch a team performance before she decides which Unit to join, and Mirei agrees, saying this makes sense. With that the girls head out of the room when Mirei deems her likeable.

Elsewhere, Sadako is busy brushing Sophie's hair for her performance. Sophie discusses her brand new Making Drama but recalls what Laala and Mirei said the day before. But only for a second, because it is then Usagi appears with his picks for her unit, twins named New and Mew. Sophie doesn't seem to care about them though, and this offends the girls until Sadako is able to cover for her. It does not entirely work though, since they have been longer established Idols than Sophie are in the Major Class high school students. While this is impressive, Sophie is still unhappy- as are the twins after realizing they are only there to be backup dancers for her.

Laala runs down the hallway and quickly embraces Mirei by the time she gets backstage. She is very happy to see her, but Mirei worries she may be too tired to do anything by now. Laala assures her she is fine though and mentions that while performing solo is fine, she prefers to be with Mirei. She tries to encourage Mirei by bringing up Sophie again, but Mirei has news of her own for Laala. Before she can tell her what happened though, Kuma calls them for a performance.

After the performance it is revealed that Laala has made it to Debut Class and achieved a full rank up. Kuma congratulates her, but they are approached by Usagi, who reveals that by now it doesn't matter since Sophie has been picked to be with idols far above her, so her ranking will inflate big time. Laala still refuses to give up, but by now she is the only one. Before anything else can be said, it is announced that Sophie will now be performing and they decide to pay her a visit.

Sophie performs as usual, but when it comes time to do her Making Drama everyone is left shocked when it appears to fail. Everyone besides Laala (who already had her concerns) is able to finally realize something is wrong, but her fans remain unaware of the pain she's going through as she ends the Making Drama and finishes performing.

Afterwards, Sophie receives many compliments for her Making Drama, but she tells her group that it wasn't finished. While this is going on, Cosmo is reduced to tears while realizing how unhappy her little sister is, and Laala is even more dedicated to freeing her friend.

12 (165)- "Habatake, Sofi!" ("Spread Your Wings, Sophy!")

PriPara - Episode 12

PriPara - Episode 12

(はばたけ, そふぃ!)

Airdate: September 20, 2014

Outside of PriPara, Mirei scolds Laala for making rash decisions. Laala tries to make her listen but Mirei turns on the PriPara News program to see that Sophie will be in a real unit that will officially form the next day. Sophie has chosen the caged life and Mirei insists trying to fix this will cause them problems, so she orders Laala to stop focusing on it. They will need to work on beating her new team at the Grand Prix. Before taking off, Mirei then states they will accept Dorothy as their third member. Laala gets angry with Mirei after reminding her of the terrible situation Sophie is in and she stays silent.

In her bedroom, Sophie awakens the following morning after having a depressing dream. Cosmo comes in and begins to brush her hair, then after recalling the message from Mirei, she tells Sophie. This message reaches Sophie, but she doesn't entirely understand what she could do about it now, so Cosmo reaches out to her sister by saying that she will always support her no matter the decision.

Laala rushes over to Prism Stone to find that a message has been set up for them, with Nao, Non, and Mirei's parents cheering them on. Laala is very surprised, but she thanks them while they run into PriPara to find Kuma setting up their stage room while revealing their name. He opens a drink from 2004 to celebrate, and he goes on to say that he is sure Laala will like Dorothy as well. Laala requests more time and leaves to give Sophie a final chance, but neither accept, with Mirei calling Sophie a coward before stating they are entering with Dorothy whether she likes it or not.

Elsewhere, Sophie has been preparing for her ceremony announcement. She is very unhappy and remains unresponsive, but after she eats one of the pickled plums, she suddenly claims to be fine. This catches everyone off-guard now that they know the truth, and Chanko voices concern as they notice her mood falter.

Laala comes to find many reporters, of both the human and animal variety awaiting for the ceremony to begin. She locates the waiting room but Usagi throws her out, saying she isn't invited to attend as he slams the door on her. Laala tries to get someone to hear her, and luckily, Chanko opens it just enough to find out what she wants before inviting her inside.

Soon, the big lights in the stage room go out. Special lights form at the front and music plays as the audience is seated. New and Mew stand on stage as Sophie's Fan Club enter to form a line. Usagi introduces himself to the audience and announces the start of the ceremony. Unknown to anyone Laala has sneaked inside and is dressed as a fan club member. New and Mew are introduced to everyone, and Sophie is given a grand reveal to join them. Laala is very surprised by the event, and the team name is revealed and explained, with New and Mew upset by this, since their names are only at the end of the name, "EE". They remain quiet and complain, with Laala overhearing them and expressing more concern with Sophie's lack of relationship with them.

Everyone begins to applaud the name while Mirei and Kuma watch from the backstage room. Both of them are unhappy over things and attempt to try to write it off and ignore their own concerns. They are interrupted by Dorothy, who has brought along her twin sister, Leona; catching them off guard to see Leona there. They explain that because of the team being Laala and Mirei, they only needed one person to join them. Dorothy quickly points out that she and Leona are a packaged deal though and makes an attempt to get them to make an exception. Mirei is frustrated by this and argues with her before she and Kuma dump the twins from the team with no other choice.

Usagi announces the friend ticket exchange to wrap up the ceremony. Sophie is still unhappy, but believing she is useless otherside she starts to think it's for the best. Laala is in a panic but has no idea what to do as the ceremony continues.

At the performance area, Mirei and Kuma are beyond shocked to learn that they have been disqualified for not being a three team group. Mirei asks that Meganee just ignore it this once, but she refuses since it is the system, which she has no control over. She stamps their cards with a disqualification stamp, which causes Mirei a huge amount of grief and she starts crying. Kuma attempts to help her but it fails.

As the exchange is almost finished, Laala suddenly bursts onto the top of the stage. She shocks everyone by asking Sophie if this is really want she wants to do, while Usagi yells at her and summons his panda guards to rid of her. They grab her and try to take her away from the room, but Laala calls out to Sophie to try to reach out to her. Due to the interruptions a commercial is suddenly called to rid of the awkardness while Usagi explains what happened.

Laala calls the depressed Mirei and tells her to meet her on floor eleven. Mirei tells her there isn't any point and believes they should just give up, but Laala refuses and tells her to meet on floor eleven again. She brings up the message Mirei gave to Cosmo for Sophie, and insists that Mirei really does care about her, but Mirei remains hopeless. Laala reminds Mirei of an idols duty to always make others smile and tells her again which floor to meet her on while running into the elevator.

The friend ticket exchange goes on, but Sophie finds herself unable to finish it. She suddenly realizes something and pulls away, apologizing to everyone before she makes an attempt to leave the room. Usagi tries to stop her by sending his Panda Guards after her, but her Fan Club come to her rescue. This surprises Sophie, who thought they only liked her Idol self, but as they claim to care about her real self as well, she thanks them and escapes as Chanko calls a relieved Cosmo to inform her of what happened.

Sophie makes it into the hallway but finds herself too low on energy, causing her to pass out and revert to normal. She recalls that Laala told her to reach floor eleven and happens to spot the cards Laala left behind. She gets up and forces herself to crawl into the elevator, surprising the girls and Kuma as she joins them. They waste no time exchanging their friend tickets to make their official team, just as the Fan Club and Usagi join them. The girls go on to change into their chosen coords and Sophie eats a pickled plum before they appear on the stage.

As they perform, the fans are very surprised to see Sophie with Laala and Mirei, but they are quick to fall for the new team. They perform a Making Drama, which ends up being the finished version of Sophie's prior Making Drama and it drives everyone crazy. After the performance its revealed that the girls won the competition and everyone is much happier now.

Except for Usagi, New, and Mew. The twins worry over what they will do when they suddenly spot the enka Idol who initially tried out for Laala and Mirei's team. Impressed by her presence, they quickly trail behind her to ask about teaming up, not even minding if they were to perform backup for her.

The girls gain their brand new tickets soon after, where Sophie comments on how much fun she had with them. Mirei and Laala are very happy with the turn of events as well, and together the trio share a well deserved laugh.

13 (166)- "Sora Mite Waratte♡Chīmu Mei Happyō" ("Look at the Sky and Laugh! Team Name Announcement!")

PriPara - Episode 13

PriPara - Episode 13


Airdate: September 27, 2014

Sophie meets up with Laala and Mirei in PriPara when the latter comments on her hair. She reveals she tried to brush it herself, without any help from Cosmo- who had to resist her urges to pamper her out of habit. Sophie's Fanclub come to thank Laala and Mirei for helping protect Sophie’s smile, but warn that they will not forgive them should they do anything rude to her. They are interrupted by an excited Kuma who announces that as the winner of the Sparkling Grand Prix, they will perform a special live and in this time they need to come up with their unit name, and Laala also has to make her autograph.

Outside of PriPara, Laala tries to think of a unit name when she meets up with Mirei and Sophie. She is interrupted by Gloria, who could smell the Friend Tickets Mirei and Sophie had on hand. Laala hides them behind the statue of the principal in order to escape and they decide to hold a meeting later to discuss.

Arriving to the meeting in a rush, Laala receives her 192th warning ticket courtesy of Mirei for violating Paprika Academy Rule 1115 (Always show up 10 minutes early) and talks about how she is getting close to getting the 'Golden Ticket’, which is rewarded to students who reach 200 warnings. Laala makes an attempt to change the subject by complimenting Sophie's hair for a better arrangement then last time, only to be scolded by Mirei who reminds her that they still have to come up with a team name and that they have practice to focus on later. To their surprise, Sophie asks them what a practice is and Mirei explains it to her, with Sophie claiming she never practiced before.

Sadako joins them to point out that Sophie is a first-rate genius who never practiced once, as she can perfectly remember any song simply by looking at the score and intuitively dance in sync with the music without a hitch. Mirei states that she admires her talent but also adds that a true genius is one who can keep practicing again and again, which causes tension between her and Sophie’s fanclub after they take offense to her statement and believe she's trying to boss Sophie around despite being inferior. However, Sophie states that she would like to try practicing, which causes the fanclub to instantly change their stance.

As they spot Gloria coming by sniffing out tickets, Mirei takes a moment to explain that Elementary-level students of Paprika Academy are forbidden to participate in PriPara, a fact Sophie didn't know. She hugs Laala and tells her how she feels sorry for her, but Mirei tells Laala to hurry up as Gloria is closing in on their location.

Later in PriPara, the team’s first joint practice begins. Sophie feels a little nervous and tries, deciding to eat a "Red Flash" before the live, after being asked by Mirei. Cosmo, who watched her sister practice with all she has, was also inspired and begins to quickly scribble in a notebook. Unfortunately, Sophie doesn't last very long due to her low blood pressure. She rapidly collapses due to fatigue but states she only needs to rest.

Once they quit practice Kuma assembles the trio to ask about their name. Mirei suggest the PriPri Girls while Sophie proposes Red Flash Squad and a disagreement between the two emerges with the fanclub taking her side. Laala seemingly shows favoritism towards Sophie’s suggestion, which makes Mirei feel upset about things not matching up with her calculations and she starts to feel abandoned.

Later, Laala is still left without any ideas or a signature. She is at the end of her rope when Sophie comes by with an idea. She creates an elaborate one based off of her smile, which Laala adores. Mirei shows reservations because of its complexity though, then states her calculations appear to be unwanted after Laala and Kuma ultimately approve of it. Meganee then comes in to announce that the special live is starting soon and Kuma remembers that they haven’t decided on a team name yet and starts panicking as he takes off. Mirei follows after him while trying to ignore her frustrations, but in their hurry they bump right into a young girl with thick glasses.

Mirei and the mystery girl exchange apologies as Laala and Sophie retrieve her glasses and return them to the flustered girl. She introduces herself as Hanana, then gets excited upon recognizing the girls. Laala thanks her for her compliments and offers to trade Friends Tickets, which surprises Hanana even further. She feels she is unworthy of them as she is only a new idol who hasn’t even performed a live and has convinced herself that nobody would want to trade Tickets with her, but Laala requests help from Mirei, who uses her calculations using a sample of 10,000 girls who traded tickets. She concludes that 99% of idols feel better after trading Friends Tickets and Sophie shows them just how many she has from her fanclub, which moves them and prompts Sadako to ask Chanko to show the very first Friends Ticket she received from Sophie, which she states is her treasure. The strong bond between Sophie and her fanclub prompt Mirei to state that their meeting was a miracle, to which they agree and goes to add that how she, Laala and Sophie met with Hanana was also nothing short of a miracle- which deeply touches her.

Before exchanging tickets, Hanana claims the trio are a good team. With Laala’s bright personality, Mirei’s calculating nature, and Sophie’s sensibility, they are a good match for each other and she believes that she is now and even bigger fan of theirs. She happily cherishes the tickets exchanged.

Following the meeting with Hanana, Mirei apologizes to Sophie for her behavior earlier, saying she acted arrogantly when Sophie has more experience than any of them. Sophie compliments Mirei's calculating side though, calling it amazing and requests her new friends address her as Sophie, without honorifics/suffixes. From their conversation quickly come with their new team name SoLaMi♡SMILE, the first part based off the first letter of their first name that Sophie came up with and the other part conceived by Mirei.

As the team and the fanclub head into the changing room, they are met with Cosmo who presents them with a new Cyalume Coord for the newly named team. Laala mentions she liked the previous Cyalume Coord she wore however, and would enjoy wearing both at once, so Cosmo offers to make them non-cyalume versions of those coords, so that they can wear them regularly instead.

As the performance is going on, Usagi vents his spite towards the trio, feeling humiliated for what they did. He overhears the bitter Dorothy nearby, who swears revenge for being tossed out just because she was a twin.

Elsewhere, a girl, Shion Todo is playing a game of Go and quickly overwhelms her opponent to earn her 5th consecutive student championship victory. After being asked if she will aim for a 10th consecutive victory as a 7th grader, something that has never been achieved before, Shion states that she is done with Go professionally. No one would be able to match her even in 10 years and subsequently announces her retirement, stating that she will challenge another path, surprising everyone present.

While aimlessly wandering around Shion happens to notice a large monitor depicting SoLaMi Smile's Special Live and overhears several girls chat about them. They have a high chance of becoming Divine Idols- something that intrigues Shion, and she decides to focus on a new task: taking down SoLaMi Smile.

14 (167)- "Raibaru Tōjō! Igo, yoroshiku!!" ("A Rival Appears! I'll Be Counting On You From Now On!!")


Airdate: October 4, 2014

Kuma calls the girls in to discuss their newest goal- to receive the Paradise Coord, which is known to be best coord in all of PriPara. He explains that the coord is won in separate pieces, and the first piece available, the Paradise Shoes, will be in the Christmas Idol Grand Prix. His attempts to prepare them soon turns into gloating though, when he comments on how important they would be if they obtain the entire coord, but the girls are too excited to pay him any mind.

Elsewhere, Shion is in search of her PriTicket. After checking her 99th spot, she happens to find a warning ticket Mirei gave her at school sometime back, after she was caught solving a Go Puzzle in the hallway. She ignored Mirei until having the warning characteristically slammed onto her face, but rather than take it Shion swore revenge for this.

Angered, Shion continues to check until she realizes getting worked up isn't helping. She calms herself and soon is able to spot it among a pile of Go chips. She races over to Prism Stone, but upon arrival realizes she actually doesn't know what to do, or how to begin. She happens to spot Laala, who is loudly singing to herself at the time as Shion approaches her to ask what she needs to do in order to get started in PriPara.

At first Laala's excitable demeanor startles her, but as they go inside she is able to learn fairly quick. They approach Meganee, and once she finishes looking over Shion (only to deduce that a monster is inside of her), she thinks the cool, punk look of Baby Monster fits her best. They head over to the scanner and are approached by Mirei, Sophie, and Sophie's Fan Club and Shion is quickly able to deduce who everyone is before she heads inside.

As she observes her new attire, Shion is greeted by the others. They compliment her and Laala offers to snap Friends Tickets with her, but Shion rejects and takes off while insisting they are enemies. She then states that black and white do not mix. Unknown to them, a dirty, worn down Usagi happens to be watching and he decides Shion may be of some use to him.

Shion comes to the large fountain within PriPara but is unsure of what to do first until Usagi comes by and claims they would probably get along pretty well. She ignores him at first, commenting that she dislikes the color gray, but he is quickly able to sway her opinions. They shake hands and Usagi takes Shion to meet her new teammates. Upon arrival, Shion meets the twin idols, Dorothy and Leona West, who SoLaMi Smile rejected a while back.

Together the four sit down and Dorothy mentions disliking SoLaMi Smile just as much as Shion does. She is also angry because Leona was just about to rank up and reach Potential Idol Class, where she herself is. After Shion tells Dorothy to stay out of her way, Dorothy challenges Shion by pointing out her newbie status, and goes on to claim she isn't even cute. Shion counters this by saying whilst Leona is cute, Dorothy certainly isn't, and they start to bicker as Leona and Usagi attempt to calm them down.

The four move on to practice, where they discover that Shion happens to be a horrible singer. Annoyed by this, Dorothy suggets they're only wasting time and should leave, but Shion is able to connect the dots and realizes this can relate to Go, so she tries again and is able to sing perfectly. Then they go to watch a bunch of other Idols dance before Shion gives it a try and shows herself to be naturally gifted, but while Leona and Usagi are happy, Dorothy is still annoyed, but feels a little better now. As they are finishing, Megani approaches to bring the girls their own PriPasses, along with a brand new song just for them. He leaves and the girls head outside to try to determine a unit name, with Leona coming up with a combination of words to make "Dressing Pafe".

Back inside, Shion feels worn down and doesn't really feel like doing anything else. Although they still need to discuss a Making Drama, which Dorothy explains is how an Idol conveys their thoughts and feelings to the audience. For inspiration they watch SoLaMi Smile perform theirs, but struggle to come up with anything good. Then a curious Shion asks what a "punk" theme is.

Elsewhere, SoLaMi Smile has just put on a show for everyone and are now taking it easy. Kuma feels very content with this, but he is interrupted when Shion, Leona, and Dorothy come into the room to declare war with them. After they storm off, Mirei comments how cocky both Shion and Dorothy are, but Laala and Sophie don't seem to really think much of it.

With that, Dressing Pafe heads out onto the stage, where they all quickly gain attention from the crowd. Everyone finds the twins charming and cute, and are genuinely impressed with how talented Shion is for her first performance.

As SoLaMi Smile anxiously watchis this, they soon notice Usagi, where he reveals this is his new team and their plans to crush SoLaMi Smile. Depressed, Kuma thinks back to what he said earlier and begins to fret that it is his fault they gained such powerful opponents.

15 (168)- "Isshoku Sokuhatsu? Sion tai Mirei-puri!" ("Critical Situation? Sion VS Mirei-Pri!")


Airdate: October 11, 2014

Mirei is out in the hallway patrolling it when she sees Laala walk by. She greets her, then afterwards spots Shion; who is reading and not paying much attention. Mirei attempts to give her a ticket for this, but Shion refuses to accept it, dodging any attempt Mirei tries to give it to her her. Frustrated by this, Mirei mentions that a battle will soon occur in PriPara and they vow to defeat each other.

Later on, Sophie makes an attempt to buy lunch on her own as her Fan Club watches from a distance. Mirei, who is at the front requests her favorite at the counter, but it turns out they are all out. Sophie meanwhile, is easily tossed away from the counter and out of the crowd; which causes her Fan Club to worry over her.

In the end, all Mirei is able to get is a bean sprout sandwich. Shion comes up to her and reveals how she was able to get Mirei's favorite all sold out. She showed everyone in class a funny book to make sure they would cause a distraction during class. The teacher got fed up and sent them outside to run laps, which made them hungry enough to crave sweets and a bunch of other foods. In hopes of saving face, Mirei leaves while making a snarky remark over how she actually likes bean sprout sandwiches.

At this point Sophie has finally made it to the counter and is able to buy something. But it turns out that everything has just sold out.

In the library, Laala runs into Mirei once again. She reveals that she has library duty today and came to pick up some books. Mirei offers to help her since she knows the library very well, but Shion takes the book listing from her while claiming she can do better. They end up turning it into a competition, which Shion wins with the first book.

Nearby, Gloria happens to also be in the library reading a book about how bad friends and friendship is. She is very happy with this book and comments on how it can relate to her feelings.

Mirei is able to win the next book, but she ends up bumping into Gloria and gets into trouble, which pleases Shion. The bell then rings afterwards, which causes Laala to lament over her wasted lunch break.

Mirei walks through the hallway afterwards as Shion decides to brag over how better she is in PriPara, and in the Real World. She starts to walk fast, which ticks off Mirei since she is unable to report speed walking. But it occurs to her that Gloria may be nearby and thinks over it. The calculations she ends up getting point out right to where Shion is about to step; causing her to bump into Gloria and fall back. This angers Gloria severely, which makes Mirei pleased enough to walk off.

After school a group of girls admire Shion. As Mirei walks by, the two girls exchange glances before Shion trails behind her. They then start to bicker over their predictions as to who will win.

In PriPara, the two units struggle to determine who will perform first. They play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide, but because both Shion and Mirei use their wits against the other, they only end up tying. Eventually Mirei is unable to play anymore and her stamina gives out, so Shion wins and Dressing Pafe goes out to perform.

After both units have performed it is announced that they got a perfect tie. As SoLaMi SMILE go to trade PriTickets with each other, Shion comes by and comments on how much of a worthy opponent Mirei is, then she force-trades Friend Tickets.

16 (169)- "Tokudane! Raara no Himitsu Barechatta!?" ("Exclusive! Laala's Secret is Out of the Bag!?")


Airdate: October 18, 2014

Laala sits down to lunch with Sophie and Mirei. Mirei shows them some good news related to their activities in PriPara, but they are interrupted by a girl who starts taking pictures of them. She asks them to tell her of their plans in PriPara later; leaving the girls surprised. Laala at first misunderstands the strange girls behavior, but Mirei chastises the both of them; Nene for not being more gentle with someone as young as Laala, and Laala for not knowing what the phrase "much obliged" means. She grabs her friends and together the trio run off.

Coming to a stop, some distance away, Mirei points out that things could get bad if Nene was to discover anything and is quick to determine she is working with Gloria. This ends up being correct, when Nene heads over to the Headmistress Office and reveals that she hasn't been able to get any exact proof as of yet. She plans to keep on trying though, and she is sure they are keeping a secret due to their strange behavior. Before going she voices her hatred of PriPara.

As Laala runs to PriPara she realizes she is being chased by Nene. She is able to lose her and quickly runs into Prism Stone before explaining what occurred while making her way over to the waiting Sophie and Mirei. They head inside while Mirei warns Laala to be more careful, especially since she or someone else might be in there now. She then insists that Laala stops speaking the way she does normally, along with her familiar poses so that she wont be as recognizable. To help her out, Mirei and Sophie attempt to get her to say things and pose differently.

Despite her hatred of the idoling world, Nene slowly steps into Prism Stone and greets Meganee at the counter. She admits that she is new and only uses her PriTicket as a flyswatter for most part; but she really needs to locate Laala and find out the truth. Meganee tries to determine a default Pripara coord for her, but Nene is quick to stop her and claim she is only going in for the sake of journalism. Meganee decides to give her a press outfit to wear for the time being.

Heading inside, Nene observes the area and is highly unimpressed by it. She happens to spot a group of idols being fawned over and tries to get a closer look to see that it is Laala in the middle of the crowd. She confronts her and just as Laala is about to do her usual catchphrase and pose, she is able to stall herself long enough just as Dressing Pafe shows up and steals the attention.

Meganee comes by to announce that a joint interview for PriPara TV, PriPara Radio, and PriPara Magazine are about to begin so the girls prepare themselves for a moment. Laala is asked to describe PriPara and she is almost caught by Nene again until once more, Dressing Pafe shows up. Again everyone is quick to swarm to the other idol unit but Shion takes a moment to observe Nene.

In their waiting room, the girls describe what has been going on to Kuma. He plans to take care of it, but Nene sways him with an offer for a years supply of green drink. He agrees before complimenting Nene for such quick thinking and offer, then hands her an embarrassing photograph of Laala sleeping on the couch. He offers to show her more, only for Mirei to punch him for it.

Nene returns to the room and the girls resume trying to help Laala with her homework. Mirei thinks they should get the homework done before practice, and upon finishing, they go to train while Sophie takes a nap. During training, Nene continues to watch the girls until Shion spots her. She asks what she is doing and Nene asks Shion to confirm that Laala is only an elementary student. Shion makes it clear that she has no intention of telling her anything since she doesn't want anyone interfering with their rivalry unless she is the one causing it. She then leaves to resume training, being joined by Leona and Dorothy.

Nene is unable to understand what the problem is with this, since all idols do is prance around in silly outfits and get fawned over and crowded by the media and fans. She decides to go and check out their dressing room again after recalling that the trio have gone to train.

The girls are surprised to find Nene in the room with the proof she needs. She claims that now with it, Laala is unable to get out of trouble and she will be going to report it to Gloria. Laala begs her not to tell but Mirei runs up and grabs her camera from her. To her annoyance, Nene has already sent the photos straight to her home computer. Laala continues to plead with her, and Mirei offers to make a trade for it but nothing works. Nene begins to leave and voices how eager she is to leave PriPara, but Laala is unable to understand and stops her to ask why she hates PriPara so much. Nene refuses to speak until Sophie grabs her phone and looks through the pictures to spot one of a boy. Nene is very upset and wonders why the picture is still there since she thought deleted it, but she decides to tell them about what happened in hopes of making them realize just how horrible PriPara is.

She mentions the boy is someone named Koga, and he was an aspiring Journalist. He is also really smart and reliable, and she had a massive crush on him. At one point he turned into a huge PriPara idol fanboy and has since became an idiot. Since then she has despised idols and accuses them of being idiots too, so she hates idols and how frivolous they are. To her surprise, Laala begs that Nene lets her stay because of how important PriPara is to her and tries to convince her how special it is. Nene questions Laala by asking her what good things it has to offer.

Shion comes by suddenly and tells Nene that if she doesn't understand anything, she should go and seek answers - like any other good journalist. Nene tells her to stay out of it when the girls get a call from Kuma. He tells them that they need to hurry up and get to the Performance Area and Nene tells them to perform well for their last show. In this time Shion tries to make her understand things and Laala promises to do even better than best in order to get Nene to reconsider. She tells Nene to make sure she watches it and Shion leads her to the Watching Area so that she can observe.

The girls change outfits and appear on stage to perform, and during it, Nene begins to think about her day in PriPara. She is able to see that the girls are actually a lot more than what she assumed the idols to be like. They all work just as hard as anyone else and give everything their effort - causing her to wonder if this is why Koga ended up becoming so smitten by the idols to begin with.

The next day, Nene reveals her proof to Gloria. She asks to see it, but to her shock, Nene only shows her pictures of various idol girls. She compliments how wonderful PriPara is and comments that she loves it now, because of how admirable the idols are. Gloria is beyond angry and kicks Nene out of her office, but she doesn't seem to care.

As soon as School ends, Nene runs over to Prism Stone and shows her PriTicket, appearing in PriPara in her default Fairy Tale Frosting Cookies Coord. She is quick to comment on it's cuteness before she is joined by Laala. She thanks Nene for not telling Gloria about this and Nene asks to trade Friend Tickets with Laala before voicing her plans to continue supporting her from now on. Laala agrees and thanks Shion - who surprises her by handing over her own friend ticket before taking off.

With that, Laala asks Nene to come and see her next performance. Nene agrees, then goes on to repeat Laala's catchphrase and pose.

17 (170)- "Kyōfu no Harouin! Jakku-OH! Ran-tan!?" ("Halloween Terror! Jack・OH! Ran-tan!?")


Airdate: October 25, 2014

Non sets up a bunch of scares for Laala, which frighten her a lot. When Non reveals she was the ones doing all the pranks, Laala is still very shaken up.

Later at school, Headmistress Gloria patrols the campus as a witch and confiscates PriTickets. Nao and Laala watch this happen, then Nao asks Laala about Halloween in PriPara. Laala says there is a Halloween in PriPara, but she is still a bit shaky over it since Non scared her so much. Mirei comes up to Laala and gives her her 199th ticket and goes on about the history of Halloween before walking away as Amamiya admires her.

At PriPara, there is a Halloween celebration and many are dressed up. Kuma is dressed as an angel, and he refers back to a memory (not determined if it actually happened or not) of him dressed as a panda under Shion's captive; as she adores panda. Laala sees a girl walk by, only to disappear- freaking her out.

After, they go and eat some Halloween treats. They go near a shop to talk and such, and Laala goes near the front of an alley to take a selfie with the bat balloons while saying "Caspice!". Faruru comes out of the dark alley repeating "Caspice", curiously as she sucks on her finger. She then repeats what Laala says and her actions. She asks what the balloons are, and when Laala answers she repeats what she says before getting distracted by Laala's bow, which she describes as sparkling, much like the Prism Voice. When Laala asks what the prism voice is, Unicorn shows up to retrieve her and drags her away.

They then go to a haunted house, where Eiko and her friends are being chased by Akai Meganii (and enjoying it since they think he is cute). Sadako is dressed up as "Sadako" from The Ring (a horror film) and comes out of the TV (as she did in the movie), but gets stuck while two girls scream. Mirei and Sophie pass by her, looking for Laala. Cool Lovely (aka Love Tochiotome) walks through the haunted forest, scared, when she sees Chanko hitting a tree.

Elsewhere, Laala walks through the haunted hallway, scared until she spots Akai Meganee coming and decides to scare her. However, it backfires and Meganee just wishes her a happy Halloween and walks off. Laala hears something in another opening, and sees three girls clapping at a short girl, commenting that she is cute before leaving. Laala is frightened after the girl suddenly disappears- but the energetic young girl spots Laala and greets her. They introduce themselves, and Ran starts about how she can't scare anyone, pointing out that she made her outfit but everyone finds it cute. Laala is amazed by her talent, but she is sad Ran can't scare anyone and offers to help her.

Laala and Ran prepare a scare in the haunted hallway, and it just so happened that Dressing Pafé were the ones who were there. As they inched closer to the wall, Laala and Ran made a bat signal, scaring them, and a bar hit Dorothy making her scream even more. As one headed for Shion, she cuts it in half and told them to not be scared. Laala and Ran combined their outfits and became a creepy faced tall figure (inspired from Non's tricks on Laala), which scared Dorothy and Usagi very badly and leaving Shion drag them away, including Leona, who decides to act like Dorothy. Laala and Ran are overjoyed to of scared someone.

They then attempt to scare Mirei, Sophie, and Kuma, but Mirei bumps into Laala and Ran, breaking their tower. Mirei takes Laala to their Halloween performance, and Ran gives them a new coord she designed to wear for their performance.

Ran and Laala trade friend tickets. Ran walks away on the fountain platform, then disappears in thin air. Laala freaks out and runs away, just as Mirei and Sophie come from the side Ran "disappeared" to see she only fell while walking from the platform- causing it to look as though she vanished.

Later, at the Manaka House, Laala sleeps with Non, too frightened to sleep by herself. She begs for no more scares, but Non scares her one more time, making Laala scream.

18 (171)- "Reona, Zenryoku Dasshu nano!" ("Reona, Dash at Full Force!")


Airdate: November 1, 2014

Sophie, Laala, Mirei, and Shion run into each other before school starts and after greeting each other see Dorothy and Leona come their way. They tell them that they have transferred to Paprika Private Academy and everyone exchanges greetings, mainly due to Dorothy's shock to see how Laala and Mirei actually look. It's then Leona (who has been lingering in the back) comes forward, and to the groups surprise, they realize Leona is in the male uniform. Dorothy then informs them that Leona is actually a boy.

They walk together to class (with some fans tagging along), when Headmistress finds out they are idols (Dorothy and Leona), and gets very flustered over being unable to confiscate their trickets.

Dorothy goes to 1-B, her new class and flashes her charm, making everyone go crazy. However, one student is not impressed, so Dorothy (with a serious face) walks over to him, pauses, then flashes her charm, causing him to fall for her hypnotic trance.

Leona goes to his new class, 1-A, which Mirei attends and shyly introduces himself. Everybody thinks he is cute, but are highly confused over his gender.

During break, a group of confused girls approach Leona and Dorothy since they want to talk to Leona, but Dorothy shoos them away. Shion, who was watching from a distance, gets mad at this.

In PriPara, Usagi tells the girls they need a great plan to beat SoLaMi SMILE. Shion suggests a new Making Drama. They chat about who will be put in charge of creating it and Shion decides to put Leona in charge.

The next day, Dorothy goes to Shion looking for Leona. Leona is outside leaning against a tree wondering to himself, when Sophie answers him. They have a talk about Leona's troubles before hearing Laala sneeze (very loudly, as she didn't cover her nose). Mirei gives Laala a ticket for doing so, and at that the golden 200th ticket. Her punishment is to walk the kindergartners. Sophie concludes their chat with a piece of wisdom.

Dorothy checks up on Leona, when they see Laala walking the kindergartners. Laala stops and says "Caspice!". Shion walks into the scene, and an unaware kindergartner bumps into Shion and starts to cry. Shion scolds the kid, making him cry even more and making Dorothy mock her. She attempts to charm the child but he cries further, which makes her upset and attempt to flash her charm again (sending out a max aura), but the kid continues to cry. To save face she tries to do the same thing to the other children, but this makes them cry as well.

The children quickly approach Leona and calm down. But after a girl gets her balloon stuck in a tree Laala attempts to help, but because she is too short she falls when trying to reach it. Leona climbs the tree and gets it down for the little girl. All the kids surround him, very happy and Leona is able to come up with a brand new Making Drama, causing him to become overjoyed.

At PriPara, SoLaMi SMILE performs, then Dressing Pafe with the new Making Drama, All Out Dash! Fly, Balloon!. Dressing Pafe wins and Leona ranks up, making Kuma mad.

Back at the academy, Leona and Sophie sit down out side together. Leona thanks Sophie and they trade Friend Tickets.

19 (172)- "Mirei to Kuma, Unmei no Deai-puri-kuma!" "Mirei and Kuma, A Fated Encounter-Pri-Kuma!"


Airdate: November 8, 2014

As Laala enters the SoLaMi♡SMILE dressing room she is greeted by Mirei and Sophie. Laala asks where Kuma has gone, and Mirei mentions that he went out. Akai enters to congratulate Mirei on her one year anniversary of her debut and Sophie and Laala then congratulate her. Suddenly, Laala notices that in the picture, Mirei is in the Paprika Private Academy elementary school uniform, leading her to realize that Mirei became an idol during 6th grade.

Mirei tells them not to worry over it, but Laala is pretty shocked that she kept this secret from her. Sophie then goes on to reveal that she first went to PriPara and became an idol when she was in Elementary school as well, but this was because she attended another primary school. Laala then asks Mirei to tell them the story of when she first became an idol; to which Mirei Happily agrees to.

It all started in the sixth grade when Mirei just received her very own PriTicket. Even for Mirei, PriTickets were still a big no-no for elementary school students, so she took extra care of her PriTicket and kept it a secret, even as she became the disciplinary officer of the school.

This amazes Laala, since she kept it hidden for so long. But when Kuma bursts in, he begins to shout that he lost her PriPass. Mirei claims it not to be a big deal, but he explains that if she doesn't have it, she can't Cyalume Change. Mirei tells the panicking Kuma to be quiet and insults him by calling him the worst manager in the world; leading to Kuma running away. Immediately she regrets her words and they run off to try to locate him and her PriPass.

Laala finds Kuma in the fountain, searching for the PriPass. So recalls how he met Mirei, back when Usagi was the top manager. During that time, Kuma was isolated along with other manager mascots, so then he ran away to escape their treachery. He happened to find the young Mirei admiring her PriTicket, and they befriended one-another very quickly. Over the time, Kuma watched as Mirei trained to become an idol. She did have partners throughout this time, but she was too controlling and bossy for them. While troubled by this, Mirei tried very hard to focus on a catchphrase and how to advance as an Idol. Kuma is then able to convince Mirei to let him become her manager afterwards.

A while later, outside of PriPara, Mirei happened to locate a plush doll that looked so much like Kuma that she was quickly taken by it.

At her first concert, Mirei reveals her new catchphrase "Pop, step and I've got you!" The crowd goes wild for this new catchphrase while Kuma watches from Afar. He is grabbed by the Akai Meganee security guards and Mirei goes after them while they try to take him away to Mascot Prison. Before they can finish, Mirei appears before them and reveals that Kuma is her manager.

Mirei suddenly appears to them and mentions that she almost never became an idol due to her busy schedule, but right after she starts to bicker with Kuma. Sophie appears and reminds Laala and Mirei of the Live Show they had planned for that day.

They then realize that they still haven't found Mirei's PriPass, when Akai comes with a basket full of flowers and Mirei's PriPass. Laala then discovers a card saying "Mirei, congratulations on being an idol for one whole year", then realize that they no longer have any time to spare, they hurry up and change. Mirei then calls to Kuma, telling him that he is the best manager ever and that if it weren't for him, she never would of became an idol, then they perform to "Pretty Prism Paradise!"

After the live show, the girls have a party to celebrate Mirei's idol anniversary. Laala mentions that if Mirei never became an idol, SoLaMi Smile would have never been created in the first place and Kuma makes a toast, to SoLaMi Smile and with high hopes they will win the Sparkling Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Shion, Dorothy and Leona plot on how they are going to beat SoLaMi Smile, with Leona admiring the parfait. Gloria hearing PriPara, goes into Papa's Pasta, causing Shion, Dorothy and Leona to hide. Shion wonders why Gloria confiscates PriTickets from elementary school students, yet, the middle school division can become idols in PriPara if they wanted to. Dorothy doesn't have a clue but Leona thinks that Gloria is very scary.

Mrs. Manaka is questioned by Gloria, asking her various questions on her daughter's activity and suspecting her of going to PriPara, but Mrs. Manaka doesn't know what she is talking about, causing Gloria to leave in a huff.

20 (173)- "Pasuta tai Ninja!" ("Pasta VS Ninja!")


Airdate: November 15, 2014

Laala comes home from school and Mrs. Manaka sends her out to go shopping. She then comes across a sign advertising the opening a new restaurant. Two ladies walk by the sign and start to talk about it, so Laala runs over to take a closer look. The restaurant is a Japanese house with a sign in front reading Okonomiyaki Ninja-Monja, the restaurant's name. Dorothy appears with Leona and shows Laala a flyer for the restaurant, revealing that it's her and Leona's home. They plan to open for business the next day, taking all the customers in the district and running Papa's Pasta out of business.

That night, Laala shows the Okonomiyaki Ninja-Monja flyer to her family. Concerned for their business, they discuss ways to win back customers and all agree to work their hardest the following day.

Meanwhile, Dorothy is surprised to learn that Leona talked to Sophie and snapped Friend Tickets. When asked further about this, Leona explains how Sophie helped her with the Making Drama, and how she admires her and the other members of SoLaMi SMILE. Nonetheless, Dorothy still gets very mad at Leona, and Leona sticks up for Laala when Dorothy says how they are all rivals. Dorothy gets angry and frustrated, and decides they have to work extra hard to beat Papa's Pasta.

Dorothy, Leona, Laala, and Non are all promoting their restaurant, but due to the fact that Dorothy and Leona's real-world forms are the same as their PriPara forms, they attract more people. When Laala tries to give a customer a flyer, Shion intercepts it with one of Dorothy's and Leona's restaurant flyers. Shion explains that she is helping the restaurant, since they are teammates. She rapidly hands out flyers, leaving Laala surprised and speechless. Dorothy and Leona do a cheerleading skit, bringing more attention and worrying Laala and Non.

Fortunately, Mirei and Sophie come to help promote Papa's Pasta. Since Sophie is the only one to have the same PriPara appearance as her real appearance, they use her for promotion. It brings many to Papa's Pasta.

Mirei and Laala go to Dorothy and Leona's store, finding it to be busy as well as full of ninja decor (like the shop name). They are surprised when a ninja comes and as their waiter and they mention Dorothy; the waiter presumes they know her personally and gives them special seats. The cook makes a dish, and when Laala says she can't wait the lady turns mean and says she can't rush. She serves the dishes, and Mirei and Laala (excited to eat it) eat it and find it amazing. Shion enters and tells the cook to go get something. The waiter from before throws a spatula at Shion, and using her fast reflexes she intercepts it with a chain with "Go" pieces on either end. Dorothy walks in and reveals the cook is actually her mother and the waiter is actually her dad, then sees SoLaMi SMILE and asks why they are there. She informs her dad that they are rivals.

Back in front of Papa's Pasta, Laala gets mad. Mirei thinks of a plan, when Headmistress Gloria walks by. Laala asks her to have some pizza with them, while Dorothy and Leona try to get her to come to their shop. Gloria gets curious and looks at the flyer, and Dorothy tries to drag her there, and Laala tries to drag Gloria away. Gloria breaks their grip, and Dorothy and Laala to insult each other and bicker- leaving Gloria clueless as to what is going on.

They set Gloria up at a table with two dishes (one from Papa's Pasta, one from Dorothy's restaurant). Gloria is amazed by both of the dishes, and both restaurants keep supplying her with dishes, hoping to get her approval. They start to give out samples, and both of the Mom's try their rival restaurants food and find it amazing. They decide to truce, since they are so happy everyone is enjoying the food.

SoLaMi SMILE start to help out other businesses, as well as Papa's Pasta with promotion, which makes Dorothy frustrated.

While Mrs. Manaka is helping clean up some plates, she talks about how friends are wonderful, making Gloria mad and break out in outrage. Seeing that Mrs. Manaka was watching, she quickly covers it up and leaves.

Leona exclaims to Laala how amazing she is. Dorothy says they will be having a show that day, and all six say they will come.

Kuma gets a call saying Dressing Pafe will have a performance, and quickly goes.

Laala says that she has to go, and Mrs. Manaka asks if it is to PriPara, making Laala surprised that she knows, but grateful that she supports her.

Dresing Pafe and SoLaMi SMILE performs, and SoLaMi SMILE wins the round. Dorothy says how they won't lose to them, but Laala comes up to her and asks to trade Friend Tickets with Dorothy and Leona, but only Leona does. Dorothy makes a face at Laala and runs off, saying Leona is being stupid for doing this.

21 (174)- "Kaisan!? Sofi-sama Shin'entai" ("Disbandment!? Sophy-sama's Bodyguards")


Airdate: November 22, 2014

Sadako and Chanko call for everyone while trying to locate Sophie. They worry she may have gotten lost and they assume her to be into trouble. They look all over the school until a classmate reminds the girls that she went to Prism Stone. The girls quickly run the whole way there and to their surprise, find Sophie with Laala and Mirei.

In PriPara, both SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe compete against each other. SoLaMi Smile win and head back to their dressing room, where they discuss that lately Sophie has gained a lot of brand new fans. They comment on how of her hard work has been paying off lately and they compliment her wonderful progress. She even managed to come to PriPara, even if Meganee had to help just a little bit. While they are very happy, her fanclub is not as eager to share the joy.

In PriPara they sit by themselves and discuss how much help they haven't been providing lately. Sadako wonders if Sophie is no longer in need of them and they are joined by Cosmo, who mentions that she can relate. At home Sophie hasn't been needing her help, and while it makes her sad, she doesn't want to get in the way of her growth. She also has Laala and Mirei for help, so upon recalling the meeting she has, she leaves. Sadako mentions that maybe it is time that they learn to fly on their own as well.

Later on, Sophie, Laala, and Mirei discuss her fanclub and happen to find them waiting for them in one of the rooms near school. Sadako begins with a speech and announces that they will be disbanding. This surprises the trio, and they start to watch as images begin to form in the background of their past when they were little. Mirei and Laala quickly stop them, and Sadako explains that as Sophie doesn't need them anymore they may as well say goodbye to Sophie and go their separate ways. They tell the girls not to try to stop them, because even if they don't agree with it, it will not change their resolve.

Sophie claims that she understands, and she tells them that it is okay if they wish to disband because they have been helping her for such a long time. She doesn't want to to stop them from finding their own, brand new trails in life. With that she removes their Sophie-related items as the girls tearfully say goodbye. With that, the girls disrobe and take off as Sophie waves them goodbye.

Outside, the girls all sit by themselves, but they have no idea what they are to do now. They never picked up any interest or hobbies, since they spent so much time tending to Sophie. They panic momentarily, but then all sit down to try some new things, such as art. But they find it difficult when they only do work related to Sophie. Sadako then tries to study, but once again thinks about Sophie.

Shion comes by one of the room to put up some posters for Dressing Pafe. She finds some of Sophie's fanclub members in the room playing, but they panic over seeing Sophie in the pieces. Meanwhile, Junko has tried to take up Gravure Modeling. Meganee happens to enjoy working with her and comments that she is very talented, but when told to think of someone she really likes, Chanko struggles and runs out, deciding to wait until high school to pursue Gravure.

In their unit room, Sophie is brushing her hair when the girls notice something strange. They look to see that she's using a Crayfish, though she doesn't seem to think much about it. During training, Sophie isn't dressed appropriately, so she runs off to change. The girls start to wonder if she's okay and they try to determine if she may be in shock over the disbandment of her group. It's then Dorothy knocks her over and tells her that she is getting in the way.

When Mirei demands an apology, Dorothy refuses and puts blame onto them for the problems the fanclub is giving everyone. She and Leona explain how a few of them came into their families eatery and ordered a lot of food they never ate because it reminded them of Sophie. Laala and Mirei are not happy to hear this, and Sophie happens to overhear the discussion.

Outside of PriPara, Sadoko and the rest sit by themselves until Laala and Mirei approach. They claim that Sophie is missing, and it turns out that she's on a train. She rides it until she reaches her location, but when she gets off, she accidentally uses her priticket to try to board the train. A man comes by and helps her reach the train that will take her to Akipapara. He asks what her business is there and Sophie mentions her need of Pickled Plum, since her sister told them that they sell the best of it there. She thanks the man and boards the train.

While traveling Sophie looks through her items, eventually falling asleep. She awakens to see an older woman sitting near her, and she questions the "red flash", which the woman hears as "red splash", and tells her that it is coming up.

Laala and Mirei tell Sadako and them how they have looked around all over the place to try to find Sophie. The girls take out their phones and quickly get to work to try to find Sophie and they are able to locate her. Mirei compliments how effortless they made this seem and they quickly try to catch up to the girls.

At their location they try to figure out what may be going on, as there is no sign of Sophie. They worry she may have fell into the water, and soon find her fishing on a boat. Sophie greets everyone and she is let off of it, where she tells Laala and Mirei her plan of grabbing a bunch of red flash, to help the others snap out of their depression. But she got lost, and was able to get a very big Tilefish, which she gives to Sadako and the Club. With that, Sadako announces that they will be going since their duty is finished. But they are stopped when Sophie takes out the Octopus, which they also take, only to stop again when she takes out an eel. Awkwardly the girls just try to remind her of some proper things to avoid letting her make mistakes, and she stops them a final time with various other see things.

Laala asks if this is really happening, and the fanclub tell the girls that they don't want to hold Sophie back, and she tells them that she doesn't want to hold them back either. Mirei interrupts to say that everyone can be as considerate as they want with each other, but she speaks up by saying that the girls can continue to be supportive of Sophie, even if they don't protect her. There is no good reason for them to disband, and when Sophie suddenly feels faint they quickly catch her and request that she performs solo for them.

In Prism Stone, Sophie changes into her Coord and goes on stage to perform for everyone. When the Making Drama arrives, she pulls all of her Fanclub into it with them and performs it with them.

After the performance, Sophie trades her tickets with the group and they promise to never give up their support for her. Suddenly Laala spots Faruru and runs out to see her. She greets her, and it turns out that Faruru remembers her name. She begins to discuss the things with PriPara that she can remember, but suddenly she is interrupted by Unicorn, who begins to yank her anyway, addressing Laala as garbage. She is yanked away right after, innocently addressing Laala the same way as Laala is left to comment on how strange she is.

22 (175)- "Gakuensai de Raibukumā!" ("Live at the School Festival-kumā!")


Airdate: November 29, 2014

It is another day in PriPara, when Mirei is suggesting an idea to Shion about a live concert at Paprika Private. Shion thinks it is a bad idea though, since the headmistress will surely take away every PriTicket in sight.

A few minutes later Mirei suggests the idea to Laala and Sophie, while Shion discusses it with Dorothy and Leona elsewhere. Meganii comes by to Sophie, Laala and Mirei with a new song called "Happy Pa-Lucky", at the other table, he also gives Dressing Pafe a new song, "Change! My World", just in time for the special live.

The next day, Meganee gives Sophie, Laala and Mirei new coords to try out for their special live. Laala is given a jungle themed coord and a penguin-winter themed coord, Mirei is given a rainbow diamond coord, among other dresses among the other three girls. Kuma is very excited for the live show and compliments the trio on their outfit choices.

Back at the Manaka residence, Non asks about the special live at school to Laala and wishes her luck.

On the before the festival, posters are hung all over the school. Everyone, including Nao, is excited for the special live, while the Disciplinary Committee discuss the special live to Gloria. The results do not turn out very good, so she issues a brand new rule: no live shows without the headmistress' permission. Meaning that in addition to no PriPara to elementary school students, there will be no performances from PriPara, so she cancels the long awaited concert.

Mirei tries to argue by saying that that they wouldn't need her approval, but she claims that they have broken another rule anyway. Someone has drawn graffiti on the founders statue, which is in the book. Mirei claims this impossible since she has the entire book remembered, only for Gloria to pull out her own, special Rule Book. A special book only for the Principals eyes. She shows them article 87, which cites that events have to be approved by both Principal Teachers regardless of location.

Mirei tries again to reason with her by saying that they have already gone through a lot of trouble, but she doesn't care, instead asking Mirei if there's a reason she's so invested with this idea. Mirei tells her that it has nothing to do with this discussion however, while the others accuse Gloria of not being fair using the rules only she knows. They are unable to get her to reconsider and take off, going around the school to put canceled signs on the posters.

Dorothy goes on to insult Mirei after she informs them of what happened. Shion, having no more ideas simply states that they can't do anything about it and the trio take off. Leaving for home as rain begins to pour down, Leona discusses how disappointed he is with the news since he was hoping to show everyone who can't go into PriPara what it was like. Dorothy seems disappointed as well, while Shion happens to observe the raindrops as they fall onto the wires hanging above them. She listens to them before realizing that she has an idea.

The defeated Mirei walks home by herself when she happens to hear a voice. She glanced around but finds nobody, only hearing a voice speak to her from above. They tell her not to give up and to keep trying, because everyone really wants to see her, Mirei, perform. Mirei thanks him for his words and soon gets an idea with the aid of her calculations and she asks the figure to go tell the rest of the Committee. He agrees and falls to the ground while she resumes leaving, silently thanking Amamiya.

After she calls Laala and Sophie the girls run right over to Prism Stone to speak to Meganii. They are surprised to find Dressing Pafe there as well, but because both groups had the same idea, they happily speak to her about it.

Soon the Festival comes along. Everyone is having a nice time, including Gloria as she uses Rina to suck up loose PriTickets. Eventually it gets later into the day and a special event is announced, which causes everyone to get excited as Amamiya reveals that the PriPara Concert is not canceled after-all.

The frustrated Gloria tries to stop everyone, but they are so excited that they run over her. Sophie's fanclub, Non, and everyone else helps to lead the students to location. Gloria is stopped by Amamiya, who reveals they have a permit because it is outside of school grounds and outside of the principals rule boundaries. With Mirei's parents help they were able to get permits with the Police and even have the Paperwork for it too.

The two teams prepare inside of PriPara while Sadako and Janko keep Laala up-to-date with her PriPass. The trailer that has arrived on location where the students away suddenly transforms into a giant stage. When it is announced that they are ready, Dressing Pafe scans their cards and appear on stage to perform, where their images appear on the giant screen on top of the trailer stage.

After their performance, SoLaMi Smile go out and change into their chosen outfits, then they appear on stage for their turn.

23 (176)- "Puripara Saigo no Hi dessu wa!" ("The Last Day of PriPara-dessu wa!")


Airdate: December 6, 2014

Laala and Nao are on their way to school discussing how the school festival went. Other students discuss the same thing with Sophie, Mirei, Dorothy, Leona, and Shion. They discuss how the middle school students have it easier since they don't need to be so secretive with their Idoling and Nao wishes that she could be in middle school, which encourages Laala to keep trying to make Gloria reconsider her views.

Meanwhile, in her office Gloria is busy shining Rina while she overlooks something. She decides that now is the time to take her plans to the next level and starts to laugh.

She goes outside to greet the middle school students while those from the elementary watch. The girls are very confused as to what is going on and the Headmaster reveals that he will be resigning to focus on raising his new baby, so taking his place is Gloria. As of today she will be ruling over both schools and plans to change everything, much to their disappointment and shock. She then brings out Rina and decides to ban PriPara for everyone and begins to confiscate their PriTickets, along with the girls bags. Laala panics as Nao sadly cries over never getting a chance to go to PriPara now. Gloria approaches Mirei and she mentions suspecting that she has PriTickets, but she is unable to identify any. As Sophie tries to deal with this, Dorothy and Shion angrily tell Gloria off for this. Mirei tries to get her to reconsider, but she is forced to stop after Gloria threatens to remove her from the Committee if she doesn't.

The girls meet up outside while discussing the news with Kuma. Mirei reveals that she used a three-bag trick to hide her own, and Laala wasn't even targeted today since Gloria just focused on the Middle School students. Kuma angrily tells the girls that they need to get Sophie's bag and Tickets back and Mirei tells him that they will, but for the time being their performance will not be happening that day and she hangs up on him. It's then Sophie faints and her Fan Club show up to help her. She insists she is fine, but the girls refuse to listen to her home. The girls have no idea what they can possibly do though.

Shion runs home and grabs her kendo sword and armor, then heads back to the school. The students are surprised to see her dressed like that but she pays them no mind, only stopping when she spots Mirei and Laala spying on the scene before them. Dorothy angrily yells at Gloria while Leona remains quiet, then Dorothy tries to convince her using her charm, but it doesn't work and gets them kicked out of the office. Shion decides she can handle it and she steps into the office, where she challenges Gloria to a duel for the PriTickets. But this also fails and she her kendo sword is knocked out of her hands, causing her to lose.

The girls regroup outside and Laala decides to try to help them. Mirei tells her not to though since it would be suspicious and it could just make things worse. Leona questions if this means they can no longer go to PriPara though and Dorothy refuses to stop now, suddenly getting an idea when she spots a little Bagworm Moth on a leaf.

In a hidden room in her office, Gloria works to add the PriTickets into the giant collection she has. However, she is entirely dedicated on not stopping until she gets Laala's own PriTicket.

At their home, Dorothy and Leona go over her plan. Leona isn't so sure that they are ready, but Dorothy believes they don't really have any other choice, so with that she decides to start their "coord change". Which consists of first taking a warm bath, then putting on Kunoichi inspired outfits. They run to school as Gloria is prepared to leave Rina and her office for the day and sneak inside using the window. She reveals she had noticed it was open, though Leona reminds her that sneaking around isn't really that good. Dorothy insists that they are entirely justified however, while approaching the big machine the PriTickets are kept inside.

Dorothy uses a pepper shaker to make Rina sneeze, then they quickly dig through the pile to locate their PriTickets. While Dorothy is able to find Shion's, Leona just happens to spot Sophie's and grabs it for her, stuffing it into his pocket before they take off.

Later they contact Shion outside of Prism Stone and reveal what they did to get them back. She comments the idea and what they did to get the PriTickets back and head inside to change and put on a performance. As they appear on stage, everyone is surprised to see them since they knew their Tickets were confiscated, but they continue to speak to catch everyone's attention in the Academy. Non even goes to Laala, who is at home to inform her of it.

As Gloria steps into her office the next morning she is shocked to find Rina on the floor with the Tickets scattered around. As she wonders what happened she finds the note Dorothy left behind.

Dorothy speaks to the audience about how important PriPara is to them and everyone watches as they prepare to perform. Gloria comes to a room where a giant monitor is to find out what is going on.

Laala and Non discuss their theories as to why Gloria hates PriPara so much but their mom provides them with a riddle by saying that Hate always has a small amount of Love behind it. She even comments that in Italy they do not say "hate", but instead, they say "don't like". She wonders if it may be a little hard for the girls to understand right now, but they stop discussing it as Dressing Pafe goes on to perform.

Later the girls are yelled at by Gloria, who is beyond angry for how ill Rina is. She demands to know if all three of them came in, but they try to claim only one of them came in, however Gloria points out that she has the note that Dorothy left behind. She asks her if she saw the show, but it didn't work as they were hoping it would. Shion and Leona offer to take punishment, but as Dorothy insists it is only hershe ends up yelling at them for being so friendly. So she punishes them by telling Dorothy and Leona that they will need to pick weeds, while Shion has to clean the bathrooms for a month.

Dorothy angrily complains over the weeding she has to do before Mirei comes by to scold her. She gives her a very high numbered rule slip and claims the reason for it being that Dorothy committed a terrible deed, however, she stays to help her with the weeds. As she hesitates to thank Mirei, Laala suddenly shows up to lend a hand as well. They discuss how Sophie was too ill to return to school again, but Laala knows she will be fine since she has an idea.

In her office Gloria continues to try to locate a PriTicket involving Laala so that she can finally catch her. But just before she can Laala shows up to deliver a special pizza from Papa's Pasta, but she is surprised to see that Gloria isn't in the main office room and wonders if she left or went to do something else. She decides to wait a little while before spotting all sorts of neat things in the room. Including a duo pair of swords, but to her surprise she sees something sticking on one of the swords. So she uses a chair to reach for it and identifies it as a really old friend ticket. Just then Gloria shows up while demanding to know what Laala was doing.

24 (177)- "Sayonara, Puripara" ("Goodbye, PriPara")


Airdate: December 13, 2014

Following the events from the previous episode, Gloria finds Laala in her office and Laala falls from her chair and bumps into her. Laala says it's not what she thinks and Gloria then questions her more, until Laala gives her the present from Papa's Pasta. This only works partially though, and she kicks Laala out of her office, along with the old Friend Ticket.

Later that afternoon, the girls examine the Friends Ticket. Mirei explains that according to her extensive research it had to have belonged to Gloria, which leads them to realize that she was an idol in PriPara when she was younger.

Meanwhile, Gloria realizes and discovers that Laala and Mirei are idols in PriPara and goes on her way to find them and expose them. As the girls look at Mirei's research, Gloria appears before them and questions both Laala and Mirei, while Dorothy continues to get rid of the weeds in the school grass. Laala apologizes and Mirei questions Gloria on why she takes the students' PriTickets when she had one of her own as a girl, but Gloria attempts to take the PriTickets when a sleepy Sophie suddenly arrives on the back of a goat. Gloria asks why Sophie is so sleepy and Laala explains to Gloria that PriPara is really important to Sophie and without it, she'll always be like this. This leads Gloria to tell the six girls the story about why she hates PriPara.

It was many years ago when Gloria was just ten years old. She entered PriPara for the first time, explaining how popular Prism Stone was back then. Whilst entering for the first time, Gloria loved every minute of it, but the one thing she couldn't get through was a claw game, where she could win various pieces of candy. A girl with long purple hair shares her candy with the young Gloria and reveals herself to be Himeka. The two are inseparable and become the closest of friends, even as they share Friends Tickets with one another.

Then, one day, they promised to meet outside the PriPara and in the real world. However, Gloria waits and waits for her but she never showed up, which made her angry enough to view revenge against PriPara. As this was going on, Himeka was busy searching for her but was unable to find her.

Back in the present day, Gloria finishes her story of why she hates PriPara and then she then prepares to take Laala's and Mirei's PriTickets, but Laala convinces her not to by telling her how much she loves it. She claims Himeka may not have broken the promise but Gloria isn't convinced until Leona returns Sophie's PriTicket to her and Gloria asks her where she is going. Sophie answers that she is going to PriPara and the trio make their way there while telling Kuma to hurry up and get to the Stage.

Back at Paprika Private, Shion, Dorothy, and Leona have a TV set up for Gloria to see SoLaMi Smile perform live and to change her mind.

Laala, Mirei and Sophie change into their respective coords and sing and dance to "Happy-pa-Lucky!".

During the performance, Gloria gets up and goes to Prism Stone. At first she is blocked, but as she is able to enter she sees Mrs. Manaka, who recognizes her from the PriTicket. This shocks everyone, including Laala upon realizing that Himeka is her mother.

25 (178)- "Kurisumasu Puresento Fō Yū!" ("Christmas Present for you!")


Airdate: December 20, 2014

Picking up from the events of the last two episodes, Gloria and Himeka have now been reunited after so many years. Laala is shocked and confused at all of this, and Himeka explains that she went out to look for Gloria on the day they promised to meet up, but she gave up after waiting for a long time. The two adults embrace, bringing a tear to Laala and the groups eyes.

The very next day, Gloria calls an assembly for all of the school, she explains that she has a change of heart, and announces that PriPara will no longer be banned to Paprika Private elementary and junior high students and returns the PriTickets and Friends Tickets taken from the students. Now, Nao is able to go to PriPara with Laala.

The same day, Laala and her friends head for Prism Stone where they register their newly returned PriTickets and enter PriPara for the very first time. Laala's friends are shocked when they see her with long flowing twin tails and discover she is an idol, realizing they have seen her before. Upon realizing the time, Laala runs off to practice for the upcoming Christmas Idol Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, Shion is looking upon PriPara Town and talking about how Gloria returned the PriTickets to everyone at school and this prompts her, Dorothy and Leona to finally trade friends tickets with one another.

Later, at the Christmas Idol Grand Prix, the girls change into their Christmas coords and appear on stage together, singing a new song and performing a new Making Drama. The results come in and the unit formed between SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe win.

The Paradise Boots are given to the girls and they are one step closer to the Paradise Coord.

Merry Christmas!

26 (179)- "Iyoiyo Anoko ga Debyū-dechu" ("That Girl Finally Makes Her Debut-dechu!")


Airdate: December 27, 2014

After winning the Christmas Grand Prix, Laala is asked to pick a number out of the lucky lotto box. Laala picks out the numbers 12 and 31, which aren't very lucky numbers. Meganii explains that the next item on the road to becoming Divine Idols is to win the Paradise Tiara and then the Paradise Dress.

The next day, Mirei runs into Headmistress Gloria on her way to PriPara, and Gloria suggests that she and Mirei should go to PriPara together - along with Rina.

Meanwhile, Laala and Nao spend some quality time time together at the cafe, leading to some fans talking to Laala and Headmistress Gloria chasing Nao and Laala around. The two quickly make it on a gondola, where Rina almost plunges down to her doom. When Meganii comes to the vaccum's rescue, Gloria soon develops a small crush on the handsome butler; but he is lovestruck by Rina. Laala and Nao then trade Friends Tickets.

After Nao goes home for the night, Laala finds Faruru, who starts talking to Laala, Akai then finds Laala and leads her to a fortune telling tent where she meets up with her friends. Inside, Faruru and Laala find a fortune telling cat who tells them Faruru's future, the cat tells them the world might soon come to a sudden stop, suddenly, a unicorn who happens to know Faruru grabs the girl in a huff, Laala tries to catch up to her, but with no avail.

Later on, the girls then get on stage to sing "Realize!". Meganii then announces the debut of a new idol, who happens to be Faruru. Faruru introduces herself and sings "0-Week Old", in which she unleashes a new Making Drama along with it. Everyone cheers and applauds this mysterious new idol, leaving both Kuma and Usagi very jealous; the unicorn then reveals herself as Faruru's manager.

The winner of the Paradise Tiara is then announced to be Faruru. The girls walk out of PriPara with thoughts of their own about Faruru, they then go back to their old competive selves, when they hear a bell to signal a brand new year.

27 (180)- "Akeome de Kashikoma!" ("The New Year's Capice!")


Airdate: January 10, 2015

The girls give the viewers a happy new year message, Usagi appears along with them and Kuma is seen sleeping in a cave, hibernating for winter.

In PriPara Town, there is a big New Year's event and Meganii announces a special event to occur, it'll be the one where only one can win the final piece of the Paradise Coord, Sophie, Mirei and Laala are determined to win, until, "A-choo!", Laala sneezes.

Laala is home with a fever, Himeka checks on her and leaves the room, Meganii appears on Laala's phone to advertise the Paradise Coord, Non comes to refill the bowl of water for her compress. Laala begins to dream of performing alongside Sophie and Mirei, when she finds fans surrounding her, saying her catchphrase, copying her. Laala wakes up saying "Caspice!" a bunch of times.

The next day, Sophie and Mirei come to visit, and discover that Gloria is now working at Papa's Pasta! Gloria tells the girls that since she and Himeka have just been reunited, she wants to be together with her more often by working alongside with her.

Non leads them to the sick patient's bedroom, just as Laala is trying to make her way out. Mirei gives her the homework for winter break, which Laala confesses she hasn't finished yet, Mirei then gives Laala her 207th warning ticket, but decides to lay it off for now until school starts back up, Sophie brings candy for Laala, but then falls asleep on her bed. Shion, Dorothy and Leona arrive with a game of go and gifts, Nao comes to visit as well, but, then, the room gets very noisy and overcrowded with guests, Non puts her to bed and tries to get the guests to quiet down.

The next day, Laala checks if she's still sick and the thermometer confirms she is fine, but, her sister is not. Laala learns that Non is a huge Faruru fan and decides to get an autograph to cheer her up.

When she, Mirei and Sophie go into PriPara World, they happen to bump into Faruru and her Mascot Unicorn.

Laala asks Kuma about Prism Voice, Kuma explains that it's a legendary voice only held by an idol like Faruru, he also explains to Sophie and Mirei that only Laala has it.

Back in reality, Non is very happy to have gotten an autograph from Faruru, but her second biggest wish is to go into PriPara and watch her big sister perform live.

Then, Laala, Sophie and Mirei return to PriPara world to sing and dance to "Happy-pa-Lucky" and Laala wishes for Non to watch her perform. Non happily watches on her tablet as she watches her big sister along with her friends sing and dance. Non is very grateful to have a sister to support in her idol activities, Laala, Sophie and Mirei then wish the viewing audience a Happy New Year, as Laala smiles.

28 (181)- "Puripara Igo Panda Degozai Masu" ("PriPara Goes with The Pandas")

(プリパラ 囲碁パンダでございます)

Airdate: January 17, 2015

Both SoLaMi♡Smile and Dressing Pafé are at Prism Stone watching Faruru's performance. Mirei told them that her Idol Charisma and Fan Base has been growing since her debut. Shion tells her teammates that they cannot afford to lose to Faruru. As Dressing Pafé are planning on how to defeat Faruru, a girl called and appears in front of them. Shion recognized her and she introduced herself as Iroha Kagawa, Shion's eternal rival in go.

SoLaMi♡Smile admired her for being cool and good at go. Iroha started telling them that Shion is the one who ruled at the Go Championships for five years and Iroha didn't win against her in any of the games. Dorothy told her off that she considers herself as a rival despite not winning against Shion in single game. Shion told them that she was unrivaled and how strong she was back then. Both Dorothy and Leona admired her for how strong she was but Shion told them that it has already past. Iroha agreed and told her how much she had changed but Shion didn't recognize it. Iroha told her that she used to be lonely and ever since forming Dressing Pafé, she had gone soft. Iroha showed them that eating a sweet fruit parfait is proof enough because she used to eat only black and white things. Shion agreed and Iroha told her that it was the reason she lost to Faruru and gave her a letter of challenge for a go challenge in PriPara. However, Shion refuses because her top goal is to reach the Divine Idol Rank. Iroha told her that she already told Meganee about it and she had accepted it. Shion thought it over and finally accepts the challenge.

Shion was at home looking at her go board thinking about how to defeat Iroha. She remembered Iroha's words saying she had became soft and Shion said that she is going to stand on her own world.

The next day, a lot of fans came to see Shion play and gave her motivation. As Shion passes to SoLaMi♡Smile, they gave her motivation and Laala said that they will be watching until Kuma told them that their break is over. Shion told them that they worried so much and she must stay calm and reserved.

Just then, Faruru also happened to pass by and heard Laala saying she is already fired up. Faruru asked Laala what being fired up means and Laala tried to explain it to her by acting like it. Faruru then copies her but Laala told her to be louder until she disappeared. Sophie told them that she is mysterious while Mirei remembers Unicorn saying that Faruru is a Vocal Doll. Mirei wonders what is a Vocal Doll and Kuma told her that she is out of character. Mirei then returns to her character and while so, she pushes Kuma until he got hit by a door. After getting hit, he finally remembers what is a Vocal Doll and tells them that they are beings born in PriPara having characteristics to reach the top of the Idol World. SoLaMi♡Smile were amazed and Mirei asked Kuma if they have no chance of defeating Faruru. Laala then tells her that they must not give up giving Mirei motivation to practice harder.

Dressing Pafé are walking together and Leona tells Shion to relax. They saw Iroha and Dorothy didn't recognized it was her. When Shion told Dorothy that she is Iroha, she was surprised that she looks more plain. Iroha told them that it was her real form and told Shion she will defeat her unadorned. Faruru then shows up and asks what is unadorned. Dorothy told her off that she doesn't even know the word and asked her her age. Faruru answered that Unicorn told her that she is ten and asked her who is she. Dorothy introduced herself and says her catchphrase. Faruru asked the meaning of her catchphrase. Dorothy then gets mad and Leona tells her to relax. Faruru copies her and Dorothy gets even more mad. Shion tells her to be calm and collected. Faruru asks what is calm and collected. Instead, Shion told her to read a dictionary instead of asking others. Iroha recommended her an idiom dictionary but Faruru misheard it. Iroha corrected her and Faruru copied and dictated all their catchphrases and then leaves while Dorothy told her off. Shion was surprised that they lost to a clueless girl.

Meganee and Meganii then announced that the PriPara Go Panda Showdown was about to start and the winner will get a new Cyalume Coord from Cosmo Hojo who suddenly appears and tells the players how happy she is with the new Cyalume Coord and to do their best. Meganii then asks if the pandas are all ready and they all jump into their respective bowls. The tournament then starts as Shion and Iroha gave each other a good luck.

The black player, Iroha, then starts and places her panda on her chosen spot. Shion, the white player, closes her eyes, finds the spot and places her panda there. The game is going smoothly until Usagi saw it on tv while Dorothy and Leona are practicing. Dorothy thought that Shion is winning but Usagi told her that she is going to lose. Shion, for nearly three minutes didn't make a next move because she cannot see it. SoLaMi♡Smile were watching and are worried about Shion. Shion knew that she is going to lose but after the pandas cannot hold in, she went outside and saw Dorothy and Leona running to her.

Dorothy told her to win but Shion told them if she didn't read the next move, she will lose. Dorothy told her to not give up and Faruru passes by reading a book out loud until Dorothy told her to be quiet. Dorothy then told Shion that she and Leona have been practicing hard. Shion knew about it and was about to give up until Dorothy tells her off that she is agreeing with Iroha that she is now soft after forming Dressing Pafé. This lead to a little arguement and all three fell down. Shion was able to read the next move and gets back on her feet because the three of them found out together. The game continues after the pandas returned back to their places. Shion then points out that move and to Iroha's surprise, won the game. Shion told Iroha that it was because of Dressing Pafé that made her stronger and invited her to watch their performance.

29 (182)- "EZ DO Gurosasaizu" ("EZ DO Glosercise")

(EZ DO グロササイズ)

Airdate: January 24, 2015

SoLaMi♡Smile are at the library discussing about them being behind by both Dressing Pafé and Faruru. Amamiya saw Mirei computing hard and thought that spraying himself with cologne can help Mirei. Mirei then thought of doing somersaults which Laala approved after seeing idols doing it on tv. Mirei agreed with Laala and Sophie said she wanted to try doing a somersault. Both Laala and Mirei told her that they can handle it but Sophie insisted on doing it, surprising her teammates.

The girls started training but are having a hard time. Kuma showed them a place where they can practice, the PriPara Gym. As the girls left for the gym, Kuma told himself the dangers that they can face.

Meanwhile, the girls are now looking for the gym and thought that they're lost but Mirei found the gym. As the girls entered in the gym, the door closed unexpectedly and Rina pulled away their PriTicket Bags. Gloria introduced herself as the one in charge of the PriPara Gym and she, Rina and Love will put the girls into massive training. When the girls are ready, they said their own catchphrase but Gloria only told them to answer with a "glo". The girls said it quietly until asked to say it loudly.

The girls are asked to perform a somersault but failed. Gloria asked Love for the disk and inserted it on Rina. The girls began their training but Gloria gave them the same hair she has and they cannot continue because of how heavy it is.

The girls are asked to break down a few blocks and Love demonstrated on how to do it but the girls cannot break it. Gloria changed their outfits and Love told her that they have a new applicant which is Faruru. Faruru performs all steps easily and Gloria told her that she can go because nothing is left to teach her. As Gloria looked at the girls, she told them they cannot leave the gym until they master doing the somersault. Gloria also told them that she will be telling their parents about it and manage their school work. The girls were surprised and are asked to go back to their training.

Dressing Pafé were outside and asked if the girls are okay. The girls were tired but Leona gave them one of Papa's Pizzas. As Laala was about to eat it, Gloria stopped her and pulled her away. Sophie's fan club gave Sophie some pickled plums to help her in her training but Sophie wanted to do things on her own. Her fan club told her to do her best.

Laala and Mirei are now on bed until Mirei noticed that Sophie is not on her bed and thought she ran away because the training is much hard for her. Both Laala and Mirei decided to find her. Sophie was training so that she can do somersault but Faruru told her that she will be the one to win the Paradise Coord and it won't matter if she trained hard. Laala and Mirei found Sophie with Faruru. Faruru asked her if she is going to give up but Sophie told her she will never give up because as long her friends are with her, she can do anything. Both Laala and Mirei told her to do her best and Sophie's training became a success. Laala and Mirei apologized to Sophie for doubting her and the three are now aiming for victory.

Gloria told them that it's already past their bedtime. Mirei told her that they are just planning how to work harder. To put their training to the test, Gloria summoned a tennis field and if the girls managed to hit one of Love's serves, they can leave the gym. The girls are having a hard time hitting the balls but they took Love's last serve together and won. Gloria and Love congratulated them and are now allowed to leave the gym.

The next day, the girls performed on stage and after performing trade friend tickets. Faruru asked Unicorn about friends but she told her that she doesn't needed friends not fans. Unicorn told her that she will be helping her getting more fans.

30 (183)- "Dokidoki! Paradaisu Kōde wa Dare no Mono!?" ("Heart-Pounding! The Paradise Coord Belongs to Who!?")


Airdate: January 31, 2015

Kuma entered SoLaMi♡SMILE's dressing room and told them that only them, Dressing Pafé and Faruru will compete for the Paradise Coord. Laala asked about the other units and Kuma told her that it might be impossible for them and gave up. Mirei told her team that they will win. Same goes for Shion who told her teammates that they will win the Paradise Coord. SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé went face to face and said that their team will win, except for Laala. Unicorn appears and told them to make way for Faruru. Faruru came and she and the two units have a little talk before the competition starts.

Eiko and her teammates are watching and are soon joined by Nao, her friends, Gloria and Love. All were excited and as the lights go out, the Paradise Coord is shown. Meganee told them that the finals of ParaPri is now starting. The Manaka, Minami and West family are also watching. Meganee gives a little description about the Paradise Coord and then calls the first entry which is Dressing Pafé.

Dressing Pafé performed their best and their fans cheer them on. Meganne calls the second entry which is SoLaMi♡SMILE who also gave their best. Many fans cheered them on and next would be Faruru.

After their performances, SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé are walking on the same hall leaving Kuma and Usagi fighting about who will be the winner. The two units, except Leona and Sophie, are also arguing about who will win. Unicorn laughed at them and calls them rubbish idols which made both Kuma and Usagi mad. Laala asks Unicorn if Faruru is really born in PriPara. Unicorn told them the story and her mission to research about the Paradise Coord.

Before, Unicorn read about the Paradise Coord and looked for idols who deserve to wear it but cannot find one. As she was about to give up, she found a PriTicket without an owner. She scanned it and Faruru was born. After Unicorn saw all her unique abilities, she began teaching her about idols and became a successful idol because of this.

It was time for Faruru to perform. As she performs, Faruru copied all of SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé's Making Dramas, surprising the two units. Faruru still received praise and won the Paradise Coord.

SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé are upset that they didn't won the competition but Laala still managed to congratulate Faruru calling her a friend. Faruru told her that an idol doesn't need friends, but fans, surprising Laala.

31 (184)- "Smile! SoRaMi♡Sumairu" ("Smile! SoLaMi♡SMILE")


Airdate: February 7, 2015

On a Sunday morning, Laala woke up late but still joined her family for a meal. On TV, Laala saw Faruru wearing the Paradise Coord and Non thought she looked wonderful on it. At PriPara, Kuma calls Laala to check on her teammates, Mirei and Sophie, because they won't come to PriPara for a performance. Laala went on to Mirei's house and forgot to say her catchphrase which makes her family worried.

Laala pays a visit to Mirei who told her that it would be impossible to beat Faruru according to her calculations and wont go back to PriPara for a while. Cosmos told Laala that Sophie became tired after they lost to Faruru. As Laala went back home, she heard Dressing Pafé in the West residence and when Leona saw her welcomed her in. They also wont go back to PriPara because of their defeat.

Laala informed Kuma about Mirei and Sophie's decisions and as Laala hangs up on him, he also noticed that Usagi had the same problem and both don't know what to do with their respective units.

The next day, after Mirei gave Laala her broken rule ticket, Amamiya told her that she hasn't been acting herself since the morning she came in to school. Nao called Laala and told her that she cried last night because of her eyes. Nao also noticed that Laala forgot her to say her catchphrase and told her that she will always be her fan making Laala more happier.

Gloria called Laala to her office and Laala was surprised to see her friends also in there. Gloria told them that they haven't been themselves because they got defeated by Faruru and reminded them of the things they did to prove that PriPara is a good thing. She also told them that Meganii is sick and to go to PriPara for him.

As the six girls went to PriPara, they found Meganii fine and told them that there is a surprise for them. As Kuma and Usagi opened the door, Cosmos is on stage which surprises the two units. Cosmos then performs on stage and after the performance, Meganii told them that it was their friends who planned it to get their motivation back.

Its time for Faruru's performance wearing the Paradise Coord but as she Cyalume changes, the coord didn't glow. Many are upset but as Unicorn told them that there is another competition that will hold the Paradise Coord as a surprise and that Faruru will be participating, they went back as Faruru's fans. The two units think that its their chance to defeat Faruru and win the Paradise Coord.

32 (185)- "Mirei, Puri Yamerutte yo" ("Mirei Quits Saying "Pri"")


Airdate: February 14, 2015

One morning, the students are all entering school and are being watched by the Discipline Committee. Nao congratulated Laala that there is another chance to obtain the Paradise Coord giving Laala motivation to work hard. Mirei heard them and was also motivated. Both Dorothy and Leona are talking about Valentines Day which made Amamiya to expect some chocolates from Mirei. Amamiya tries to tell Mirei that he wanted chocolates by showing the ants as an example but it instead gave Mirei something else.

At the oppening ceremony in the gym, Mirei is getting ready to reveal to them that she is SoLaMi Smile's Mirei but Amamiya said it in advance. As a result of his actions, Mirei gives him a Warning Ticket and asks him how he know she was the Mirei that says ~pri. Amamiya told her that he feels that she was her from the beginning.

In PriPara, everyone was talking about the upcoming Valentines Day and whom they're going to give their chocolates to when Mirei passes by them with her real look. Kuma told her that she is forgetting her ~pri and Mirei answered that she is going to stop saying it for the sake of beating Faruru. This surprises the others.

Aftermath, Mirei is starting to act weird like forgetting a rule that Laala broke and mistaken a food for a PriTicket. She finds this as a result of her quitting her idol character but forces herself to not stop. In the next morning ceremony, before Mirei said anything, Amamiya gives her a Warning Ticket because she breaks the first and number one rule. Amamiya calls out to the students for the Pri Pride and everyone keeps on saying ~pri for Mirei. She announces a performance made by SoLaMi Smile.

At PriPara, SoLaMi Smile now changes coords and performs. The girls are happy that the Mirei who says ~pri now returns. While walking down the street, Amamiya expects some chocolates from Mirei which she gave him and starts he starts blushing. Mirei ate some and walks as the episode ends.

33 (186)- "Raara no koto, oshiete" ("Laala, Tell Me More About You")


Airdate: February 21, 2015

One late evening, Faruru sits on the top of a roof while thinking to herself. While watching the sky she sings to herself.

One day, both Dressing Pafe and SoLaMi Smile are busy training in the same room. The girls decide to take a break while Kuma and Usagi argue over who will win. The girls are a bit concerned by the fact they don't really have a plan, when suddenly Laala recalls she has to leave for work back at home. This surprises the others, since they are worn out from the tiring training they spent that day doing. In this time, they decide to discuss Faruru.

Laala changes and runs through PriPara, but she is approached by many fans. She thanks them and sagrees to draw and sign her autograph for them, but she hears a crowd nearby and watches as Faruru perfectly signs many autographs in a row. The girls are all delighted by her perfection, speed, and accuracy - but Laala's fans are very happy by her autograph and ask to snap friend tickets. Which catches Faruru's attention.

As she observes this, one girl asks to snap friend tickets with her; only for Unicorn to interrupt and say that Faruru doesn't want them. Instead she would prefer likes, and asks that the fans give her a lot of likes and support during her next live. With that Unicorn yanks Faruru away, causing Faruru to ask why she can't snap Friend Tickets. Unicorn simply states that because Faruru is so much better, it would be in her best interest to stay distant. She decides to go and make sure the preparations for her next live are ready and flies away, telling Faruru to go straight back to her room. Before leaving, Faruru watches Laala as she says farewell to her fans. She approaches Laala and asks to know about fans and their importance. She also asks if she is above Laala, as someone higher than the clouds - but asks how this can be since she can obviously see clouds above her.

Confused by this, Laala tries to get her to slow down so that they can discuss the topic properly. Faruru chats about being born an idol, and how she has learned a lot, done as Unicorn said, performed in loves, and gained a lot of fans. It's expected since she was born an idol, and she asks what Laala was born as. Laala, unsure of how to answer simply says "a normal Laala", and Faruru asks her why she became "idol Laala". Laala recalls what led to her becoming an idol, and explains that she only came inside to return Mirei's PriTicket Bag that she dropped in town. She recalls their many performances together in that time.

In this time, Laala and Faruru step onto a fancy canoe and float on the large lake nearby as Laala finishes her story. She brings up the Making Drama and asks Faruru if she had a hard time making her own. They think about Faruru's Making Drama, but she claims it was easy since Unicorn made it for her. This surprises Laala, and Faruru asks her what a feeling is. Laala makes an attempt to demonstrate each one for her, and asks if she has ever felt one before. When Faruru doesn't answer, a mischievous Laala tickles her, then tries to make her laugh - but to no avail.

Faruru goes on to ask laala what occurred after she met and befriended Mirei. Laala recalls how she joined with Sophie to form their three-person unit. She goes on to bring up how they met Dressing Pafe, composed of two members who held a grudge over them but soon the entire group became their friendly-rivals.

The girls step down a row of stairs as Laala explains the importance of having a rival. She tells Faruru that she is also one, and promises not to lose to her next time, but Faruru remains clueless. Suddenly, Laala recalls that she had to get home for work. She starts to panic and runs off, only to stop when Faruru asks what a "mom" is.

Inside the training building, the others are discussing the next Live. None of them are really convinced they will do great, and they think about how perfect Faruru is. They are joined by Meganii, who begins to explain his own investigation regarding the mystery new Idol. He had confronted Unicorn on the subject but she claims to have only picked up her PriTicket, she doesn't know anything else. Meganee concludes the discussion, stating that at the time they have been compiling and studying the various data they are able to collect.

A message goes out to PriPara to inform the idols visiting for the day that it will be shutting down for the evening. Laala approaches the exit as Faruru follows her, then stops as Laala recalls she lives there. She asks Faruru if she has ever been outside of PriPara before, and she tells her no. Laala suggests they go outside together, to take her to school with her sometime, and to introduce her to her friends. Faruru recalls that Unicorn said she isn't allowed to go outside though, so Laala offers to chat with her through the use of their PriPass. She can use it to show her the various things of the outside world with it, and Faruru observes her own PriPass. Before going, Laala makes a pinky promise with her and runs off, waving to her. Leaving Faruru to stand by herself as she thinks about it.

34 (187)- "Faruru no Tomodachi" ("Falulu's Friend")


Airdate: February 28, 2015

Laala turns on her PriPass and contacts Faruru, who turns on hers as well. She greets her and brings up their promise before asking Faruru if she recognizes her. But before Laala can officially begin, Unicorn grabs Faruru's PriPass and tells her she can't be friends with Laala. She throws Faruru's PriPass into a small container and shuts the cabinet door while claiming that Laala is a bad influence for her. She tells her not to open the cabinet, threatening to show her the pointy end of her horn if she doesn't listen to her, and tells her to focus on getting more and more fans. She makes Faruru practice her autographs and compliments her speedy work, taking the large pile to Meganee.

After Unicorn leaves, Faruru signs a few more before quickly getting up. She grabs her PriPass, leaving the cabinet open and runs down the hallway clutching her PriPass as Laala continues to yell through her own to contact her. She is joined by Mirei and Sophie, who have come to pick her up for a SoLaMi Smile unit meeting at the backyard of the school. Laala agrees and they head back, where Mirei contacts Kuma to inform him of their plans. He is shocked that they wish to write their own song, but Mirei is sure this will give them the edge they need - considering this is their final chance to defeat Faruru. As far as she knows, they don't really have many other options other than to go to Meganii for some support and assistance. She ends the meeting by telling the girls to try to think up some lyrics.

As Laala moans over not being able to write lyrics, she gets a message from Faruru while wondering what happened to her. Faruru has hidden under a small, dark pathway and quietly asks Laala to show her the school. Laala agrees and starts by showing her the school statue, the entrance to the elementary school wing, several students, and explains that because it is currently recess, everyone is either hanging out or preparing for their next class. Laala takes her to the class she is in, and she introduces two classmates to Faruru, who greets them in return and listens to them speak.

As class begins, Laala is called on to answer a difficult math equation. Laala struggles until Faruru whispers the answer, "three", which is correct and gets a compliment from the teacher.

Unicorn returns to see that Faruru didn't finish the autographs. To her surprise, she finds the cabinet box was left open and she realizes the PriPass is gone, causing her to panic and flee the building in search of Faruru.

Laala decides to show Faruru around the school since it is recess again. She tells her how many recesses they get in a day before Shion, Dorothy, and Leona pass by her. They warn Laala to be careful, and in the moment, look back to realize Laala is conversing with her. But they say nothing of it in order to have their own team meeting. The trio sit down and decide their plan is to make their own song. Everyone is supportive over the idea but Shion reminds Dorothy that they need to take it seriously. Usagi agrees to the idea and promises to root for them.

During Lunch Break, Laala shows everyone the children playing. She is approached by Non, and shows her Faruru. Non quickly compliments her and how perfect she is, excited to see her in person like this. Laala explains to Faruru what a little sister is, as she is unable to understand. But when Laala describes her wrongly, she scolds her and takes a chance to describe herself as a little sister. She then shows Faruru some things and Faruru, and the sisters go on to show Faruru some of their favorite spots in town. First the stop at the Greenhouse and show her the flowers, including the anemones that Non planted and took care of herself. She grabs one of the flowers and runs up to the PriPass, wanting to give the flower to her. Faruru is touched by the gesture, and Laala agrees to give it to her when she goes back into PriPara.

Suddenly, Faruru spots Unicorn approaching and quickly runs off. As Faruru runs back for home, to hurry up and avoid being detected, Unicorn continues to panic and search for her - while Usagi and Kuma simply laugh at her dismay.

Faruru runs into the building, but in the process of putting things back to the way they were, she spots a small little robot. She thinks about what Laala said and compares the robot to these words.

Inside of PriPara, Laala has just arrived while preciously clutching the flower. Sophie and Mirei walk with her as she explains what it was for. Faruru has never been outside, and this causes the girls to feel bad for her. They head into the building and while waiting for the elevator, discuss their lyrics plans; but as it turns out, Laala was unable to think of anything worthwhile, while Sophie made something poetic and half written in English. So Laala challenges her and asks if she was able to think of anything, but as it turns out, Mirei simply put together a bunch of statements together, causing the girls to criticize her.

In her room, Faruru winds up the little robot and watches it move. She is joined by the trio and Laala hands her the flower. She puts it into the little clawed hand of the robot and shows them how it moves. They are joined by Dressing Pafe, and they reveal that they only came to drop off something. Shion mentions overhearing Unicorn outside, so Faruru explains what she did to the six of them. She apologizes to Unicorn, although she isn't there to hear it, and frets over being "horned", but she had to see the outside world for herself.

Suddenly, Unicorn arrives home and begins to home in for the attack - only to be shot down by Shion's Go Pieces. Quickly Laala and the girls grab her and take off, but not before Faruru grabs her toy robot. The six of them escape as Unicorn gives chase threatening to horn them all. By the time she reaches the elevator lobby though, she sees nothing except for a glowing button, revealing their direction to her. But as it turns out, they actually tricked her by escaping for outside, to make her think they went upstairs.

The seven of them sit down as Dorothy questions why they even helped their enemies. Leona and Shion point out that while this is true, they are also unarmed comrades on the of the stage who didn't deserve this. Faruru sets down "non", but as it turns out, it isn't working. Sophie claims she can fix it though, although Mirei is somewhat doubtful, and gently she shakes, then pulls off the head. With that, the six try to think of a way to fix things for Faruru, with Sophie turning it into an item case, Dorothy changing it into a busted, broken down weapon, and Shion and Mirei stopping Laala from even touching it. Using her math brilliance, Mirei makes an attempt to fix it as Dressing Pafe discusses their lyrics.

Both teams are surprised to learn that they came up with the same plan, but Faruru changes the subject by asking why they would even help her. Laala claims that they are friends, but she isn't sure she understands. The other girls explain friendship to her and soon Mirei finishes her repair for "non". Faruru takes it back and tries it out, but as it turns out, it didn't entirely work. This causes Laala to panic when Faruru suddenly claims that friends aren't needed after all. Shion prepares, but she is stopped by the others and Dorothy tells Leona to think of something. Taking out his tool device, he tries to fix it while explaining friendship. Mirei also gives her two sents, along with Laala, who observes the flower Non gave to her. This causes Laala to realize they actually all came up with some good lyrics, and Faruru tries out the little robot again. At first it doesn't move, but suddenly it starts up - much to their joy.

Laala hands Faruru the flower again and she gives it back to Non, deciding that friends really are great. With everyone in better moods, they head to the performance area to change and get the final rounds underway. Everyone cheers for Faruru as Unicorn angrily comments on how she was able to perform her own, made up Making Drama. Suddenly, Shion and Mirei get the same idea and both teams decide to form a great song that details their feelings for everything and form one unit again. They decide to go and ask Meganii while writing down some lyrics, which they all give to Mirei and then to him. They ask him to make them a good song and he agrees.

35 (188)- "Saigo no Sutēji Batoru!" ("The Last Stage Battle!")


Airdate: March 7, 2015 SoLaMi Dressing has reformed and wait for their new song at school. They receive a message on their PriPass from Meganee reporting that their new song is ready. Meanwhile, Faruru finishes making her "Non" have matching headphones as her, and is scolded by Unicorn for not preparing for the Grand Prix tomorrow. Faruru responds that she would definitely do well.

Later in PriPara, Meganii explains to them how the lyrics suggestions they wrote about friends deeply moved him. After receiving the new song, Meganii explains how this song is a perfect balance of the personalities of every member. Mirei asks Meganii about his progress in investigating Faruru, which Meganii replies that he hasn't made much progress but he will look at the data when Faruru scans her PriTicket

Faruru and Laala are talking on the PriPass about the Grand Prix the next day when Non interrupts and comments on how she liked Faruru's new Making Drama, before leaving the room complaining about how only one side could win. Laala and Faruru ask each other a favor and they decide to tell each other after their performance tomorrow. Unicorn watches Faruru and starts to feel very restless.

A broadcast of the ParaPri finals is shown, and Ookanda tells the school about how SoLaMi Dressing was made from members from Paprika Academy. She and the entire school cheers them on.

SoLaMi Dressing enter the Coord Change area quite nervously. Kuma and Usagi comment on how pathetic they are, only to be shown being very nervous themselves. Unicorn and Faruru enter and Unicorn tells them that their chances of winning were slimmer than her horn, but Usagi and Kuma disagree and say they had more than her horn. SoLaMi Dressing tell Faruru how they don't plan on losing and Laala and Faruru look at each other, Unicorn once again worries.

After SoLaMi Dressing's performance, Unicorn and Faruru are in the Coord Change area and Faruru prepares to go on. Unicorn tells Faruru to not use the Making Drama she made and to copy the Making Dramas of everyone in PriPara. Faruru responds by saying thank you to Unicorn for taking care of her and Unicorn decides to save her tears till the end of the performance. As Faruru scans her ticket, Meganii gets a lot of info and starts analyzing it.

SoLaMi Dressing wins by a very small margin, and all six of them are seen with the Paradise Coord. They don't believe it and are glad they didn't give up. Faruru approaches them and tells them about how she lost for the first time but she isn't sad of frustrated. SoLaMi Dressing compliment on Faruru's performance and Faruru and Laala ask each other to snap. Unicorn tries to stop Faruru but is unable to as her snapped ticket triggers her system to break down.

36 (189)- "Faruru, Mezameru dechū-!!" ("Falulu! Please Wake Up-dechu!")


Airdate: March 14, 2015

Everyone watches with shock as Faruru lays on the ground. Everyone offers to help but Unicorn tells them it isn't any use; CPR and any other sort of health aid will help her. She forces Laala to get away and blames her for causing this and demands that she gets away. Everyone panics and the girls take off, leaving Unicorn to cry as she tells the unconscious Faruru that more than anything she wanted to be her friend. But she knew she couldn't so she kept her distance instead.

Changed back into their normal coords, the girls try to figure out what to do. Unicorn won't let them near her either, so for the time being they can't do a thing. They are joined by Meganii and Meganee, who explain that Faruru is unable to snap her ticket, and he explains why this is using his own hologram abilities. Everyone is amazed by this, and he continues by explaining to everyone that Faruru is a vocal doll. She is born from the feelings, desires, and wishes of girls who desire to be idols. The feelings gave birth to her, and Unicorn discovered her PriTicket while looking through books and brought Faruru to life by scanning it. She was focused on becoming the top idol and her progress increased greatly.

However, she began to gain self-awareness and within her, a soul was born. Meeting Laala awakened that, and her mind grew larger - allowing her to learn many things, and she took an interest in something other than becoming a Divine Idol. She desired to have friends, instead of only fans, so snapping her PriTicket, which she was never meant to do, showed that she was able to do the impossible; for someone like her. In a way, she was like a computer program, and the soul born in her was a "bug" in her system. He ends his show for everyone, stating that she may have been aware this would happen, but she did it anyway.

Unicorn claims she was worried this would happen, and the girls ask if that meant she was born to die upon gaining a friend. As everyone sadly comments on this, Laala starts to feel worse as Unicorn explains that things like affection weren't meant for her. She hid her care and love for Faruru to make sure it didn't happen, but she still wanted friends anyway. Laala, now realizing this is her fault admits to it, but Meganii claims opposite. Faruru wanted this more than anything, and hearing this Laala asks if there is anything they can do to wake her up. He reveals that he doesn't know, along with Meganee, causing her more grief.

Everyone stands in silence, slowly leaving PriPara or to resume their work. Laala and the others go elsewhere to try to comfort her and figure out what to do. Mirei and Shion admit that neither of them know what to do to solve this either. Laala recalls when she first met Faruru, and suddenly both Mirei and Shion get an idea. They reveal that Laala's prism voice may be the very thing needed to wake her up. It has very special, mysterious powers and they believe this is the key. Laala recalls just how precious this voice was, because in the past everyone chastised her for being loud; but on stage she learned to open up, she made new friends, and even though things led to arguments their relationships were stronger. She even got to encourage others to be brave and confident, saw real miracles occur right before her, and got to join a team with someone she admired.

With a powerful resolve, Laala decides it is worth a try. Although Kuma and Usagi are concerned, Laala refuses to give up.

On the platform where Faruru resides, Unicorn tries to keep her warm - although knowing it is futile. She speaks to her, in hopes of getting her to awaken, but soon bursts into tears when she thinks about the many things she never got to say to her. She is joined by Laala and the others, who call out to her. They explain to her what they plan to do in order to wake Faruru up, and explain that with the power of her Prism Voice, Miracles happen. Unicorn tells them it is only pointless, since she believes Laala's prism voice is way too inexperienced. She yells at them and the girls quickly run away after she chases them, threatening to use her horn on them.

After the girls manage to escape her, Laala sadly cries again. By now, Usagi and Kuma believe it may be just as worthless to try - but Laala refuses, as do the other girls. Laala promises to keep working if that is what it takes, and the other girls agree. She promises to do her best and with that the girls leave.

The next day, Laala runs from school and straight to home. She uses this time training, as do the other girls while Unicorn tries a multitude of ways to wake Faruru; like using alarm clocks, making Sadako chant with the rest of Sophie's fan club, even using Chanko to act like a really loud sumo wrestler. Eventually, Unicorn splashes herself with cold water many times over and over, then runs over to a tomb to prey, and even tries to glue the Ticket back together.

One evening, Laala loudly practices speaking so that she can sing better. When Non comes into the room she apologizes for being too loud, but Non explains that she actually came in to voice confidence in Laala; considering how worried she is for Faruru. The other girls also spend their time enunciating their words through various activities.

Unicorn feels herself lose more faith, now covered in glue. She rolls over to Faruru and apologizes for this while laying next to her.

Eventually Laala heads into PriPara. She changes into her chosen coord and appears on stage to perform in hopes of reaching Faruru. While she performs, she thinks about Faruru and all of their times together. She promises to sing even louder if she is unable to do it this time, promising that she will be reunited with Faruru one day.

After the performance, everyone cheers for Laala. However, Unicorn has no faith in her Prism Voice and takes off. The others decide that now they need to perform their group performance and decide to wear the Paradise Coord. Laala agrees and they run back inside, changing into the coords.

At Faruru's side, Unicorn claims it was no good and bursts into tears again as a few onlookers watch.

37 (190)-"Kiseki yo Hokore! Mirakuku Raibu" ("Call Forth a Miracle! Miracle☆Live")


Airdate: March 21, 2015

As morning arrives Laala awakens in bed, along with the others. Reminded of Faruru, the group prepare for the day before taking off for PriPara, with several family members and Gloria showing support for them.

At her office, Unicorn stares at the robotic toy Faruru loved so much. It slowly approaches her, causing her to burst into tears.

Laala arrives to Prism Stone and everyone changes, entering PriPara. Several girls approach, fans of Laala and they admit to thinking that they assume her to be perfect. But now they realize there's more to her, but they still wish to follow Faruru and support her dream of being a normal girl and show the two Units their support. Unsure of what to say, Laala promises they will do their best no matter what happens and they head to the stage where Faruru remains unconscious. They think back to their various experiences with her after noting Unicorn isn't there, until she shows up a moment later but tells them that she won't fight them this time. She admits that she would have just let Faruru do as she pleased if she knew this would happen, and allowed her to be free. She wasn't surprised by this at all.

Laala promises they will revive Faruru and asks that she attends the performance. They head into the main building to find Meganii and Meganee carrying several letters of encouragement from all of the country for the girls, along with flowers and presents, which are brought in by Kuma and Usagi. Meganee announces it is time to begin and together and several fans appear surrounding the stage. As the girls prepare to change coords, Cosmo reveals she has just finished making them accessories to go along with their Paradise Coords. Sophie thanks her sister and she wishes them luck before joining the audience.

After changing, the group appears on stage, but right away they notice Laala hesitate. She admits to being nervous, fearful that they will fail; but everyone is quick to chastise (and in Shion and Dorothy's case, hit) Laala to snap her out of it. Mirei steps forward and speaks to the audience, joined by Dorothy and the others. All of the fans lend the Unit their support, even those from home and watch as the performance starts. As it goes on, everyone wishes them luck and notice Laala's prism voice shining among the darkness before the group unleash their Making Drama and Cyalume Change, causing the Paradise Coord to brilliantly shine. This excites everyone and they resume singing unil they finish the song.

Sadly, Laala realizes they failed. Their paradise coords shined, but they were unable to wake Faruru. Laala cries and apologizes to everyone for this, but suddenly she hears someone singing. The group look to see that everyone in the audience has began to sing for them and the Mascots realize everyone has suddenly gained a Prism Voice- having it spread from Laala. As the girls happily observe the fans they hear them yell and call out for Faruru while several PriTickets rain from the sky and the Paradise coord resumes shining. With that the Unit resumes shining as lights shower the stage.

As the group pauses again they find Faruru has woken and happily comment seeing her. She suddenly performs her Making Drama and in a surprise twist, appears with a new form. She joins the group to perform the remainder of the song and performs a Cyalume Change. As this goes on Meganii and Meganee, as well as the Mascots discuss the change of events. The group then perform a new Making Drama together, including all of the fans, Non, and even Gloria and Laala's mother in their younger forms.

When the song finishes the group thank the audience members for helping them and head back stage, where Unicorn is quick to embrace Faruru and cry. Faruru apologizes for worrying Unicorn, but she doesn't care, happily remarking on how Faruru has changed. The group happily embrace Faruru afterwards, happy to see her alive and well, and she offers to swap Friends Tickets with Laala; who fears their work would be for nothing if they were to attempt it again. The others are sure it will be fine- but Unicorn worries about it as well. However, she doesn't listen and she proves to Unicorn she is fine by snapping the ticket. Officially the girls trade, and Faruru decides to trade with the others when they request the same.

38 (191)- "Mina no Tomodachi! Kashikoma!" ("Capice for Everyone's Friends!")

(み~んなトモダチ, かしこま!)

Airdate: March 28, 2015

Gloria announces the third term is ending very soon to all of the students. She releases everyone formally from the school, telling them to enjoy their vacations and raining a shower of confetti down. As Laala and Nao chat about their plans to celebrate Faruru's birthday the following day, Sophie and Mirei approach to remind Laala not to be late.

Meanwhile, Unicorn and Faruru chat before bed. Unicorn points out that since Friends Tickets are so important, they will sort them out the next day. Before going to sleep Faruru mentions how happy she is to see Unicorn being so kind to her now. With that they fall asleep together.

The next day, Laala leaves home upon realizing she is late. But before she goes, Non gives her a present to give to Faruru- a scrunchie to match hers.

Faruru awakens and spots "Non" nearby, greeting it before she starts to put her friends tickets away. As this is going on, Unicorn sets up the main hall for the party and she is joined by Faruru, who has changed and gotten ready for the day. She offers to help but Unicorn insists she doesn't need to. The others arrive with their own items and greet Faruru and Unicorn, along with Usagi and Kuma, who reveal something big has happened. Everyone has ranked up to the Major Class because of their hard work, and to the groups surprise, Teiko, the enka singer, along with New and Mew show up. They comment on the group reaching their ranking by now, but claim they have a long way to go to catch up to them. They pay them minor attention and ask Faruru of her plans. Faruru reveals that she has decided to start over as an Idol and thanks the others for their support, unaware that something is bothering Unicorn.

Later everyone has shown up and Unicorn gives a speech, along with Faruru. As it turns out everyone brought Faruru presents, and they hand them over to her. Unicorn brings out cake for everyone and they comment on how it tastes, and they each have her try various things, such as Sophie offering her a pickled plum, Leona suggesting a bite of monja, and lastly, pizza from Papa's Pasta. As it turns out, Faruru gets the opposite result of what she is being offered, deeming the monja to be cold, even though its very hot, calling the cake salty, and deeming the pizza to be spicy. While the girls are confused, they don't mind it much when she expresses amusement in their reactions.

Its then Laala hands over the scrunchie from Non, and Faruru thanks her, deciding to stick it on her own "Non", the robot sitting in her room. Nao joins them and asks Laala if she brought a present as well, but when Laala jokes and makes a pose, they notice Faruru struggles to copy it perfectly- as she had been able to do in the past. Meganii joins the group to reveal that after being reborn and gaining her own voice and will, she lost her perfection. While surprised, Faruru claims she is happy to have made real friends, and suddenly Laala embraces her as Unicorn brings over the flower present she got for Faruru, some lilacs. She spent a long time finding some that bloomed early, and she asks that Faruru take care of herself while aiming for top Idol. She is sure that no matter what, Faruru still has her idol talents. With that they pose for some group photos with the various guests and friends and Unicorn takes off.

Eventually the party comes to an end and everyone leaves. Laala asks if Faruru will be okay with everyone taking off now, but Faruru insists with Unicorn there she will be okay. However, they note she's missing and Faruru, terrified that something is wrong runs off to try to find her. Together the group search the building but are unable to find Unicorn.

At that time, Unicorn is speaking with Meganii. She has come to a decision, deciding that Faruru waking up had nothing to do with her- and that she isn't as good as a manager as she thought. She can't be forgiving for failing her like this and feels she is unfit as Faruru's manager. She would spoil her too much anyway, but Meganii warns her that if she does this she will be unable to see her again. Unicorn decides that while she loves her, this is for the best.

The group continue to search when Meganee reports spotting her at the fountain earlier, in the middle of her "de-horning" ritual. The girls watch as Meganii hits a bell with a hammer, and Unicorn removes her horn with ease- deciding to become nothing more than a horse from that moment on. She hands Meganii her horn and they take off- leaving everyone very confused as Faruru chases after them, followed by the others. They arrive to find Faruru and Meganii gone through one of the elevators already and Mirei mentions she had her suspicions. Unicorn went out of her way to find Lilacs, and in flower language, they can mean "friendship" and "memories". Usagi points out they are correct, and he heard her make a request for a transfer to another PriPara. They exist all over the world and it wasn't that hard. Kuma points out that she is also quitting her job as manager, and realizing they went to the roof, the group quickly trail after them.

They arrive just to spot Unicorn and Meganii boarding a plane. Unicorn is surprised to see her, and Faruru asks her why she is quitting, saying they have always been together and loved her. She thought they would always be together. Unicorn quickly claims Faruru doesn't need her, and she has found a more skilled Manager for her and believes this to be for the best in the end. They recall their first time meeting in the past, and Unicorn promises to never forget Faruru, turning away to get in the plane. Faruru asks if there is anyway they can follow after them when Sophie points out Unicorn lied when she spoke, pointing out her twitching tail. When she said being her manager was no longer enough, she was lying. This makes Faruru happy, and she attempts to reach the plane before it takes off, recalling more memories. She grabs onto the plane- just as it lifts itno the air, only for it to pull her forward towards the edge of the roof.

Before Faruru can fall, a beam of light suddenly shoots out of the plane to rescue her. As the girls watch they find a magnificent creature holding Faruru, and realize Unicorn has transformed into a Pegasus. Unicorn chastises Faruru for being careless, only to point out a long time back she used to look like this. It's then Faruru tells Unicorn she wants to go with her, and she refuses to reconsider. Unicorn calls her stubborn decides she will keep managing then. Suddenly, her horn returns, shocking Usagi and Kuma as Faruru announces her plans. While Laala is sad, she promises they will meet again some day and Faruru agrees. With this everyone performs and say farewell to Faruru and Unicorn while ending the song.

Later, Laala leaves home and meets up with everyone again. They discuss Faruru being gone now, but they know they'll see her again. They head into PriPara and change, deciding to separate back into SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe again while turning over a new leaf. However, Meganee is unable to accept either teams entries, and Meganii arrives to announce they have all been disbanded.

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