1- "Sutaa Tanjō!" ("A Star is Born!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 01

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 01


Airdate: April 9, 2011

Stepping foot into the living room, Aira Harune turns off the television until her younger brother and sisters yell at her to turn it back on. She watches for a moment as a girl performs a special jump known as the Aurora Rising and is surprised that they would watch figure skating until they inform her of it's popularity. Her sisters, Eru and Uru suggest that Aira should try to skate sometime, but after Itsuki voices that he has little to no faith in Aira, she tries to show them how graceful she can be. But she ends up falling over after her foot lands weirdly on the ground, causing Itsuki to insult her.

It is announced on television after that a girl named Mion Takamine will be debuting in conjunction with a performance by the popular idol group, Callings. This excites Aira, but her siblings have no idea who Mion is. More than anything Aira dreams of being Mion, a popular model who gets to travel the world.

It's then their dad, Hiro, comes into the room to ask Aira for a favor after he shuts off the television. He tells her that he needs some cake ingredients and asks her to fetch some strawberries, blueberry, and kiwi from the stores in town, but before she leaves he hands her some clothing and claims that her outfit she has on now is too indecent. While Aira doesn't think so, she changes into something frilly and covering, which everyone likes except for Aira, who complains, and their mother, Omi. She is frustrated that Hiro wasted money to buy a fancy outfit when they have a tight budget as it is, but as she sees how unhappy Aira is she gets an idea. With some scissors and sewing tools she transforms it into small twin dresses and accessories for Eru and Uru- depressing Hiro as Aira flees.

After she grabs the fruit her father requested, Aira decides to do a little window shopping before she goes home. She heads into the mall and observes some Manikin outfits and begins to play with them by swapping various pieces until a worker comes along to scold her. Embarrassed, Aira runs from the store and stops as she comes across one known as Prism Stone. She spots a cute skating outfit and recognizes it, fantasizing herself in the outfit until she hears a girl running her way. To avoid collision, both girls jump out of the way as a man nearby watches them.

The mysterious girl manages to gracefully land, but Aira does not. She offers her a hand but Aira insists she is fine, but before she can say anymore the girl takes off. She is approached by the strange man who witnessed their attempts to avoid each other and he asks Aira to come with him. She is highly confused and suspicious as he grabs her wrist and pulls her along.

At another location, some people discuss the missing Mion. Callings will be performing and her debut is very soon, but when they spot Aira they question why she is there. She admits not knowing the girl she nearly ran into earlier, but the girl appears while claiming everything will be fine since she's new too. Aira is still confused until Jun explains that she will be taking Mion's place in the Prism Show since she never showed up. While Aira might not be athletic, it doesn't matter to them since they just need a replacement.

At first, Aira tries to tell them that she can't perform but they ignore her refusal and hand the girls a bunch of little, heart-shaped stones with clothing in them. Jun calls them Prism Stones and explains what they are before sending the girls on their way. They are taken to the Prism Stone World and are told that after they change they will be taken to the show. The girls spot many clothing and are given the outfit pieces that match their Stones before stepping into a machine. The outfits then appear on them and they head out towards the rink, where an angry crowd learns that Mion isn't there.

In her stress, Aira starts to choke and falls over while Rizumu begins to perform. She thinks Rizumu skates very well but the audience gets bored and even more frustrated since she can't do Prism Jumps. This concerns Kyoko, but Jun assures her that because they have Aira, they should be fine. She has yet to move though, so he quickly tries to call out to her to snap her out of it.

Aira starts to grow more upset, but she realizes that she must try and forces herself to get up. She gives herself a light push and everyone begins to watch with amazement, then to their surprise she pulls off a Prism Jump. They start to wildly cheer as Aira lands, but she is unable to stop herself and trips out of bound off the rink, landing on Shou; who was on the sidelines watching. He compliments how well Aira did before kissing her forehead, flustering Aira greatly in the process.

2- "Rizumu, Kokoro no Janpu!" ("Rizumu, Heart's Jump!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 02

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 02


Airdate: April 16, 2011

At her place, Aira is watching the television while her siblings look at the newspaper article about her Prism Star debut. They are curious and wonder if it's really her, but after they watch how dodgy Aira acts they decide that it isn't possible.

As Aira walks along the crowded school area she thinks about how angry her father would be if he found out what she did yesterday. She is also rather depressed over the fact they are changing classes today, but she perks right up after she runs into Rizumu and figures out that not only to they attend the same school, but they also share a classroom. However, as class goes on she finds Rizumu just staring at her, which causes her to panic.

Once class ends, Rizumu asks her if she would like to go and hang out, and quickly Aira agrees. They head out to Harajuku to do some shopping, but Aira finds it difficult on their way over because of how much Rizumu keeps staring at her. At one point she is immediately taken by all of the shops surrounding them and they soon come to Pretty Top to find a bunch of people dancing in a room. Rizumu announces her dance challenge to Aira, who is initially against it, but unable to refuse.

After she wins, Rizumu questions how Aira can be so clumsy since she was able to perform a Prism Jump. She recalls watching it as Aira seems to have forgotten even doing it. She didn't even mean to, but this easy-going response angers Rizumu. The girls are joined by the Callings and Jun, who brought Kyoko along with him. She explains how she has decided to take Mion out and have Aira switch places with her, then brings up their phone conversation, with Mion bluntly stating she didn't care enough to show up. Kyoko then offers the girls scholarships to join Pretty Top while pointing out how much they would need to train, although Aira is just a temporary replacement. She will be let free once Mion feels like she has enough inspiration to return.

To their surprise, Rizumu refuses their offer and storms off. Kyoko tells Jun to do something since they don't have any time left and can't afford to let another person run away, and he asks Aira to go and speak with Rizumu since he is sure his words would have little to no effect. She agrees and heads off to Rizumu's place.

Upon arrival she is invited inside, where she claims to be alright when Rizumu apologizes for causing problems. Once again she starts to stare at her though, so Aira just asks Rizumu why she has been doing this. Rizumu claims it to be nothing, then asks Aira what her future dreams may be. She expresses her own, which gains a compliment from Aira, who is impressed that Rizumu is so dedicated. She then voices how she would love to try modeling some day, but her parents want her to take over the Cake Shop. In hopes of changing the subject, Aira asks about Rizumu's mother, but things turn awkward again when Rizumu brings up that she does not have one.

Eventually, she asks Aira if she could teach her to do a Prism Jump because of how important it is to her. Aira isn't even sure how she did it though and recalls what Jun said when she was able to perform hers. In order to perform they must listen to the voice of their costume. She asks Rizumu about her clothing and she admits that she has a bunch, but she finds Jersey's easier to move around in. Aira insists that she tries some on for her since it may help, and Rizumu agrees. She puts a few articles of clothing together to create an outfit for Rizumu, which she finds to be very cute afterwards. Rizumu is a little surprised, then asks Aira if she can follow her around to learn everything that goes into a Prism Jump. Aira sees no harm in it and agrees.

The following day, the girls are given their roles for the upcoming performance. But after Rizumu is not given any Prism Stones, they reveal that they would like for her to perform in the outfit Aira put together. Kyoko has gone ahead to introduce the girls, so in this time Aira goes to change before they head to the stage. Unfortunetly nerves set in once more and she falls down and starts to cry.

Rizumu begins to dance and sing as she is instructed while Kyoko calls out to them. Aira keeps falling and stumbling, which causes her much grief as Jun tries to assure her it will be fine. She is unable to understand but they watch as Rizumu suddenly realizes that she is ready to do the Prism Jump. She skates around and is able to perform Heartful Splash, wowing everyone.

Once the performance ends, Rizumu embraces Aira for all of her hard work. She claims that her desire to help is what made her able to do it, and the clothing that Aira picked out began to sing to her, just like Aira mentioned. As the girls talk, Jun watches from nearby and while he is happy with their progress, he can't help but wonder what is going to be going on with Mion.

The following day, the newspaper comes out and Aira's family sees her stumbling and falling over in the picture. They don't believe it to be her still, but they do promise to keep it quiet from their dad, which severely annoys Aira. She quickly hides the paper and claims to have no idea where it is before running from home as her dad comes into the room.

She is approached by Rizumu, who has decided to dress herself, and while it looks horrendous, Aira finds herself unable to speak of it, seeing how proud Rizumu is of herself.

3- "Kore ga Kōchi!? Rabichi to Beachi" ("They are our Coaches!? Rabichi and Beachi")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 03

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 03

(これがコーチ!? ラビチとベアチ)

Airdate: April 23, 2011

A mysterious figure observes the clumsy picture taken of Aira's poor performance earlier on that week. He summons two, equally mysterious little figures and tells them to go and take care of something. The two little figures agree to get to it and take off.

At Pretty Top, Kyoko brings up how much of a klutz Aira is. Aira claims that she tried to tell them before, but they were the ones to force her into this. Kyoko claims it isn't important anymore though, and reveals that she has set up an intense training schedule for both girls and wants them to head to the other room immediately in order to get started. Rizumu is a little surprised that they want her to go too, but Kyoko explains that she believes someone with experience would be able to help Aira.

They head into the other room to find a tall, scary figure waiting for them. The girls introduce themselves and are soon informed that the real person they are talking to is none other then a small penguin. He demands to be called Penguin-sensei and introduces them to Yamao Yamada, the administrator who lets Penguin-Sensei perch on his shoulder. He then explains that he is not the instructor, but he teaches future instructors for Prism Stars. Two little animals are tossed at the girls, a rabbit for Aira, and a bear for Rizumu. But before the girls can ask anything the penguin and man take off.

Rabi-chi and Bea-chi introduce themselves to the girls and summon a briefcase for Prism Stones to be kept in. She also gives Aira a Music Heart for dancing, and a VIP Card, but she ends up snapping at her after realizing how distracted Aira has become. Rizumu does not even care about these things and just wants to start, so the girls prepare to be sent home by their trainers. Aira does not understand why she was sent home, but she gets caught off guard when Rabi-chi forbids her from going to the Right at all today. This upsets Aira since the walk will take her two hours instead of the normal twenty minutes.

Because Aira was able to do this, Rabi decides that she can move onto her next lesson, which is performing comedy with her. But when Aira struggles, Rabi becomes very angry with her and demands that they keep practicing until she does it right. Due to the commotion coming from her bedroom though, the rest of the family starts to wonder what is going on. Her siblings comment on how busy she has been lately, causing their father to become uneasy and worry that Aira may be in love with someone, due to what their mom said.

They make an attempt to sneak a peak in on her, but are very surprised as she continues her comedy routine with Rabi. But because they do not see her, they assume that it is only Aira and quickly run back downstairs full of concern and anxiety, deciding that for the time being it is best to leave her alone.

The following day, Aira goes to China Town and is met by a worn out Rizumu. She mentions that she overslept due to the many coloring book pictures and poems Bea-chi made her do. Bea-chi claims to be proud though, and they start to explain their next lesson by having Aira act as a waitress in the shop behind them, while Rizumu is the chef. Jun comes to pay the girls a visit and he ends up sending back the Ramen he ordered rather quickly. The girls can't understand the problem with it, but Bea and Rabi point out that something is missing. Aira believes it to be corn, as it is missing something golden.

A week soon passes and the girls are then given a surprise test to show off what they have learned by performing a Prism Show for Kyoko, Jun, Yamada, and Penguin-sensei. Aira feels unprepared, while Rizumu is all for it. They head into the Prism World and give Meganee some Prism Stones to change into afterwards. She comments on them, then asks Rizumu how she would accent Aira's outfit. She looks through her prism stones while Bea-chi and Rabi-chi cheer for her, then after being reminded of the corn from the day before, she finds a cute hoodie for Aira. It is given a pass and many compliments while Meganee explains how versatile the colors are for it to match any stage theme.

Soon Aira is asked to dance for everyone. She isn't very confident but Rizumu thinks she will be fine since she was able to pass. So they begin the music and Aira heads out and begins to skate. She notices how much her balance has improved, along with her turns due to all of her training, then after being told to spin she realizes that she has never done it before. She recalls what Rabi-chi told her before and she is able to pull one off before performing Fresh Fruit Basket, which allows her to pass this portion of training.

In the meeting room, everyone expresses the interest to see the Comedy Lesson that Rabi-chi made Aira do. But when it turns out that Rabi-chi only did it for fun, this angers Aira so much that she starts chasing the troublesome mascot around the room.

4- "Īsutā wa Mune Kyun Taiken!" ("Easter is a Heart-Pounding Experience!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 04

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 04


Airdate: April 30, 2011

One day Aira rushes out of her home while her father cleans the patio where people can eat outside. She stops for a moment to see a nearby Easter poster, then quickly resumes running before her dad can stop to talk to her. She and Rizumu run some distance away until she is sure he wont be able to see or hear them, then explains that she never told her dad about what has been going on lately.

It's then she realizes the time and tries to run off again, only to be stopped by Rizumu and Rabi. Rizumu is able to deduce that her hurry must involve fashion of some sort, and begins to drag Aira away. Aira tries to reason with her by saying the items are at Prism Stone and if they don't hurry they would be all sold, but Rizumu does not relent until Aira also points out that fashion and shopping are also lessons they need to learn.

As the girls reach Prism Stone, Rizumu recognizes the shop as the place she and Aira met. She happens to notice that Aira has began to pray in hopes that something is still left before shooting into the building, but to her horror they are completely sold out. Rizumu spots a sample accessory and is a bit disappointed by how upset Aira is, but Aira perks up and explains that a lot of styles and combinations can be made with just one pin. Plus wearing cute, fashionable items can make you feel really happy too.

The girls are joined by a group of guys who comment on Aira's behavior, having been watching her, and right away they recognize them as the Callings; despite their disguises. Aira can't help but become flustered recalling her interaction with Sho a while back, and the guys invite them to join them at the side, where they sit down for some tea.

As Aira fawns over the cute items inside of the area, Wataru starts to explain why they are there but Sho interrupts him before he can say anything. They claim that they happen to know the designer and they were requested to think up an exciting event to energize everyone who comes to the shops in this area. Rizumu claims it is an easy task, and she feels energy rising while Wataru voices how happy he is in having her help. But after they hear her idea to perform, they call it boring since they had already planned that. Aira gets an idea and suggests focusing it on Easter, but the guys don't understand it entirely while they head off to fetch painting supplies. They discuss the Easter bunny and Easter eggs, and she mentions that she thinks the idea could work because Easter isn't as major as most holidays- to the point that some people don't even achnowledge it, so this will be fresh and new. She even thinks they can have an Easter Egg painting contest, or an Egg Hunt with eggs holding Prism Stone products.

A bit later, Aira heads into the hallway and is joined by Sho, who asks her if she is okay. She claims to be busy thinking about Easter and the Event, but he sees right through her. So Aira admits to Sho that sometimes she wonders if she should really be participating in the Prism Shows or not because she isn't as talented as Rizumu. Sho claims that Aira has plenty of other talent, like when it comes to understanding outfits, or fashion. This cheers her up, but their time is interrupted when Wataru asks Sho to come back inside to figure out what they should put into the hidden eggs.

In this time, Aira begins to think about how she behaves when Sho is around. Rizumu surprises her and voices her opinion that she thinks it may be love, but Aira tries very hard to deny this. They do not get very far however, because Hibiki comes out to ask them to try some chocolate eggs. The girls end up enjoying them and the sudden energy rush causes Rizumu to take off for training, with a stunned Aira behind her.

Come time for the event, the guys go on to announce the beginning of the Easter Party and Aira sits backstage. She listens to some music, rather frazzled and worried over the performance as Rabi-chi tries to perk her up. In doing so, she accidentally knocks over the Egg sitting nearby and it cracks upon to reveal the accessory Aira really wanted. She realizes this egg was the one Sho made and she finds a note has been wrapped around it. With that Aira believes she is ready to perform, so she goes to change with Rizumi and they meet the guys, just behind the performance area.

After Hibiki tells Rizumu to meet up with him after the performance, she blushes and quickly heads out to the ice to perform while Aira runs behind her. As she is skating, Rizumu performs a Prism Jump and soon it is Aira's turn. Once she happens to spot Sho looking at her she then suddenly performs a brand new Prism Jump, much to her shock.

When the performance ends, Rizumu, Sho, and even Jun and Kyoko congratulate her. They even decide to celebrate it later on. Rizumu then comments on how out of it Aira happens to look. She mentions to her that she had no idea she could even do that Jump and wonders how she did it, and after it is explained to them, Rizumu believes it may have been love. Aira tries to claim otherwise though and she is yanked away by Sho, who wants to show her something. He leads Aira to another room and reveals many toys of Rabi-chi and Bear-chi, and Aira is able to guess that Sho is the true designer after all. He asks if she is surprised and apologizes for waiting to tell her, but Aira interrupts by claiming that the only reason her heart would beat faster around him was simply because he is the designer of her favorite store.

Sho can't help but laugh and he deems Aira to be an interesting girl. He then gets closer and mentions how red her face was before, then asks if she thought he would kiss her again before laughing. Flustered, Aira happens to hear someone cry for help and finds Rabi-chi nearby, stuck within a pile of other Rabi-chi. The same thing happens to Bear-chi and Sho explains that he had them helping him and they must have accidentally gotten into the merchandise. She then scolds Sho as the episode ends.

5- "Papa ni wa Naisho de Fasshonshō" ("The Fashion Show – Don't Tell Dad")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 05

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 05


Airdate: May 7, 2011

Kyoko explains that she will be holding the first ever hybrid Prism-Fashion Show. When asked about it, she explains that this will give their Prism Queen candidates a chance to improve their jumping and fashion coordination simultaneously. As she is going over this, Callings discuss amongst themselves until she reveals her two candidates: Aira and Rizumu.

At home, Aira's siblings watch as this is announced and they find Aira nervously hiding. They ask her how she feels when she suddenly darts in front of the television when their dad begins calling her. They are able to shut the TV off, but she argues with him when it turns out that he didn't even need her. He asks if they were watching the Prism Show, but she plays dumb.

At Prism Stone, Rizumu is pumped up and excited, but Aira is not at all. She considers pulling herself out of the event but Rizumu refuses, explaining that they need to train really hard for the event because it is a duet between them. Their little instructors and Rizumu try to remind Aira how fun this is, in hopes of encouraging her, then Rizumu starts teasing Aira by saying she's happy to know Sho designs their outfits. She then starts to wonder if Aira may not like the clothing, but Aira quickly claims it has nothing to do with it. Her father still doesn't know what she's been doing and if he finds out he will make her quit. Hearing this, Rizumu offers to help her keep the secret.

After school Aira returns home to find her dad. He asks her to go shopping, but before he can finish Rizumu approaches her and quickly starts to bring up some exams they have. She explains that she wants to study with Aira at her home starting today and quickly leads her away.

This happens the next day as well, when Aira returns home and runs into her siblings. They ask if she will be doing any practicing for the Prism Show, but when their dad overhears, Rizumu quickly runs inside and grabs Aira while changing the words around, to make it seem as though they were discussing soy sauce and pudding.

With that the girls quickly get to training. During which, Rizumu does well, while Aira keeps stumbling or falling over. Their little teachers do whatever they can to try to encourage them, and soon Sho comes by with a bunch of fashions for the girls to look over. But this fails when Aira quickly becomes overwhelmed and seems to adore them all.

Aira's father walks around trying to find Rizumu's place while holding a cake. He spots an outfit nearby that reminds him of the one he bought Aira when she was a baby, so he decides to purchase it. To his surprise, he sees Aira and Rizumu approaching up ahead and calls to them, so Rizumu quickly puts on the act of studying. He mentions how hard they have been working, so he wanted to bring Rizumu a cake. He hands it to her and the two begin to walk back home.

The next day the girls are given a single ticket each to give to a parent. Kyoko is sure that their parents would be happy to see them, but Aira gives her ticket to Rizumu while explaining she can't give it to either parent. Rizumu tells her that she needs to talk to her dad though, because she is sure he would be understanding. When Aira sees how important this is, she decides she will try and thanks Rizumu. She gets the idea to leave him a message using her Prism Heart device.

At the Cake Shop, someone shows a small paper of the girls advertising the show. Aira's father is very angry, and when she gets home he begins to yell at her. She tries to make him listen but he refuses, stating that he is angrier because she didn't tell him. He doesn't understand why she would even want to do it when she's so clumsy, but Aira claims how good the Prism Show can be for her. He then reminds Aira of a time when she fell when she was three at the ice rink. They had to be rushed to the hospital, something Aira forgot. Just then her mom steps into the room to remind him that Aira happened to be quite the natural when it came to the ice, he was the one who was about to fall. In a panic he grabbed onto Aira and rushed to call the ambulance after she fell over, but she was fine in the end. He insists that she be quiet and claims that Aira was lying to him this entire time so it doesn't even matter, when she said she was studying she was out training.

Angrily Aira snaps at her father, stating that he won't ever listen to her about the things she enjoys. He makes her wear clothing that suits what he likes to see, instead of what she enjoys and won't even listen to her about anything. She storms off after saying he is unable to understand her feelings and that she hates him.

It's then Omi spots the Prism Heart and a note on the couch. She picks it up to read the note addressed to her fatjer, and pulls out the Prism Show ticket. Her dad wonders why she would give that to him when she knows how he feels about it, so she presses the button to let the message play. Aira mentions how much she loves fashion and the Prism Shows. She has found what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and she plans to practice very hard to one day do a great jump to make him proud. With that, her mother tells Hiro that Aira isn't a three year old anymore, and they can't just keep babying her. Knowing that she really wants to do it, Hiro expresses how much he just wants to keep Aira happy.

Eventually the Fashion Show comes and the girls quickly get to work modeling outfits. To her surprise, Aira finds that her father has showed up, but she grows anxious upon realizing he isn't exactly happy. Aira continues to model with Rizumu, but for each time she notices her dads expression, she becomes saddened and loses focus. When a break is announced she changes into her performance outfit, but someone gives her a bag with an outfit her father picked. She and Rizumu pull out the items, and while Rizumu is happy to see her dad went through such efforts, Aira accuses him of babying her. They happen to see a note from him inside the bag and read over it before realizing why he did this, but Aira wonders why he can't just see things from her view point. With that she starts considering to just drop out now, but Rizumu is able to convince her not to because this is a sign of affection from her father, not one out of spite.

It is then Jun comes along to ask them about what is going on. When the girls explain, he wonders if this might be a test, to see if she can jump no matter what the outfit. He is aware that it will get harder from this point out, and he is concerned that she may not be able to do it. With that, Jun tells Aira that the final decision is her own call and leaves the room.

Rizumu siggests that Aira try the outfit on, saying she could probably fit it beneath a dress, but Aira gets another idea. With a pair of scissors she is quick to pretty remake the skirt into something short and cute, then she pairs it with some other items to make a cute outfit. At first Rizumu tries to stop her, believing this to be a mistake until she sees what Aira made. The girls are joined by Kyoko and Aira expresses the desire to wear this outfit. Rizumu points out that she made it on her own, and the Callings happen to join the girls to find out what is taking so long. They observe the outfit and because Sho seems to like it, Kyoko allows Aira to use it during for the Prism Stone Collection. She then tells Aira to hurry up and change and leaves the room.

After doing so, Aira runs onto the stage and quickly starts to perform. Rizumu and the others watch from behind the stage while Hiro watches her with amazement, surprised to see that the beautiful performer before him is really his daughter. She goes on to perform Fresh Fruits Basket and ends the performance.

As Hiro is heading out of the building he happens to notice Aira on a giant television screen nearby and is instantly disappointed to see that she changed the outfit he got for her. He is surprised afterwards when he finds Aira wearing the rest of the frilly outfit however, and that she only changed the skirt part. He comments that it looks trendy, then quickly runs back in to find her after Aira mentions a desire to leave with him.

6- "Purizumu no Kagayaki wa Itsumo Koko Ni" ("A Prism's Sparkle is Always Here")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 06

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 06


Airdate: May 14, 2011

One day the girls are busy with dance practice as Rabi-chi and Bea-chi watch. After they stop Rizumu gently tells Aira that her finish needs a little bit of work, while Rabi-chi and Bea-chi point out that while Rizumu is full of energy, it may be smart to take a break once in a while. When Aira agrees, Rabi-chi insists she takes one too many breaks. It's then Jun calls the girls to visit Kyoko, who tells the girls that they will be going on a vacation and staying at Hakone for a few days. While Aira excitedly chatters on about what to wear, Rizumu voices that she would rather keep practicing; but Kyoko informs the girls that they will be doing work while away, as their vacation relates to an event coming up. She asks the girls to bring their families, voicing that it is really important.

As Aira is checking out clothing at Prism Stone, she begins to bring up the parental thing again. She admits that she was surprised, but after she accidentally mentions Rizumu's mother, she apologizes and asks if she would be bringing her dad. Rizumu angrily tells her that she has no plans of it and they take off for home. Aira reminds Rizumu that they were strictly told to bring their parents, but before they can say anymore, a strange man comes up to the girls and asks them if they want a ride. While Aira is startled, Rizumu just tells her father, Ryutaro, to stop goofing off. They get into the car, and while they make their way to the Harune home, Aira can't help but notice how awkward things are.

After arrival, Aira starts to talk to her mother, Omi, about the trip to Hakone. Omi states that it is too far, but Aira tries to get her to reconsider by bringing up her desire to see the Hot Springs. Omi continues to refuse since they were really busy with Golden Week and with Mothers Day approaching, she'll spend all night baking. They stop the discussion when Rizumu suddenly comes into the room, when Omi stops and starts to stare at her. Aira introduces her mother and Rizumu to one-another before Ryutaro joins them. Right away their parents recognize each other and embrace- which does not go unnoticed by Hiro, who demands to know what is going on.

Omi explains that she was a stylist for Prism Shows in the past, and she apologizes for not telling Aira before since Hiro asked her to keep it quiet. She used to do the styling for Rizumu's mother; which Rizumu confirms to be true, since she heard of this. Ryutaro then asks if they will be going to Hakone, but Omi claims she is too busy for it. So Aira asks her father about it and he gives them the okay, since a part-timer was going to arrive the next day anyway. He is sure they can handle things.

Later on everyone prepares to leave when Rizumu and Ryutaro drive up to the Harune house. Rizumu gets out of his car and prepares to get onto the van with Aira, which saddens Ryutaro until Omi and Aira's siblings decide to ride along with him. While making their way to Hakone, Aira is depressed since her dad will not be joining them after work. Rabi-chi and Bea-chi convince her that he is acceptive of her, but he is still struggling at the same time, so Rizumu reminds her that her mom will still be coming at least, which perks Aira right up. She goes on to bring up Rizumu's mother again and asks what her name was while she performed, but Rizumu claims not to know before taking out the Prism Heart to listen to music.

Upon arrival the teacher introduces Aira and Rizumu to everyone. A young girl introduces herself as Natsuki and walks off after saying she likes Mion and never heard of them. While it annoys Rizumu, Aira just tells her to forget about it. They change into their training gear and dance with the children and parents while Rabi-chi and Bea-chi watch. When Rizumu begins to yell at various people to try harder, they start to insist that she should be more delicate with the children, something she doesn't agree with since they could get hurt if they don't concentrate. While this is going on, Aira spots Natsuki and tries to get her to dance with them, but Natsuki refuses, saying that because her mom isn't there she doesn't have to. Rizumu hears this and approaches, telling her to get over it. Natsuki storms off while Aira watches with concern.

Next Aira decides to show everyone how to make Happy-Lucky accessories for their mothers. She walks around to offer some pointers when she sees Natsuki working on her own. She compliments the accessory she made, but Natsuki refuses to accept it, telling her to leave her alone. In the process, the accessory is accidentally knocked onto the floor and Rizumu tells her to pick it up. Aira insists that it was her fault that it fell though, and attempts to do it herself, only for Rizumu to refuse this. Lunch is then announced and after Aira asks Natsuki if she would like to go join the others, she storms off again. Aira feels that Natsuki is lonely, unable to agree after Rizumu calls her a spoiled brat.

Outside, Omi and Ryutaro share a paddle boat together. They discuss how much Rizumu resembles her mother, and he mentions how he still can't find her. Omi is sure that Rizumu misses her, but she's been forcing herself to deal with it so that others don't see. But she is surprised when Ryutaro mentions her plans of performing the Aurora Rising.

Jun informs the girls that they can take things easy until dinner, so Aira starts to wonder what they should do for the time being. As she does, Rizumu happens to spot Natsuki outside and the girls approach her when she comes back inside. She claims not to have any interest until Aira shows her some Prism Stones, then they begin to discuss her attire and asks if she brought other clothing with her. Natsuki brings them back to her room to show them her wardrobe, with a surprised Aira, who asks why she didn't wear anything nicer. Natsuki tells her that her mom isn't coming anyway, so it didn't matter. To cheer her up, Aira decides they can perform a Pretty-Remake to dress Natsuki up.

After they dress her up, they bring Natsuki to the ice rink they use to perform Prism Shows. She is very amazed by the building and mentions that her mom promised to be there before the show began. But suddenly she gets a call and her mother informs her that she is unable to come. She was on the way there and her car broke down, so she doesn't think she can make it. Natsuki hangs up, but after Aira deduces what happened, Natsuki claims this happens often and she is unable to understand why her mom keeps doing this. The stress reduces her to cry and Rizumu tries to get her to stop, but this only makes Natsuki more upset. They are joined by Omi, who embraces Natsuki and gently tells Rizumu that she is being too hard on her. She isn't as strong as Rizumu is and she should know what it is like more than anyone to miss their mother.

Rizumu runs off to hide in the nearby room and when Aira comes in to ask what the problem is, she refuses to say anything. They are surprised when Natsuki and Omi show up, and Natsuki gives the accessory she made to Rizumu. They embrace while Rizumu apologizes for what she said to her and Jun comes in to announce that the show has begun.

The girls change and head out to the ice rink, when Omi approaches Rizumu. Rizumu apologizes for her behavior earlier and Omi claims it to be fine while wishing Rizumu luck before she heads out. On the ice, Rizumu is able to perform two Prism Jumps.

That night, Rizumu is congratulated for her efforts when Natsuki's mother suddenly shows up. She apologizes for being so late, and Natsuki tells her mom about her time with Aira and Rizumu. They thank the girls for being so kind, and when Natsuki decides that she wants to be a Prism Star, both girls offer to help train her. She agrees, along with Aira's Twin sisters, who wish to join them. Ryutaro asks to train too, but Rizumu refuses, causing him to grieve as everyone else laughs.

7- "Zekkō!? Aira to Rizumu no Ōgenka" ("No Longer Friends!? Aira and Rizumu's Big Fight")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 07

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 07

(絶交!? あいらとりずむの大ゲンカ)

Airdate: May 21, 2011

Mion and Neko-chi are making their way through traveling services when Neko-chi complains over the heat. Mion stops as a poster nearby catches her attention and she observes it before heading on her way.

Elsewhere, Rizumu is busy training when she approaches Aira. She gently scolds her for not dancing, like she is supposed to, but Aira quickly changes the subject by suggesting they stop by Prism Stone to look around. At first Rizumu is against it, but she finds herself giving in.

Upon arrival Aira quickly begins to run around while fawning over everything inside. Rabi-chi hangs out with Rizumu and Bea-chi and Rizumu doesn't understand why Aira likes fashion so much. Aira offers to perform another Pretty-Remake on Rizumu and she refuses, so she runs off to admire the outfit worn by Mion. Rizumu joins her while questioning Mion and Aira quickly starts to explain why she is so popular, along with the blog she runs, and the clothing worn by her. She also has a lot of charisma and is very inspirable. Due to her adoration towards Mion, Aira gets annoyed when Rizumu reminds her she has yet to do a Prism Show and isn't to be admired. She then says she hates Mion and tells Aira if she likes her so much, she should just go off and marry Mion.

Confused, Aira asks why Rizumu is acting so weird since it isn't like her. Rizumu reminds her of her desire to do the Aurora Rising, especially before Mion and asks Aira why she became a Prism Star to begin with. Aira admits that she likes the attention she gets, and because she enjoys wearing the cute clothing but this only angers Rizumu and she claims Aira isn't improving. She accuses her jump of being a fluke, but Aira insists the clothing do help, because learning styling skills to be just as important, like Jun told them. Rizumu claims while this may be true she won't let herself get distracted with clothing because they're not as important as skill. Aira is unable to respond to Rizumu, so she tells her to just quit being a Prism Star if she isn't entirely dedicated to it. This shocks Aira and reduces her to tears, causing her to run out of the store with Rabi-chi barely in tow. She runs straight home and to her bedroom, sitting in the dark while staring at the table where her Prism Star items are laying.

The following day at school, Aira and Rizumu avoid each other. Aira heads straight to the training room to wait for Rizumu in hopes of speaking to her, but to her shock she sees that Rizumu has switched back to her previous outfit she wore before they met. She tries to speak to Rizumu but she listens to music and ignores her. When this does nothing, Aira heads into Kyoko's office and informs her that she has decided to quit the school. Kyoko is very confused, and Aira explains that someone like her shouldn't be bothering with Prism Shows. She feels she isn't fully dedicated to them, but she admits surprise when Kyoko doesn't bother to try to stop her. Kyoko explains that because there are many girls aiming to become a Prism Queen, the ones who hesitate or get scared will be the ones left in the dust by the girls behind them. Eventually she will be forgotten by everyone, and nobody is going to be helping her. This reduces Aira to tears again and she runs out of the room, leaving Rabi-chi and her Prism Stones and Carrier behind.

Jun happens to come across an angry Rizumu later after she finishes with training. He asks her about Mion and she mentions that Mion is not someone she can lose to. Before walking away, he also asks her what she thinks about Aira while trying to deal with this, causing Rizumu to go silent.

The next day when a show comes around, Rizumu is told that Aira quit. She seems a little surprised, causing Kyoko to ask if she can't do a jump without Aira, but Rizumu insists that she can.

At the Harune Household, Aira looks over a magazine with Mion in it. She is approached by her brother, who asks if she had a Prism Show that day. Aira tells him no, but he was sure of it and is able to deduce that she got into a fight with Rizumu. He walks away after they momentarily bicker, then Hiro Harune comes by to say that since Aira quit Prism Shows, she can now take over the Cake Shop. She claims she didn't though, and they are joined by Omi, who suggests that Aira go outside for some fresh air soon.

In the world of Prism Stones, Rizumu makes her selection. Bea-chi is a little concerned over her but Rizumu insists that she knows what she is doing. She picks a couple of Prism Stones, deciding to go with her usual attire, which causes Bea-chi to be somewhat disappointed since she didn't even bother to try picking something new.

Aira arrives to Prism Stone a bit later and heads inside. She finds many cute and nice clothes, and finds something right away that would be perfect for Rizumu. But this makes her sad again, until Sho approaches to speak with her. He comments on how the outfit is like both Rizumu and Aira, by having an inside and outside. He explains the many ways they can be switched, and while separate they are nice, together they work the best.

Suddenly, Aira happens to hear something from a nearby television. Someone announces that it is time for Rizumu to perform. She watches as Rizumu performs, and she claims to be ready for this. She does well during the performance, but when it comes time for the jumps, she is unable to perform a Prism Jump. Everyone cheers for her but she is unable to understand why she can't jump. She spots Aira nearby, but Aira has no idea what to do until Rabi-chi shows up with the Prism Stones.

Aira quickly changes and runs into the ice rink. She tosses Rizumu the Prism Stones and tells her to go change while she occupies the audience. While confused, Rizumu quickly runs off and changes into the new outfit Aira picked for her. She rejoins Aira on stage after she performs the Fresh Fruits Basket Prism Jump. She is able to perform Stardust Shower. She lands onto the ice rink as everyone cheers for her, along with Aira and a happy Bea-chi.

Above the rink, Jun speaks with Mion about what has been going on lately. He asks her if she feels any more motivated now, but she claims that she doesnt and walks away.

Later in the day, Aira and Rizumu stand together in silence. Aira eventually speaks by saying that she is unable to put how she feels into words. She likes to perform in Prism Shows, and likes to do it even more when she is with Rizumu. Being alone over this time has made her realize how much she values being with her. This touches Rizumu, and she agrees with what Aira says. Together the girls smile while their little teachers cheer. But to the girls surprise they are approached by Jun, who says they are rivals. Rizumu insists that she isn't an enemy though, until Jun explains how important Rivals are to people. He then turns and leaves after saying how important it is to treasure a rival. The girls decide to do their best from this point on and reconcile with one another.

8- "Rizumu Pinchi! Obenkyō Dai Sakusen" ("Rizumu in a Pinch! The Big Study Plan!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 08

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 08

(りずむピンチ! お勉強大作戦)

Airdate: May 28, 2011

Aira is sadly making her way home while overlooking her recent test score. Rabi-chi tries to convince her that an 89 is a really good grade, but she is so sure that Itsuki won't let her hear the end of it. As it turns out, Aira really got a 68, which is lower then the 70 score she has been getting since she started middle school.

Rabi-chi gently chastises her by telling her that she hasn't been studying lately; instead training for Prism Shows. They are joined by Rizumu, who questions Aira's sudden funk. Aira expresses her sadness in her grade before assuming that Rizumu did really good, as she goes on about how important studies are to any great Prism Star. As she digs through her items, Rizumu states that people like her tend to get a decent grade without really trying, and she reveals her 38. This shocks Aira, while Rizumu simply admires it.

Kyoko informs the girls that they will be forbidden for taking part in the upcoming Prism Show due to their poor grades. It is important for a Prism Star to be both academic and skilled, and if people found out their grades dropped since they began to partake in the Prism Shows, Pretty Top's image will be tarnished. But they have make-up exams next week, so if they can get a 70 or higher they can resume Prism Star Activity. Rizumu is sure she can't do it, but since the test will be held during the morning, they can schedule her to appear last in the Prism Show that very day. If she fails however, she will be retiring. Rizumu and Aira stress out as Rizumu reveals she actually has three failing grades. Kyoko also reminds them that they have to train for the Prism Show, so Jun reveals that everyone there will be helping the girls.

For English, Meganee has taken an image board and book with items on them. The girls are very surprised to find out that she knows English, and she informs them that to become a Fashion Designer, one should be fluent in all of the worlds languages. She starts by listing some items and saying an english word for them, then she has the girls repeat. This goes well for a while, but Rizumu loses interest when she finds out the lesson is entirely revolving around Fashion.

They move onto Math, where Aira insists it is very easy. Rizumu is not very sure though, as her body seems to have a strange allergic reaction to it. She insists that she has it figured out though after a few minutes, so Jun continues with his lesson to try to help her. He expresses how nice Math is, but Rizumu finds herself confused again until Aira snaps her out of it. So they go on to tell Jun that the test will cover Quadratic Equations, so Jun attempts to use flowers and plants to help the girls understand- only to get too deeply passionate and Aira cuts him off.

They move onto Science and into the dance training room. Rizumu is worried that she wont be able to understand it at all, when Penguin-sensei and Yamada come into the room. Aira is quite surprised, but they quickly get into it as he explains that they will be starting with Biology. He asks a question regarding the species they are, but wires get crossed and the girls are unable to determine who he is referring to, so they get the question wrong. While Aira is into his words after, Rizumu grows annoyed when she realizes his lesson is only about penguins. Aira then questions a very mysterious subject, and the girls are very shocked when he goes to show them a little bit about it.

With their lessons over for the day the girls decide to head back home. They are still recovering from what Penguin-Sensei showed them. But not wanting to lose focus, Rizumu tries to go over what they were taught, although Bea-Chi does not think that will be on the test. To their surprise, they happen to jump into Callings; who believe they can help the girls out.

They bring the girls to the Ice Rink nearby and Wataru explains that he is sure Rizumu can learn better through dance. So they start with English, and he skates around while speaking in English. While amazed with his skating, Rizumu does not understand until he points out what he did on the ice. He was able to write out what he said, in actual English. Sho points out that despite Wataru's looks, he happens to be very academic.

Rizumu believes that this will work, and she makes an attempt to do it. After they confirm she did nice, Wataru informs her that she can also use dance for equations, and centripetal force for science as well. Rizumu feels a lot more confident now, and Bea-Chi is very relieved to see this.

The following day comes along and Rizumu begins her make-up test with the other students. As this is going on, Aira begins to perform for the Prism Show. Kyoko and Jun discuss how she has improved lately, but they wonder how Rizumu will be doing. As Aira skates around, she wishes Rizumu luck.

Rizumu thinks back to what she learned when the English portion comes up. She thinks about herself skating, but when the teacher snaps her out of her thoughts, Rizumu sees that she was actually standing in the air in a skating pose. She quickly sits back down and attempts to focus.

By the time Aira finishes she comes back stage to find out that Rizumu isn't there yet. She frets while Kyoko mentions that time is almost up, while Wataru assures Aira to just keep believing in her. They continue to wait, and listen as the crowd begin to cheer and yell for Rizumu.

Everyone is surprised when they spot Rizumu running towards them while her music plays in the background. She reveals that she was able to pass her test and she quickly changes to perform on the ice rink for everyone.

After she finishes Aira happily congratulates her and Kyoko voices how well this can help Pretty Top's reputation by telling others that grades can go up by doing what Rizumu did. Rizumu thanks Wataru for the help and he tells her that they should study together sometime, but Bea-chi points out how much she hates to study, causing them all to laugh.

Later on, it turns out that Aira got a really good grade by applying what Wataru taught Rizumu. She was able to get a 90, but Rizumu tops it with a 91. As she teases Aira by telling her to study as well as she does, Aira is able to determine that Rizumu really got a 16, not a 91. But she finds herself unable to say this.

9- "Gakuen-sai to Himitsu no Yakusoku" ("The School Festival and the Secret Promise")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 09

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 09


Airdate: June 4, 2011

One late evening, Rizumu is watching a performance of a figure that resembles her. She skates along the ice before jumping up into the air to perform Aurora Rising. She wonders if she too can do it and continues to watch.

The following day, Kyoko informs Aira and Rizumu that in June the two of them will be taking part in a tournament. Jun brings up the wonderful stone the winner will be receiving from it, and goes on to describe the legendary Prism Queen, Sonata Kanzaki, who won it, which led to her gaining a lot of attention and later granted her the ability to perform Aurora Rising. While Aira gushes over the tiara, Rizumu is distracted and soon takes off for home. Jun continues on to describe how one needs the Pure Crystal Tiara, Crystal High Heels, and the Pure White Wedding in order to perform the Aurora Rising. He also tells her that to perform it, the user must love Prism Shows, and symbolically wed yourself to the rink. Which causes Aira to think about how serious Rizumu is in regards to performing this, although she seemed sad.

At school, Aira spots the sign for the upcoming school festival. She spots the sign with an image of a secret guest star appearance, and she wonders if the guest may be Callings, although she sorta doubts it. She excitedly starts to tell Rizumu about it, only to be cut off when Rizumu claims she cannot go. Before Aira can ask, they are approached by a few girls who ask them to perform for the festival as special guests, because they were unable to get the Callings. They explain how they called Kyoko, but she was sure if Callings appeared it would ruin the event, so she suggested Aira and Rizumu instead. While Aira would not mind helping out, Rizumu insists that if they have the time to help the festival then she would rather use this time to practice for the Tiara Cup. She then runs off, so with no choice Aira accepts to help them out.

Aira and Rabi-chi sit down to discuss the problem with Rizumu. Aira was so sure that she would be excited about the festival, while Rabi-chi reminds her that even if she is busy preparing for the contest she can't just shirk her other work. Aira agrees, so they determine that she must be in a slump.

Meanwhile, Rizumu is training at Pretty Top. She gets angry when she realizes she almost fell over and messed up, and Bea-Chi insists that she stops to rest for a moment. Rizumu refuses however, and to her surprise, Hibiki shows up. He teases her before suggesting that she loosen up a little, and then he leaves again. Even more frustrated, Rizumu claims that she does not have the time for anything else right now.

The next day at school, Rizumu overlooks the festival sign again. Aira approaches her and reveals her plan to take part in the Prism Show during the Festival. She also plans to train and do her best for the Tiara Cup too, so she is hoping that Rizumu will perform with her. Rizumu is surprised by this, but tells her that if she was to go after both things, she will just fail both of them, so she refuses. She also insists that Aira reconsiders, before telling her not to care about making others happy, since she has better things to worry about. Aira tells her that she wants everyone to have fun, including Rizumu, pointing out that she hasn't been having fun lately, which causes Rizumu to think back to what Hibiki told her. Aira continues on by saying that Rizumu was the one who showed her how fun the Prism Shows were to begin with, so she tells Rizumu that she will do her best and she will wait for her before running off.

Later on in the day, Rizumu is out for a run when she happens to spot someone dancing nearby. She is very surprised when she realizes it is Hibiki, and she stops to chat with him. He offers her a drink and explains how he always comes to this secret location to train. She believes she could never dance as well as him, and she admits that she thought he never practiced. Hibiki explains the important of practicing, because not only does one get to show how much fun they have, but it makes the audience members enjoy themselves, which is the most important thing. He teases Rizumu a little again before promising that she can come back to tell him things whenever she feels troubled.

During the Festival, Rizumu walks around when she spots the brand new poster that was put up. Aira insists that Rizumu will be showing up when the two girls come to find that she still is not there yet. She is sure she will come, when suddenly the Callings arrive. They explain how they couldn't just leave girls in trouble, so they showed up to perform, as requested.

As this is going on, Rizumu hears the music begin to play and she goes into the nearby room, where they are performing. She watches them before going to meet with Aira, who she quickly apologizes to upon reaching the room. Aira insists that it is okay though since she knows how much she wants to win this Tournament. So after she changes they run to the sidelines and wait for their turn, then after speaking to Callings they get on stage. Rizumu performs Colorful Choco Parade and realizes afterwards that bringing People happiness really is a nice thing. She wants to see more people smile and thinks about how she has never felt this before. As Aira goes on to perform Heartful Splash, Rizumu realizes she has enough energy and jumps up to perform another Prism Jump, this time Happy Macaron Spin.

With their show over, the girls head backstage to relax. Callings come by again to tell the girls that they will be heading out now, but Rizumu stops them to speak to Hibiki. At first she is flustered, but she finds herself charged and angry when he starts to tease her again. As the trio of boys walk off, the other two wonder what Hibiki happened to say, but Aira is just happy that Rizumu is back to normal.

Their happiness is short lived though when Jun shows up to tell them that there is a single Tiara. While the girls may compete together, only one of them will be able to bask in the spotlight of glory. Which causes the girls to stare with disbelief.

10- "Ame Nochi Raburī Reinbō" ("The Lovely Rainbow after the Rain")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 10

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 10


Airdate: June 11, 2011

Aira runs through the streets one rainy day. As she does, she runs right past a building where Shou happens to be, sitting with a notebook. Unaware of her passing, he shuts the notebook with a look of annoyance.

Aira returns home with the groceries she was asked to pick up. Her mother thanks her for the help and gives her a towel to dry off with, but Aira is disappointed to learn that she can't wear the shirt she wished to use during the lessons taking place that day. Omi explains that because of the rain, she was unable to get the clothing to dry well, so she will just have to wait until the rain clears up.

Meanwhile, Rizumu is reading the brand new Love Tactics Book she got. Bea-chi comments on this before Rizumu recalls the lesson she has taking place that day, so she grabs her items and meets up with Aira. Aira attempted to put together a cute, rain-inspired style to work with but it failed to cheer her up.

She goes on to ask Rizumu about the rain and how she feels in regards to it. Rizumu isn't really bothered, but before they can say much else, Shou approaches to ask if he and Aira could meet up on Sunday. She accepts, which eagerly causes Rizumu to claim Aira has a date after he takes off. Aira insists that it isn't, but Rizumu begins to explains some of the recent facts she has learned. Such as seating placement, timing of actions, and so-on. Aira continues to insist that she doesn't need such advice. The girls begin to get right to their lessons but Aira is unable to keep up. After she is scolded by Rabi-chi, Aira mentions her lack of confidence. To encourage her Rizumu reminds her that without her rival, she won't be able to keep going, and in hopes of getting Aira to focus next time, she tells her to just take the day off by going on her date with Shou the next day.

Come the next day, Aira is pulling her shoes on when Hiro happens to spot her. He questions where she may be going and wonders if she has a date, but Aira quickly tells him that she doesn't have any special plans and takes off. She heads outside and stops by a shop to comment on Shou's designs and work. After she starts to talk about his many perfect talents, she starts to feel more down when she thinks about her own lack of skills.

As Hibiki and Wataru prepare for their training, they discuss the fact that Shou isn't there. He had plans to focus on his designs, so he wont be coming. But to their surprise, Hibiki realizes that he had accidentally grabbed Shou's bag after spotting the notebook.

Aira arrives to Prism Stone and is seated with Shou. She thinks about the tips Rizumu gave her the previous day and grows flustered. Shou gives her a drink and she watches as they both do the same thing with it, causing her to think of Rizumu again. By the time she finishes her drink she realizes that Shou hasn't been giving her attention, despite inviting her there to begin with. So while he does this she slips away to do some browsing. She tries on a few outfits before Shou approaches her. He informs her of why he invited her out and shows his current work, a basic T-shirt with some designs on it.

She begins to suggest some changes he could make to it to improve it, but this causes Shou some annoyance; despite the fact he told her she could. He tells Aira she can go to train now, but as she tries to understand why he's suddenly so agitated, he claims that someone like her shouldn't even be doing Prism Shows and asks if she thought this may have been a real date. He claims to have no interest in romance and storms off, just as Hibiki arrives. Hibiki questions what may have went on and after he sees how upset Aira looks, he wonders if maybe Shou is just jealous of her fashionable skills. He shows her some of Shou's designs before revealing the deadline he has coming up. Although, it is entirely up to them whether or not Aira's presence ends up being good or bad for him.

Eventually a Press meeting is held between Callings, Aira, Rizumu, Jun, and Kyoko. Aira struggles to answer anything, having been caught up in what Shou was saying, so Jun is forced to help her out a little.

As Aira sits by herself later, Shou surprises her with a brand new outfit, modified from the one he showed her yesterday. He apologizes for what he said the other day and tries to boost her confidence before walking off.

Come time for the performance, Aira watches Shou while overlooking the outfit he made for her. She thinks back to what he said during the Press Conference and runs up to him. She puts down the shirt he gave her and begins to paint on it, which surprises him until she reveals the Pretty Remake. While going over it, she talks about his fashion sense and claims to love it. She also reveals her plans to wear it for the performance so that he can see her shine on the rink. Aira changes into the completed outfit and she runs out to perform in it. She performs the Lovely Rainbow Prism Jump and soon ends her performance. Callings then go out, where they perform their own special Prism Jumps.

As Aira and Rizumu walk along, Rizumu points out how she mentioned that the rain would be stopping soon. She notices Aira's behavior and questions if she is happy or not, when Aira reconsiders what she said previously in relation to rainy weather. This causes Rizumu to ask if something happened with Shou, although Aira does not say anything. Instead, she stops to see a big, wide-spread rainbow in the sky.

11- "Kaimaku! Tiarakappu" ("The Curtains Are Raised for the Tiara Cup!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 11

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 11

(開幕! ティアラカップ)

Airdate: June 18, 2011

Aira and Rizumu arrive with many other Prism Stars to the location where the Tiara Cup is being held. While Aira is in disbelief that she is even there, Rizumu is pumped and promises that she wont go easy on Aira. Aira promises to do her best too, then chases after her friend as she rushes to the building.

Kyoko goes over how things will work with the girls, first with the preliminary rounds featuring coordination, then with Prism Jumps. Whoever passes will be granted access to the third round, where their Prism Show will be judged. Jun reminds the girls that the theme is Wedding, exciting Rizumu but leaving Aira a bit concerned over what to wear. She leaves for the outside in hopes of thinking it over, but this leaves everyone confused. Rabi-chi offers to check on her, but Kyoko stops her. Instead she joins Aira to ask if something is bothering her, giving her natural fashion skills. Aira admits that something feels off and wonders if dressing in white is really alright to do for the theme. Kyoko comments that she enjoys a pure white wedding dress, as she never got to wear one before, as she was wed to someone and they broke up prior to the marriage. After Aira accidentally insults Kyoko, she goes on to say that no matter what age, a white wedding dress will always be the most important outfit for a girl. This inspires Aira greatly and she heads off to prepare.

Inside Rizumu worriedly awaits for Aira, having no seen her. Jun assures her that Kyoko is handling it when Callings approach to discuss Rizumu's attire. Hibiki compliments it, but does it in a way to fluster her until she is called out on stage. There she impresses the judges, posing for them and saving herself with another pose after she nearly trips. She returns back stage and asks about Aira again, and thankfully they see her arrive.

On stage, Aira reveals the beautiful blue outfit she chose to wear. They see the symbololism of Purity behind it, and observe the bouquet of blue flowers she brought along to match it. Everyone is excited that Aira chose a "supporting role" raher than the "star", and for her final touch, she tosses the bouquet into the air before leaving the stage.

With the others, Aira explains what encouraged her to go down this path. They compliment her smart thinking and soon the results come in, revealing the top thirty girls to have passed. Rizumu has made ninth- but this frustrates her since she knows it was probably due to tripping. After Aira is announced as first place, everyone congratulates her for doing well, but she doesn't pay them much attention, noticing how red Rizumu looks. She feels her forehead to reveal she is really warm, and for a moment Rizumu wonders if it was because of Hibiki. But before anyone can say anything, she suddenly faints.

Laying her down, Aira worriedly observes her friend as Kyoko suggests they take her to the hospital. Rizumu quickly gets up and tries denying that she is sick, because she wants to win the tournament more than anything else. Kyoko refuses to let her continue, but Jun asks if she is well rested or not. She insists she is, but admits that because she was so excited she stayed up all night, then drank ten bottles of energy drink. She isn't sleepy at all now, and begs Kyoko to reconsider and let her resume. She agrees, but only on the condition that Rizumu rests until its her turn again. She promises she will, and to nobody's surprise she falls asleep. Kyoko instructs Jun to stay there and watch Rizumu, and she takes Aira with her.

As this is going on, the second part of the tournament continues. Kyoko watches with amusement to see nobody is scoring well with the judges and is convinced the girls will have no problem. Aira heads out onto the rink and begins skating around, but this leaves everyone confused when she does nothing until realizing she is stalling for time to make sure Rizumu is able to get up and ready. However, they warn her that if she doesn't hurry she could be disqualified. Aira continues to skate when suddenly, Rizumu awakens. She sees what is going on and is warned by Jun to hurry up, hearing the announcement that Aira will be disqualified if she doesn't perform a jump.

Rizumu runs and calls to Aira as she arrives, and with this, Aira jumps into the air and performs Lovely Rainbow. She leaves the stage while the jump is complimented, but they worry she may have taken too long and may be disqualified anyway. Aira does not seem to care however and she tells Rizumu to go out. Rizumu heads onto the stage and she begins to perform and does the Stardust Shower Prism Jump.

As Rizumu joins everyone backstage, the girls join hands while an announcement is made. They reveal that Aira broke the time limit and as a result, they will begin deliberations to determine whether or not she stays in. Kyoko tells the girls that even if she does not get disqualified she may gain a penalty, causing Aira to feel saddened and Rizumu to express shock. They listen as many cry out with anger that Aira should not be disqualified, and soon the announcement is made. They have decided not to disqualify Aira, but she will be given a penalty of two-hundred carats, much to everyone's relief.

With that the scores are revealed, Rizumu and Aira both tie in 1st place with two-thousand seventy carats. The girls congratulate each other and it is announced that only twenty participants will be going on to the final round.

12- "Shōri no Tiara wa Dare no Teni!?" ("Who will win the Tiara Of Victory!?")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 12

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 12


Airdate: June 25, 2011

As punishment for not sleeping properly, Rizumu's father, Ryutaro roughly helps her stretch. He scolds her while Aira, Jun, and Kyoko watch nearby. When Rizumu finally has had enough, he takes out a bag and pulls Andy out of it; which causes her to gleefully embrace the stuffed bear. As Bea-chi worries over his place as Rizumu's mascot, Kyoko remarks that she believes that she recognizes the bear. Ryutaro invites everyone to sit down for lunch, but before they start, the rest of the Harune family show up, much to Aira's surprise. They came to support Aira, and it was her father, Hiro, who came up with the dea. Aira is pleasured with this, but their fathers start bickering over whose lunch everyone will eat. The girls manage to calm the situation by saying they can just enjoy both, but neither meal appears to be very appealing.

As this is going on, Mion watches from the building by looking out the window. Neko-chi asks her why she reconsidered speaking to Jun, but Mion does not answer. Instead her attention is turned to the voices she hears from the nearby room. She spies on three girls observing Aira and Rizumu's Prism Stone Cases, and listens in on them as they decide to take them. Mion quickly puts a stop to this by calling them out while explaining that petty theft and underhanded methods won't bring them to victory. She calls them pathetic, but they claim she can't understand since they worked really hard. She takes off after accusing them for a lack of professionalism- but this provokes the girls into taking the Prism Stones.

Mion sits down with a drink when she is approached by Jun. He comments on how she looks, and she goes on to explain that she saw something unpleasant. She says no more than that however, and Jun convinces her to stay for the finals since they will be starting soon.

Full of energy, Aira and Rizumu head to change out of their training clothes. When they reach the room they find their items tossed to the floor, causing them to panic as they check their cases. Callings, Kyoko, and Jun arrive to help the girls, but when Aira sees how upset Rizumu is, she hands her a set of Prism Stones and claims that none of hers were taken. Rizumu thanks Aira and promises to perform her best in them, and nobody other than Shou seems to notice anything strange or wrong with this.

With that, the finals begin. Rizumu is called to perform first, but she is surprised to see that Aira hasn't changed yet. Aira claims she was feeling a little nervous, which Rizumu believes due to her behavior. Aira waves her off and Rizumu starts to perform. As she is doing so, Rizumu thinks about the fun she is having wearing Aira's outfit and performs two Prism Jumps, Explosive Heart Dive and Happy Macaron Spin. She steals first place as Shou suddenly connects the strange evidence and runs off.

He confronts Aira, shocking Jun and Kyoko as they realize what she did. The Prism Stones Aira had in her pocket were those she planned to use for her own performance. Kyoko demands to know why she handed them over to Rizumu, but before Aira can say anything else, Rizumu appears. She sees their upset expressions and Shou reveals that Aira's stones had been stolen as well, but the ones she gave to Rizumu were those she planned to use. This sends Rizumu into a rage and to everyone's shock, she slaps Aira. She yells at her for doing this, but Aira insist she is fine since she decided in the end, the smartest thing to do was to show everyone her true self. Her normal outfit is just that, and she assures Rizumu that everything will be fine. With that, it is Aira's turn and she steps out onto the ice.

Right away attention is drawn to her everyday outfit and nobody is too impressed. At first Aira is fine, but suddenly she hears the voices of the girls who stole the Prism Stones, and sees them fall around her. She stares in shock as they insult Aira and accuse her of looking down on the Tiara Cup for not wearing something special, but Aira, more upset over their poor treatement of the Prism Stones stops to pick them up and apologize for what they were put through. She clasps them into her hands and puts them away before starting her dance, once again in a good mood. Everyone watches with amazement as they see the Star Aura begin to appear around Aira, and as her clothing shines brilliantly. She performs Fresh Fruits Basket, then jumps into the air to perform a brand new Prism Jump, Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers, causing everyone in the crowd to go wild and cheer her.

As they applaud Aira, Rizumu is in complete shock. She wonders what she was doing up until now, as her Prism Shows were never like this. Mion takes off and Aira is announced as the winnter of the Tiara Cup. She is awarded the rare Prism Stone Cup and Rizumu runs out to embrace her.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure arrives. Everyone begins to cheer and cause a commotion as it is revealed to be Mion. She remains wordless, instead starting her own music and putting on a performance. Everyone is amazed by this, although Kyoko is greatly annoyed she would pull such a stunt. They watch as Mion performs two Prism Jumps, Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider, and Golden Star Magic. As she finishes the performance, Rizumu tries to get everyone to calm down since Mion stole Aira's attention, while Aira is still swept up in what she saw. Mion simply responds by posing cutely as the episode ends.

13- "Andi no Namida" ("Andy's Tears")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 13

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 13


Airdate: July 2, 2011

Rizumu sits with Andy and Bea-chi in her bedroom. She looks over the newspaper article related to the Tiara Cup, and while disappointed, she claims that she is doing fine. Bea-chi attempts to comfort her, but he gets frustrated when he sees she has been talking to her stuffed bear instead. Rizumu voices how she would love to find out more about her mother through him, then she sits Andy down and gets off of her bed to leave the room.

After she leaves, Bea-chi begins to hear a strange voice call out to him. He glances over to Andy and questions if it was him, but suddenly, a bright light erupts and flashes through the entire room. They are taken back to when Andy was first being made by Sonata. She finishes the final touches as Ryutaro arrives with a cake he purchased. Andy explains that they were just married and they watch them embrace as she shows him the stuffed bear.

The scenery changes to a Prism Show, where Kyoko and Sonata will be performing against one-another to determine the Prism Queen. Andy transports them into the nearby room, where Omi is finalizing Sonata's looks. It is revealed that today was her final day as a stylist, as she will be working as a baker, and mother, from this point on. She wishes Sonata luck and thanks her for all of the help she has given her up until this point, then she runs on the stage.

She performs before Kyoko, but Kyoko is able to steal the show when she does a daring jump that no one has ever seen before. She wins the contest and is given title of Grand Champion while Sonata runs out in tears.

She changes and makes her way out, but after she spots Kyoko, she storms past her until Kyoko tries to speak to her. She gives Kyoko a half-hearted congratulations, causing Kyoko to give her some brisk words of her own before taking off.

From that day on, nothing meant more to Sonata than to surpass Kyoko. Bea-chi asks if there was a reason for this, but Andy claims there was not; other than an innocent rivalry between two girls. They watch as Sonata stops to take a break, and are transported again to the time that Sonata revealed her pregnancy, and then to when she gave birth to Rizumu.

While they were happy, they spent the next while moving form place to place, as they were forced to keep their marriage a secret. While they were happy and content, things changed one day when Sonata decides that she wished to get back into Prism Shows. Ryutaro was against it, but she was unable to forget about them. Especially after she saw an interview between Kyoko and a host, discussing her goals of performing the legendary Aurora Rising.

Sonata went to visit Kei, the Coach who came up with the Jump. While visiting her, she saw a young man before Kei arrived. There, she told Sonata of the harsh training and gave her very hard terms, but Sonata quickly agreed and the training began.

One day, as she prepared to leave Ryutaro tried to stop her. When she told him that she had to keep trying, he asked her if she cared more about it than Rizumu, shocking her in the process. She is unable to say anything, then runs off in tears after a sharp glance over at Rizumu makes her start to cry. She was unable to think of anything other than the Aurora Rising and trained for it an entire year before the showdown arrived.

Ryutaro and Rizumu watch from home, to see Kyoko perform first. She is unable to do the Aurora Rising and barely manages to land without faltering, causing her much grief as she ends her turn. Sonata then goes out to take her own turn, where she performs the Aurora Rising and becomes Prism Queen.

She heads back stage, where Kyoko congratulates her for the win. Sonata however, feels as though something was missing and passes out; remaining unconscious for two whole weeks. After she awakened, her soul had been dead. She sacrificed her family bond to perform the Aurora Rising and was unable to forgive herself for abandoning Rizumu the way she did. Ryutaro tried to convince her that they could start over, but it did nothing.

One late evening, Sonata came to see Rizumu, asleep in her cradle with Andy. She kissed them both, and before departing, spoke to the bear doll. Bea-chi tries to stop her, but realizes that the trip is ending as he is taken back to Rizumu's bedroom. He tries to call out to Andy, who asks Bea-chi to take care of Rizumu.

Rizumu comes into the room to ask Bea-chi what he was doing all of the sudden. He is unable to think of an answer, then tries to tell her something. But before he can, Ryutaro calls for Rizumu to tell her that dinner is ready. She is very eager to eat, since it's barbecued meat and she quickly runs out of the room. Bea-chi then decides that because of what he has learned, Rizumu will be just fine.

14- "Mion Suitchion" ("Mion Switch On")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 14

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 14


Airdate: July 9, 2011

At Pretty Top, Kyoko and Jun formally introduce Mion to Rizumu and Aira. Aira fawns over Mion while Rizumu quickly finds herself annoyed.

That evening at the Harune House, Aira, Rizumu, and the rest of the Harune are writing down their wishes for Tanabata. The twins wish for their father to leave them alone more often, while Omi wishes for Hiro's cakes to be even better than now, and Hiro wishes for Aira to wear more frilly outfits. To combat this, she writes down her wish to shine more wearing Prism Stone clothing.

At school the following day, Aira is excited to find Mion in the middle of a photo-shoot. As Rizumu complains over her personality and how she often changes it, Aira is in awe until she watches her toss aside multiple accessories she was wearing prior to that moment with no care. She finds it very rude, and Rizumu calls her a jerk.

At Prism Stone, Mion happens to find Aira and Rizumu discussing her rudeness from earlier as they observe the clothing. She criticizes both of the outfits they chose before Callings show up and have her sit down with Shou. She asks for more juice while Neko-chi requests some perfume, ticking off Rabi-chi and Bea-chi with her "innocence". As Mion speaks with Shou, Aira finds herself growing upset while Rizumu is still pretty ticked off. They head off to Pretty Top to start training but find Mion there, already hogging the ice rink. Rizumu accuses her of being selfish, but she claims that because she is a better skater others will get more fulfilling lessons from her.

As this is going on, Neko-chi manages to anger Bea-Chi and Rabi-chi again when they spot the girls nearby with a bunch of merchandise resembling her. Bea-chi believes them to be well made, although Rabi-chi scolds him for it and they start to get upset as Neko-chi tells them that as due to her ranking, they should just be serving her from this point on.

Aira and Rizumu observe a poster until Rizumu decides to walk off. But when they start to hear the music play, the girls stop to watch her perform. Rizumu is left dumbstruck with this, asking how she can enjoy watching her when she really doesn't like her. It's then Kyoko informs them of the upcoming Summer Queen Cup. The winner will gain another Rare Stone, this being the Pure Premium Wedding Dress. Rizumu becomes overwhelmed with excitement, since this is required to perform the Aurora Rising, but the girls are caught off guard when Kyoko informs them that the Summer Queen Cup is done in pairs. Right away, Aira and Rizumu pick one-another, but Mion mentions that she is one of the skaters for Pretty Top, so they only need one more.

Kyoko goes on to introduce the girls to the Batopon and hands them over. Amazed, Rizumu and Aira play with them for a moment before finding out its Pom Pom feature. Kyoko also informs them that the Batopon is required for the Summer Queen Cup. At first Aira is excited by the news, but she starts to stress over the fact that she struggles to dance without having to do anything else. To show just how easy it can be, Mion takes out her own and tosses it into the air before spinning around, flawlessly catching it.

The girls go out to start practicing with their new items as Rabi-chi angrily discusses Neko-chi again. Aira struggles to keep a hold of the Batopon, while Rizumu is very hung over trying to surpass Mion; only to stop as soon as Mion compares her to someone waving a sign at a construction sight.

Kyoko comes into the room to inform the girls of some modeling work she got for them, sure that this will come in handy. Mion reveals she has decided to choose which girl her partner will be from the fashion event, although she thinks she'd be better off on her own. Since she has to pick one of them, she gets to make the call. Before agreeing, Rizumu demands that if they can beat her though, they will get perform together instead, but Mion thinks she is joking around.

As the girls go to change into their outfits, Rabi-chi and Bea-chi watch as Neko-chi attempts to calmly sit down. But she finds herself distracted by the sparkles of the Batopon and quickly dives into the pom-pom after checking to see if anyone was watching.

Aira and Mion head out onto the ice, and Mion tells Aira how lucky she is to be there, but Aira is pretty nervous. When Mion instructs her to jump first, Aira makes an attempt but is unable to perform a jump. She is saved by Mion, who tells her that she will get it the next time as she takes off to do her own jump, Stardust Shower.

After, Mion and Rizumu head out to perform using the Batopon as pom poms. Rizumu performs the Explosive Heart Dive, while Mion goes on to perform Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider. Rizumu becomes aware that nobody paid her any attention during this, and she watches as Mion puts the Batopon together and and tosses it into the air. She spirals while jumping into the air to catch it and resumes skating, then performs Throbbing Memory Leaf. Feeling competitive, Rizumu attempts to grab some attention on her own- but she messes up in the throw and has her batopon snagged by Mion inches from the ground. The audience goes wild as Mion hands Rizumu the batopon back, claiming that because of her the show went great, but Rizumu just grabs the Batopon from her in a fit of anger.

As Rabi-chi and Bea-chi try to trick Neko-chi into a pan of water, they use Mion's Batopon to lure her to it. They toss it into the air, causing Neko-chi to jump after it. She happens to see what their plan was however, and sees to it that she lands onto the rim of the pan, then she kicks it in their direction while jumping off.

Aira and Rizumu sit behind the stage, disappointed with their performance. Mion chews them out for this, then asks Aira why she chose the outfit she did. Aira expresses her desire to be accepted by Mion, but she tells her that they were not there to befriend each other or hang out, had Aira been professional she would have chose a Tanabata costume to fit the approaching event. She then asks Rizumu why she's even in Prism Shows and after hearing her reasoning, she calls her selfish and disgraceful. Aira then asks Mion why she carelessly tossed the clothing aside like she did the other day, since she thought it was mean. But Mion insists that it isn't convenient for the staff or the public. For anyone to be professional they need to be way more dedicated to the Prism Shows than they are now, and with that she walks off.

Although the girls are somewhat upset in her words, they realize that Mion is also right. So they promise to work even harder from now on so that they can keep up with her, if not surpass her and become Pro Prism Stars.

Later on, at the office, Jun brings by a paper for Mion to write down her wish. She takes the paper, but is unable to think of anything to write, insisting that she makes a dream come true.

At the Harune house, Aira has changed her wish. She plans to become a great Prism Show performer like Mion someday. While Rizumu decides that her wish will be to become a Pro and perform the best Aurora Rising.

15- "Meramera Hāto ga Atsuku Naru!" ("Blazing and Burning of Our Hearts!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 15

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 15


Airdate: July 16, 2011

The girls watch Mion as she dances around with the Batopon. Aira is concerned over how poorly she will do, while Rizumu is sure that she can easily catch up to Mion. Neko-chi begins teasing her, causing her to become aggravated by the situation, which only annoys Rabi-chi and Bea-chi since the girls seem to be worried over their lack of popularity. Mion gets them all to be quiet and insists that the girls need to know the difference between them so that they can focus on improving, then she makes them dance; going on to taunt them after Aira trips and knocks over Rizumu. After Neko-chi brings up how the girls haven't even tried to sing, as Mion herself can, Mion gets an idea and wonders if maybe the girls do so poorly is because they are really not good at all. She starts to plot something quite dark, then voices an idea to get the Kyoko to help the girls get a debut CD.

They go to Kyoko, where the stunned Aira and Rizumu are barely able to defend themselves when Mion claims they practically begged her to ask for this favor. She tells them that they don't deserve to stand aside her if they don't even have a CD out yet, causing Kyoko to realize that by now they should have. She is also delighted in the idea that they can make more money off of this if they sell. Aira and Rizumu are worried since they can't sing very well, but Kyoko tells them that they can perform in a group; much to Mion's shock, since she didn't plan this. She tries to fight against it by saying that even if the girls wanted to do this, they don't have any songs wrote, so they can't do it with the time limit given. But Penguin-sensei interrupts to reveal that he thought ahead and prepared a song for them.

Penguin-sensei leads them to the dance training room and everyone sits down to listen to it, but it turns out that there isn't any lyrics at all. The song has no appeal and ends up burning their energy in a negative way. He forces the girls to get to work while he naps, then with Yamado they go over what the girls wrote later on. With Aira, she only wrote a self-introduction in hopes of making sure the people know who is singing it, the overly-confident Rizumu wrote about wanting meat, and Mion suddenly finishes hers, but is too shy to read it aloud. But with no alternative, she is forced to reveal it to them, and the girls end up really liking it; much to her embarrassment.

The girls then go into another room to practice singing, with Mion acting as the tutor. She doesn't seem to want to, but given that her own popularity is at a risk she had no choice. So she makes the girls sing for her, but both of them struggle, so she tries making them sing one at a time, although this does nothing. She decides that she has to take special measures now, revealing that she pulled some strings to get Callings there.

At the Prism Stone Shop, she makes the girls sit down and pretend this is a date, with Aira sitting with Shou, and Rizumu with Hibiki, while she hangs out with Wataru. This plan doesn't work, with Aira and Rizumu too flustered to do anything until Mion demands they hurry up. As a result from being overwhelmed by their own feelings, both girls end up fainting and are taken back to the training area.

As Mion tries to determine what to do, they are joined by Jun, who has come by to offer some assistance. With his words, Mion is able to get an idea as to what he means and she tells the girls to just dance however they want to the beat of the music, and while at first this fails, she encourages them to keep going. Soon the girls are able to understand and begin to see the music as they sing and dance, and soon the performance takes place; where the girls do very well, even pulling off the brand new Prism Jump, Colorful Chocolate Parade Duet. Mion then takes her turn to perform Throbbing Memory Leaf for everyone.

Later that night, Kyoko is going over how well the girls did for their performance. She hands the trio a brand new song that she would like for them to learn, and tells them that it will be a solo for each one of them to learn. The girls are shocked by the sudden due date, the following day, and feel further anxious when Kyoko reveals she doesn't have any lyrics. She wishes to find someone who can capture the hearts of young girls with their lyric and quickly Aira and Rizumu point out Mion's wonderful song. At first she tries to refuse, but she is given no choice on the matter. So to call it fair, she decides that Aira and Rizumu need to write some lyrics too. She also decides to have Callings aid the girls with some more Lovely training, causing both girls to pass out again.

16- "Nekochi no Shiren" ("Necochi's Trial")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 16

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 16


Airdate: July 23, 2011

Neko-chi watches Mion as she practices in the training room. She struggles to focus on anything other than her batopon's fluffy pom poms and attempts to attack it when Mion tosses it into the air. But before she can grab ahold of them, Mion jumps up and grabs it again. She poses as Neko-chi hits the floor, complimenting Mion for a good job. It's then she gets a phone call. As Neko-chi fetches her a towel and her bottle of water, Mion begins to speak with her father, who has called to inform her that he won't be back for a while, so neither he or her mother will be there to watch her perform. Mion insists that it is fine and hangs up after. With that Mion decides to continue training, although Neko-chi jumps into the air again to go after the batopon. To her surprise, she ends up smacking into it, which causes Mion to fall to the floor as she jumped too late to catch it. She insists that she is okay as Neko-chi runs to fetch her the first aid kit, but she doesn't believe her.

Later on, Aira and Rizumu train while Rabi-chi and Bea-chi watch. They are highly impressed by the girls sudden improvement; to which the girls show them the brand new Prism Watches they bought. Everyone was saying that if one was to wear it, their wish will come true, and Aira and Rizumu also show the little stickers they added onto the watch. Since then they have been having great luck; Hibiki flirted with Rizumu when she went to their secret spot, and Aira was given a bunch of sweets from people in her neighborhood, and her mom even bought her new clothing. They even did better on tests, and found missing items. Mion returns to resume training when Nekochi suggests she stops for a break. Mion claims she doesn't need one though, and continues as Neko-chi stops her to point out she's not doing well. None of the girls see what she meant though, so Neko-chi explains that her jump was off, much to her surprise. Mion assures Neko-chi that she will get it perfected by the time of her performance. Neko-chi worries over her professionalism though, causing Mion to storm off. Rabi-chi wastes no time to mock Mion tough, saying she shouldn't perform at all but the others find this mean. They express confusion over Neko-chi's concern afterwards, and she starts to explain to them that Mion has been forced to act grown up since she's surrounded by them so frequently. She learned to do things on her own and needs to overcome them that way, but she is sure that at the same time, Mion would like to be able to depend on others too. She then brings up how Mion's parents wont be able to see her perform, and while she wants to be supportive for her, she doesn't know what to do.

Suddenly Mion arrives to the room, having forgotten her bag. Angered, having heard Neko-chi talk to the others, she insults her for invading her privacy and her credit as a Manager. She storms out of the room, leaving the broken hearted Neko-chi behind. That evening, Neko-chi mourns while Aira and Rizumu spy on her. They try to figure out what to do when they get the idea of purchasing Mion her own Prism Watch.

They approach her the next day, somewhat anxious and reveal to her the Prism Watches. She refuses them and walks off. They try again, but she refuses and tells them to mind their own business. Rizumu gets rather angry and confronts Mion on this, but she claims that she has no reason to trust a lucky charm. She is better off on her own and is sure she can handle things just fine.

To their surprise, the entire Harune family arrives. They inform their plans of surveying the other Cake Shops in town to see what they are up to lately after having tried some of the things Aira brought home the day before. Aira gets upset that they didn't wait for her, so she decides to tag along with her family and invites Rizumu. But when she thinks about Mion, she goes to ask her, only to realize she already left.

Mion walks by a street while thinking about how childish the girls were acting. As this goes on, Neko-chi observes her before she goes to find Penguin-Sensei to ask him for help. He agrees to help, but spends the entire session having his body massaged by her. When she finishes, he begins to take off, calling for Yamada to come and pick him up. Neko-chi calls him out on not teaching her anything, but he claims he did and points out how he and Yamada are always together. With that they leave while discussing their dinner plans.

That evening, Mion has just finished training when she gets another call. She takes out her cellphone and is surprised to hear it's her father, saying he may be able to come to her show after all. This delights Mion, although she tells him that he doesn't need to force himself to get there if he is unable to, then she hangs up again. Feeling better, she waits for Neko-chi to come by and hand her a towel, only to remember that Neko-chi is no longer there.

Soon the Prism Show arrives. Aira and Rizumu go out to perform while Mion practices throwing her baton. Their turn ends and they return right after as Mion prepares to head out. She seems somewhat unsure, and the girls insist that she takes their Prism Watches, although she keeps refusing. The charms wont help her and as someone alone, she needs to get over her problems on her own.

Neko-chi suddenly appears and holds the charm. She tells Mion that she will be fine, because even if she thinks she may be alone she really isn't, because she has all of them cheering for her and ready to lend a hand. She tells her that they care about her, and in doing so, Aira and Rizumu wrap the charms around her wrist for her to wear. Happy with the turn of events, the flustered Mion walks by them to go on stage while telling them to mind their own business. She performs, using both the Throbbing Memory Leaf and Golden Star Magic jumps.

As Aira and Rizumu walk home, Mion runs by to return ttheir Prism Watches. She claims that because her Aura has been infused into them, the girls will perform better now in multiple fields. This annoys Rizumu at first, while Aira fawns over hers, until Mion claims Rizumu will have better luck in love. It's then she gets another call from her Father, where it turns out that he has been delayed again. At first Neko-chi worries, but Mion tells him that she will be okay, because her friends are a lot of trouble without her as it is. With that she grabs Neko-chi, telling her that it is time to go home and they head off as the episode ends.

17- "Hapirakisamā wa Kēki de Tokkun!" ("Intensive training this Happy-Lucky summer while making a cake!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 17

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 17


Airdate: July 30, 2011

As Rizumu and the clumsy Aira Batopon train they find themselves distracted with thoughts regarding their summer plans. They have a lot of time left to practice and would rather discuss the sales, pool visits, festivals, and so on. Aira asks Rizumu to come over to her place so that they can make plans together.

The girls arrive to find the Harune Household crowded with customers. Aira runs back to find her dad busily working as he explains the recent recommendation the shop received from a popular male idol group the day before. He shows them the magazine article, and the girls are quickly able to confirm it was who they suspected to begin with. But seeing how busy the other Harune are, Aira decides to help her family out. She goes to fetch an apron when Rizumu tells her to grab one for her too after she spots how worn down Aira's mom is by the counter. When Aira returns she tells her Mother to take a break and they get right to work.

At Pretty Top, Mion continues to reject job offers from the frustrated Kyoko. Kyoko is frustrated and tells her that she shouldn't be so picky, but Mion claims she hasn't had anything worth looking forward to lately. Nothing motivates her anymore, and to prove her point that she already knows what will happen, she tosses her Batopon into the air and catches it behind her back. Jun questions if she may be tired of Prism Shows and compares Mion to a sleeping Lion, saying that even the most talented of hunter will give their all when pursuing their prey. She claims that her situation is different and takes off, heading over to the Harune Cake Shop. There she finds the girls and asks why they aren't training. Aira explains what happened and Mion walks into the kitchen to find Hiro. Neko-chi criticizes the size of the small kitchen and this agitates Rizumu, so she demands that Mion lend them a hand. Mion doesn't see a point though, and to settle them down Aira offers her a little cake. Neko-chi is quick to quip that Mion would never settle for something so simple and little, considering she could get one worth more value from a fancy restaurant with many stars if requested. This angers Rabi-chi and Bea-chi though, and they start to chase after her when she starts to mock them.

After they make a huge mess and ruin the supplies Aira and Rizumu apologize for what the naughty creatures did. Omi happens to come into the kitchen to do some cleaning, which causes Rizumu and Aira to feel worse since they had told her to relax. She insists that she doesn't mind though, and Neko-chi starts to mock them again. Stopping after Mion scolds her and walks out of the room. She takes out her phone and calls someone, explaining to them what has happened. As Aira and Rizumu join her she finishes the discussion and tells Aira that because they can no longer do anything at their shop with no more supplies and too much of a mess, they need to transfer shop.

This confuses Aira until the girls wind up at the front of Prism Stone, where Kyoko meets with them. She begins to speak as the Callings also come by. The are pretty excited with the girls working the Sweets Shop inside of the store the next day and promise to help out however they can. At first Rizumu is annoyed, but she soon finds herself flustered and red hot as Hibiki teases her once again and walks off. The other two join him as Kyoko recalls something suddenly, and informs the girls they need to work on a duet the next day, so only today can they bake. Alarmed, Aira and Rizumu try to understand as Kyoko explains that it was a decided trade for letting the girls use Prism Stone for their replacement. She laughs before walking off, pleased with her work.

Inside, Aira is struggling to properly make cream. Her brother and sisters are doing fine with their own work, but Rizumu is also shown struggling at the very end of the assembly line. She is scolded by the twins for backing their work up, and to her surprise she suddenly spots Mion. They assume she has come to help, but she refuses until Rizumu is able to bait her into it by mocking her; claiming that for someone so high and mighty, she probably can't do it anyway. Mion puts together the perfect cake, but she is surprised when she finds Hiro there, instead of the others. Aira scolds her dad for treating Mion the way he is, but as he doesn't recognize who she actually is, he doesn't see anything wrong with it. Rizumu is stunned Mion has the talent to back her attitude, and Neko-chi explains that Mion is able to cook and bake very well since she is used to doing it with her parents gone so often, though Mion claims it to be nothing.

As the girls get back to work, Mion compares the baking to Batopon training, though they don't understand how. Aira struggles again with the cream until her father lends a hand. He shows Aira that the important thing to do is to relax and use the wrist, so the girls take this advice and they are able to make the cream.

Mion decides to take off while Hiro discusses how important timing is when it comes to cooking, and Rizumu recalls how Aira's brother watched everyone else while doing his own work, so that he kept in pace with them. She decides to give this a try, then when she is able to put the cake together, the girls realize how important it is to focus on their partner instead of their own movements. They decide to give the Batopon a try once again and successfully perform the move, and in doing so they understand what Mion was saying. But as they need to hurry up and keep working they do not spend long celebrating the success.

The next day Mion walks by to spot everything they have made. Neko-chi is very impressed by this while she observes the customers throughout the shop before deeming it not to be so bad. Kyoko watches everything with glee, very glad to see how well the collaboration turned out.

Aira and Rizumu head out onto the ice with the intention of performing their double move they have been working on. They begin to dance and jump into the air to perform the Colorful Chocolate Parade Duet, and while they perform Mion comes to watch and spots Kyoko. The girls think about what they learned earlier and together connect their Batopon and toss them into the air to catch each others before performing the next Prism Jump, Wonder Sweets Show as the performance ends.

At the shop Aira's little sisters compliment the wonderful show when Mion approaches. She manages to tick off Rizumu, but Aira thanks her for her help as her brother reminds them that they shouldn't celebrate their success yet, since they need to keep working. Hiro then comes in to reveal that due to the successful show, tons of new customers have just come in, and Rizumu quickly tries to get Mion to help out upon hearing this. She refuses to do anything, at least until Aira and Hiro desperately plead her.

That evening at the Harune House, the girls are resting after their long day. Mion awakens to find Aira and Rizumu still passed out and decides to take off. But she is surprised when Omi comes into the room and offers her some pancakes as a way of saying thank you. Neko-chi assumes Mion wouldn't want them, but as Mion begins to eat, Aira and Rizumu wake up. Omi heads back into the kitchen to prepare more after Mion finishes hers and goes to leave. Aira tries to get her to stay, but she refuses and takes off. Rizumu criticizes Mion by saying she could be friendlier to them, but Aira just notes how Mion seems to be a little different now. She tries to think about it, but she and Rizumu find themselves distracted by the pancakes Omi brings in. After sharing a laugh the girls begin to dig in.

18- "Yozora ni Hana Saku Koi Gokoro" ("Love Blooms in the Summer night Sky")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 18

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 18


Airdate: August 6, 2011

One sweltering summer day, Aira and Rizumu practice with their Batopons. Rizumu is performing very well, although Aira is too tired and worn out. Rizumu tries to encourage her to keep going by saying they need to beat Mion so that they can perform in the Summer Queen Cup together. They are joined by the Callings, who ask the girls if they want to see Fireworks at the Festival. Aira is excited while Rizumu is very flustered, but Kyoko interrupts to inform the boys that they can't do something like this because it will cause a scandal. They point out that with all of the work they have done lately, they haven't had a chance to enjoy even a single day off this Summer, and Hibiki mentions they can use this time to gather inspiration for new clothing designs. To get her to agree, Wataru makes a cute expression and with no choice, Kyoko resigns her initial refusal. But she tells them to make sure they don't let anyone find out.

At the Harune house, Aira's little siblings watch as she digs through her clothing. They wish to come to the festival with her while she looks for the Yukata, but she tells them she can't, causing them to ask if she's going on a date. As soon as this is heard, Hiro busts into the room to demand to know more, but before he can Omi pushes him out of the way with a Yukata for her. Unfortunately it's much too small since she hasn't worn it in some time. Aira attempts to Pretty-Remake so that she can wear it short, but they point out the time to her and she sadly realizes she doesn't have the time for it.

That evening, Aira and Rizumu wait for the girls. Aira is still disappointed but Rizumu tries to cheer her up by claiming that she won't need to worry about gaining weight, because the Obi is too tight to eat very much. The guys show up, wearing masks and their own outfits, explaining to the girls that they had to keep them on in order to avoid being recognized.

Their date begins, with Rizumu running off when she spots a Takoyaki stall down the street. To make sure she doesn't get into any troubl Hibiki follows after her. Aira, Wataru, and Shou turn to spot Mion nearby in the middle of a shooting game and watch as the stack of prizes next to her fall down. At first Mion is embarrassed, but she quickly brushes it off and tells Wataru to carry the prizes while she moves on to the Ring Toss. She briskly starts to walk off as he scurries behind her with the huge stack of items.

With that, Shou asks Aira what she may want to do, but she doesn't really know. As she steps to move, someone suddenly bumps into her, but to after Shou catches her, he gently tells her that they shouldn't stand in the way like this.

Rizumu has grabbed a bunch of food items and sits on a grassy hill away from the festival to enjoy them. Hibiki comments on how much she eats, but she claims it is fine since she spends so much time training anyway. After she quiets down, he teases her by asking her if she is full, then sneaks a taste of the candy apple she was holding; making her blush in response. He goes on to ask why she is obsessed with the Aurora Rising all of the sudden, but Rizumu struggles to answer. He suggests that if she can't tell him what it is, that she says it "out there", something she doesn't entirely understand.

Mion walks with Wataru while discussing her love of Festivals. She has been to many all over the world but loves the ones from Japan, her home, the best. Wataru asks why this is before pondering if she had a special memory, but Mion is quick to consider leaving since she has won all of the games. They happen to spot the Goldfish Scooping Game nearby though and she makes an attempt to play it, but struggles while thinking back to the past momentarily. She gets frustrated when Wataru is easily able to do it and he asks her why she is so moody all of the time, but this only makes Mion insist that she doesn't need friends, nor does she need any help before storming off.

Aira silently trails behind Shou until he turns to look at her. She is quick to look in a different direction, but happens to spot many cute clothes and images of Mion, momentarily distracting her. She voices her love of both things, and this causes Shou to ask her if she plans on becoming a charismatic model when she's older, or a Prism Star. But Aira is unable to answer him.

Hibiki leads Rizumu to a small fountain that is inhabited by a wish-granting Kappa. They pray to it for a moment and Hibiki teases Rizumu by claiming to be jealous since she wont tell him things. With that, he decides they should go find the others since the fireworks will be starting soon, but Rizumu suddenly stops him and says that she wants to tell him. She explains her dream of performing the Aurora Rising for someone special, because she thinks it will help things if she could. At first Hibiki asks if it may be another boy, but he expresses relief when she denies this. She does not explicitly say who it is, but he is happy enough that she said this much and tells her that she can talk to him whenever she wants, because he wants to see her happy. This touches Rizumu deeply while he goes on to say that he's glad she works hard but he worries she may push herself too hard.

As Mion and Wataru walk, two strange older men approach her and begin to speak to her. They comment on her looks and mention how she resembles Mion, unaware its her, before trying to flirt with her. She insults their appearance, and the one attempts to hit her, but to her surprise Wataru steps in and quickly stops the men before grabbing Mion and walking away from the Festival, going outside of the area so that they can rest by the lake. He puts the fish they gathered together, explaining that neither should be alone. Mion watches him for a moment as he goes on to explain how much he wishes to be closer to her, because he thinks of her as a friend and wishes for her to feel the same way. Instead of responding, Mion gets up with the fish and begins to walk while saying they should go find the others.

As Aira continues to think over what Shou asked, they are distracted when someone recognizes him. He grabs Aira's hand and leads her to the side, away from the Festival. She manages to trip and he teases her by asking if she is really a Prism Star, although she responds in a confusing way, causing him to ask her how she can't know such things. They walk along the bridge and begin to observe the scenery before them while she mentions that for the longest time she admired Mion due to her love of fashion. But when she began to perform in the Prism Shows, she began to find a World she never knew before. She assumes he thinks it is silly, though he claims it isn't and insists that the fact he designs women's clothing must be silly; but Aira tells him that she thinks it is cool.

As the fireworks begin to start showering the sky, Shou mentions that they should probably go back to find the others. She voices her desire to have worn a Yukata again, saying that they would have matched if she had. She begins to discuss how she had one, but it was too small so she was unable to modify it the way she had planned on doing so, since she ran out of time. To her surprise, Shou reveals the Prism Stone they have been working on lately, containing a cute, short Yukata inside of it. Aira is instantly smitten with it and he mentions his intention of surprising her with it.

They return to the others and Kyoko approaches. She reveals her plans of making the girls perform and explains that while she gave the boys a day off, she didn't agree to give the girls a break. She's also pretty bitter because she lost a lot of money because of the Callings day off. Aira is excited though, and she asks Shou if he made more of the Yukata outfits, to which he claims he did. So she manages to convince Rizumu to wear one too, though Mion refuses.

Their appearance is announced to the audience and the girls go on the stage to perform. They go on to do the Prism Jump Heart Arc Fantasy. As they finish it, thousands of fireworks go off in the background.

After Wataru claims that Mion looked like she wished to join the others she refuses and turns away to leave. Wataru trails behind her still carrying the prizes while Aira and Rizumu join back up with Shou and Hibiki. They continue to watch the fireworks as Shou whispers something to Aira; but to his confusion she didn't hear him. He doesn't tell her what was said though, and they are joined by Jun as he begins to speak to them.

19- "Duo Kettei! Unmei no Gāruzu Dēto" ("Duo decision! The Girls' Destiny Date")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 19

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 19

(デュオ決定! 運命のガールズ・デート)

Airdate: August 13, 2011

Mion and Kyoko inform the girls about her plan to go on a date with each of them. She needs to find out which girl she is the most compatible with and this is the best way to do it. While Aira is excited and seems to understand, Rizumu isn't very thrilled with the idea. Bea-chi and Rabi-chi tell the girls that they will be there to help them out, but Neko-chi reveals that a date is meant for just two people, so they will not be attending. Instead they will be going to a special Mascot Training program. So Mion plans on having the girls decide how their dates go, starting with Aira the following day.

As the next day rolls along, Mion awaits for Aira to arrive. She is highly frustrated that she asked to meet her somewhere so crowded, and after Aira calls out to her, Mion quickly grabs her hand and leads her to a small playing area. Aira apologizes for taking so long since she didn't know what to wear, but Mion chews her out for being so careless to begin with, going on to ask her to give her a disguise name while on their date. Aira suggests Juliet, but Mion, not approving of it decides to name herself. Aira apologizes once more and wonders if it has to do with the cute outfit she picked, asking for Mion's opinion on it. Mion compliments it, then asks Aira what she planned for them. Aira reveals that she thought the Zoo would be a nice spot, and Mion is generally interested since she has never visited the zoo in Japan before. Aira also thinks it would help inspire their outfits later on, which causes Mion to accuse her of having a fashion obsession.

As they observe the many animals, the annoyed Mion watches as Aira plays around, pretending to be the animals. Unknown to them, their mascots happen to be just nearby, as Penguin-Sensei thought this would be a good first study spot. They are not very surprised when it turns out that he just wanted them to study the penguins though.

The girls observe some flamingo, but Mion grows frustrated as Aira keeps calling her by name. By the time she finally gets through to Aira, she calls her the name she thought up, Juliet, not Tanaka, as Mion told her to. However, they are interrupted as two men chase after Penguin-Sensei, thinking he escaped from the Penguin Cages. He insists upon otherwise, while he, Yamado, and the Mascots flee the zoo. They suggest the girls do the same, and after Mion's identity is exposed they have no choice but to run.

Come evening, Aira apologizes to Mion for the cruddy date. She is pleasantly surprised when Mion claims it wasn't that bad though, and she accepts her offer to go on another date sometime- as long as she feels like it. Mion then asks Aira if she wants to be her partner, but Aira asks if they really can't compete on their own for the Summer Queen Cup. Mion tells her they cannot and Aira expresses an interest in just not competing then. She explains that winning the Contest is a big deal for Rizumu, and it's because of her that she even got to be a Prism Star and feels indebt to her. Insulted by Aira's naivety, the unhappy Mion ends their date and begins to leave. Only stopping to momentarily think over her words.

The next day, Mion meets with Rizumu at a big, colorful fair. Mion hides, observing Rizumu from a distance to see that she has put together a very strange, not very-well outfit that makes everyone laugh at her. Rizumu doesn't notice though, and questions why Mion kept her waiting after spotting her. Mion claims she hadn't noticed her, then asks if they can walk with some distance between them- embaressed to be seen with her. Rizumu doesn't notice and agrees to it, then explains she chose Prism Land because she thinks Mion would enjoy it. She gets frustrated when it doesn't seem to work. Mion explains that she had planned to see Rizumu on her days off, so Rizumu brings her back to the Training Area and suggests doing some practice.

At first Mion is pretty bored and considers leaving, but Rizumu manages to impress her with her sudden skill improvement. She asks Rizumu if she wants to be her partner, and Rizumu insists that she does since she really wants to Master the Aurora Rising, and to do it she really needs to get the Pure White Wedding Dress. She will do whatever it takes to master this Jump and runs off to get back to practice. Mion takes the time to leave and considers her options.

The next day, Kyoko announces that this performance will be the Final Test to determine Mion's partner. They will perform as a Duo so that she can watch them both. Rizumu asks what the date was for and Mion explains that it was to help encourage them both, then tells them to stop wasting time and get out to perform.

They get onto the ice and Aira starts them off by performing Crystal Splash, and Rizumu performs Poppin' Candy Rocket. Rizumu is complimented for being able to perform a second-level Jump and when Aira realizes she is falling behind she tries to keep pace with her- but Rizumu is too fired up to let that happen. Both girls then perform Stardust Shower Duet.

Suddenly Mion announces that she has made up her mind and the girls stop skating. She picks Aira, much to their surprise, and Aira mentions that Rizumu was a lot better then her and she doesn't understand what happened. Rizumu is very shocked by the news and she runs off as Mion says they will win the Summer Queen Cup no matter what it takes. Everyone thinks it is best this way, while Aira feels very sad for Rizumu since she wanted this more.

Outside, Jun approaches Mion to ask her about her plans to win. They talk for a moment, then he takes off.

Elsewhere, Rizumu is sadly walking while she thinks about what happened.

20- "Raibaru wa Kansaikko! Serena to Kanon Tōjō!!" ("Rivals from Kansai! Serena and Kanon appear!!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 20

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 20

(ライバルは関西っ娘! セレナとかのん登場!!)

Airdate: August 20, 2011

Mion and Aira busily practice for the Summer Queen Cup when Mion decides to stop after she witnesses Aira no longer able to keep up. As they sit down to relax, Rabbi-chi and Neko-chi wonder if Aira will be able to handle the upcoming event while they watch them. Aira voices her concern over Rizumu after she thinks about her for a moment, then comments to say that she didn't show up for practice like usual. Mion points out that she's just upset over not being chosen to compete in the upcoming Cup, then she wonders if Rizumu will step down from Prism Shows all together. Aira is quick to claim that Rizumu would never quit though, and she trusts her entirely because of their friendship.

Later on during the day, Uru, Eru, and Itsuki are watching a program discussing the Summer Queen Cup and how Aira, Mion, and two girls named Serena and Kanon are the main attractions for the event. The trio of siblings are then called for dinner and Omi asks Itsuki to fetch Aira. He heads to her bedroom to find her practicing with the Batopon. He brings up dinner and suggests that she takes a break, but she doesn't want to eat right now. Before he leaves, he suddenly stops to notice that something is wrong and questions Aira, causing her to explain that she is having trouble dealing with knowing that she won't be performing with Rizumu, since she has never done anything major like this without her there. She also isn't improving and can't determine why since she keeps practicing. They are then joined by Omi, who happened to hear their discussion and came to give Aira some support. She tells her that Aira is always herself, no matter if she messes up or fails, and because of that they all love her and wish for her best. These words touch Aira and she thinks about what they said until her dad comes by to tell them that dinner is getting cold. He also says something kind, but to cover it up he claims that he wishes Aira will lose so that she can soon take over the bakery- but this only earns him a beating from Omi for being so tact-less.

That evening Mion has come to speak to Jun. She finds him overlooking the papers about Kanon and Serena and she accuses him of not believing in them all of the sudden. She knows they will win and prove everyone wrong though, then storms off.

The next day, an anxious Aira sits in the dressing room while waiting for Mion. She is joined by Jun and Kyoko and asks if they have seen Mion, but Kyoko tells her that it is pretty common of Mion to show up later then she should for anything important. So she isn't worried since they still have some time.

Just outside of a building, Mion observes the scenery before her as Neko-chi asks her what she is thinking about. Mion mentions her plans and her desire to prove she is right.

Inside, Rizumu is busily training and practicing, having finally shown up. Bea-chi watches with concern as she tiredly falls to the floor. Hibiki is just out in the hallway watching her as she refuses to quit and stands back up. She resumes practice, refusing to lose to Mion again but falls as she tries to do a special jump. This is enough to cause Rizumu a breakdown, crying while Mion walks past the concerned Hibiki. Mion walks into the room and brings up Aira as Rizumu tries to rub away her tears. In her own way Mion attempts to calm her down, but Rizumu angrily pushes her away, asking if she came to mock her. She is caught by surprise when Mion tells her that Aira is waiting for her back at the tournament.

In the hall, Kyoko, Aira, and Jun impatiently await for Mion to show up. Just as she does, she reveals Rizumu to them and announces that she will be taking her place. At first Rizumu is shocked and scolds Mion for not saying anything sooner, but Mion simply claims that she thinks Aira and Rizumu together is the best choice. She has also already gone ahead to inform the staff about the changes.

As a duo is ready to perform, two mysterious girls observe them from the stadium. They comment on Mion dropping out of the show and one girl asks if they should inspect their other competitors. The other refuses initially, saying they aren't worth their time before they walk away.

Mion explains to Rizumu and Aira that the reason they can perform so well is because they do it together. She is unable to work well with others, and she expects them to put on a great performance. So the girls leave to change after Kyoko reveals it is their turn to go on. After changing into their desired attire, Aira admits to being nervous, but she decides to just go out and be her usual self. She thanks Mion for this decision, deciding that she will be okay with Rizumu at her side. Such words touch Rizumu while Mion watches, pointing out how right she was.

As everyone waits for a performance to begin the announcer explains that the cup is divided into two sections, one a routine performance, and the second a free performance. The judgement will be based on how the girls look and work together to achieve the main key features, such as dance and synchronized jumps. The winning team will receive the rare Pure Premium Wedding Dress, and he mentions that the audience evaluation is also highly important since those who can capture the audience hearts will emerge victorious.

Mion walks with Rizumu and Aira, telling them that they better win. The girls insist that they will, but they are suddenly stopped by the two mysterious girls from earlier. One comments that the competition isn't a gane, while the other mentions that the duo probably don't know them. They introduce themselves as Serena and Kanon, then they claim to be disappointed that Mion won't be competing anymore. Serena observes Aira and Rizumu before criticizing them with an insult, only for Kanon to joke back with her own comment. They begin to put on their comedy routine, much to the annoyance of Rizumu and the confusion of Aira.

After Rizumu snaps at them, Serena apologizes when Mion explains that it will be their turn to skate soon. Before the girls leave to take their own turn, they claim that they will not lose to girls like Aira and Rizumu. Aira and Rizumu are left bewildered by just went on and call them mean, wondering why they would say things like that.

Serena and Kanon step onto the stage and are announced to the audience. Kyoko comments on how they are performing and spots the fired up Aira, Rizumu, and Mion, who are all pretty ticked off by what just happened. They watch as Serena and Kanon do very well and score a total of 6735 carats and are put into first place. They are disappointed their score wasn't better, even if they are in first, and they gently start to claim its the others fault for it. Mion states that they aren't anything special though, and Aira and Rizumu are sent on. They perform with their batopon separated, then combine them and toss them to each other before doing a spiral jump into the air to catch them. They perform the special Prism Jump, Fly High Cheer Girls, then end their turn.

From behind the scenes, Mion asks Jun if she did a good job, but his cryptical response leaves her confused. She watches as Aira and Rizumu get a total of 8260 carats and are put into first place. She tells them to keep up the good work after meeting back up with them, only for Serena and Kanon to confront them again. They begin insulting the girls until Mion reminds them they didn't win the first round, so Aira and Rizumu will beat them. This doesn't bother the mean-spirited duo at all, who claim to know their weaknessses and storm off.

Once again Aira and Rizumu are left wondering why they're so mean and Mion thinks about what Jun said earlier. Hell-bent on proving them wrong, she decides to see to it that she was right and that the duo win.

21- "Arashi no Samā Kuīn Kappu" ("Storm of the Summer Queen Cup")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 21

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 21


Airdate: August 27, 2011

Angrily the girls return to their dressing room while discussing Serena and Kanon. They are frustrated over their rude behavior and how they spoke to Mion, so they will do their best to win. She knows they will and is sure of it ,reminding them to focus on capturing the hearts of the audience. With that they decide to use their spare time to go out and do some more training.

Outside, they practice their routine while Mion instructs them and encourages the girls by giving them useful tips. However, Aira quickly finds herself distracted and points out how close Mion and Rizumu have become since their first meeting. Both girls deny such a thing and they are joined by Kyoko, who is quite happy with how their progress has been going. She tells them that they will do well as long as they don't make too many mistakes before happily heading off, joined by Jun- much to Mion's annoyance.

The girls step into Prism Stone World to try to figure out what outfits they are going to wear. They want something that will grab attention but don't really have any ideas on what to go with. Aira voices some ideas she has but Rizumu believes that the crowd may like them more if they were to dress the same, which Aira agrees with after she thinks about how cute it may be. While everyone seems happy with their wonderful idea, something is bothering Mion.

At a Cafe, Kyoko and Jun are seated at a table while she busily chats on the phone. She stops momentarily upon noticing Jun's concern and tries to speak with him about it, but his cryptic answer only confuses her. So she claims that she is letting him handle everything as the girls manager, then she resumes talking on the phone.

As the trio head down the hallway they happen to stop as they hear Serena yelling. They slowly open the door to take a peak and see what is going on and they find her bickering with the calmer, quiet Kanon. They both criticize each other by pointing out their mistakes and faults and the girls shut the door before commenting on this. Mion points out that this may have to do with the fact the girls aren't very close, since they only came to win the tournament, which is enough to assure Aira and Rizumu that with their friendship, Serena and Kanon do not stand a chance. But Mion is still bothered by something, though she says nothing of it and the Tournament resumes.

Before they head out on stage the girls stop for a moment. Rizumu comments that she has decided to make a sudden change to their routine and only tells Aira that she will be performing slower so that they can synchronize better. Aira sees no harm in this and agrees to it, but when Mion questions what they are discussing they claim it to be nothing and run out on stage. They do perfectly but a few are concerned over how odd something feels. Aira and Rizumu are able to perform their duo Prism Jump, Fly High Cheer Girls, and are rewarded with a total of 15350 carats.

This puts them into first place and the girls happily comment on how well they did. They return to Mion and suddenly she seems to think about what Serena had said earlier on, about how they don't know their own weaknesses. They ask Mion how they did and she comments that they did good, but before she can mention her concern they are confronted by Serena and Kanon again, who have come for their own turn. After they complain over their duo jump, Rizumu starts to tease their strange outfits and asks if they are even trying to win, though neither girl achnowledges the comment.

Right away the girls and audience realize how wonderful they made things work out, because despite how unbalanced their outfits seem, and their out of sync dancing, they had managed to make it come together perfectly. They perform a brand new Duo Prism Jump and Mion is able to figure out what Jun was saying earlier as well and gets very angry to know that he didn't bother to tell them how much of a threat they were. She announces that they have lost, but this leaves Aira and Rizumu confused until they see them perform another jump before their turn ends. In a fit of anger Mion runs off while it is announced their total score is 17455 carats.

The girls are unable to understand why they didn't win while the Harune family discuss it from the audience. Itsuki seems to have figured it out though and mentions that Aira and Rizumu failed to catch the crowds attention as well as they could have. The twins decide they will need to comfort Aira later on, though Hiro points out that the girls should be left alone for now, something Omi agrees with.

As the prize for winning is being announced, Jun goes off to inform Kyoko of what happened. She is ticked off and demands to know what happened considering she had already gone ahead and booked tours and whatever else for the girls. He decides to take the full responsibility for what has happened as their Manager, but it turns out that Kyoko is actually angrier over the fact she will need to pay cancellation fees.

Sadly, Aira and Rizumu go out to find Mion, who they see standing by herself while observing the sunset. Aira is sure that it is her fault they lost since she wasn't strong enough for them to win, but Rizumu tries to claim it was her fault because she didn't bother to study fashion sense enough and they were unable to pick good-enough outfits. She also thinks she should have thought more about Aira than herself. Neither girl refuses to budge however and they keep claiming it was her fault they lose until Mion interrupts them to claim that they are both wrong. She thinks it may have been her who messed up because she should have realized the methods used on her wouldn't have worked on everything. Aira and Rizumu insist this to be untrue though and they continue blaming themselves.

Mion is convinced that she was too arrogant and selfish to focus on what she should have done for them though, but they all try to take the blame and stubbornly refuse to give up until they all begin to cry and try to comfort each other. They promise to work harder for each others sake and Mion apologizes to Rizumu for not being able to help her take the prize, since she knew it was special to her. Rizumu isn't angry though and the mood begins to change as Aira comments on how worked up Mion is, which is unlike her. Rizumu comments that she is both angry and crying and Mion admits that she feels like she lost her motivation she used to hold for Prism Shows. Soon the girls begin to find amusement in this entire ordeal given how worked up they got, but this winds up embarrassing Mion as she tries to force them to stop laughing. As she begins to cry again the girls embrace her a final time.

22- "Sukēto-za no Shukufuku o Kimi ni!" ("We dedicate to you the blessing of Skate constellation!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 22

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 22


Airdate: September 3, 2011

The girls walk along the street one evening. Mion tags along from behind, thinking about their emotional embrace earlier on when they suddenly stop to try to look for something in the sky. Rizumu comments that around this time of the year, the Skater Constellation is visible, and she explains that it is there to protect the Prism Stars. But as they try to look, they are unable to see anything. After Rizumu explains her father saw it the day she was born, Aira points out that her birthday must be coming up. When Rizumu mentions it will be on Saturday, Aira embraces her to congratulate her- then reveals her birth day is the same day. The girls are delighted to find this out, while Mion believes it may have been destiny.

The following day, Kyoko angrily chews out the girls for losing the Summer Queen Cup. She complains regarding the money the company had to lose as a result while they look over the article related to it. To cheer up Aira and Rizumu, Mion shows them another article about them, commenting that while they are inexperienced runners-up, they had exemplary teamwork. While this does seem to work, Mion tells them that they have to train a lot harder now to avoid letting everyone down. She storms out of the room while Aira and Rizumu give chase, leaving Kyoko and Jun in her office. He is happy to see the girls out of their slump, but Kyoko insists that he pays for the cancellation fees.

The girls decided to train but find themselves worn out pretty quickly. Neko-chi criticizes them while commenting that they should learn from Mion, who is busily training until Rabi-chi shuts off the music. Neko-chi demands to know why she did this and she explains that the girls have worked hard since the Summer Queen Cup, so they deserve a break. She also points out that they need to watch over the girls health.

Suddenly, the girls get an idea to celebrate their hard work. Aira is convinced the motivation from it would encourage them to work harder and increase their mood, but before Mion gives them an answer they are joined by Jun, who agrees with it. Mion agrees and Aira thinks it may be nice to hold it on Saturday, their birthday, and Jun brings up the Skater Constellation again. It has been said that the legendary skater, Sonata Kanzaki was born when it was visible, and since then it became her destiny to perform the Aurora Rising. He asks Mion when she was born and she claims it to be March 3rd, Dolls Day. So Aira tells Mion that they should celebrate her birthday with the celebration party too, and she hesitantly agrees.

That night, while practicing with her batopon Mion speaks with Neko-chi. She is surprised to find Mion so interested in this party and asks her if she really plans on going through with it. Mion mentions that she hasn't been to a birthday party before, and she wants to cheer them up since they seem so down. But one problem remains, she has no idea what to do or what to get them.

The next morning, Rizumu's dad is working on his car when Mion, dressed up in a disguise finds him. She approaches to ask him about Rizumu, such as what she likes. He comments that she's always been the hungry type and thinks back to when she once ate one-hundred chocolates she got when she was little. He also points out how cute she is when she asks for more meat, and mentions that lately he hasn't been able to make enough rice for her to eat. Confused and left with nothing, Mion takes off for home to find she is completely out of rice. In hopes of perking things up she visits the Harune's to speak about Aira. Hiro answers that Aira really likes cakes, dresses, and Prism Stones. Before she goes, Omi pulls her aside to secretly tell Mion that Aira also has a crush on someone from Callings. Mion decides to take off, but asks that they don't say anything.

Mion asks Callings to meet up with her and she explains her plans. They agree to help her and take off, except for Wataru, who has remained to ask Mion why she seems a bit off suddenly. She claims to be fine, but hesitantly admis that she isn't sure if they would want to celebrate their birthday party with her since they are close friends and she isn't. He tells Mion that he is sure they are though, and he claims they will be happy, just as he would be if she did something kind like this for him. Mion starts to leave the room and casually thanks Wataru for his words, but she claims she doesn't intend on saying it again.

Come Saturday the girls are asked by Mion to meet with them at the Planetarium. They are pretty confused to be there but as the lights go out they spot the images of the constellations, including the skater. It's then the Callings reveal themselves to the girls to wish them happy birthday. They reveal that they will be performing a song just for them, surprise them as they start. Wataru grabs Mion and informs them that she set everything up, but she claims he doesn't have to tell them. The girls are beyond happy about this and they begin to cry as the guys finish their song, flustering Mion in the process. Aira then requests that she dances for them, surprising Mion until they convince her to go on stage for them. She perks up and admits that with Aira and Rizumu, she's been able to get out of her slump. They managed to excite her, and for this she is grateful.

Mion goes off to change and comes back, where she starts to perform for them. She jumps up to perform Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider while Jun, Kyoko, and their little mascots watch. Jun and Kyoko discuss that while Mion may not have been born on the same day as Aira and Rizumu, the Skater Constellation was out during her birth too. All three of them have been blessed and Jun is sure that they will have a wonderful future before them. Mion then goes on to perform Golden Star magic as the performance ends.

Aira and Rizumu compliment the wonderful performance. But when Aira begins to rave over the performance, Mion interrupts to tell her that she doesn't need to be so formal with her anymore. Aira tests this out, then begins to call her "Mion-chan" before Rizumu decides to get Mion some barbecue sometime as thanks. Jun and Kyoko grab the cake made for the girls earlier and brings it out, but Mion is confused since it isn't her birthday. They claim that this is an anniversary for the day they began to work together, which confuses her until they reveal their plans of making the girls a famous debuting group known as MARs.

23- "MARs dokidoki geinō-kai debyū" ("Heart Pounding Showbiz Debut of MARs!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 23

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 23


Airdate: September 10, 2011

The girls are shocked by the news of their unit and Kyoko points out that she felt it was time. She shows them the article regarding the unit reveal and Aira happily sees that they will make their guest live debut the following day on Go! Go! Callings! A show that Aira adores to no end and watches every week. Rizumu comments that every girl in their class is also a fan of it, and they find themselves feeling alarmed with the news that the show happens to be watched worldwide and has millions of fans. At first Mion is annoyed by how Aira and Rizumu are responding, but she realizes that she must watch over them and help them, which instantly fires her up. Much to Kyoko's confusion while watching both parties respond to the news.

At Aira's home, they watch as Callings announce that MARs will be premiering the next day. Hiro is being angry that he wasn't informed any sooner and begins to make many demands; like telling Omi to record the program, telling Itsuki to call their relatives, reminding Aira to bring water and brush her teeth and etc. Until eventually Omi decides that she will see to it that Hiro does not leave the house during Aira's time on the program. Up in her bedroom, Aira struggles trying to decide what outfit to wear. She is so stressed that she cries and stays up very late. As a result, she panics while running from home, unknowingly past her dad as he watches with a sharp gaze.

At the TV Studio, Mion waits for Rizumu and Aira. Aira shows up with a stylish outfit - only to shock Mion as Rabi-chi reveals Aira spent almost the entire night awake just focusing on her clothing. Rizumu shows up right after her and the girls see that she made an attempt to pick out an outfit as well - but once again overdid it. She frets that she may look weird now and reveals that she also spent all night trying to decide on an outfit. Mion reveals they didn't need to bother, because their wardrobe chosen for them. Shou had taken care of everything, including to make sure they wore matching clothes. Callings show up and they wish the girls luck, though Rizumu is still highly nervous while Aira worries she doesn't make a good enough impact.

At the Harune house, it's revealed that Hiro left earlier. Omi is surprised to find this out and grows suspiciously worried he may be doing something stupid.

Kyoko comes to check on Aira to see if she is finished changing yet. She is shocked to find Aira in a cute strawberry-themed dress and questions why she's dressed like that. Aira claims she didn't see any other clothing in the room and they are joined by Mion, Rizumu, and Jun. Aira admires their outfits before Jun brings up the stone that Aira's outfit should be in and she happens to spot it nearby on the desk. They discuss what could have happened and tell Aira to hurry up and change. Someone in a panda costume appears for a moment to watch the scene, then runs off before he can be detected.

As the girls and Kyoko go onto the main stage, Kyoko apologizes to someone nearby for having kept them waiting. Aira happens to notice that Rizumu is still pretty nervous though as the men nearby try to explain everything to the girls before they are sent on.

The show begins a moment later and Callings announce the girls. Not even a moment upon the stage however, they wind up tripping after Aira and Rizumu accidentally misstep. They ask the girls if they are alright as everyone starts to laugh and they are seated to begin a talk segment on the show. Hibiki asks what inspired the name of MARs, and Mion naturally responds by saying they just took their initials from their first names, with each girl taking turns to point out her name. But as Rizumu gets her turn she accidentally blurts out something else - once again resulting in everyone laughing. Mion is annoyed, Aira is humiliated, and Rizumu is just clueless by this point. Hibiki continues on by asking the girls how they feel about becoming a Unit. Aira starts by saying that Kyoko brought up the news out of nowhere, but freezes up as Kyoko quickly tries to get her to stop talking. As their mascots suddenly pop up onto the table, the girls panic and quickly grab onto them and try to hide them while most of the audience squeals over their cuteness.

The mascots continue to chatter and make noise, even with the girls hiding them until a fed up Mion suddenly grabs Neko-chi and quickly tries to pretend to act like a ventriloquist until the girls are able to hide and angrily tell their mascots to be quiet. It's then Callings announce their surprise for the week; leaving the girls curious until five photos of Aira suddenly appear on the screen. She panics and tries to make everyone stop looking until spotting her dad in the Panda Costume. Aira begins to cry as the rest of them simply stare in shock while watching Hiro as he tries to take more pictures of Aira - causing havoc in the process as he blocks the camera with his panda suit. She desires to just leave the show now, while at home Omi mentally apologizes to Aira for not being able to keep her dad at home.

Stunned, the Callings announce a quick break before the show returns. They reveal that the girls will now partake in a fun runway challenge involving a giant ball pit.

At this point, Hiro has been tied up and is another part of the room where he can't cause any problems.

Shou and Wataru reveal that they have a special guest that will compete for them in this challenge: Serena and Kanon, along with Hibiki. They are quick to mock MARs for losing to them in the recent tournament but it only phases Mion until Rizumu watches Kanon suck up to Hibiki and get really close to him while claiming to be frightened by the heights. Wataru announces that the game will be starting and Shou blows the whistle. They explain that the winner will be the first one to cross the plank and avoid falling into the ball pit. The winning team will put on a performance afterwards.

First up is Serena and Mion. Mion is able to gracefully cross the plank. But mid-way over it, volleyballs start to fire at the girls through miniature cannons. As she notices that Serena is starting to catch up, she forces herself to remain calm and uses her model skills to help her dodge the balls. She crosses over and Rizumu hops onto the plank. Quickly Rizumu begins to cross, but her foot slips and she struggles to stay on, allowiing Kanon to surpass her while flirtingly chatting with Hibiki. This ticks Rizumu off and she throws a ball at Kanon- who catches it and throws it back at her. Both remain on the plank but both are too angry to just continue now. When they're reminded to focus, both girls get back in the game, with Kanon reaching Hibiki and flirting with him again, angering Rizumu past her limit and sending her flying on the remainder of the plank and into the padded wall behind them.

Aira slowly steps onto the plank but struggles, eventually grabbing onto the plank to keep herself on. Serena just laughs while Hibiki is much further than her. As Aira struggles, she sees her dad pop out of the ball pit and he lands on the remote, causing everything to go haywire as the volleyballs go flying in all directions. They hit Aira enough to send her all the way over to the finish line by Mion, but also cause the studio to break down into nothing as everyone panics and the channel is forced to go on a break.

After returning, the song is announced and the girls hurriedly go to change before they come back out on stage. They start, with Rizumu performing the Poppin' Candy Rocket jump and Aira and Mion performing the duet jump "Fluttering Petals of Love". After the performance ends, everyone cheers for the girls while Serena and Kanon just watch in shock- bitter that they were the losers on the program.

Later on in the day, back at the office, Kyoko comments on how much the phones have been ringing since they went on this show. She mentions how popular they already are, and it's announced that there are plans for them to continue working with the Callings. Mion comments on how nervous those two had been, but she knows they will do fine, causing them all to start laughing.

24- "Shūgaku ryokō de owarai taiketsu" ("Comedy Showdown in School Trip")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 24

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 24


Airdate: September 17, 2011

Before school comes to an end, Aira and Rizumu are informed with the rest of their class that they will be heading out to Kyoto for a Class Trip. While Rizumu is focused on the foods she can eat, Aira is excited to visit the Geisha. However, Mion, being a year ahead of them is unable to come, disappointing the girls.

After arriving at the Prism Star Office, the girls are told by Mion that she will be going anyway. She was too busy traveling around the world last year and had to miss the trip, so they gave her special permission to attend. Aira is delighted with the news, but Rizumu can't help but tease her by claiming that Mion must be lonely without them. She claims the opposite and states that it will be fine, even if she has been to way more impressive locations.

On the day of the trip, the girls ride a train to reach Kyoto. Upon arrival, they quickly set out to take some group pictures until they spot some girls crowding around someone nearby. As they run by to see what is going on, Kanon and Serena are walking by discussing the makeup lessons they need to do. Serena would rather get out and start dancing, but she doesn't feel better once Kanon points out they will be performing the next day. They happen to spot the same crowd and hesitantly Kanon trails behind the excited Serena.

The five girls, along with the crowd observe Hibiki, who is there to shoot a special episode of Go! Go!! Callings. They knew it would be a good opportunity with so many school trips going on. The girls are further surprised when they are joined by Jun and Kyoko. Aira is disappointed that Sho isn't there, but Rizumu is quite happy. The girls discuss how rare it is to see only one of the Callings and just as they start to wonder if something suspicious is going on- they voice that he may have a secret girlfriend, causing Rizumu alarm until she is approached by Serena and Kanon. The duo pretend not to remember them as Hibiki finishes, and Kanon runs up to him. She claims to have missed him and only gets to see him once a month, so she made sure to finish working. Hibiki explains to Kanon that he didn't want to distract her from her own work or schooling, but she continues to gently nag him by saying he needs to call more. Aira wonders if she may really be his girlfriend but Mion is sure that she is just fooling around while Rizumu remains devastated with the idea that Hibiki is dating anyone; especially Kanon.

After the duo are joined by Serena, they discuss their Prism Show the following day and Kanon asks Hibiki to attend before bringing up that they need to go on a date. He agrees to it, and as the girls take off, Hibiki tries to greet Rizumu after noticing her. She is in no mood however, and runs off with Mion and Aira giving chase.

Later the girls prepare to eat dinner. Seeing how upset Rizumu is though, Aira tries to calm her down. But this continues throughout bed time, when Rizumu childishly refuses to speak about things any further and tries to go to bed.

The next day Rizumu is in a better mood. The girls have eaten a lot of food already but Rizumu feels the desire to keep going; until she runs into the shop selling the Green Tea Parfaits that Kanon brought up with Hibiki. Just as the girls are preparing to go, Rizumu bumps into Serena and Kanon, and right away Kanon attempts to throw her plans with Hibiki in Rizumu's face. While upset, Rizumu plays it cool and claims it is fine because she gets to see Hibiki every day back at home in Tokyo. She also brings up the secret spot he dances at and lets her hang out with him there, and the festival they went to on a date.

By now, both girls are equally angry and frustrated, so Kanon lands a final blow by revealing that Hibiki teaches her new Prism Jumps all the time. This is enough to depress Rizumu, given how much Prism Shows mean to her and Serena suddenly tries to play nice by giving the girls some tickets to a Comedy Show where they will be appearing as Special Guests. Aira is happy, though Mion is suspicious. The girls take off and Kanon asks her about this decision. Serena claims this is just part of her plan.

Later, the girls drag Rizumu to the comedy show. She refuses to go until Mion insults her for being so childish and running away from the problem. They step inside to find Kyoko and Jun again. Kyoko is very happy that the girls did this, explaining that they can watch their rivals to learn where they need to improve, and Serena approachs to invite them back in the waiting room where she and Kanon are. She then goes on to reveal her plans of making the girls their opening acts for the show. Right away Aira tells her that they can't do this, given how sudden it is, then she tries to reason with Serena until she threatens to charge her for the tickets. As Aira points out that because it is a trip they shouldn't be doing reckless things like this, she is alarmed to find out Kyoko already got the okay from their teacher.

By now Rizumu is encouraged by this and she claims she can handle it. Aira is still worried, so Mion takes advantage to point out that there is a chance their act will be so good that they may even upstage them- which ticks off Serena and Kanon while Aira wordlessly watches. Both units change into their attire and return to the back stage, with Kanon and Serena excited to watch MARs make fools out of themselves. When Hibiki approaches Kanon attempts to speak to him- only for him to brush past her to speak to Rizumu instead. At first Rizumu is happy, but she quickly stops to angrily tell him off by saying that if he likes girls from Kyoto so much, he should just move there. Hibiki tries to clarify what Kanon means to him, but his first part of the statement is enough to further devastate Rizumu; which isn't helped as he tries to continue but Kanon interrupts to tell them they have to go on stage now. It's then Serena brings up their comedy routine, which they were not told about ahead of time.

At first the girls panic until Aira gets some encouragement from Rabbi-chi. Together she runs out on stage with Rizumu and they start to act, using word play from the words "Jump" and "Shampoo". However, this only earns them Mion's rage and she comes on stage to mercilessly yell at them in front of everyone. As this goes on, everyone begins to laugh. At first, she is surprised by this and attempts to calm herself and play cute, but everyone continues to laugh, surprising the girls. Serena is peeved to see that her plan didn't succeed as Kanon points out the girls didn't even need to try to make the audience laugh.

The girls go on to put on their opening act and perform Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider, then Mion and Aira perform Fly High Cheer Girls, followed by Rizumu performing a perfect rainbow Stardust Shower. With that their performance ends and the girls are getting encores, much to Serena's shock.

As they walk off stage, Mion mockingly apologizes to Serena and Kanon for upstaging them, as she predicted earlier. Further angry, Serena steps out on stage with a flustered Kanon and they put on their comedy routine.

In this time, Rizumu asks Hibiki if he taught Kanon how to do Prism Jumps. He revealed he did, going on to say that she's been copying him since they were little. At first this confuses the girls until Hibiki reveals that Kanon is his little sister. This shocks the trio, but Rizumu is delighted by the news. After finishing, Kanon rejoins them to bring up the parfait from earlier, but Serena grabs her hand and runs back to the dressing room, as they need to brush up on things- still irked from before.

With that out of the way Hibiki invites the girls out and they each get a green tea parfait. Aira is alarmed by the size, while Rizumu is very excited. She proclaims that this was her best school field trip ever as the episode ends.

25- "Yūjō no chikai! Ōrora no tsubasa" ("Pledge of Friendship! The Aurora Wings")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 25

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 25

(友情の誓い! オーロラの翼)

Airdate: September 24, 2011

Kyoko tells the girls to quit their training for the day and reminds them that they need to come to the Yokohama Market Place around ten AM the next day. Aira and Rizumu are excited to go back there, since it was the first location they got to perform together, and Rizumu invites Aira to spend the night since her dad won't be home. Aira accepts the offer before they invite Mion; and for a second she seems to consider the offer until Neko-chi reminds her that she has a special dinner with celebrities at a fancy restaurant that evening. Mion refuses the offer and the girls quickly take off after saying bye.

As Mion is toweling off, Jun asks her why she refuses to get closer to the girls. Mion claims that she doesn't care about hanging out with friends and takes off, disappointing Kyoko since she feels as though she has failed to convince Mion to open up more. She is sure that she has yet to change, but Jun believes she has, considering she is relatively kinder.

Later, Aira has changed and is preparing to leave when she stops to speak with her mom. Omi mentions that she spent a lot of time with Rizumu's mother at their place in the past, usually about boyfriends at the time. Aira is a bit curious as her mother addresses Rizumu's mom as "Sona-chan", but thinks nothing of it and grabs the cake they made to take over to Rizumu's.

After she arrives, the girls prepare a meal together. They spend the time chatting and laughing, but after they see the messy salad they made, Aira is a bit concerned. Rizumu assures that it's fine though, since she is sure it will still taste good.

Meanwhile, at the Restaurant, the girls with Mion are discussing their expensive, fancy gowns. They talk with Mion, but she is only paying them a small amount of attention.

Aira and Rizumu sit down to fry some meat and vegetables. Rizumu claims she is eating healthy, but Aira happens to notice that she is avoiding the vegetables and quickly prepares some for her, to make sure she eats better. To their surprise, the doorbell suddenly rings and they find Mion on the other side of the door. They question her dinner, but Mion tries to avoid the discussing by showing them the macarons she brought with her as a present, then comments on the low-quality meat they are eating before joining them for the remainder of dinner and dessert. As they eat, Rizumu brings up that she and Aira need to change outfits first. The girls change into some cute, animal kigurumi and surprise Mion. She refuses to participate as Rizumu shows her the penguin costume they picked for her, but Rizumu refuses to take no for an answer, grabbing Mion and forcing her in it.

They sit down to enjoy the macaron Mion brought and Rizumu quickly starts discussing boys. She mentions hearing a rumor that guys often look at girls lips and suggests that they should pucker their lips a bit and use a finger to lift them or interact, because it's supposed to have a great effect. Aira asks her if she has tried this out with Hibiki and she is quick to blush and claim they're not anything more than friends. She asks Aira if she would try this on Shou, and Aira quickly tries to deny anything. Mion goes on to call the girls childish, so they ask her if she likes someone. Rizumu is able to deduce that Mion may have feelings for Jun, but she can't help but tease her by pointing out he is old enough to be their dad. Mion claims it isn't a big deal though and grabs another macaron before the girls go to bed.

There, Mion lays while Aira and Rizumu talk about doing this more often, and Rizumu decides next month they need to have a Slumber Party at Mion's place. She is initially against it, but in the girls excitement they start to make animal sounds to match their costumes; Rizumu barks, Aira meows, and Mion, who is dressed as a penguin has no clue what sort of sound a penguin makes. After Rizumu suggests they ask Penguin-Sensei, the trio instantly crack up.

Later, Mion sits on the side of the bed, unable to sleep. She spots a pile of "Prism Show lesson" books and gets up to look at them, seeing many images of Sonata. Rizumu is quick to grab them and Mion asks if she is planning to perform the legendary Aurora Rising. After she says she is, Aira voices that she is sure Rizumu will be able to do it- but Mion is sure she isn't ready yet. She goes on to question what Rizumu's mother was like, but Rizumu claims neither of them would understand. Aira recalls what her mom said earlier and brings up her name "Sona-chan", causing Mion to grab the lesson book and flip to the front, where a picture of Sonata is. She is shocked to learn that Rizumu's mom is the Sonata Kanzaki, and she reveals to Aira that she was the only Prism Star to perform a successful Aurora Rising. Aira feels sad knowing that Rizumu's mother is missing, and now neither of the girls are able to get to bed.

They turn on the light and remove their hoods to seriously discuss the news, with Mion asking Rizumu why she hasn't told anyone, since if she did she'd most-likely become famous in seconds. Quickly, Rizumu claims that she needs to make it on her own, because by using her mothers name, she is sure she wouldn't return home. She asks her friends not to tell anybody and they both agree. She wants to know more than anything while her mom left after the Aurora Rising; which is why she needs to learn to successfully pull one off as well. Aira tries to be supportive by promising to be by her side, since she still is sure she can do it; but Mion reveals how difficult the Aurora Rising is. Many have failed, and they have sacrificed everything just to attempt it, even losing their memories in the process. Despite this Rizumu still wants to try and Mion tells her that they are a team; so if she wants to run off and do things on her own then she has to leave MARs. Aira doesn't want this, but Rizumu decides to put some serious thought into it, after their show the next day, since she planned on performing the Aurora Rising there- shocking both girls. She knows she has a long way to do, but she hopes they will watch her anyway. If they oppose then she will leave the group.

With that Mion decides to leave for the evening so that she can prepare for their show the next day. They watch her leave before going out onto the balcony to continue talking. Aira really wants to be supportive, but she is fearful that if Rizumu was to fail, they could no longer perform together.

The next day at the performance sight, the girls change into their group outfits. They run out to perform after Aira takes a moment to observe their Prism Stones. During the performance, Aira and Rizumu perform the Poppin' Candy Rocket Duet, then they toss their batons to each other and perform a trio jump of Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider. Aira and Rizumu then perform another jump, this time using Fly High Cheer Girls.

After the show, Kyoko tries to find the girls, unaware they're still on stage. Rizumu prepares to attempt the dangerous jump, but before she starts Aira gives her the Pure Crystal Tiara Stone. She wants her to wear it but Rizumu refuses since she needs to earn it on her own effort. Unknown to the girls, a mysterious woman is watching them.

Rizumu starts to skate around as Aira and Mion worriedly watch. At first the jump seems to go well- but as soon as Rizumu reaches the top she falters, causing it to fail and send her to the ground. Kyoko and the girls panic and Jun quickly jumps out to catch her, just in time to keep Rizumu from getting hurt. They express relief and join Rizumu, but Kyoko is furious with her carelessness. She demands she never does it again, then asks why she's so obsessed with it to begin with. The strange woman takes her leave while Rizumu remains silent.

The girls stand near the performance location and discuss how angry Kyoko is, and Mion tells Aira that what Rizumu did was dangerous, then calls Rizumu out for being selfish. She tries to deny being worried, but as Aira reveals that Mion was equally worried for her, Rizumu apologizes for not bothering to think about how they felt. She promises to focus solely on MARs from now on, but she will keep training for the Aurora Rising and hopes they will understand. Mion allows this but she tells Rizumu she has conditions. She is not allowed to train in secret or hide anything from them anymore, and one day she will be ready to perform the Aurora Rising without hurting anybody. If she promises to this, the girls will give her their full support. Rizumu agrees and Aira hands them some cheer bracelets as a sign of their vow and they agree, putting them on before marking their friendship.

By herself, Kyoko is shown observing a photo of herself when she was younger and with Sonata. She thinks about Sonata and the Aurora Rising.

26- "Konete matomeru! Shōbu no Puritī Reshipi" ("Kneaded Together! The Pretty Recipe of Victory")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 26

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 26

(こねてまとめる! 勝負のプリティーレシピ)

Airdate: October 1, 2011

Mion and Rizumu await the arrival of Aira, ready to begin their cooking session. She arrives, only to trip and fall to the floor, spilling the items in her bags. Mion comments that she managed to trip on the floor, causing Rizumu to recall this was how they first met a while back. Curious to learn more, Mion asks them about it, so they explain how they managed to jump out of the way to avoid colliding with each other. Rizumu helped Aira up after she fell and took off, and Aira was scouted by Jun right after. When asked why she was there, Aira explains that she had been tasked to go shopping and was using the spare time to check things out, so Mion asks Rizumu the same thing. Rizumu hesitantly admits that she wanted to see Mion perform, then quickly claims it was only because she wanted to see her do a Prism Jump. But because she didn't show up, she and Aira formally met and got to perform together.

Rizumu then accuses Mion of not showing up for her own performance, but Mion claims that as a professional she would never do that. She wasn't told about their performance, and was instead told that she would be opening for the Callings. This causes Aira and Rizumu to understand what Kyoko did, but with that they begin to tend to the vegetables. Mion is quick to criticizes the way she cuts the vegetables, but Rizumu claims it doesn't matter once they eat it- since it will just taste the same.

They go on to continue their story, with Aira and Rizumu admitting to the shocked Mion that neither of them had experience in a Prism Show before. While Rizumu was unable to perform a Prism Jump, at the last second Aira was able to. She performed the Fresh Fruits Basket jump, much to Rizumu's shock. She goes on to say that because of the bonding between the two of them following that, she was able to somehow perform a Jump during her next Show. The outfit Aira picked for her was able to help her, and that continued to go on and on throughout her performances. As they continue to slice the vegetables, they discuss how Aira performed in the Tiara Cup just wearing her casual outfit and put so much effort into winning, just for Mion to show up and snatch it away. Mion claims she was only doing it because she wanted to show them what a real Prism Star could do.

They continue to discuss how the real Mion was so different from her cute, shining idol-self, causing Rizumu to comment on how mean she was back then. Mion quietly apologizes for being so selfish, especially since it caused them to lose the Summer Queen Cup back then. She hadn't realized that her efforts were gone about the wrong way and because of that, they lost to Serena and Kanon. However, the girls realize that by losing to them, it was important and they learned a lot from the experience as well. It also caused them to become good friends with each other. The girls go on to bring up their new unit and the Prism Stones they gained with it. Including their official debut on the Go! Go! Callings show and how that ended in disaster. But Mion was able to help them do mostly okay.

As they prepare the sauce mixture, Mion voices that she heard from Kyoko, saying she would be working them harder now. The girls try to find the dough they prepared when they see Rizumu has already spread it out to large proportion. They are shocked by this but she claims it will be fine, although Mion thinks it may be too much, so Rizumu suggests they ask the Callings for some help. At first Mion is suspicious and accuses her of just wanting Hibiki there, but the topic is quick to change to Aira and her interactions with Shou- although she quickly claims the kiss between them was nothing, since she accidentally landed on him. Then they discuss how different a boys Prism Jump is compared to their own, and how they sang them a song on their birthday.

By now the girls have gotten the meat and are putting it into the dough. Mion happens to realize that there isn't any vegetables in it, like there should be and she criticizes Rizumu for only keeping meat and garlic in it. As the girls are trying to reason with her, they discuss the festival they got to attend with Callings a while back. It had great food, and a bunch of fun games to play, but Mion asks Rizumu what she did when she was alone with Hibiki. Flustered, she brings up the Kappa statues and how they prayed to them. They change the subject to Mion and Wateru for a moment, then they bring up Aira and her alone time with Sho again. They ask what she did, but she claims it was nothing. It's then Mion realizes the time and points out that they need to be finishing, so they quickly resume work.

The following day, Aira and Rizumu present the giant Gyoza they made to Kyoko. They explain that it is a gift and that she will need to keep her strength up with the upcoming contest. Kyoko seems not to understand what they are talking about and Mion asks Jun about what he told them. He hesitantly admits he lied to the girls, causing Kyoko to get very angry and yell at him until the girls show her the Gyoza again. She doesn't want to eat it, but the girls force her into it given how much work they spent trying to make it the evening before.

That night, Kyoko sits with a man who Penguin-sensei set her up with.

Jun reveals this to the girls, saying that she was dumped due to the garlic breath she gained from the Gyoza. Mion is able to realize that this is why Jun set up the prank, and he confirms that it may have had something to do with it; but the girls try to determine what to do with the remnants of the Gyoza, since she didn't finish it. They decide to just eat it, deciding that it will give them a lot of energy and make them even better.

As they go on to do this, Kyoko is shown riding a train. Nobody wants to stand near her due to her garlic-scent, causing her to grow even more angry.

27- "Nangoku Bīchi no Dorufin Bīnasu" ("Dolphin Venus in the Tropical Beach")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 27

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 27


Airdate: October 8, 2011

Excitedly MARs finish their program shoot. The staff compliments their work and wish them luck with the rest of their work for the day. Aira is bursting with excitement, but Mion reminds them of the work they need to concentrate on, with Rizumu disappointed they will only be there for about two days. Kyoko tells them to stop complaining an focus on their work and Mion asks Jun to help Aira calm down a little. As it turns out, none of the adults are helpful, and Rizumu brings up they don't have their schedule. Mion can't help but worry when Kyoko remains vague.

Suddenly the girls spot Kanon and Serena on a small, hand-built stage nearby. They announce their plans to take their comedy one step further while working as Prism Stars. Right away Mion can tell this was a part of Kyoko's plans and all five girls express disbelief after they are told of the Survival Challange they will take part in as they sail across the waters. The staff explain they must locate the special dolphin with a heart-shaped marking on its head, basically a treasure hunt. They ask what makes it special, or even a Survival Challange, and they explain that the girls must live off of the land until one of them finds this specific dolphin. Then they will perform with it in a large Prism Show together.

They arrive to the island, and the camera man explains that the girls will be filmed from time-to-time, but for most part they will probably be alone. They try to negotiate with the men, who are still on the boat but they take off as the girls panic at the prospect of a giant shark being in the water surrounding the island. They quickly take off and Aira suggests they work together- but this is instantly rejected by Serena, Kanon, and Mion.

They split up, with Mion reminding Aira the dolphin wouldn't be so special if it was easy to spot. She suggests they just concentrate on surviving and they see Rizumu trying to start a fire with a large piece of meat. She reveals its easy to adapt because of SurvGirls, a book about love and surving it; with some helpful survival tips. Suddenly they see splashes in the water, so Mion and Rizumu dive into the water for a closer look. There they find a baby dolphin stuck in netting and free it, taking a moment to fill Aira in on what happened after she uses a floaty to approach them on the surface. The dolphin has been there for a while and its still weak, so they dive back in to check on it and bring it back to the surface as Aira expresses relief.

At the dock the girls check on the dolphin while Aira explains she missunderstood them and thought they ran into a shark. Rizumu names the dolphin Kuchibashi and Mion identifies him as a longnose dolphin. She finds it strange he's by himself and they realize he must have been separated from his family. Rizumu suggests they try to find his parents, refusing to leave Kuchibachi alone like this. Both girls understand and agree to lend a hand, deciding not to care about the filming that may or may not be going on. The girls search around the island but are unable to find anything other than seas of fish while Rizumu bonds with Kuchibashi.

As this is going on, Kanon and Serena try to fish for the dolphin. As it turns out they only managed to catch Penguin-sensei. He dives back into the water and they snag something else, this time Yamada- effectively scaring them as he surfs away with Penguin-sensei. The director shows up to speak with the girls and ask if they found the dolphin yet, pointing out that MARs has.

The trio resume searching, with Rizumu refusing to give up. Suddenly the girls spot a shark up ahead and quickly try to swim away until seeing Kuchibashi stuck behind. Rizumu grabs the oar and quickly beats it up, but Mion thinks something is wrong. To their shock they find Serena but don't realize she was in the Shark, a costume.

The director decides the girls will still go on to perform, starting with Kanon and Serena. They perform two Prism Jumps, the Hat Trick Star and Prism Rainbow Hurricane, then end their turn. As the girls watch, Kyoko reveals herself-entirely burnt-along with Jun's face. MARs prepares for their performance, but Rizumu is unhappy, seeing how alone Kuchibachi is. Jun gives her some advice, but must be translated by Mion before Rizumu realizes that if she performs well enough, Kuchibashi will remember her and that he isn't alone. They think it would cheer him up and Rizumu promises to work hard for his sake. They grab their Batopon and start their performance, with Aira and Rizumu performing Hearful Splash Duet, along with Kuchibashi, surprising them. When they see that he wishes to dance with Rizumu, she goes on to perform a new Prism Jump, Dolphin Venus. To their surprise, two other dolphins appear, followed by several more to complete the jump with her.

They end the performance, spotting a herd of heart dolphins and Kuchibashi swims off to join them. They see his parents there and happily congratulate him as they realize they also won the survival challange. Rizumu says goodbye as Kuchibashi swims away with the other dolphins.

That evening, back at the office the group watch the filming that took place. They admire everything that went on, but Aira believes something may be missing. As it turns out, Serena and Kanon were entirely cut out of the filming- causing Serena to angrily lament the turn of events.

28- "Ganko oyaji ni Hachimitsu Kissu" ("Sweet Honey Kiss For Stubborn Master")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 28

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 28


Airdate: October 15, 2011

Everyone watches the girls take part in the Prism Lip commercial in the office. As Rizumu and Aira have never done work like this before, they enjoyed it greatly. Kyoko brings up their next job, where they will be interviewing a famous restaurant for a popular cooking show. The girls are surprised at first, as they never did this type of work before- but Rizumu is highly excited since she loves eating.

In Akihabara the girls several cosplayers and Idols, along with maid and butler cafe. While traveling Aira practices with herself, terrified that she will end up making a fool of herself. The others try them out, with Mion blowing everyone away with her complex tongue twister, insisting that one doesn't need to practice them anyway. She suggests they just be themselves, but this makes them worry again.

The girls step inside with Kyoko and Jun, but seeing the angry looking old man at the counter, Aira remains a bundle of nerves and is unable to get through to the old man until he startles her too much to continue. Rizumu takes her turn but she ends up accidentally insulting the man and fails to make him smile. Mion takes her turn eating the curry, with everything resting on her professionalism. She forces herself to act cutely for the camera and wows everyone- except for the old man, who responds by throwing them out.

They watch as some customers step into the building to have some curry, but to their surprise they see no staff and decide to go to another eatery instead. The man throws them out and the guys complain over his lack of maids, causing Aira to get an idea. She suggests they do a report on maid costumes to lend the place a hand, but while wondering where they could obtain some, Callings suddenly show up. They reveal they actually happen to have maid Prism Stones with them, having heard the girls would be doing work there and having their own work at the butler cafe nearby.

In Prism World the girls hand the stones over to Meganee and change into them. Aira fawns over the cuteness over the outfit but Mion refuses to put one on like them. Kyoko insists she does it, but Mion continues to refuse, saying that because of her popularity she doesn't need it. Instead of listening to them any further she runs into the restaurant and speaks to the man. He explains he didn't want to be interviewed to begin with. Mion is surprised to learn he's been making this curry for over forty years, and he explains how well the business went in the past as she observes some nearby photographs. Back then authentic curry places were popular, but now he's the only one remaining. He refuses to change his curry, deciding that he must overcome it on his own or else quit. He has decided to close the restaurant if he is unable to get customers within that month. Shocked, Mion thinks back to what she said earlier to realize they have their stubborn pride in common and heads back outside to change into the maid uniform.

Mion steps back inside to show the old man, explaining that from the one bite she took of his curry, she could tell what he put in it. While traveling she tasted authentic curry like that and never thought she'd taste it in Japan. He has something special and can't just let it die out, and asks that he gives her another chance. The old man initially tells Mion to just go home, but she asks again, explaining her disdain for the maid costume at first. As a member of MARs she decided to wear it, not because she is unable to do things on her own anymore, but because she's willing to say she needs her friends some times and believes she can work well with them. She has changed for the better and she is sure he can change too. He decided to go on TV, even though he claimed he didn't want to. Everything will keep changing in this town, as will its people, but he should look for the things that he likes. He claims he is unable to change, but she asks that he waits to watch their upcoming Prism Show, then make up his mind.

The girls go out to perform on the nearby stage, wearing their maid costumes. As they perform, the old man watches while thinking back to his past and all of the fun times he had. Aira and Rizumu go on to perform the Heart Arc Fantasy prism jump, followed by Mion performing Hachimitsu Kiss. Her hopeful feelings reach the old man, who opens his eyes to the things surrounding him and realizes that what she said was right. He admits defeat to Mion, and after the girls performance they are able to put on a great review and program and the shop gets a ton of customers. Mion even reveals they have authentic curry, and a Kiss-of-Honey curry for those who would like it sweet. The shop gets a lot of business and everyone enjoys the food.

Later that night, everyone tiredly relaxes with the shop now closed. The old man had a nice day because of them, and he claims maybe things changing like this isn't too bad after all. He has decided to keep at it, and thanks Mion- unable to face her while doing it. She thanks him instead, and the Director angrily chews out the cameraman because he didn't film the scene. He asks that they redo it, but the old man scolds him and tells him to get out for being so stupid, causing everyone to laugh.

29- "Torio de Janpu! Hippu Hoppu Win!" ("Let's Trio Jump! Hip Hop Win!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 29

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 29

(トリオでジャンプ! Hip Hop Win!)

Airdate: October 22, 2011

The girls are awarded with the next song they are to be performing soon. Kyoko plans on having them announce it at the event taking place at the Landmark Plaza. Jun also warns them that the Pure Crystal High Heel Cup is approaching, and that will be the next tournament for them to focus on. He explains how groups of three must work together for it, and Mion is sure they will beat Serenon this time. Rizumu goes on to suggest they try to create their own choreography for the song and together Mion and Aira agree, along with Kyoko. The next day the studio will be starting its renovations however, so she gives them directions to another studio they can use in the mean time. Before the girls go, Kyoko brings up how eager Rizumu had been in the past and asks that she keeps word of not performing that dangerous stunt again. Rizumu claims she wont, causing her to stop and ask why she joined them again. She explains that the school produced many Prism Stars, then claims not to have a mother after Kyoko starts to bring her up. Quickly Mion and Aira grab her and run off.

The girls head to their new training grounds but are shocked upon learning Serena's father owns the location. With how lavish the building is, Mion can't help but think something is being kept a secret and is instantly suspicious when the girls offer to lend them a hand. When Kanon spots the bracelets they all have on the girls explain how it is a proof of their friendship. Serena says nothing and heads off, laughing to herself in the process.

The girls get to work training - but right away they find themselves repeating their world moves. They attempt to think up something new but struggle to perfectly work it out, with Mion citing Aira was too slow and Rizumu isn't moving properly. Their mascot teachers suggest they keep trying and Jun shows up to announce that someone wanted to see Mion. To her surprise, a girl she knows appears and quickly they embrace. Mion introduces Yuri to Aira and Rizumu, and Yuri explains they met in dance school. Aira fawns over her unique outfit and expresses confusion when Mion brings up how talented Yuri is when it comes to streeball. She wishes to keep talking to Yuri, but because of practice they need to get back to work. Yuri apologizes for interrupting and hands Mion a paper for the hotel she's staying at while her father is in town. She asks that Mion comes by to meet up afterwards and takes off.

That evening, Mion and Yuri sit down to enjoy dinner together and catch up.

The following day Mion arrives with Yuri and explains that she asked her to lend them a hand at their Choreography. Right away a frustrated Rizumu grabs Mion aside and tells her a stranger shouldn't be helping them- because it is their choreography to make. Mion explains that Yuri can really help them and that she should be allowed to join them, with Aira suggesting they at least see what she can do since she came all this way anyway. She hesitantly agrees and like Mion and Aira, is wowed by her dancing; although she claims it to be outdated. She also doesn't think it suits their image. This annoys Mion and she grows further angry when Rizumu continues to reject her assistance. While she is understanding, Mion isn't and asks Rizumu if she refuses to be friends then. She takes off their bracelet and hands it back to Aira, telling Rizumu she doesn't want to see her anymore before storming off.

Aira and Yuri sit down together and Aira attempts to assure her she hadn't done anything wrong. Yuri mentions her surprise that Mion even agreed to dance in a group like this, since she always rejected her offer to dance together several times. One day, Mion couldn't resist joining them. Although she remained alone after that, she had grown attached to Yuri, for reasons she didn't know. Aira asks how she can get them to work things out and Yuri offers some advice.

As this is going on, Mion is shown sitting by herself at the park while Rizumu stands at an overpass.

Suddenly, Serena and Kanon reappear to mock Aira after finding her alone with Yuri. She claims they were going to go in when Yuri asks if they can borrow something. They track down Mion and Rizumu and drag them back to another room with a basketball court set up. They continue to be stubborn and Yuri decides they should play some street ball, but the girls don't know anyone they could play against. Serena and Kanon appear once more but right away Mion refuses to let Yuri play with them- only to ask if they can even play. After Serena angers them enough, Rizumu and Mion agree to play. Serena then decides if they were to win, Yuri can help them instead. With the risk even bigger, Mion agrees and they begin the game.

Right away the girls are unable to perform well, with neither Rizumu or Mion willing to trust the other or rely on them for help as Aira tries to make them focus on the game. Eventually by the time their team manages 3 points, Serenon has already gotten 15. Mion continues to try to play- but when she reminds Yuri she doesn't need to rely on anyone else she is distracted when they recall a past memory, allowing Yuri to score again. Rizumu suddenly calls a time out and tells Mion off for it, with Aira trying to calm her down by explaining that she had been the one refusing to help their group out by rejecting Yuri's help. Mion only called her in because she knew how much this meant to her. Suddenly realizing this, Rizumu stops for a moment and Aira recalls what Yuri told her. The evening before while she had dinner with Mion, Mion explained how important winning the High Heel Cup was to her because she wants Rizumu to win the Prism Stone prize. Yuri agreed to help them out for her sake. Mion claims this isn't the truth though, insisting she only called Yuri in because of how hopeless Rizumu is.

Now calmed down, Rizumu admits that she knew this was the truth the entire time, but unable to handle it she just insulted Yuri. She decides now they have to win and Aira returns Mion's bracelet. Together the trio get back into the game and manage to score several points, eventually tying with Serenon with just a final minute to spare. Mion attempts to pass the ball to Rizumu but after seeing she's become blocked by Serena and Kanon, she passes it to Aira instead. After she gets the ball, she and Rizumu quickly defend her, allowing her to score and win the game. However, Mion has decided that they should stick to Rizumu's ideas for the performance, and that they can ask Yuri for advice to lend them a hand instead.

With that the girls start to perform their new song for everyone. They reveal their new choreography and perform the Cheerful Hip Hop Win Prism Jump as it ends. As they watch, Serena starts to wonder if their Cheer Bracelets actually helped or not, then to her surprise, Kanon reveals she bought some for them to wear.

A Yuri prepares to leave the girls chat with her. She gives them some memorable words and reminds them not to get complacent before taking off. Mion compliments how much she admires Yuri before pointing out they need to hurry and resume practicing for the High Heel Cup.

30- "Dokidoki Harowin wa tokimeki ja naito☆" ("Heart Pounding and Throbbing Halloween Party Night☆")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 30

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 30


Airdate: October 29, 2011

Pretty Top has decided to hold a Halloween party in the shopping mall. MARs and Callings are left to think of ideas for the celebration. Aira and Shō go to her house to get her parents to make sweets for the party. They were able to persuade them however Shō provoked Aira's father by calling him "dad". Meanwhile, Hibiki is carrying boxes and Mion and Wataru are sewing the outfits. The next day, Aira is dressed up as an angel, Rizumu was a black cat and Mion was a princess. Shō was a pirate, Hibiki was a werewolf and Wataru was a knight. Hibiki had to follow Rizumu to carry all her candy. The other 4 ended up splitting into groups of two to get all the supplies out for the party (Aira and Shō, and Mion and Wataru). Wataru and Mion go into the dark storage place (that looked like a haunted house), with all the boxes, first. Wataru was having a hard time looking for the supplies they need which makes Mion feel insecure and tell him that he should be more reliable. After a piece of decoration with a ghost's face on it scares Mion from behind, she started running deeper into the dark place, dragging Wataru along with her. Shō opens the same door to the place and stops Aira before she could go in. It turns out that he is afraid of dark places. Mion finally stopped running and admitted to Wataru that she was scared of ghosts. Wataru finally vowed to her that no matter what happens he would protect her. Then, Rizumu came with a pumpkin on head and scared both of them. Aira was looking for Mion while Shō was holding her arm. They were having their special moment where Shō was going to say something until they heard Mion scream. Rizumu and Mion dashed to Aira and Shō and dragged Aira along to the Prism show rink. Calling took this chance to perform their new song. MARs went next and performed their new jump "Tokimeki Halloween Night". At the end, Mion brought up the fact to everyone about how Wataru told her that he would protect her but didn't do anything when Rizumu was chasing her. She said it was too early for her to fall in love with him which made him chase after her saying it wasn't like that. Jun had asked Kyōko to dance but she refused. At the end, Mion sticks out her tongue probably implying that she was joking about not falling in love with him anytime soon.

31- "Aira to Flare, Korabocchao" ("Ciao! Trying to collaborate! Aira and Flare♥")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 31

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 31


Airdate: November 5, 2011

The episode starts with MARs putting on a fashion show. Rizumu and Mion didn't seem to have any trouble going back and forth to change into different outfits while Aira could hardly take it. It seems that she was so tired that the next day, she was about to wear the same outfit as yesterday to meet with Callings for a show. Because she came early, she meets Flare Nanri, a fan of Prism Stone's clothes and her dog. She showed a great talent like Aira's. Aira was starting to get depressed because she couldn't think of a new design for Prism Stone. Shō decided that she would pick the winning design for the Clothes Grand Prix finals. Aira manages to pick an outfit that focused on vitamin colors that Flare designed to make Aira feel more energetic. MARs did a prism show focusing on fruits as well. The design became the new product of Prism Stone. Aira and Flare happily shake hands at the end of the episode.

32- "Bakushō! Sere-non Asakusa Manzai Shugyō" ("LOL! Sere-non's Manzai discipling in Asakusa")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 32

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 32

(爆笑! せれのん浅草漫才修行)

Airdate: November 12, 2011

Serena and Kanon are participating in a comedy competition. They were certain that they would win but out of all the perfect scores given to them by MARs and some other judges, only one old lady gave them a 6 out of 10. Sere-non was striving to win after losing. They them find out about the old grandma's scarred past and was able to get through to her. The 2 performed a Prism show that definitely showed that they have advanced in level. In the end, the old person announces to everyone that Sere-non would definitely be a winning comedy duo. Sere-non also seem to be going to do Prism shows and comedy at the same time from then on.

33- "Aira in Wandāgāru" ("Aira in Wondergirl")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 33

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 33

(あいら in ワンダーガール)

Airdate: November 19, 2011

A mysterious girl appears saying that the city smells interesting. Aira seems to be too caught up with the Prism show even when it is Uru and Eru's birthday. They manage to convince Aira, Rizumu, and Mion to go to Prism Land, an amusement park that Aira described that Uru and Eru wanted to go to. The twins end up running to the tallest tree in the park because Aira yelled at them for not knowing their feelings. The Harune twins meet a girl named Chris Kaname who is also climbing the tree. Aira finds the twins but they don't forgive her. It turns out that they were lonely without their big sister and they don't actually hate the Prism show. Aira and Kaname save the twins who were about to fall off the tall tree. Aira, Rizumu and Mion all do a Prism show. At the end, the twins decide that they want to be Pretty Top's manager.

34- "Korette Koi!? Geinōkai Rabu batoru" ("Is this Love!? Love Battle in the World of Showbiz")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 34

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 34

(これって恋!? 芸能界ラブバトル)

Airdate: November 26, 2011

MARs seems to have a really busy day. Their new song Hop! Step! Jump! ranked 2nd in overall ratings. The 1st rated song was Nana Ichijō's song of "Lucky 7 Star". It turns out that she and Shō are actually acting in this drama called Love Inflation. Seeing the heart pounding scene between them made Aira feel shocked. Nana is upset that Shō went over to Aira instead of her on the program and slapped him. She told him that she loves him and hugged him which her security guards took a picture of and she seemed to be scheming something. Aira saw this and the next day she seemed so out of it when helping with her family's shop. Nana confronted her and told her not to get close to Shō which made her sad. She saw the scandal picture of Nana and Shō hugging. When MARs went to the President's office to ask about the photo, Aira misunderstood that Nana was special because Shō already declared that he won't fall in love while he is in Callings to Aira in a previous episode. The following day, Aira seems to have figured out her feelings and coordinated 3 outfits that Shō designed. They performed "Hop! Step!! Jump!!!" which gained ratings and became first place. Aira seems to have obtained so much Star Aura that she stood out the entire performance and did the prism jumps all by herself. Shō came to walk them home. Due to Rizumu and Mion's easy to see through excuses, Aira and Shō ended up having to walk home together. After explaining that there is nothing going on between him and Nana (who got another guy), Shō told Aira that he likes her (even though he said that he won't act on his feelings). The episode ends with Shō and Aira laughing because Rizumu and Mion suddenly appeared to cover up for Aira and Shō's conversation that would be a scandal if someone took a picture.

35- "MARs Dorīmu Raibu!" ("MARs Dream Live!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 35

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 35

(MARs ドリームライブ!)

Airdate: December 3, 2011

This episode is about MARs' Dream Live. Aira seems to be more hyper than usual. She is giving it her all. Shō carries her bag and walks her home the next day. The following day, when they are practicing, Serena and Kanon barge in, and they told MARs that they are going to participate in the High Heel Cup. When MARs asked them who is their third member, they become speechless. During the live, the previous songs came back. MARs performs You may Dream and each one gives a performance of her own character song used in the Tiara Cup. During their last performance, the lights suddenly went off. After Aira lets out her feelings to the audience, the lights come back on (all the credit goes to the crazy president who viciously pressed random buttons). They perform and Aira is able to pull off a new dance step or move to combine with Mion and Rizumu. The last scene is that Kaname comes out and said that the concert was fun. The episode ends with the mysterious blonde haired woman (seemingly to be Sonata Kanzaki) staring at the banner, notably at Aira and Rizumu.

36- "Kaname wa Enjeru? soretomo Debiru?" ("Kaname is an Angel? or a Devil?")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 36

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 36

(かなめは天使? それとも悪魔?)

Airdate: December 10, 2011

Aira meets Kaname again. She shows Kaname the skating place and dances the hop step jump. It turns out that Kaname knows a prism jump as well. Rizumu and Mion came and so did Serena and Kanon. When they said Kaname was on their team MARs was surprised particularly Aira because her friend was actually her rival. In the end, Kaname and Aira danced together making Kaname an expert at MARs's dance for the High Heel Cup, leaving Aira depressed.

37- "Gekitō! Kurisutaru Haihīru Kappu" ("Fierce fight! Crystal High Heel Cup")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 37

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 37

(激闘! クリスタルハイヒールカップ)

Airdate: December 17, 2011

It is finally the High Heel Cup, but Aira is still in shock about how careless she was. With Mion and Rizumu's support, MARs was able to put on a great show with their regular unit clothes and a slight change in their dance. They also completed a new jump. When Serena, Kanon and their new team mate Kaname perform, at first their performance was good enough to challenge MARs but failed during their Rainbow Hurricane because Sonata seemed to have called out to Kaname, making her possessed. There, she had done the Aurora Rising except it was a dark version. During this time, the President found out that Rizumu is really her greatest rival's daughter. In the end, MARs had won but all the adults are feeling uneasy about the events that have happened. Sonata also seems to have been seen by the President...

38- "Mirakuru sunō no furu yoru ni" ("Holy Night in the Miracle Snow dropping")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 38

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 38


Airdate: December 24, 2011

When Aira arrives to pick up Uru and Eru, she remembers about her Christmas with her teacher. There is also a little boy who's grandma died recently, so he hopes that it will snow. MARs performs their Christmas show and it started to snow which everyone says that his wish came true.

39- "Shinshun tokuban Purizumu Shō no miryoku ni semaru!" ("New Year Special Program: Close to the Charm of Prism Show!")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 39

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 39


Airdate: January 7, 2012

The girls are interviewed, and talked about their past with friends/rivals that they met, the Tiara Cup, Summer Queen Cup, and the Crystal High Heel Cup. The episode itself was a flashback for MARs along with some humor added in when Penguin Sensei and Yamada try to get featured on TV.

40- "Sorezore no Ketsui" ("Their Determination")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 40

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 40


Airdate: January 14, 2012

The President has spilled most of the news and decided what Aira, Rizumu and Mion must do to get entrance into the Prism Queen Cup. Since they must all get a wedding dress won in a competition, Mion will be in the New Year Cup, Aira in the Pure Premium Wedding Cup and Rizumu in the Winter Snow Cup. However, despite Rizumu and Mion vowing to do their best, Aira is left unsure of the turn of events. Mion is faced with a challenge of going against the Prism Star that used to battle with the president, Togashi Karina. After Karina's hard-to-beat performance, it is time for Mion to step up to the stage. Because he knew Mion would be nervous, Wataru comes running over from the broadcast Callings was making to give her some encouragement words before running back. Wataru purposely stretched Mion's cheeks and told her that she has Aira, Rizumu and Callings cheering on her no matter what, making her mad and then back to normal. She was recharged by Wataru and performed a new jump that gave her a victory. Karina revealed that because Mion was so promising to be a Prism Queen, she can happily retire and gives Mion the pure wedding stones earning Mion entry into the Prism Queen Cup. Karina also mocked Kyoko with the fact that she will get to wear a wedding dress first since she is getting married after her retirement. Mion decides to go to a competition overseas and Wataru comes to see her off saying that everyone is waiting for her, making her blush. The episode ends when she signals Wataru with a thumbs-up saying that everything will be okay.

41- "Pyua Premiamu Wedingu no Negai" ("The wish of Pure Premium Wedding")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 41

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 41


Airdate: January 21, 2012

The Pure Premium Wedding Cup is slowly approaching and Aira is busy with her preparations. At the competition, Kyoko is surprised to see her mother who is Kei coach sitting in the audience. Kyoko was mad at Jun who was actually her brother. Aira asks what is going on and Kyoko explains that Kei coach is really their mom, which surprises Aira. The President tells Aira that it was because of her and her mother that Rizumu's entire family has been messed up. She also tells Aira to forbid Rizumu from doing the Aurora Rising because Sonata is with Kaname and it'll ruin her life. Kyoko pleads Aira to do the Aurora Rising for her. Aira understands and comforts her. During her performance, Aira does a new prism jump called Mrs. Fairy Girl which leads her to victory and an entry into the Prism Queen Cup with the pink frilly wedding dress she obtained. Meanwhile Rizumu gets a card from Kei coach that says 'THE TOWER'...

42- "Rizumu to Sonata, Unmei no saikai" ("Fateful resumption of Rizumu and Sonata")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 42

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 42


Airdate: January 28, 2012

At first, Aira is practicing the Aurora Rising, with the training designed by Kyoko and Jun. At night, Rizumu is practicing the Aurora Rising by herself. Bear-chi tells her to take a break. During the Winter Snow Cup, Aira and Rizumu saw Kaname dance the same routine as Rizumu's mother in the Prism Queen Cup. Kaname does the jump "Fresh Fruit Basket" and "Stardust Shower perfect" which was an imitation of both Aira and Rizumu putting them in a tight spot. She gets 8280 carats, the same amount as Aira. Rizumu's turn approaches and Jun tells Rizumu that she can jump the "Aurora Rising" but not now as it will ruin her now. Rizumu comes out and jumps the Super Stardust Shower. After the show, Rizumu and her dad saw Sonata but she refuses to acknowledge Rizumu as her daughter. The next day, Jun brings Rizumu to see Kei, who will teach her how to master the Aurora Rising. She sacrifices the friendship bracelet that she Mion, and Aira promised to.

43- "Yūjō no Pyua Howaito Wedingu" ("The Pure White Wedding of Girls' Friendship")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 43

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 43


Airdate: February 4, 2012

Rizumu has begun the Aurora Rising training under Kei coach but is faced with the challenge of getting the Pure White Wedding stones or else she can't compete in the Prism Queen Cup to even do the Aurora Rising. Meanwhile, Mion takes the matter in her own hands by going to the Jounouichi Residence to beg for the wedding stones. The conditions for the stones were that Mion and Serena are to have a dance off and Rizumu and Kanon compete in the Aquarium Cup. Whoever lasts the longest in the dance off and wins the cup gets the stones but Kanon adds yet another condition; if Rizumu loses, she must stay away from Hibiki. In the end, Rizumu and Mion pull through but Kanon still doesn't accept Rizumu and Hibiki because of his sneaky encouragement towards Rizumu during the competition.

44- "Suīto ando Bitā Barentain" ("Sweet and Bitter Valentine Day")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 44

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 44


Airdate: February 11, 2012

At first, the TV announces that MARS, Serenon, and Kaname Chris are entering the Prism Queen cup. The next cup is Valentine Cup. Aira is getting ready for the competition while Rizumu meets Hibiki at their secret meeting place. Kanon and Serena secretly follow Rizumu and waits for Hibiki to come. Meanwhile, Sho comes into Aira's room and asks if she will do the Aurora Rising. Sho worries over Aira telling her she might lose her memory if she does the Aurora Rising. He hugs her extremely worried, the scene of which is witnessed by the President. Aira is speechless and Sho gives her a necklace. Rizumu sees Kei coach and she says that if she wants to master the Aurora Rising, she must give away everything like Sonata did. Hibiki then arrives and Rizumu cries and runs away. Rizumu's sudden reaction surprises Serena and Kanon. In the end, there was a box of Rizumu's chocolate on the floor with tear drops on it.

45- "Hikari tazunete Buenosu Airesu" ("Buenos Aires in Search of Ray")


Airdate: February 18, 2012

When Mion arrives at Venice, she was frightened by Jun when she came out of the airport while reporters start flocking around her. Mion and Jun also climb the mountains to see the Prism Queen's battlefield. When she has a contest, Serena suddenly pops out and they compete together. Mion wins the contest and Serena boards her helicopter and flies away.

46- "Taiketsu! Aira tai Rizumu" ("Confrontation! Aira versus Rizumu")

(対決! あいら vs りずむ)

Airdate: February 25, 2012

Rizumu becomes so engrossed over mastering the Aurora Rising that now her dark side has emerged. She starts resenting everybody, especially Aira. Rizumu also challenges Aira to a dance-off, to which Aira agrees. They perform You may Dream and Aira jumped Fresh Fruits Basket, and Ms. Fairy Girl. Rizumu jumped Super Stardust shower and the Dark Aurora Rising. She is then pulled into darkness prompting Aira to save her. Just when Aira is also about to be engulfed in darkness, Mion suddenly appears at the last second and saves both Aira and Rizumu. At last, they sit on the ice comforting Rizumu while she cried. In the end, Kaname was practicing after which she fainted. Sonata says, "The time has come."

47- "Fanarisito wo kakete" ("Over the finalists")


Airdate: March 3, 2012

The semi-final Boduken Cup for the Prism Queen cup has arrived. Kanon and Serena get the same scores first, finishing at 1st place. When Kaname's turn is up, she performs Fresh Fruits Basket, and then completed the Aurora Rising. This makes her at 1st place, defeating Serenon's score. Aira's turn is next where she performed Fresh Fruit Paradise and Miss Fairy Girl, making her 2nd place. Serenon goes to 3rd place.

48- "Sonata no fuyu" ("Sonata's Winter")


Airdate: March 10, 2012

Finally, it is Rizumu's turn to perform. She performs Super Stardust Shower, then performs the Aurora Rising. After doing so, she goes backstage and faints. At the hospital, her father Ryutaro tells her the back story of her mother, Kanzaki Sonata. Sonata was an orphan, and at a young age she worked. She was a lonely girl, and she had no means of living. But that all changed when she saw a video of Kyōko Asechi's performance at the Prism Queen Cup. Kyōko performed Platinum Spiral which made her Prism Queen. Sonata comments that although she won, she wasn't happy. Sonata started practicing to perform in a Prism show at the park and while working in a rink. After a few years, she won at the Pure Crystal Tiara Cup. She later meets Ryutaro at a park. Later, Ryutaro proposed to Sonata with a pure crystal high heels prism stone. After giving birth to Rizumu, Kyōko answers the questions of the media, saying that Sonata is not yet retiring, to which Sonata saw in TV. Sonata asks Ryutaro for permission to perform once again in the Prism Show. After arguing, Ryu finally agrees. Sonata performs in the Prism Queen Cup, wearing the Pure White Wedding Dress, Pure Crystal Tiara, and the Pure Crystal High Heel that Ryutaro have her. She wins the cup by performing the Aurora Rising. After hearing this, Rizumu says that Sonata did not leave them because of Ryutaro not agreeing to what Sonata wants. Later, Mion and Aira learns that Rizumu fainted because she was famished.

49- "Maiagare! Ōrora no Tsubasa" ("Soar! The Aurora Wings")

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 49

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Episode 49

(舞い上がれ! オーロラの翼)

Airdate: March 17, 2012

Chris Kaname performs her Prism Show, earning 6510 carats after failing to do the Aurora Rising. After a heated discussion with her, Sonata takes Kaname and departs for the airport. Before Rizumu takes the stage, Serena and Kanon call to her, telling her that Kaname needs to speak with her. Rizumu hears from Kaname that she and Sonata are heading to the airport. Though everyone wants to leave right away, Rizumu decides to perform her Prism Show. As the music starts and she begins dancing, she focuses her mind on her mother. With her heart set on bringing her mother home, Rizumu performs her own version of the Aurora Rising, Aurora Rising Final. She sprouts Aurora-colored wings and flies off to find her mother. Sonata sees the Aurora, and Rizumu delivers a short speech to her before flying back to the competition. When she returns, she interrupts the show, calling her father to chase Sonata. With the help of Serena and Kanon, Rizumu manages to reach her mother at the airport. She delivers a moving speech to Sonata, saying how she misses her and loves her very much and forgives her for leaving the family. Sonata, though hesitant, is overcome with guilt and love. She turns to embrace her daughter, the scene becoming a tearful reunion. Back at the Prism Queen Cup, Rizumu has been disqualified for not finishing her Prism Show. Now, all that's left is for Mion and Aira to perform.

50- "Shin Purizumu Kuīn Tanjō!" ("New Prism Queen is Born!")


Airdate: March 24, 2012

As Mion is preparing in her dressing room, her parents came to visit her. Her mother gives Mion the Star Necklace Prism Stone, and Mion's parents wish her good luck. With an outburst of Star Aura, Mion performed the Prism Jump "Miracle Macchiato" and a new Prism Jump called Eternal Big Bang. The judges gave Mion a perfect score, 10000/10000 carats, putting her in first place. Before Aira changes into her Pure Premium Wedding Coord, President Kyōko gives her a pep talk, saying that she'll need to successfully perform the Aurora Rising in order to win. Aira then takes the stage, feeling anxious about the legendary Prism Jump. As Aira's fans in the audience chant her name and cheer for her, the announcer states that Aira has completed many people's dreams and inspired many people. Sho was also shouting Aira's name and wishing her good luck, causing Hibiki and Wataru to tease him. The hopes and love of her fans brings Aira to tears, as she didn't know that so many people have supported her. With her confidence fully restored and her Star Aura shining at 100%, Aira performs her Prism Show. She performs Fresh Fruits Paradise and, with a great climax performs Aurora Rising Dream, her own version of the Aurora Rising. Aira's legendary jump allowed the whole world to perform the Aurora Rising, including President Kyōko and Sonata. Such a sight brings Kei to tears as her World tarot card floats before her. Aira earns the score O.T.T. (Over The Top), placing ahead of Mion and becoming the new Prism Queen.

Note - This episode has recounted as the 9th episode of Pretty Rhythm: All-Star Selection.

51- "Dorīmu gōzu on" ("Dream goes on...")

(ドリーム ゴズーオン。。。)

Airdate: March 31, 2012

After the Prism Queen tournament, Aira awakens the next day and announces that she has a date, which doesn't go so well with her father. She rushes out the door to meet Sho at the park. Kanon and Serena are seen in the Jounoichi building where they are informed that they will be joining Pretty Top by President Kyōko via a TV in the room. Kyōko then meets Sonata while walking on the waterfront about what has happened since they last met. Kyōko then gets invited to dinner and she accepts. Jun is shown sitting in Kei's mansion and tells Kei that Aira and the others have "Infinite Potential", in which opens the window and yells for Jun to find the top of that potential. Mion meets Jun at the airport, and Jun tells Mion to follow her dreams, after which Jun disappears into the airport gate. Wataru then comes with a handkerchief, and Mion gets mad but decides to take Wataru's handkerchief. Rizumu meets Hibiki and they talk at their "secret" training place. It soon turns night and Rizumu brings Hibiki to her apartment for dinner. Kanon and Serena also come but only to watch Hibiki. Aira, Mion and Rizumu are then shown looking into the "Prism Stone" when Penguin-sensei comes and announces a present for them. This was the upgrade of the three pair-cheer mascots to level 2. Then, MARs perform on stage in the town square for the final time.

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