Practical Magic
General Information
Type English Live Action
Created by Griffin Dunne
Years on Air 1998
Movies 1

German Title: Zauberhafte Schwestern

Spanish Title: Prácticamente magia (Spain) / Hechizo de amor (Latin America)

French Title: Les Ensorceleuses

Italian Title: Amori & incantesimi

Portuguese Title: Da Magia à Sedução (Portugal) / Magia e Sedução (Brasil)

Airdate: October 16, 1998


After the deaths of their parents, Gillian and Sally Owens come to live with their aunts Jet and Frances. All the Owens women are powerful witches, and all are under a magical curse: any man loved by an Owens woman will die tragically. To protect herself from the curse, Sally casts a spell on herself to insure that she will only fall in love with a man that cannot possibly exist.

When the girls are teenagers, Gillian runs away to travel the country, indulging in numerous love affairs and using her magic wantonly. Back home, Sally marries, only to be heartbroken a few years later when the curse strikes again, killing her husband. Sally returns to the aunts' house with her own daughters Kylie and Antonia in tow. She vows that the girls will live a normal life with no magic.

On the other side of the country, Gillian falls in love with handsome, abusive Jimmy. When Jimmy becomes too much for her to handle, she calls on Sally to help her escape him. Instead, Jimmy takes the two women hostage until Sally, in an effort to drug him unconscious, accidentally murders Jimmy with poison.

The sisters resurrect Jimmy using their aunts' book of spells. They succeed in bring him back to life, but he attacks Gillian, forcing Sally to kill him again. The sisters bury his body in the garden of the aunt's home, but soon after the house is taken over by strange events that indicate Jimmy is trying to incriminate them from beyond the grave.

Arizona State investigator Gary Hallett arrives in search of Jimmy. He immediately suspects the sisters know more than they are saying. Racked with guilt, Sally goes to Gary intending to confess to the murder. Before she can do so, she realizes that Gary is the impossible man she wished for in her childhood love spell. Gary admits his attraction to Sally, but Sally, fearing the Owens' curse, rejects his love, and he returns to Arizona.

Realizing she must rely on her magical powers to save her sister, Sally calls upon the women of the town. Together with the aunts, the women perform an exorcism to cast out Jimmy's spirit for good. The experience causes the townswomen to lose their fear of the Owens witches, and the Owenses are finally accepted into the town, magic and all. Gary returns, and Sally embraces him, finally breaking the Owens' curse.

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