Potion Maker
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General Information
Type Android and iOS Video Game
Created by Sinsiroad
Years on Air 2016


Potion maker takes you as a Potion Maker role with cute (and moe!) characters in an RPG world, who creates various potions to fulfill travelers' requests and gain money by selling them. The goal is become a rich Potion Master, who can make all kind of potions.

Making potions is easy! Potions can be made by putting a material into the cauldron. Its selling price can then be increased slowly by putting other materials into the cauldron. It can also be enhanced to increase its selling price by a high amount until its maximum level. Enhancing may also fail and destroy your potion, but don't give up! Finally, sell them to gain some money out of your hard work.

The money can then be used to upgrade some features that will help you to create even better potions,
and of course, more expensive ones! There are also pushcats (and the black cat) to gather materials faster, and fairies to help you in various mechanics of the game.

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